June 1st

Luna has been sleepy today. I have bean cleaning up downstairs, not easy with a little pup helping me.

She is still going out for wees and poos having very few accidents in the house. You have to watch her all the time as she does not get much warning that she wants to go. On the whole, she is doing very well. She can jump quite high now and loves going into next doors garden Karol's. He is going back to his home in Poland very soon so we will have someone new next door. The house is going to be sold so it could be anyone. It has bean a rented property for the last twenty years.

I feel hot and cold today and my pain levels are high. My joints feel on fire and hurt a lot.


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came around on their bikes. Jamie-Lee played with Luna and they were both tired. Lindsay did them some tea, and soon after they went home good to see them.  

Fast asleep it's a hard life being a Pup.


Mary and Rory dog, came round he was Summer's boyfriend. This is the first time he and Mary will have met Luna. Poor dog I feel for him as he still looks for Summer and can not understand where she is. I know mate I miss her as well very much. I gave him a big hug and cuddle. He was very gentle with Luna and they got on well. Later on, I lost Luna I went under the stairs and thought Luna followed me. There is an under-the-floorboard gap and I thought she had gone under there. No, she was not but, I could hear her. She was not under the stairs but had gone up them. Andrew was coming down and saw her going up.

 I do not want her upstairs as it could be dangerous. So she will be told to get down by everyone. Some people have dogs in their bedrooms and even in bed. If that works for you that's good, but not for me. No other dogs that we have had went upstairs unless they were carried like to see me when I am I'll in bed.


Sweeping up outside today there is a lot of sawdust from where Paul has bean sawing wood for the fire pit. With it beaning windy there is sawdust all over the path and patio. We need rain to wash the dust away I will hose pipe it down. Paul has been painting a wall in the garden. The bit next to the wall is to be Andrew and my new veg garden, it used to be tubs with flowers in it. 


Digging over the new veg plot, there are a lot of stones and excess concrete under the soil so that needs to be dug up or pulled up whichever it takes. Hard going to start with, but easier over the second half. Andrew and I are putting in a lot of the things that would have gone in the greenhouse. We might still be able to keep it there depending on the new people. I hope we can and the bit where Andrew had his tobacco plants too.


Debbie came round to bring some magazines and to see Luna, she loves her and says she is very preety. Debbie spent a long time with Luna on her knee just cuddling her.   In the afternoon Andrew and I put up the nets for the peas and beans. These have bean growing in the greenhouse well some have, but the rest will be seeded straight in the ground. We get a lot of sun so they will soon grow. Luna was trying to help but was not. Every time she got a stone and we tried to take it off her, she ran around in circles almost making it impossible to get her. Everything took a long time. The afternoon was very hot as well. One thing I have noticed with Luna is, even after running around she does not pant at all. The heat so far does not affect her apart from making her tired 


Not a very good night for me in fact a very bad night. I did not take my nighttime tablets so I went into withdrawal. Sweating hot cold a lot of pain too. My body needed MORPHINE and was saying give me it. 


Very humid and heavy today.  The pressure I think is high, at 11 am the temperature was 23C. This is not good for me as pain as well. The weather has bean very nice but a bit too hot as it looks like there is more to come, with no rain as such. 


Another nice day, but so humid got to 29C mid-afternoon.I am cleaning up very hot and sweaty. According to the weather, it might rain or it might not. 

Ness who used to live next door came to Round to see use not seen her for a while. We had a good chat and a cup of tea or two. Next time she said I will have to go there to see their new bungalow.


Another hot day but a bit more breeze. Rung up the vets and registered. This is a new vet from the one Summer had, also a lot closer too. Luna will have her second injection and in ten day's time she will be able to go out for a walk.

In town today having my eyes tested. I need two pairs of glasses one for reading and a pair for long distances. £150 cost, got the second pair at half price so that helped a lot.  My left eye is not very good so I need to see a specialist.  I did not leave there till 4.40pm, I got there at 3.15pm. I had many tests and scans done.    


Paul is cleaning the carpet in the dining room as it's very mucky.   I know it will dry quickly as hot again with a breeze.   We will be getting another one soon, but not till Luna is completely house-trained. This one is not very old but the back has separated from the pile. 


Very hot I am doing the ironing sweating like mad. There are sheets today as well as a quilt cover. Plus shirts and trousers. Took around an hour and a half.  I had to sit down afterwards. 

Luna is at the vet today for her injection and check-up. She had her nails clipped and her second injection. In around ten days' time, she will be allowed out.  Andrew is making her a collar. Her neck size is seven inches at the moment. Next week I have to weigh her for her flea stuff. When we came back from the vet Luna had a sleep and did not seem affected by her injection, but she might be later.


A bit more cloudy day and a bit cooler. Andrew's friend Roberto is here today from the Neverland's stopping for a week. I just need to finish off his room and take a few things out. He stayed in this room last year and said he was very comfortable. Roberto arrived around two o'clock, and Andrew went to meet him at the station. We had an Indian takeaway and everyone enjoyed it. 


Very humid today; my head is booming. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came here as it was Father's Day. Lindsay cooked tea for Jamie -Lee she did not have any. We had tea a bit later so Jamie-Lee was eating on her own. Very heavy later a bit of rain came down with thunder and a few flashes of thunder. Luna stood at the door and looked out as if to say what's this she had never seen rain before. After the rain, it did feel a bit cooler.


