May- Down and out.

May 1st

Pilates -- Not good this week I found it very hard. Pain and spasms. I look around and see how much more the others are doing and it gets to me a lot. After all I have bean there the longest. Jo said at least I can do some, but for me its a poor second place. I long for the past be for RSD where I could be in control of my life. Instead of RSD being in control of me. I know I can never get that back now. I try very hard to push the RSD as far away as I can. RSD is a fighter but so am I. Who will win..??

Andrew has bean suffering very much, with an abscess in his mouth from his wisdom teeth, impacted wisdom teeth to give it the proper name. His mouth is very swollen his eye is puffed up and dark. He looks like he has bean in a fight. He said he has never had as much pain. I hope it soon gets better. He can hardly eat or talk. Also no work either. Andrew is like me, not very fat so can not afford to loose any weight. Hope it soon improves Andrew.



The team are beginning to form a pattern for my treatment, its bean hard as the pain and spasms are constantly changing. The treatment now is called the Battle Field Technique.This involved putting the needles as before in my ears (This was started  last week and explained in more detail this week.) but waiting to see if the pain was worse or better after each one. Also after each needle moving my very tight neck and shoulders and walking around to see how I felt. At the moment I am getting the most pain around my neck and shoulders. Still pain other places but not as bad. By the time the session had finished my neck and shoulders were a lot more flexible but hurt a lot.

This is taken from a website it explains more than I ever could:

One of the pain specialists at Lakeland regional medical center in Florida, personally experienced a 25 percent increased  range of motion and a 50 percent reduction in pain for chronic shoulder and upper back pain he endured for several years. As a result of his outstanding success, he  recruited his most challenging patients for whom traditional pain treatment offered  limited relief. Within minutes of the needles being inserted, many said their pain had been reduced by up to 75 percent. A 25 percent reduction would be considered a  success with traditional pain medications.

Despite its name, battlefield acupuncture is not purposely designed to replace  standard medical care for war-related injuries but to assist in pain relief and in  many cases eliminate the need for pain medication for acute and chronic pain. It is  extremely easy to learn and may be taught to anyone in an extremely short time. The  procedure allows a provider to confidently complete a treatment and expect a good  result within minutes. There are virtually no complications and patients are  subjected to little or no discomfort.

It was reported that only approximately 15 percent of patients do not respond to  acupuncture, but of those who do, their pain reduction often averages about 75  percent. The frequency of application and the duration of relief vary with each  patient, but treatment can progress from about two times a week to as little as once  a month or longer. In some cases, further acupuncture treatment may not be required.

I also had two other needles in my hand slightly different place just near my knuckles. Walking home my right knee began to hurt a lot with stabbing pain going up my leg. I had to stop a few times.

One of the pins fell out about an hour later but still four left. Late evening about eight, my neck began to hurt a lot. I am getting pain, burning and spasms in my right side of my neck, shoulders and arm. The movement I had had earlier has gone and my neck and both shoulders are stiff again A lot of pain in my right foot where the RSD began.

I hope this is just a minor set back. The pain is at least a seven plus, more at times.


Still pain burning as well. I think this is just the RSD reacting to the different method of treatment and things will calm down.
Lindsay and the family are here. The boys are stopping the night as well in what was Andrews room. Last time they stopped they said Andrews loft room was scary and they did not want to sleep there. So I had to bring the mattress down off the loft room bed and put it on the floor next to the spare room bed. They both went to bed, after a while I looked in at them and they were fast asleep in the same bed. So much for bringing the mattress down.


This time they both had a good sleep and were happy when they came down. Later we went on the common with Summer, and the park for play. A while later all worn out and time for home.
A good weekend and so nice to have them here.

This is Jay-Jay-- We had the best week end at nans house. We slept at nans, it was epic we went to the park for about half an hour then we took summer for half an hour again and there was this one horse that was like a statue.

The horse was on the common- I think they enjoyed the stay.


Busy day cleaning the replacement glass for the greenhouse. This was bought though Ebay. Good old Ebay where would we be without it? Put most of it in but ran out of spring clips to hold the glass in.
I knew I was going to be in pain, I so took morphine before I started. This helped a lot till it wore off.
A lot of pain and spasms later on.

