JULY picking up the pieces.

It's Tuesday 1st July and I was just thinking to myself that Gill's been in Hospital in parts of December, January, April, May, June and now July so if there is a God up there don't you think it's about time you did something for my family and helped us for a change, you never here of the scum of the earth going through what Gills gone through for the passed ten years so isn't it about time you inflicted her pain and suffering on them.
In the words of Forrest Gump..."That's all I have to say about that"

Around 3-00pm her staff nurse said she was being transferred immediately to another ward. I asked which one and she said Dixon Ward, I shouted "Yes Brilliant", the staff nurse asked if that was a problem I said no far from it, she was on that ward last time for over 3 weeks so they already know her and she got brilliant nursing from all the staff. That was quite a load off my shoulders. On Dixon they recognised her immediately with some saying you've had your hair done since you were her last and "Nice to see you back, well you know what I mean", with a smile. So for a change I went home with a smile on my face

Gill started the day with a seizure around breakfast time, but is really suffering with muscle spasms which are non stop and work there way from muscle to muscle and when its hit them all it starts all over again. Muscle relaxants that she takes in the morning and the evening has been upped to include lunchtime as well. 10mg of oromorph every two hours as well. The rest of the day was much the same. I didn't visit in the evening, Lindsay did. I was meeting my mum and dad for a celebratory evening meal as it was their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Gill recorded a message on my phone which I played back to my mum and dad and they thought it was nice. My sister, Michelle, read out a small poem and I was looking round at my brother Malc, sister in law Pam, my sister Michelle's and her hubby Pete, and my mum and dad they were all happy and smiling and me, I was looking at a photo of Gill on my phone and the tears started to flow, yet again. Love you my darling wife.
Believe it or not tears are flowing again as I type this up.


Well Gill hasn't had any seizures today but is having a real lot of very painful muscle spasms over the whole of her body and besides all her usual medication she is again on 10mg. of oromorph every 2 hours. About 1-00pm she went and had an EEG. At the afternoon visiting Gill hadn't come back from her EEG so my mum, dad and myself went off for a brew. We arrived back on the ward at 3-00pm and Gills pain relief was just kicking in. Gill asked mum and dad if they enjoyed yesterday and if they enjoyed the meal out. Dad said to Gill yes but there was one thing missing, YOU. They then showed Gill the photo's and anniversary cards which included one from the Queen, even the nursing staff and patients were shown that one. Gill was in quite a lot of pain in the evening visiting session.

Gills bit---
Going and coming back my air mattress has to be deflated as no transport mode on this one so I was more or less laid on the bed frame which caused me great pain. I had more OROMORPH on the ward then rested. Paul went home.


 Me in my padded cell again.

Gill still hasn't had any seizures, lets hope they've stopped. She is still having major muscle spasms and is on muscle relaxants 3 times a day and 10mg Oromorph every 2 hours. She's been out of bed for the first time today, just for an hour or two. She says she feels a bit odd today, hope that doesn't mean anything. But thankfully she has been able to wee properly so on the plus side no catheter this time. but she hasn't been to the loo yet so god help her bum and the nurses when she finally does. they are giving her loads of different stuff to make her go, its certainly making her belly rubble.

Thank you Paul for all you have done to my blog. I will take the reigns now.


 Jay-Jay and his Sensei earning and receiving his green belt..
 Well done to Jay-Jay who got his green belt on 2nd July.
 Jamie-Lee picture for her entry in the Lincolnshire Echo baby competition.

I am seeing Dr Solinas at 3-15pm today. The ward Doctors arrived and I asked them to see me first as I had an off the ward appointment which they did. The porter arrived at 3-00pm and took Paul and I to clinic 4. We were supposed to be at clinic 1. He was told clinic 4. We arrived a bit late obviously and the receptionist said he might not see us as he did not see in patients. She went to ask him and he said he would, so long as we had all the notes which we did. Doctor Solians said the scan showed a few abnormality's and could we put my seizure video on a disc for him so he can show it to a top Professor in Sheffield. Paul was going to arrange this. I then headed back to the ward and had a rest.

Later about 9-15pm I had an enema this worked very well and I made a very large deposit the largest the nurses had ever seen. One nurse said it was like I had given birth, I know it felt like it, what a relief. 


The physios came and I walked holding on to them, very shaky and my legs felt like they belonged to someone else. Pain as well. Good start to getting home I thought.

