Tonsils out

I went in to hospital to have my tonsils out should have bean over night but stayed 4/5 because of infection my RSD was very much affected. After a few weeks I felt a fair bit better, that brings me to the end of 2005 I was glad to see it go.


I spent 2 weeks in hospital because my body had a enough and was put on MORPHINE MST{ a strong pain killer for chronic pain} it helped a lot by this time I was on 20 -25 tablets a day plus ORMORPH.

Spring/summer Pain Clinic

Sue decided to send me to PAIN CLINIC [for chronic pain relief].They put me on GABAPENTIN a {pain killer} and AMATRIPALINE a {antidepressant it some times helps the pain}, I did not get on with AMATRIPALENE bad tum head ache not with it all morning. I took my self off it.GABAPENTIN worked well.

The clinic decided to try a tens machine [electric pluses travel to nerves to help with pain] after many setting changes and a spell in Aand E on a running club weekend, I decided it was not helping me at all.This is where I was given OROMORPH a {liquid morphine} as back up when the pain got out of control, it worked very well, so long as you did not take too much you remained fairly sane.

The next treatment was called GAUANETIDINE BLOCKS this was very painful it involved a cannula in to your all ready sensitive foot and a tight cuff around your thigh which was left on for 30 min while they injected pain blocks.

You stayed in hospital all day and took me 2 weeks to recover then the next one started I managed 6 of the 8 the last one putting me in hospital for the night. My foot, my body, could not take any more.

Around about this time my physio was changed sue felt she could offer me no more, she did not think she was doing much to help me as my foot was rebelling against the treatment, WIETSE was in charge he was going to try acupuncture and other things which I would find out about later on WIETSE gave nothing away.

He all knew about RSD.I got on well with him as he under stood what I was going through. Acupuncture went very well any from 4 needles to 15 at a time.On one of my WIETSE visits I was in so much pain I asked him to cut my foot off after a few min silences he explained he would do no good as it would spread the RSD and I would have phantom pains.


3 days in to the New Year my Dad had a bad fall and went in hospital with a possible broken hip, after x-rays his hip was found not to be broken but badly bruised. He was in hospital for over 2 weeks. On the day he came home he had a stroke and died on the 21th Jan less than 8 weeks after mum he just gave up, and died mostly of a broken heart.

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