Spoke to Andrew, his absess has now burst and the swelling has gone down but still very painful for him.

Fair night but not much sleep as bed very late. 6am. I got about three hours so that's just about ok for me.
Paul and I went to Pennells and got the glass clips, so all on for tomorrow to finish greenhouse.


Pilates--Better than last week I took IBRUES before the session started and after as well as pain was quite strong. Probably from doing the greenhouse. Paul and I finished the green house so all done. This should be warmer as before a piece of polythene was at one side of it very drafty .
I hurt a lot but pleased it is done now. A nice scented bath later helped my muscles.


Very little sleep only two hours in bed very tired.

Physio.- Brought the team up to date with everything. They had a discussion and think the first way they did my ear pins seem to work the best. They added one from the Battle Field way. Zero. They hurt a lot going in. A nice very gentle massage on my neck and shoulders. This felt very good. Painful at times.

I left physio and went for a cup of tea in the students cafe. Nice tea- but a bit noisy in there for me today. After my tea I came out and sat on the wall for a while listening to my Ipod. Nice and peaceful. A bit cold as the weather has changed cold and windy again.
The next thing I knew was laid on the floor looking up at faces I could not recognise. I hurt as well. I  was not really aware what was going on. Questions were being fired at me and I could not respond. Martins name kept coming in to my head so I said that. I found out later he gave the Ambulance men information about me. He told them to ring Paul as well. This helped them a lot as I had no information on me. The wrong treatment can make me a lot worse and a long stay in Hospital so Thank you very much Martin.

I was off to Hospital on spinal board and collar with head blocks. I can remember saying I was not going but told yes you are. I can't really remember much about being in the ambulance. Arrived about 2pm I think that's what I was told.  In and out of consciousness. At one point I had no feeling in my legs which soon went in to spasms. I was checked over and taken straight to xray. The board was removed but not the collar. I had to come back to Accident and emergency as I was gagging and feeling very sick. A cannula was fitted. Taken to rhesus because of suction there, in case I was sick as I could not sit up yet. An injection was given to help this though the cannula they had put in. After a while I felt well enough to have the xrays. A lot of them as well, one with my mouth open which was very painful because of the collar.
Back from xray and laid there, every where hurting but feeling a bit more with it, my ears hurt a lot the right one has the pins in which were being pressed by the collar. My neck was in spasm as well, with pain shooting through out my body. The feeling to my legs came painfully back as well. I asked for pain relief and told them PARACETAMOL was no good and explained why. They came back with ORAMORPH. This helped. I think they must have checked my notes.

The Doctor came to see me and said I had not broken any thing, and asked me how it happened. I said I think I blacked out. He took off the collar not very gently either. He sat me up and again asked what happened. I said I don't know. I asked him to lay me down a bit as dizzy. He did this. He said I need a scan to check for any possible deeper damage. He also said my blood pressure was high. Probably the thought of coming to the hospital.
Paul arrived, I had bean asking if he knew and they kept saying they would see to it.

I went for the scan this was a lot less painful than the xrays and much quicker. I then had to wait. I was put into a ward, I told them I was not stopping. The scan came back clear. I was able to go home. I need to have my blood pressure checked out by my Doctor as soon as I can.
Arrived back home about seven thirty. Very tired and in quite a bit of pain. A day I do not want to repeat. With RSD I never know what the day will bring. Good job really. 


I did not sleep too well kept waking up. I ache all down the left side and my shoulders. No bruises as yet but with me they can come later. I have not even got dressed. I know I was very lucky not to break anything as I have osteoporosis. A bit of extra MORPHINE-ORAMORPH today. I am trying to keep off this but the pain is too much for anything else.
Martin phoned up and I thanked him for all he did. I asked him if he could find out who helped me yesterday.


A few bruises round my neck and face. My neck looked like I had bean strangled. Also my left arm, shoulder, wrist and hip, are bruising up nothing too bad though. I hurt more today. All over pain the left side the worst. I think now, that I did black out and was unconscious before I hit the floor.

This is taken from a RSD symptoms site.