A bit later in the morning Sally (who was in the ward with me last time) came to see me what a surprise a good one too. We chatted a while then I asked if we could go out, much to my surprise, they said yes.
We are going to head to the Arboretum, it's a park close by. Sally had bought her dog too so she came with us. Not easy for her going under barriers and round roundabouts, crossing big hills, me nearly falling out the wheelchair at some points. It was brilliant and Sally's dog Charlie liked me a lot he came running when I called him. A good laugh and sunshine at last. We headed back, Sally tied up Charlie and took me back to the ward in time for dinner. I was still buzzing. Thank you very much Sally.


Fair night- but is it a drugged sleep, all the tablets I cut down on are up to full strength or more. I walked with the physios again still pain in my legs. Paul brought my knitting so at least I can do something now. I am trying to get Jamie-Lee's jacket finished off for her to take on holiday. I only did a bit as I could not concentrate much.


Physio came early and I walked with them again, not holding on this time, still pain but a little less.
The doctors came and said I can go home tomorrow if physios pass me fit.


What a night a lot of pain 2 lots of OROMORPH  1 lot of DIHYDROCODEINE. A lady was very ill and the Doctors and Nurses were working on her all night. I did not sleep at all. This upset me a lot. She was sat eating her tea earlier and talking to use. I think I was in a bit of shock as well. She was transferred to ICU.
I could not function at all.  Physio came and I walked well enough to be discharged. One of the Nurses came to speak to me, we sat and talked and it helped a lot she also made me tea. I felt a lot better and just hoped the lady would improve.

I am going home today about 2-00am. Paul brought sweets and biscuits for the staff. On arriving home Summer went crazy kissing me and high fiving as well. She was very pleased and hardly left me. No walking frames this time either but a shorter stay. I FEEL GOOD.


Fair night- back hurts, I know I got away a lot easier than last time I was in Hospital less damage and patching up.  I did hit my back while in the Ambulance and a few other times while having the seizures so that gave me a lot of pain and discomfort. 

Happy Birthday Lindsay. Lindsay and everyone came round. Jamie-Lee was helping her to open her presents. Paul had taken her into town last Thursday so she knew most of what she was getting.

 Summer in the Birthday mode.
 Everyones helping Lindsay with her presents even Summer.
 Jamie-Lee probably helping a bit too much.
 I like this.
 This must be for me.
 Jamie-Lee ran off with Lindsay's sweets
 All mine!!
 Bag from Andrew.
 Not long till my Birthday Nan.
 Jamie-Lee hiding.
 Can't see me now Grandad.
 Summer tired after trying to keep up with the children.

Last time Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee were here I said we would take them to the park for a while. the boys just ran round playing football and going on the slide and the round about thing. Tracy, Lindsay and I sat on the bench. Jamie-Lee was asleep so she stopped with Paul.  


                                              (the day I fell, diagnosed October.)

A very humid night awake a lot. On the whole my sleep pattern has improved. Quite tired today and a lot of leg and back pain. About 5-00pm I began to feel very dizzy, extremely tired and very hot. I went to bed and just slept. I came down for my tablets then back to back. Not sure what it was. Paul thinks I had overdone it, probably right. Going to the park was an offer I could not refuse I had bean inside too long.


I feel a lot better today. I did a bit more of Jamie-Lee jacket and got it finished and sewn up.

 Jamie-Lee's little jacket.

I am not as strong as I thought I was, I know I am a lot better than when I was last in Hospital last April and May. Also I was in only half the time. My 4th visit in 7 months. I can only hope this is the last of them for a while. My weight has bean going down as well, 7 and a half stone, a stone lighter than 39 years ago.


Went to see Ben next door he is doing quite well. He misses Cilla with all his heart. I do too.
Doing a bit of sewing and more knitting, this time gloves for Andrew.

I went for a lay down even had a little sleep, on waking I could not move my legs. Very scary, I laid there trying- it was like the RSD had taken them over, but it was too quick, after all an hour ago I was alright. I wriggled around and eventually I could move my legs. I think its all to do with my back and probably damaged nerves. My legs have not felt right this time at all. If my back gets pressed in the wrong bit it can send pins and needles down my legs, but not every time. Later Paul put Tiger Balm patches on my back and shoulder. This eased it a little and the warmth helps too. Writing up this blog for a while later in the evening.  


I feel quite well today. I am going to have a go at the garden as with all the sun and showers it has gone wild again. Helped Marta out next door with her tomatoes, side shooting them. I said I would a while ago, but of course I wasn't here for a lot of the time. Anyway we got them done, now she knows how to do them herself. Afternoon I spent watching television that was recorded while I was in hospital. A nice quite afternoon.


Rained last night so a bit less heavy air and cooler. I am still waking up a lot probably still in hospital mode. The last few days have bean very warm even hot. I am pleased I did not miss all the good weather.

