This is my bike

7th Feb 2008 - Better days?

Back in tank ears still bad .

Running club awards, felt really bad went bowling very high on extra morphine could hardly see the skittles felt better as the night went on. I looked and felt like Amy Winehouse but without the hair.

Spasms seem to have got a lot better also shoulder and arm not as tight, so a lot less painful.
Foot is going crazy with parts cold and some hot still giving way a lot.

Wietse has started to massage my foot very gently still having acue also Michelle massages wrist and hand.

Doctor has upped gabapentin to help with nerve pain and tingling in right side of body.

Went to doc on bike, a bit scary but with more use it will get better then will be back at running club without running anybody over.

Over all I feel a lot better than the last post hope this is the start of a better year..

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