 .Black-out’s- When the pain becomes too strong or the dizziness becomes too strong or both, it can easily cause loss of consciousness. Depending on the patient this can happen frequently, every once in a while, or not at all.

Lindsay was here as well with the boys and Jamie-Lee. They were quite good. Jay-Jay wanted to stay but I said not tonight. He did not realise I had a accident. Lindsay had not told them as she wanted them to see me first as they get upset and think I am a lot worse than I am.
A little bit of ORAMORPH not as much as yesterday.


A lot more bruising has come out on my left arm and face. I still hurt a lot and the RSD is not helping at all.
I saw Dr Mehta and told him what had happened. he checked my blood pressure and it was fine. I said it was the scare of the hospital. I asked him about muscle relaxants as I am getting more and more spasms. I can go back on something similar to what I was on before.  We are first seeing what magic Martin can do with the ACUPUNCTURE. A bad headache most of the day with pain shooting from my neck. Not nice.


This went as well as it could a lot of pain from the RSD and the fall. Most of my left side hurt. I think the RSD is up set again. I feel that the fall has set me back a long way.
More bruising has come out on my face near my eye. I hope that when all the bruising has come out my head will feel a lot better. I have had a constant headache since the fall. A lot of pain around my eye and cheek bone as well A stabbing annoying one that does not want to go away. I feel better in myself but its hard when things like this happen as I was doing well.


Still got a bad headache from the fall last week. A week has gone by now and as I said yesterday more bruising has come out. Maybe the pain will lessen a bit. Well the fall pain at least. This last week I have bean almost living on pain killers.

Pictures of the damage. I still think I was lucky though falling like I did, I could have quite easily broken my neck, spine or arm. Being out when I hit the floor helped I think as I must have bean more relaxed. I will recover from this with not a lot to show but it could have bean so different.
RSD is so unpredictable


I walked there today previous weeks I have bean getting a lift there and walking back.  My neck is very tight and painful. Its like my feet and legs are attached to it. Hurts a lot while walking. I  set off early because I wanted to put up two posters in the Atrim cafe at the University to say thank you to everyone who helped last week. I have found out the Doctors name is Colin so thank you very much. Also a big thank you to everyone else who was there.

Usual pulse taking and tongue poking out. Four needles this week one in each hand near the knuckles and one in each foot. Oh, and plus one in my forehead to calm me down I have bean very down for a while the flu took it out of me and then the fall its a lot to take in. This is hopefully to help my head pain.

 My right foot went in to a small spasm to start with then stopped. This came back with pure evil spasms later. No way was that needle staying in- out it came, the spasm continued for quite a while with my foot turned all RSD colours and twisting round very painful. I think you can say it got its revenge.

Next was the ear pins. We have gone back to mostly the first way of putting in the pins as I think that works best, well at this time anyway. Who knows another week. Some of the Battle Field technique still used. The pins hurt a lot, one that went in gave me pain in my left chest and shoulder they said this was clearing the channel. GOOD. A nice massage on my neck while still laid down. A long session today hopefully it will help me. Thanked Martin for all he did.

Looking back at the last few years its bean very hard to keep going at times. I know the loss of loved ones life is hard to cope with, but what happens when you loose yourself. What do you do then?
The RSD really has punished me a lot.

Next to cafe for a cup of tea and sandwich. I then walked home. I feel quit cold and very drained almost exhausted. My shoulders are very tight my right foot hurts a lot. Home to rest.


Out with my neighbour Cilla helping her with her shopping.Very busy and noisy too much for me head ache back worse than before. I should have got a mobility scooter like she did. Very tired and in pain I took IBRUS and DIHYDROCODINE. This did not help at all. Just about managed with out extra MORPHINE.
My headache later did calm down a bit later on so that was good. I enjoyed the day but at a cost of more pain.


Jamie-Lee has now got a tooth.

Jamie-Lee in her new walker.

Another painful day, toothache now as well. This has bean on and off for a while a small wisdom tooth that did not come through properly. Not wise enough !
After my bath I went very dizzy and had to lay on the floor. I soon recovered. I watched TV for a while then bed. Yes its light and some people are getting up.