I have an appointment at University for ACUPUNCTURE I rang this morning and they had a cancellation. So I am on my way for 1.30pm. Acupuncture went well, a bit of pain on right side when the needles went in. The student pressed my back as I told her I had damaged it while having a seizure. She pressed quite gently on the tender spot and WOW it hurt a lot more than I thought it would. Needles were placed like this-- 5 in each leg, 1 in tummy, 1 each side of my neck and 1 in the top of my head. I felt good after. Relaxed and calm. What has she done to me? No joking it was a good session. These are the next 3rd year students and hopefully will treat me for another year.

Lindsay called in after tea to pick up a few things. Everybody is excited about their holiday tomorrow. I took these pictures while they were here.

How do you work this, no sound.
Do you know Nanny?
Yeah- thanks Jay-Jay.
I think I would like to be a D-jay.

Jay-jay and Tommy- Lee
Holiday tomorrow Nan.

The beans Jay-jay and Tommy-Lee grew.

Paul and I are going to Mablethorpe today as the weather is going to be Hot Hot. Paul took Summer for her walk. While we were having a cup of tea it started raining. What-- its not meant to do this. Anyway we still went. Us British people are used to unpredictable weather we have enough of it. Going it rained on and off all the way. When we arrived it was raining there too, and very windy blowing the sand in our faces. No one on the beach either I bet there was yesterday, probably packed. Never mind we are here now. We had a cup of tea then went to look in the shops. Not really cold though just draughty. We headed to the beach, very windy just about blew me away. Walked a bit along the prom then headed back to the sheltered parts near the shops. We had dinner fish and chips and peas of course, very nice it was too. A bit more looking round then an ice-cream. I was in pain with my legs and back so we decided to head off home. After all, this is the first day out for me since leaving hospital a week ago. I think I did quite well. I will pay for it tomorrow now with extra pain. I don't care it was a good day.  

Lindsay is on her way to Great Yarmouth for a week with the family and Tracy. I do hope they have a good week, she deserves it. A phone call later an excited  Lindsay saying how nice the site was and so warm. The children thought it was great. They usually go to Spain instead. Lindsay said it was as good as Spain. I am pleased.


After yesterdays outing my legs are quite stiff and my right foot hurts, my back is not too bad. I hope to go with Paul to take Summer for her walks next week.There is a storm brewing my head feels like it is going to explode. I have heard grumbles of thunder so hopefully it will come to the boil, the storm, not my head.
Lindsay had a massive storm last night and woke Tommy-Lee up. They have not bean in a caravan while a storm bean on so I think it scared him for a few minutes. Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee did not wake up, worn out I think.

Sorting out my cupboards and wardrobe, I have said I will for a while. Paul even did his. A big bag for the Charity shop, the British Heart Foundation. This will be taken on Monday I think as I am at the Doctors for a blood test and it on the way.


Awake about 5-30am took ages to get back to sleep. Woke again about 8-00am, I came down to the bathroom. I went back up to get dressed and felt very dizzy sweating and very clammy. I laid on the bed with the room spinning. After awhile this stopped and I felt very cold to the point of shuddering. I got back in bed. I slept for a while then felt better. Paul said I probably over did again as the last few days have bean quite busy for me. Just rested the rest for the day


Blood test to see how my body is doing or not doing I am back for the results 4th of August. Paul and I did  a bit of clothes shopping in town. Paul got shirts and trousers and I got nighties. We had dinner out at Morrisons. Also we sorted out the carpet for the stairs and hallway. This was done about a year ago but the carpet is faulty and needs to be replaced, it started going bald in places.
This should be all sorted by Friday.

Lindsay is having a good time on holiday and has brilliant weather too. I am so pleased for her.

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.

Jay-Jay, Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee.
Wow they have shrunk.

Me too.
Tommy-Lee enjoying himself.
Jammie-Lee likes the water with Tracy.
Hi its good here Nan.
Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee all smiles.

 Thinking about food?
Next golfing pros?
 Tommy-Lee you have put on weight.
 Tracy and Jamie-Lee.

Which way to Lincoln.
 Right behind you Jamie-Lee.

I  will shoot any one who gets my popcorn.
Save some for me Jay-Jay please.
 Tracy and Jamie-Lee.


Hi Jay-Jay.
Can I drive going home Tracy?

As you can see they are having a good time. I am so pleased.

I cooked tea tonight as well. This was going to be lasagne but we had no lasagne sheets left so I made a bolognaise instead, which we had with naan bread. Plus strawberries and cream for pud. Very nice too.


I have another appointment at the University for ACUPUNCTURE on Thursday so I am pleased as this will be the last one till the new term in September also a new place as well.