Not feeling the best today heavy air hot and very still. Did two lots of washing, it dried very well. With the rain yesterday the garden looks a lot better and not as dry. Luna was a bit excited at bedtime so did not settle well. I came down to her and she settled after a cuddle I think she was over-tired.

I did not have a good night, I kept waking up in pain in my legs.


It's a wet start not said that for a long time, the air was sweet and cool. Going into town today to get a few bits for Andrew's Birthday.  Roberto walked down with me and we did not get wet at all. The rain held off till we got back home. Did alright in town but did not get shoes, I will order them online.  He is getting BB guns plus the bits that you need to use them.


Happy birthday Andrew hope you have a good day,  One of the guns might need to go back and it seems it does not seem to fit together right. The other one was working well and Andrew and Roberto had fun shooting targets and tin cans. Andrew has sent the online shop an email. We had a Mexican meal for tea very good, wish I had more taste to enjoy it better. I still like Chinese food. 


Paul. has taken Roberto to the airport in Birmingham to go back to. Amsterdam he said he had a good time here but was ready to go home. He was missing his wife and his cat. On his way back he will pick up the flea tablet for Luna. Paul got back all well at the Airport. He got the flea tablet for £20.00 for one I will be finding some other place of getting this. The vet says she needs one every month.


Writing this Blog today, I had not done any at all so it was nearly a full month's at one go. Karol from next door is going home to Poland this weekend so Paul asked him round for a Chinese meal tonight. He did not come, so probably busy saying goodbye to one of his mates. Luna has bean asleep a lot today as it's hot and humid. 27C at six o'clock. 


26C at 11 am and getting hotter. I told Paul it was a salad for tea, no way am  I having the oven on today. Later the temperature rose to 30-31C the hottest day so far this year. Very humid and heavy my head really hurts and I feel very tired. I picked up my new glasses, both pairs were ok but might need a bit more adjustment later on. We had rain showers in the evening. 


A bit cooler today with more cloud. Doing a bit in the garden and sewing up the 4ply cardigan I have made. Just the pink one to make now that's in DK (double knit) wool so a bit faster, well twice as fast as twice as thick wool. Karol left for Poland early this morning he and his cousin are travelling in a big van with all the things he is taking back to Poland. Across on the ferry then driving till they get there. Good luck Karol in whatever you do there. He will let us know when he gets home. Not sure who will have the house next as it going up for sale. We have lived here forty-five years and always had good neighbours, so who will be next? Will I be able to keep the greenhouse in their garden or have to remove it? Only time will tell. The same with the back of us that has always been a garage car park is going to be built up soon as an old people residence. 


Cleaning up downstairs, trying to get all the flies off the ceiling and coving, the ones that come in at night, there are loads of them in the corners. I used the vacuum to suck them up a warm job it was, all done now. I have started doing a bit of the pink cardigan going well pattern is easy too.  I can only do it if Luna is asleep or playing otherwise she gets the wool. Karol sent Paul a message that he had arrived home safely. 


I am up first today as Luna was crying. Not a long time in bed, four hours. Very heavy air today had a bad head for quite a few days now, dizzy at times too. We need a storm to clear the air. I made a spaghetti bolognese for tea, and Paul said it was good, I still have not got my taste back yet, some things I can sort of feel on my tongue others nothing. 

Luna did not settle well the past few nights she has not bean the best. I went to bed at five. Even then she was not happy. She was a bit sick earlier so she could have bean a bit hungry. Paul went down and took her out for a wee, he gave her a few biscuits well. She settled after. I had to be up around eight as Paul was volunteering at the hospital and had to leave soon after eight. Another very short night. Hopefully, she will soon settle at night. 

House training is very good she knows to go out and does so, she will sit and lie down when asked. Clever girl Luna. Jamie-Lee can get her to do things as well. Luna likes children so when we take her out, next week. She will be near the park so there should be someone there to fuss her.


Quite a bit cooler around 22 C at the highest today so quite a drop from yesterday, cooler air too. My clothes airer/line broke today and snapped halfway across the bottom. I held it up with the patio table but that did not last for long, broke off completely. In the end Andrew and I used the wrought iron umbrella stand. That worked well even when it got windy. Paul is getting a new airer today as we knew it was getting done for. The last few times I have used it, it's bean very wobbly. Paul came home with the new one which he will fit soon.


Paul put up the washline/airer so all go again. A cooler day feels quite chilly to me. cleaning up but took longer as Luna was helping. After a while, she went to sleep so I was able to finish off. When I washed the floor she was hanging on to the mop. I had to pass her on to Andrew as I thought she would get hurt because she would let go of the mop and go flying across the kitchen I thought she would end up hurting herself. All done time to sit down, the Radio 1 charts are on. The charts are where you find out where the pop hits are at the moment. I have listened to this since I was around twelve or thirteen on Radio 1. 

Things in the garden are looking good and after the rain, have grown a lot. My tomatoes in the greenhouse are still not very big so will be late, very late. 

Well, another month has gone by and this one went very quick. Luna has settled in very well. I miss Summer a lot and wish she was still here. Luna is a little friend for me and company for the times I am on my own. Best wishes to you all and hope things are good with you all. 

Love Gill. x 


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