JULY. A Bit of every thing.

My July 1st

A hot day reaching 29deg.C, I even have shorts on with my pasty white legs sticking out. Gone are the day when my legs were brown with all the running I did. At the moment they are swollen and mottled looking. Old lady's legs. My stomach is bloated and I feel very fat. RSD or IBS, or both even.

The Dentist has sorted out my tooth now I chipped the back off one a few weeks a go. As it was not hurting I left it. I did not need it to be injected to numb it as she said it was not very deep. Pleased about that as its sometimes numb for hours. The last injection I had numbed my face for 24 hours. Nearly £52 to get it fixed.

Summer is suffering with the heat as well, it would be better if she did not go flying out the back door as soon as she hears something. Usually a cat or bird, she comes back in panting and crying.

Andrew has the right idea he has bean on a boat filming along the canals. He said it was nice, its hot in Amsterdam as well.


Age UK very warm-- doing the usual a new lady started and she said we were a group of very friendly people, if not slightly mad some more than others. A busy but steady day. I am enjoying my time there. The manger would love me to go more days, but like I said in my last Blog I have to be careful not to over do it. I still want to run.

Treated myself to a few new clothes, skirts and tops. Yesterday I went to Asda's, the first things I  bought were for the grandchildren, shorts for Jay-Jay, jacket for Tommy-Lee and a dress for Jamie-Lee. Tommy-Lee did not like the jacket so I am going to swap it for some shorts for him. I did get myself two pairs of shorts that fit well. Very heavy air today almost like being in an oven.
Feels like a storm going off in my body.


Just gone to bed and there is a storm not directly overhead but a few miles away. Rain crashed down with thunder and lighting. Paul slept though it all. I think it was about 3-30am when I got to sleep.

Lindsay and family are here, mostly in the garden we got the pool out and they went in it, it was nice and cool. Summer had a paddle, but was not so keen.

 Jamie-Lee cooling off.


 We also went to the park.


Went on my bike back to Asda's then on to see Lindsay. I felt good riding, its bean quite a while since I did. Exchanged the jacket for shorts, but they were too big for Tommy-Lee. I have managed to get him the same ones on line. Stupid I think, just in July and the shops are very low on Summer things.Coming back it rained very heavy and I got quite wet, oh so cold as well. Only shorts and vest on.


Things started off not too good, Lindsay is having big problems with her ex. She is sorting it out though.
Computer is being fixed today. The fan is wrong we think. On the way back the car broke down. What more today and its only just gone 5pm. Well at least the computer is sorted. Lindsay hopefully will be soon.

Jamie-Lee having fun at play group (pre school)

 On a ride at Asda.


Pilates was good I did most of the moves. I have said before the toes curling one, on my right foot I can not do. (As I have no control of my toes) or the hands in the air moves, I can mostly put my arms up a few times but, after two or three they spasm up usually while in the air. My shoulders tingle as well, even while typing this also. I went on my bike and ended up doing over ten miles. I do have an electric bike. I mostly have it on peddle assist. Even then you still peddle but it makes it easier. I was quite pleased with myself. I have not bean on my bike much at all.

It's the first of my five B12 injection I need to have, this hurt a lot. Hopefully this will get my body back on track. The nurse said it will be Autumn time when I will feel the full benefit.


Acupuncture time again I saw a girl called Amy. Very nice as they all are. A little bit different as well. I had cupping (moving and gliding) to my upper back and shoulders. This felt very strange, like the skin was being pulled off my back at times, very soothing though. Needles were placed like this 4 in my head, 5 in my back and shoulders plus 9 in my legs. My right knee is still very swollen and painful as well.

I got a few thing from town mostly for Lindsay as on Sunday it is her Birthday. Walking home was painful. I could have got a bus, but who wants to sit on a hot stuffy bus?? not me. 
Very tired later on, My body feels quite relaxed.


2nd B12 injection, in my other arm this time. I was a bit late for Age UK, but I did go in yesterday and tell them I would be. Very busy day and hot as well. I am still enjoying it just as much as when I first started.
My right shoulder is playing up a lot. Tingling and like ants are running over them. My right foot is getting its bit in as well, going into spasm. I have started taking
Another very warm sunny day.


Today we are having a dinner BBQ for Lindsay's Birthday tomorrow. She is cooking the coals.
We all had a good time and were well stuffed. Another very hot day, humid as well. This affected the whole of my body like a head to toe headache.

Lindsay is cooking- watch out.
Summer and Suie waiting for theirs.
 Trying to get big bubbles with a wand.

Andrew was even here??!! NO - not really he was on Skype.


Bad head first off. I made Lindsay a cake but it did not turn out too good. I put in on the side and the wind blew and the cake sort of fell apart. I went to the Co-op and bought one. When Lindsay and family came later the cake was all eaten the bought one- still in the fridge!! The looks were not good but tasted lovely, Jay-Jay said I should make them to sell. I don't think so. Lindsay got all her presents and was very pleased with what we got her.

