More tests...

Nerve test today, to see, if it is, Carpel tunnel, very painful as already, in a lot of pain in shoulders and back. The test involves placing pad and sends an electric charge through to see how the nerves react.By the time the test was finished I was in so much agony.

I went to A/E, they said it was the RSD playing up and took an x-ray of my chest and said there is nothing they can do, go home to rest I got a taxi home and  collapsed on the settee.

The pain did not improve, started taking extra- extra morphine and  gabapentin + ibuprofen & extra oromorph, very high but pain still there.

See wietse to day worked on my neck very painful he said go home to rest flat on your back .Don’t take any extra tablets.Hardly able to move the next day in such a lot pain, now foot has joined in. Pain, off the scale, GET ME A GUN

.Cancelled tank this week. Unable to sleep because of pain [not that I get much anyway]

Saw wietse again, worked on shoulder and back did acue and reckie .relaxed me so much almost asleep. he told me to stop using crutches as it is making back and shoulders worse .I said I wont be able to get very far with out them, he said good, you will have to rest.
Taxi home to rest
DR again upped pain tablets also to try ibuprofen gell he said could be RSD moved to shoulder and spreading or fibromianlga

Wietse away today massage by Michelle different physio she said shoulder very tight swollen.Told me, about bio freeze, a gel, which freezes the area it Worked!!!!Taxi, home to rest.Bio freeze works very well if only for a little while so does ibuprofen gell

Went back in tank today, not too bad pain and pressure in ears.Pain a lot better in back/shoulders than a few days a go.

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