Just about finished off decorating the spare bedroom which we started earlier last week, it looks very nice as well. Still a lot of other things to do. Next is the computer room the same paper.

A painful day head and face more bruised than the last few days. Arm black, hopefully this will go now and be back to normal soon. IBRUES and DEHYDROCODINE taken plus MORPHINE.


B12 done today hurt as usual but not for long. My head feels like it has bean squeezed. Balance a bit off as well. Pain still in tooth. More tablets not a lot of good though. The air pressure is high I think that has a lot to do with this pain. I know reading up about it I am not the only one who gets this.


Pain levels are high today neck, head and teeth I would say about a seven. The last few days I have taken a lot of extra tablets mostly IBRUES and few DIHYDROCODEINE as well. These upset my stomach alot so not good.

Pilates - Not too good here either. The moves where my arms and legs go in opposite directions were not happening today I tried but spasms all the time. The ones where my body moves in line were a lot better and I managed them just fine, at least I did some. I have bean very cold the last few days. I know the weather has changed from Summer to Winter overnight so I don't think the RSD can cope with it. A hot bath usually warms me up but can do it too fast and I end up very dizzy laid on the floor this is what happen tonight again.


Physio- Much the same as last week pins in my ears, five again. These were put in very fast and efficiently but still hurt. A needle in each hand then a very gentle massage to my neck and head. At time this felt like I was being touched by cotton wool. A good session I think this week. I felt light headed but not dizzy. I always sit in reception just to make sure I am alright to go home. That is my last session for three weeks as exams and breaking up for Summer as well.
When I go back Martin is not there and left me with the students and in charge of them a Chinese man who I will meet for the first time on the 13th June.

I then went on to see my friend Helen who's Birthday it was yesterday. She is well and liked her present of a bag, shower gel and candles.

I think all in all it was a better day, less pain at night even my toothache has calmed down. Very cold feeling again later but hot bits in between.


Short night as usual. Head pain not as bad now more around the forehead. The past few days on and off I have bean getting a dark something in front of my left eye. Something like a small spider hanging down my face. Also flashes of light no pain though. Eye feels dry but that's not unusual.

In town first thing. Lindsay and the boys here today as well. The little boy Ben came round as well to play. After they all had dinner I took them to the park. Tommy-Lee decided he had enough so we all went back to take him home. Jay-Jay asked if we could go on the common Summer too, there is a natural sand pit there. After shoes and socks came off straight in the pit. They had a great time. With the park and the common we had bean out for over two hours. Tired but happy, the boys and I walked back again. I was tired too. Lindsay and everyone went home. I took Ben home he had bean at our house for over five hours not bad considering he only came round for an hour. He was very red in the face and very tired after all his running around.


Wallpapering in the computer room. Things did not go well yesterday. so a bit of catching up to do. All good today we got a lot done. The only trouble with decorating is where to put all the stuff from that room. We are doing two rooms together so stuff is everywhere. Nightmare when you need to find something. I have bean having quite a bit of ORAMORPTH just to help with the extra pain. So far I am not doing too bad. I have no ACUPUNCTURE till 13th of June as its the University's summer break. They have set up a summer school so at least I get some treatment.


Pilates- A better session this week for me. Not as stiff or as many spasms.  I have a cold sore on my lip and one up my nose quite sore there are too.
I am making some pilates  head cushions for a friend of Jo's. I started after tea, all went very well. The lot I made for Jo did not, the material rolled up a lot, so took a lot longer. I have not finished as I ran out of material. The ones I have done I think look good.


We have bean and chosen the carpets for the bedrooms and stairs. Also the curtains and blinds.  So it will be all go go next week.  I will be pleased when it is all done.

When getting back in the car after shopping  my RDS foot went crazy it started to hurt so I just rubbed it and it was extremely sensative then it went mad pain levels straight to a nine. This went on for about ten or more minutes then stopped. My foot then swelled up a lot. I think the RSD is just letting me know, WATCH OUT I AM STILL HERE.

Well as you can see quite an adventful month but I came though it again, just I think.  Hope things are good with you all. Bye till next time. Love Gill.

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