 Jamie-Lee helping as usual.
 That nice Mummy.
 It fits the He-Man.

Jay-Jay getting excited.
 This fits you Mummy.
 Flash or what?
 Are you sure its not for me says Summer?
Cheer up Tom we have cake- well two.
  A picture taken using Lindsay new selfie stick that Tracy got her.

The cake I made tasted very good and all was eaten. The bought one, still in the fridge.
Jay-Jay said it was the best, even if it did look like some one had sat on it.


My friend Bev is here today, I should have bean going there but because of my third B12 later in the day Bev decided to come here. She bought fruit and egg custard cakes all very nice. A very good day nice to see a friend.

3rd B12 injection-- this hurt as usual but only two more to go.


Summer is having her hair cut today she is very hot and cooling off with the fan

 Summer be for her cut.

Summer's hair cut, she looks very smart now and will be a lot cooler. Looks like a little lamb. She was very well behaved as usual. Maxine who cuts her said she is one of the best dogs she has cut. She tells her that she needs her paw to cut her nails. She just plonks it in her hand. I know it has taken a lot of the character of a westie off Summer but, I have to think whats best for her. By Autumn it will be back to a more traditional looking westie.

Very smart.
Wheres my treat then?
   All this plus more came off me- like wearing a fur winter coat- cool now.

Paul and I did a bit of shopping in town. I have bought some CHARCOAL tablets to see if they help my IBS.  I was very tired come night time.


Pilates on my bike again and it's very windy today. No problems there or back. Pilate's went very well, I felt a bit far away at times but managed most moves.
Jo is having a break this year so that's the last one till September. I will try to do some most days.


All day in the garden warm shorts and vest on. I am sorting out the pots and planters as we are getting all new ones. Quite a big job. Also putting out the bedding plants to harden off. Hopefully on Sunday they will be planted in the new tubs. Put the small tomatoes in the greenhouse, still a lot left.

Paul has now got the car back, so he is happy a big bill though £1,700-00. Hopefully that will be that for a while.

Since I had my last my last physio session I have not had as much pain in my neck and head. May be the cupping is good for me.

Age UK today, going there I saw a dog made of sand, an Oprah singer, Indian type singers and dancers from Antigua and a man looking like he was standing in mid air. The street performers were out in force today, very enjoyable. I wish I had longer to look but I need to get to Age UK. Not doing usual tea and coffees- a bit of everything, waitressing, washing up and talking to the customers. Hands a bit shaky at times. A good day but very warm in the kitchen area.

Paul met me in town and we got the new planters and tubs. Hopefully Sunday I will get them done or at least some of them. My tooth I had done on 1st of July has started to hurt and the filling has begun to lift up. No appointments today so I am to ring Monday.

Last B12 injection this one did hurt and left a bruise. Ah well last one for 12 weeks.

Lindsay came round and said- both you and Dad in the front room, I was not sure what she was up to. Then Jay-Jay and Tommy- Lee walked in. What a shock LOOK


They like their new cuts. Tommy-Lee has never had short hair, for Jay-Jays it's only second time.


Lindsay and family here, it will take me a bit to get used to the boys hair cut it does look nice though. I think they have the good looks that can take any style.

A good day in the garden. There is a boy Simone staying next door for a while with his family. He does not really know hardly any English. Jamie-Lee was playing with him and seemed to get over the not under standing things.

He was helping me in the garden a few days ago I managed quite well too. I wish I knew what he was saying as he talks all the time to me. His Mum translates when she is with him. Another good day but tired as not a good night last night awake a lot.
The CHARCOAL tablets seem to be helping as I'm not as bloated and have less pain.


Out in the garden most of the day. Swapping the pots over and refilling others with bedding plants. I was so tired, but pleased I got done, what I did. Had to go to B and Q's  to get compost as well, all  ready used 125ltr. Three more pots on order so they will be done as soon as I get them. Hopefully it will look nice. That's if they all grow?? Summer as usual was with me and Simone as well. Summer got very wet but it was warm so she loved it. Simone loves water as well.
A good but long day.


Into town as the pots we ordered have arrived. I managed to get them all done. I think they will look good once they have grown a bit and are in flower. Very tired and achey but pleased they are all done. The greenhouse is looking good as well quite a few tomatoes and cucumbers coming.

 Out door toms-in very late my plants.
 Indoor toms doing well, these are not my plants. Home grown by a friend
 Cucumbers doing well- my plants.

 Little cucumbers coming.
 My toms in the green house, I think I will be picking toms in December like last year.
The planters- hopefully they will look very colourful soon.


I have managed to get an appointment again at 10-30am for the dentist to fix the filling that came apart after a few days. Hopefully this time it will be better. The dentist was a different one as mine is away. The tooth was refilled, this time I had an injection to numb the spot. This remained numb for a long time, even when I went to bed the feeling had not come back properly. Bit of an upset stomach with sharp pains.


