September 1st

Well lets hope this month goes a bit better. I am still recovering from the stomach pain and constant runs but it is slowing down and getting back to my normal. Not as many crippling pains now.  Some people have said to me, take this medication or another, and it will stop all your runs problems. Yes it will but with IBS you have to be extra careful. No I will ride it out, as I said, I think the end is in site.

Fair bit of pain in my shoulders and arms also my muscles in my legs hurt.

Lindsay phoned up and asked if I would have Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee for the day as she is feeling bad again with her headaches. So another  enjoyable day playing for me. We had out the Action men first she called them BOY BARBIES. Jamie decided they needed wives, so the Barbies dolls came out as well. Jamie-Lee is nearly four but has a very good imagination.  Very soon babies came and with in two hours we had a complete family. Tommy-Lee played also for a while.

  Jamie-Lee picking a tomato she gave it to Karol next door, for his Birthday.

Tracy picked them both up about five. A good day.


Not too sure what happened early this morning. I went to bed four am by my bed room clock. I felt a bit funny then the next thing I knew it I was picking myself up off the floor near the bed at four twenty. I felt like I had had a small seizure. No damage though so not too sure unless I just passed out. A long time though to be out I think?

When I got up later after my sleep, bad head and weird feeling like I get with a seizure. Apart from that a normal day. The headache did not lift and still there when I went to bed


Meal out today with Paul and his IA crew. Not sure how this will be as stomach still not good. OK if I don't eat but as soon as I do the pains start again. I have looked into KEFIR  a milk PROBIOTIC  mix, or live yogurt. This I have bean told will put back the BACTERIA in my stomach. This will have bean destroyed by all the ANTIBIOTICS I took.

Meal went OK I did not eat that much, even leaving ice cream. Summer had a lot of the mixed grill meat for her tea so it did not go to waste. She was very happy, with her steak- chicken and gammon.

Stomach went mad later with pains and runs, also bad head but it was quite noisy and warm in there.
Nice to see then all again and catch up.


Going in to town later with Angela, the first time in a long while. Got everything I wanted, this was a test to see how I would be out and about, as I would like to go to Age UK on Friday.  Still quite weak I only lost a few pounds but I suppose with not eating too much my body will feel like this. Still I got most things I wanted. Bad head later not really gone from yesterday just got worse and stomach pains.


Got Jamie-Lee again today as Lindsay very bad again. I will be so pleased when they sort out this brain bleed. Jamie-Lee slipped off a low wall, and has a nasty graze on her leg.

Playing with  Barbie boys and their family again. She has got me making more clothes for a little doll I saved from the bin. She had a loose head which I stuck with super glue. A good day.


Pilate's the first one for me since 17th August. Went well, did not do everything though but kept going, light headed and dizzy at times. Still good though Joy went as well she is doing good and enjoying it. I am pleased for her. Not much for the rest of the day. Tired so just resting with Summer. She was pleased to be cuddled.

Not tired when bed so I ended up watching a film and going to bed at six am. Film was a horror one.


Happy Birthday Tommy-Lee and Jamie- Lee ten and four today hope you both have a great day.

Paul and I both went at night time to give them their presents. I made Tommy-Lee a jacket but it was too big. Very disappointed, both me and Tommy-Lee. The rest of the things were all right I still need to get him something else but I will take him into town soon. Not this week as they are away for the weekend.
We did not stop long as a bit noisy and a lot of people wishing them both Happy Birthday. I will see them another time.

Bella, Jamie-Lee, Ben and Poppy.
Tommy-Lee with his cake and Marshall.

Jamie-Lee's cake.
Jamie with her new doll and Suey under the table.
                                                                    A tired Tommy.


Age UK today. I think I will be alright, my stomach is still not the best, but if I don't feel right I can come home. Everything went pretty well. I burnt my thumb on the Cappuccino machine and cut my hand, but things like that are normal for me. I nearly poured the water in the wrong half of the filter coffee machine, forgot to put the cup under the cappuccino machine and a few other things. I said to Niall's, bet you are pleased I am back. He said more things happen when you are here. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. We were steady not too busy so that was good. nice to be back again.

My tomatoes have  ripened a lot now all this warm sunny weather we have had. Cucumbers are doing good too.

These are my own plants from seed.


Nice walk on the common, getting a bit chilly in the mornings now.  The trees are thick with conkers this year.

Lindsay and Ben's children plus the boys are Essex way so Ben can see his family and run a Takely 10km race at Harlow. Jamie-Lee is staying with her Dad. I have got her tomorrow afternoon. Jay-Jay entered the mile race and did very well coming 8th out of about 30ish. I said to him steady pace, a mile is longer than you think. Ben did very well too finishing his 10km in 48mins.

