November 22nd

Could it get any worse? My mum died suddenly on 22th nov it affected me very badly the RSD went off the pain scale.

My Dad was devastated he is not a well man and  has been ill a long time [heart disease and  blood pressure problems] all so he has alsimers. Christmas came and went I found it very hard to cope.

October RSD confirmed

Sue sat me down and told me I had RSD I had never even heard of it she said how sorry she was, she explained what it was I was devastated, I was given crutches to use.The pain continued so did the weird things happening to my foot.I continued physio most weeks twice it seamed to help a little. I was very lucky getting sue as she recognised RSD straight away as it can be hard to diagnose, sometimes taking months or years.

September Physio

The pain in my foot did not seam to be getting any better at all it was numb and a strange colour and I had trouble moving it.

I went to the docs he though I had torn a muscle so sent me to a physio [sue] who said I had a grade 3 tear and 2 grade 2 tears, 3 being the worst possible tear you can get , rest physio and  you will be fine. The pain continued to get worse by now my foot was blue/ purple very swollen and  painful, sensitive to touch, hot felt like cold ,cold like hot giving way under me all the time and not sleeping because of pain.Sue gave me a stick to use as my hands wear better by now all so did ultrasound and tens on my foot to help the pain nothing seamed to work I though I was going mad!!!??? - I was put on 8 TRAMDOL a day for the pain.

How it all started - 13th July 2004

I am/was a runner 2x a week 6/10/ 13mile races + fell running trial,cross country and charity runs there was not much I would not try I was very active. Less than 2 weeks before I had taken part in harridan wall coast to coast Bowness toTynemouth run, 92 miles total, in relays, rising money for wish upon a star charity Radio Lincolnshire GOLD appeal. £1000 raised.

Coast to coast run a great run.

The change training run from North kesteven, North hykeham

It all started on 13th of July 2004 on a normal run with Tom and Tracey [2 other running mates] we had bean running about 5 minutes, when I stubbed my toe on a raised NTL COVER, and went flying sliding on gravel badly cutting my hands, knees and elbows grazing my self from the chest down. I got up thinking I could carry on but I was hurt too badly. I limped back to NK in a lot of pain Tracey helped me back.

I was attended to by a first aider who suggested I should go to Hospital to get cleaned up and checked over.I began to feel very strange and sick .Tracey went to get the car in the meantime I collapsed, an ambulance was called and I was rushed to A and E After bean examined I was told I had bruised ribs severe cuts and  bruising to the rest of my body I was in of tremendous amount of pain after bean given pain killers and a tetanus shot I was admitted over night. After x-rays,blood tests and a cat scan and; 4 days 4 nights in Hospital from which I got very bad bed sores. I was released with a sprain to my right foot, the physio said rest it and you will be back running in 4/6 weeks Once home I could not do much as the pain was too bad, also. unable to use crutches because of my hands.

Photos below were taken a week later

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