Race for Life

Race for life I am doing this today on my crutches it is raining and very cold the race was delayed because of traffic
.Lots of support as Lincoln and  District are marshaling.Managed to get round 18 minutes less than last year properly because of my oldest grandson [3] shouting so loud by the time I had finished everybody knew I was his nanny .
I enjoyed it very much. I ached quite a lot the next day but it was worth it.

I am diving to a depth of 33feet now apart from a head and still, ear trouble it feels pretty much the same as 24 feet Hattie, you, mostly does my dives takes it down very slow 15Min's + to reach level.
Thank you Hattie

.Got splints, to day, to wear at night, to help wrist pain. Saw DR Armed [DR at hospital] she said my foot looked good but when touched went into a very bad spasm which was very painful the pain lasted for about 2 days.

Continuing with physio Wietse said I am trying to run before I can walk slow down a bit .I reminded him it has now bean 3 years since I fell.

The pain varies day to day on a good day the pain will be 3-5 on a bad day 8-10.This last week, I have had a lot of pain in foot and hands.Also, a build up of pressure, in ears, when in tank. Cold, stormy, heavy, hot weather play in big part in the way my foot feels
.All vibrations/ noise make it worse.

Tank twice a week

Tank now twice a week in stead of every day so a lot better .Depth now 33feet the deepest I will go in my treatment my ears felt like they would burst could not release the pressure for a long time when finely released went off like a fire work Hattie stopped the dive for a few minutes till I felt better then started again, not a good dive.

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