Jay-Jay's School leaving concert. This is his last day at Junior School. The concert was very good. Jay-Jay did synchronized swimming and was in a sketch as Keith Lemon with some other pupils. Some of the pupils were good singers. Dancers too, some funny bits of comedy as well. A very good effort by them all.. 
 Jay-Jay in striped top synchronised swimming.
 The whole year six.
             Jay-Jay (in waistcoat) doing his Keith Lemon sketch Still getting used to his short hair.
 Some of the many acts.
Jay-Jay and friend.

Paul dropped me off at Lindsay's. Jamie-Lee had hurt her foot last night, but is a lot better now but she says it still hurts.

Full body ache, at least my stomach is better. Dry and a bit sore throat. I hope I am not getting a cold or any thing!


  Summer loves water and is trying to get the hose pipe.
Direct hit.
Look at all the water coming out her mouth. She ended up getting very wet and loved every minute.


Age Uk day. Since I was there last, things have bean moved. I am now near the hot serving area. Things were moved to give everyone more space, and it works. Another move is planned just a few inches to the right. This will give the waitresses more room to get there orders.

Quite a lot of all over pain today and I went straight for the big guns- OXYNORM, this helped but did leave me a bit spaced out..... Never mind no one noticed.  I took quite a bit through the day. Enough to make me itch.
A busy day today, more or less non stop but I do enjoy it. Almost like back working at Jackson and Shipley's where I used to work. I enjoy people, all the people have a laugh and get on. A few awkward people to serve but even they are not too bad. You just have to handle them different that's all. Most are very nice and appreciate what we are doing for them.

I went on to do a few bits in town, got Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee some t shirts and a top each. I did not get home till after five. I was later leaving Age Uk though.


Phone call early to say that there is an acupuncture appointment if I would like it at 11-00am, sure I would like it.

After Summer's walk I set off. Quite away from here (mile and half over) but I usually walk when I can. I saw Bob who I have seen before. I had 22 needles placed in my head neck/shoulders and legs. The ones put round my knee hopefully will help with the swelling that has bean going on for quite a while. He then went on to do this TUINA this hopefully help my tightness and stiffness in my upper body.

Tui na or tuina (/ˌtw ˈnɑː/,[2] Chinese: ; pinyin: tuī ná), is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping, Chinese herbalism, t'ai chi, and qigong.[3] Tui na is a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese taoist and martial arts principles in an effort to bring the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into balance. The practitioner may brush, knead, roll/press, and rub the areas between each of the joints, known as the eight gates, to attempt to open the body's defensive (wei) chi and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles.[3] Techniques may be gentle or quite firm. The name comes from two of the actions: tui means "to push" and na means "to lift and squeeze." Other strokes include shaking and tapotement.[4] The practitioner can then use range of motion, traction, with the stimulation of acupressure points. These techniques are claimed to aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions.[5] As with many other traditional Chinese medical practices, there are different schools which vary in their approach to the discipline. It is related also to Japanese massage or anma ().
In ancient China, medical therapy was often classified as either "external" or "internal" treatment. Tui na was one of the external methods, thought to be especially suitable for use on the elderly population and on infants. Today, Tui na is subdivided into specialized treatment for infants, adults, orthopedics, traumatology, cosmetology, rehabilitation, sports medicine, etc.[citation needed] In modern China, many hospitals include tui na as a standard aspect of treatment. In the West, tui na is taught as a part of the curriculum at some acupuncture schools.

This was copied from Wikipedia.

This at times hurt a lot but I did my Wietse breathing, I think this helped me. Even still I did ask Bob to stop once. Afterwards I told him I felt light headed, not the faint type, but when you feel like a weight has bean lifted and your head feels very floaty. Bob said he soon would have me flying, in theory that is, but flying would be good. A good session I think.


Happy Birthday Wayne hope you have a good day. (Wayne is my oldest son.)

My shoulders and neck hurt, but they do feel more flexible. I have made a cake for Wayne and some scones for us.

 These were very good. I have not made scones for ages.

As for the cake I will have to wait till Saturday, as Paul and I are going to see Wayne. Hopefully he will let us have some.

Not feeling the best to day- still bad throat and cough, gunk coming up as well, but only in the morning. Headache too.
Since the schools have bean on holiday it has rained every day with stormy air, this does me and a lot of RSD suffers, and of course non RSD suffers, no good.


Wow- at Age Uk today I think every had decided to come here for dinner as we were record busy. The busiest day for ages,  Manic.

My filling has decided to part company with my tooth again, not sure whats going on. I have booked an apointment for September, if it plays up and I am in pain up I can go in earlier. 

Well folks that's about it- as Bugs Bunny the cartoon rabbit says. A mixed one this time. A lot of pictures too. Hope you are all well and not suffering too much. Love Gill. 

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