October 1st

A sunny windy day, and quite warm as well. Paul is mending a wardrobe door I broke when I fell against it. I hurt my shoulder and arm and probably be bruised later. He managed to mend it, so thank you, Paul.  Andrew brought all his bedding down to wash, and everything dried well.  His bedding is fleece and a thick overcover that needs longer drying. I was pleased they all dried outside and they did not need finishing off in the tumble dryer. Later my Brother Stephen and his girlfriend Sue called round to pick up a picture that Paul had taken of Stephen at the Wedding. Nice to see them here together.


The building at the back of us, which I call the car park is coming down fast. The dust is terrible and coats everything in a thick black covering. When the wind blows from the south it's worse as we get it all then. They have a machine that crushes the concrete and rubble finer, so all the dust flies out. This all happens at the bottom of our garden. No washing out as that gets covered as well. They do not work at the weekend so any washing gets done then. The noise and the vibrations are bad as well. Hopefully, it will soon be done. They have worked very well and fast too.  

The tree that was cut down on the 25th September.

A lot going on and like I said plenty of dust and noise.


Andrew and I watched a rocket launch to the space station with four people inside two women this time and two men. All went well and they arrived at the space station the next day.

I am making myself a pair of gloves to replace the ones I wear on the common, which are now very thin and have bean repaired a lot. I got the wool from the charity shop in town. It's 100% wool, so should keep my hands warm. I have raynards so they are more cold than warm.


Having my flu and covid jabs today. Waited a long time to get them, and hardly felt either of the jabs, I am used to the B12 ones that do hurt. Home to Summer now. My covid arm later felt a bit tender but it's bearable.  Saw Debbie and gave her the necklace and key ring that Andrew made. She was delighted with them and got very emotional so did I.


 Around midnight I began to feel very ill dizzy even when sat, headache from hell, pain everywhere. I tried to stand but I felt sick. I think it was a bad reaction to the covid jab. I just sat in my chair feeling very strange. Around four or five Am, I crawled to bed going up the stairs on my hands and knees. When I got in bed the room was spinning or was it me? Either way, I did not feel good, very hot one minute shaking with cold the next. Slept very little. With having RSD, when my body feels extra pain, the RSD kicks in and makes it worse full body within minutes, like having flu.


Not feeling great but trying to keep going. Not as dizzy when sat but still dizzy when stood up. Resting today. My throat is very dry and tight and a sick feeling. My headache still bad, a lot of pain behind my eyes. 


Still not too good, headache not as bad but now feels very fuzzy. Feeling very cold but at the same time sweating. In the afternoon I felt a bit better and even had a bit of tea. Spoke to Wayne and Kayleigh later and Wayne said that was very similar to what reaction he had with his first injection.


Walking with Summer was hard, I felt very dizzy and weak. Debbie and Mary walked with me. Sat down the rest of the day just resting. 


Hair cut today my hairdresser comes to the house so it should be alright as still not feeling too good. My hair looks lovely as usual and feels so much better. Summers cut tomorrow mine was ten pounds, yes a bargain. The dust coming from the car park is really bad as windy today.



The leaves are coming off the trees and making a carpet on the floor. Beginning to look very Autumn-like. Maxine arrived for Summer's haircut, which takes around an hour plus. Maxine is very good and Summer is used to her now. All finished and where is my treat, says Summer, treat given and paid £30.00 for her cut but its worth it just to have Summer calm. She looks lovely. Cleaned up the hair and then sat down as feeling a little weak. 


Feeling a bit more normal today, very tired though. Washed down the garden, greenhouse, and plants with the hose pipe as they were thick with dust. The demolition men do not work at the weekend or have not done so far apart from one day.  Going to rain later but not enough to wash it off. Looks a lot better now and the plants should feel better too, but Monday the workmen will be back, and with them the dust again. Was meant to be looking after Andy's cat as he was going to his parents, but his Mum has got covid again. Hope you get better soon. 


Paul and I are going to a Wedding night celebration for Bev and Dave. A posh do in Raisely Hall near Nottingham.  Going there the sat nav decided to stop working right, it was showing a road but not where we wanted to be. We had no idea where the sat nav was working to and from. Anyway, we got there and found the wedding party. Saw Dave and Bev also Russ and his girlfriend Claire plus their little boy Arlo who is now two years old. Running around and having a great time. The last time I saw him he was just under a year old. So good to see them all. 