Jay-Jay doing well.
 Marshall, Ben's lad.
Ben  before the race. 
Ben coming in

Well done to both of them. This race was one I hoped to be doing but NO my body and seizures had other plans.

Lindsay, Ben and Jamie-Lee called on the way back, Ben was wearing his t shirt from the race he was pleased. He is a fit person as he is manger of the boys football team, Hykeham Tigers. The one Tommy-Lee is in. Angela called in and we had a nice chat.


I am getting my eyes tested today as I know they have deteriorated since my seizures and eye problems. Yes, they have altered, my right eye quite a lot. Left eye much the same. The opticians thinks this is caused by the recent infection and eye damage. I need two different pairs of glasses, one pair the distant ones just the lenses only, as frames good, the others for reading, costing £166 total. Not a cheap fix but it has to be done. I only had my eyes tested last year so I know they were fine then. In fact my eyes were really good for my age not needing reading glasses till I was sixty year old. A record for our opticians Distant ones only had a few years as well. The glasses will be ready in about a week, I am looking forward to this as I have bean struggling to knit and read especially night time.

Got some live yogurt Oken this was recommend to me to help build up the live bacteria in my stomach again.


Pilates today which went well, quite a bit of pain in shoulders and upper back. Joy is enjoying it too she is getting fitter.

Another warm day after the misty start. Yesterday was the hottest day on record for September.


Today Lindsay is at Sheffield seeing someone about her headaches and brain bleed. Paul phoned me after the appointment. Not any real progress made, she needs another MRI scan urgently. You would think they would have had one done like last week or even today. She has already had two since it all began. The last two showed little change. When she had the first one she was bleeding. so surely the second one taken over two months ago proved she still is bleeding. So frustrating for us and more so for Lindsay. She has to put up with the pain and all it brings. She is not able to lead a normal young  mothers life. Hopefully this scan will be very soon and things will be sorted. The Doctor said it is not life threatening so long as she does not alter, and bleed like the first time.

I thought my stomach problems had ended, but still not right at least there is not the gripping pain now. I am having the OKEN live yogurt every day so hopefully that will soon build up and help. Weight still down a few pounds too..


Age UK today-- Sheila not here but Joy is. A steady day, not run off our feet but still plenty to do.  Rained most of the time, so that puts a lot of people off from coming out. A few co workers and customers said I had lost weight. Only a few pounds I said but a little loss shows up on me very soon. Someone else had lost two stone, but no one but me noticed, or commented on it.  Well done to you. Calum back as well I have not seen him since August 12th. Yes a good day all round. No accidents or injuries either.


The children and Lindsay are not here today as the boys have some sort of stomach bug. Yes, please stay away only just got right myself after the tablets for my eye. Jamie seemed to have escaped the bug so far.
Lindsay phoned up later towards night time and said the boys were feeling a lot better. Tommy-Lee is playing football tomorrow so he needs to be fit.

Talking about fit I would have liked to run the Harlow race with Ben, but the seizures put paid to that. Lindsay said there is always next year. Yes there is, but its always next year for me.


Angela came round after church. She was telling us about her London trip. She had a good time and had a nice break. I was meant to be going with her but that did not happen. Well at least she still had a good time. Nice to see her.


Good walk on the common with Summer, the mornings are getting colder too. I think Summer is more a colder weather dog than a Summer one. She seems to run about more and is happier I think. There are two men and a lady camping on there. I would not fancy that, something about they can't get housing. They think they will be on there a while, probably all winter.


At the hospital today for my eyes. Hopefully I will be told everything is good now and my eye is normal. Not too long a wait this time and yes the news is good everything back to normal. I am to look out for any change, as the condition Uveitis can come back. I hope not- I think the cure was as bad as having the eye problem.

After we went to Caistor to see one of Paul's friends. Not a bad day and good news about my eye.
I was hoping to have my new glasses by now as they said a week or less, I am struggling a bit without my distant ones as they are sunglasses as well. Hopefully soon.


Quite a busy day, changed the bedding, all washed, cleaned up downstairs too. Spoke to Andrew he is doing well, busy as usual. Did all the ironing starting about ten pm. Like I said a busy day. Nice bath then a few hours of TV then bed about five am.