Another warm/hot day I went with Paul to walk Summer it felt really good to be back on the common I know I have said it before, but the common to me is so calming and almost magical, or maybe that's just me. I know Summer likes it when I go with her.

I'm also cleaning up today, another first since coming home as well. Things are going good.     

Tieing up the boys tomatoes and tidying up the garden in the afternoon

 My begonia
 View of the garden from the back door. 
John my friend called round for a chat and cup of tea. Nice to see him- true friends keep in touch, he also came to see me a lot in hospital. Thank you John this means a lot to me, I have bean let down so much in the past.


Summer all scruffy before her hair cut.

After her haircut, bath and brush.

What a difference she will be a lot cooler as well, it must have bean like us having a winter coat on. 

My Friend Bev is here for a few hours. She is a good friend I have learnt in the past these are hard to find. We just sat and talked mostly in the garden. Another warm day. No one can say we have not had a good Summer this year.

More pictures from Lindsay's holiday.

They are having a great holiday.


Acupuncture today I went on my own this felt great almost like I had just bean let out of prison. I know Paul worries about me but I need to live a life. I had 10 needles in my legs, 1 in each shoulder, 1 at the top of my head and 1 at the back of my head. My left leg bruised up after the needle came out. Still got the bruise from last week lower down on the same leg. My foot- RSD one spasmed up a lot and was quite painful. After all the needles were out. The second part of my treatment was started. it was to treat my back, still painful from when I hit it in the ambulance and again later in the hospital. 4 needles were put in my lower back and 1 in each knee in the crease at the back of the knee. Hopefully this treatment will help my neck and back. A good session. Walking home my neck kept going into spasm. I looked in a few charity shops on the way home. A nice breeze and a very warm sun I felt so alive. After tea my back hurt a lot. Hopefully this will ease off.


Carpet fitters are here to day to re due the hall, stairs, and landing for the second time. The first carpet went bald in a lot of places and the pile flattened a lot. Because of this we did not want the same again. Ah well I had a red one for a while. This happened quite a while ago, the first patch showed up around Christmas. As I have bean in and out of hospital quite a bit the choice of another carpet had to wait. The one we have chosen is a coffee colour. We have two flights of stairs and a long hallway, so the fitting took a while to do. Looks very nice now and Summers hair will not show up as much as the red carpet did.

Lindsay is now home from their holiday, we dropped off a few bits at her house she looks very brown. We will see the children tomorrow. They had a nightmare journey home because of a accident and road works. The children were very good but were in the car for 7 hours. 

After tea Paul and I went to see my brother David and sister in law Bev. They are both well David runs his own landscaping business so they have bean very busy. 


Awake a lot in the night but not too much pain. My back still hurts from my last treatment. Overall I feel a lot better in myself. I have cut my tablets down a lot too. 4 GABAPENTIN now instead of 6-   1 DULOXETINE instead of 2-  1 BECLOFEN instead of 3 a day. I always cut down when I can if the pain will let me, so when I get worse my tablets just go back up again without adding to them. 

Lindsay and her family are here and Tracy too. They all look very brown and rested.
They played in the garden and were on my laptop for a while. They are missing the things they did on holiday a lot. Jamie-Lee wants to bounce bounce on the castle and go swimming and dancing. 

Some more pictures from Lindsay.
 On the beach.
 Having fun.
  What a charmer. Jay-Jay.

 I can't remember where I buried Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.
 Jay-Jay, Tracy and Tommy-Lee.
 Lindsay and family.
 Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.
 Lindsay and Tracy.
 Watch out Jamie-Lee we are coming to get you.
I will creep up on them with my squirtey bottle and get them.


I like this...

I really do

Jay-Jay in a bumper ball.


Bit of a disturbed night. The air feels a bit cooler, rain last night/early morning, as I went to bed.

Paul and I had a BBQ just the 2 of us, plus Summer of course. Nice and quite, but the family ones are still good but a lot more noise. The BBQ was very nice I enjoyed it. A very warm humid night, spoke to Andrew in Amsterdam, there was a storm there, I said send it here. Andrew is doing well,  he has bean there over three years now. We are very proud of him .


The night did not get any cooler I had a restless night- legs hot and cold all night and pain as well.
Still storms in Amsterdam.

I went round to see Ben in the late morning, He is doing as well as he can be. Today I am cleaning up, upstairs and Paul is doing the downstairs. I coped with this alright. I am a lot stronger now and just about my old self again. My weight is still down. That does not bother me too much, its how I feel, good at the moment.

As you can see not the best start to this month but a better ending. The RSD still has a good hold on me. The trouble is it is not happy being second best it has to be number one all the time. I don't like being second best either. Here's hoping next month will be all good. Good wishes to everyone.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Love Gill.

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