We sat down and a bit later my past Physio Martin, who treated me at Lincoln University came and sat with Paul and me. His wife Philippa had bean wanting to meet me for ages. When Martin was treating me I made him and his wife a teddy, in fact, I made everyone who treated me one. The place the wedding party was in was the Great Hall, lovely with big windows and even bigger beams so old and just my style. A really nice change and we both enjoyed the evening very much. We said goodbye to everyone and left around ten. When we got outside I was very cold and began to shake a lot. It took me a long time to get warm and Paul thought I was going to have a seizure but I was OK. Home again and Summer was waiting for me all excited. After a cup of tea and cuddle with Summer, I felt alright again.  


A bit tired after yesterday's outing, I have a lot of pain as well probably from being sat in the car for quite a long time. Rest day today then hopefully will be alright.


Paul tested positive for COVID. Overnight I had a lot of pain in my back and hips, but this is a normal thing to happen. 


Went into town to get wool for a blanket and gloves I am making. Sore throat and raspy voice a bit dizzy at times and cold. Early hours of the morning I stood up to go to bed and was very dizzy room spinning around and sweating as well. Crawled up the stairs, and when I got in bed the room was still going around. I did not feel too good.


My throat is worse today hot and shakey, headache from hell. Took Summer out but only a short walk today. I Saw Mary and Debbie both said I looked very pale. Got back and sat down for a rest. Took a COVID test and I have it as well. That was the last outing for a while taking Summer. 


All this is a bit of a blur pain hot cold shakey hardly able to walk Paul or Andrew took me to the toilet. Hardly able to drink as my throat was so sore. Later my mouth, throat, and tongue were bleeding. Cold sores in and outside my mouth. Water was even hard to swallow as this made me cough so much, which in turn made my throat bleed more. Hardly left my chair at all just reclining on it all day. 


Bev phoned up and said a few people from the wedding do have COVID. So we could have got it from there or did we give them COVID?


A bit more with it today not as dizzy still not the best on my feet and only leaving my chair if I have to. I ache all over my body. The RSD is having a field day and not bean very kind to me.  


Doing a bit of knitting, a blanket for a Christmas present only garter stitch, so easy to do but even so I could only do a little bit at a time.


Hot and dizzy first thing, but not as wobbly on my feet though. The pain is still not good headache not as bad now so that's good as that was a killer for me. Missing taking Summer out, Andrew is taking her and she enjoys her walks with him. Thank you, Andrew.


Paul is now COVID free so a few more days and I will be hopefully soon. I do feel better a bit more each day but so weak. I have lost weight too about 6-7lbs. This will soon be made up when I am eating more as up to now hardly had anything as my throat was so sore. I have lost my taste also so everything tastes of nothing. Still dizzy when walking, having to lean against the wall many times. The car park at the back of us has bean so busy with a lot of noise and vibrations. A big pile of crushed bricks and concrete. This has not helped my pain or the RSD.  

The brown fence is the botom of our garden.
The pile gets bigger and longer.

I have bean making some little knitted toys to go to Ukraine and other war places. Andy across the road is collecting them through his church. 


I got dressed for the first time since I was ill on the 19th. Hopefully, I will soon take be able to take Summer out. Bit more knitting of a pair of gloves for a friend. I had forgotten about these and found them started in my knitting bag. They did not go well last time and I had to pull them down so far, and then had not enough wool left. So that's why I had left them for a while. Doing okay at the moment so hopefully, they will soon be done.


Feeling a bit more normal today (as much as possible for me) still hurt a lot but not dizzy now. Throat is still raspy but not as sore now. Eating a bit more as well.  Got the little things done for Andy across the road to take to his church. I forgot to take a picture of them so I can't add photos here, but I had made four little figures like the dolls I gave to Jamie-Lee, and look alike Emmie doll I made for her Birthday. 



Doll I made and gave to Jamie-Lee.
Looks like Emmie.
Doll for Emmie.

 Plus two more like the picture below, and two pairs of child's mitts. they had already bean packed so Andy could not take a picture of them. I hope whoever gets them will be pleased. 

All ready to join the others.

Well, not the best of months but I am about recovered now. 

Hope you are all keeping well. All the very best to you all love Gill.

And here are some photos of Summer to keep you going til next month.

All the best from Summer.

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