Another Age UK day. Calum said it had not bean very busy all week. Not a bad day felt a bit strange finding it hard to concentrate, tiredness a lot of it. A couple of accidents today. The first one using the the Cappuccino machine and my mind just went blank. (Black out again I think.) Red hot milk every where including me. Not really any damage done though. Calum asked me if I had got burnt, lucky I had not, well only a few splashes. He helped me clean up and said go and have a sit down and rest a few minutes.

Later forgot to put the jug under the coffee again. Lucky I got to it before the coffee went on the electrics or they might have gone off like the last time. More cleaning up. Too many people around me and too much noise coming from too many places I think. More cleaning up, Calum helped me  again.

Not all bad though, two people left a very good comment in the book, saying it was the best latte's in town. That was nice, cheered me up a bit.

Shopping after a long day for me but I got what I wanted. Two birthdays next week plus one belated one. All presents got now.

Yogurt and Fredo frog faces very nice. Yogurt is helping with stomach not as many rumblings and pain.

Try it, its good!!!


Paul and I are going to Skegness for the day. Bit cloudy but no rain. When we arrived it was very sunny and warmer than in Lincoln.
 Paul in front of the beach.

We stood and watched these Peruvian performers. I love this sort of Pan pipe music.
 Fish and chips of course. I ate them all as well.

We went to the Aquarium this was very good, its not bean there very long, this year I think- so new tanks.

Divers in the tank.

Divers feeding the sharks--they wear different gloves so they know when it's there turn, very clever I think.
We of course had an ice cream. Even spent a few pennies in the arcade. Yes a good day, even the pain backed down a bit.


Happy Birthday Paul. I was making him a cake but the flour was off.

We did all go out for a meal to the Pride of Lincoln, this was very good I had mixed grill. Everyone had a good night.

The Family.

Off to see my friend at Beeston near Nottingham, I have not bean here this year at all. Train journey was good, a bit noisy though, old train I think. Bev met me off the train and we went back to her house. A very welcome cup and tea and a catch up. We also met Russ later her son and my Lincoln adopted son.
What a good day I enjoyed it a lot. Very tired when I got home as it was about six thirty. But well worth it.


Pilates was quite energetic today a lot more brain taxing moves. 

I have Tommy-Lee and Jamie till Sunday as their Mum and Ben are having a few days away. Not had them this long before.  Jay-Jay is staying with Tracy as its easier for him as she gives him a lift to School. Anyway I think two will be enough. We all had tea because it was late, they were in bed later than normal. Jamie went straight to sleep after about five stories, no trouble. I love reading stories to them. I did with my three till they were quite old. When Andrew was little, Wayne and Lindsay sat on the bed listening. 

Angela came round as well, always nice to see her.

Made a cake, a joint cake for Tommy-Lee, Jamie-Lee, and Paul.

 As you can see a mixed cake. Tasted nice too.


Awake about seven thirty, no noises from Jamie-Lee's room, so I went back to sleep again only to be woken by screaming. I jumped up and heard Paul and Tommy-Lee telling Jamie-Lee she might not be up yet. Jamie wanted to speak to Tracy and she did not answer her phone. She has bean ill so not going to work Jay-Jay's getting a lift I think with his Dad.

Lots of playing today, Barbies, Play do, Action men or should I say Barbie boys. Colouring as well. Also outside stuff.

 Whats in the box?
 Its me....
 And Summer.

We helped Paul sort out the shed, getting rid of a few things. Jamie-Lee liked playing with this box.
She made a crown or as she called it a tiara. Summer had one too.

 Princess Summer.
Princess Jamie-Lee.

Lindsay has bean keeping in touch and misses the children I said make the most of it, three days goes fast.

Tommy-Lee came home from School, he had a good day. Tea then bath then bed for Jamie heading up about eight. A late one last night so she is tired. Story then sleep came minutes later.
A game of cards with Tommy then bed for him. A bit of knitting, nearly finished Tommy-Lee's second jacket. This one is a good fit, that is apart from the length. I managed to add on a bit to the rib you can't even tell.


Age UK. All good there not too busy but steady. No accidents or breakages. I dropped a few things but no major things. Sheila was back today after her Holidays.

Paul is looking after Jamie-Lee. This is what they got up to.


 They built a big high tower of bricks and it reached the ceiling.

Well I have survived the children, I have enjoyed it. Lindsay is back tomorrow. I know they have missed her. Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay are going to Spain with there Dad on Sunday so not a lot of time with there Mum. Tommy-Lee has football as well.

                                This Butterfly landed on Karol window sill.

A better month for me and the pain has not bean as bad. Soon be colder and that is not good for RSD. Hope you are all as good as you can be. All the very best Love Gill.   


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