December 3rd

Snow when I got up, deep as well, none when I went to bed a few hours earlier.  Andrew was still up and said it snowed be for four am. I went to bed half two ish. Luna had never seen snow before and was a little hesitant to start with, She then jumped, rolled and played in it. She did not seem to mind the cold at all. Saw Mary and Rory on the common. There were a lot of people sledging too, and just having fun in the snow. Around two to three inches more in places where it had bean blown by the cold wind. Mary said she cannot remember this amount of people on the common last year. I said it did not really snow last year, oh yes  she said laughing. 

All pictures taken on the common.

Luna having fun in the snow.

Lots of family's going up the hills to sledge down.

Rory Luna's best friend.
Mary, Rory's Mum with Luna and Perdy another good friend.

A lady building a big snowman on the fairground common.

The Sincil drain/river. 


Most of the snow just about gone now, a few snowmen hanging around looking a bit lost with no snow surrounding them. Giving the bedrooms a good clean today. Andrew's pepper plant (grown hydroponically so just in water) had leaked and took a long time to clean up.


Not too bad a day, sun at midday and quite a bit warmer too. Finishing off cleaning upstairs today.

I had a phone call today, one of them people saying that they are from Virgin Media and are not- a con call. He wanted me to go on the computer and type in things. I said I did not use the computer at all, He said no problem I will talk you through it. I said I do not use it. He then said do you have a smartphone? I said no I do not; that's true. He kept saying Oh my and Oh dear. There was a long gap and I said I have a dog. He said I was eccentric, and still kept saying oh my all the time. After a while I said I have not got all day to talk to you goodbye. I would have loved to see his face while talking to me.  


Just of few bits of the snow left now, and soon that will be gone. Nice to see it for the Children as they were off school as well. Rain today so even the snowmen still standing tall will be gone. Just me and Luna today walking, we did not see anyone at all. Luna does not mind and keeps cleaner with just us two. She goes off with Rory exploring in the long grass and can get very wet and mucky. She does not go very far coming back leaving Rory to go on his own.


Pilates went well not as hard session today as past ones. Used the wobble board that we used to use a lot in the past. Did ok but balance is not the best and can vary a lot. My wrist was painful today and I could not do the press up against the wall even with hand clenched. Apart from that I think I did quite well. Had time with Luna and a sit down  I made a Spaghetti Bolognaise for tea nice, but I think I had a bit too much as stomach bloated up. Bit more knitting, nearly finished blanket, had a bath then a couple of hours of TV then bed around two thirty as usual. 


Saw Mary and Debbie on the common with their dogs. Luna was very pleased to see Rory and played with him, some days he will play others he won't. Cleaning up down stairs today took most of the day as Andy came round for a coffee. Still cleaning at five thirty a sit down, then do tea, chips tonight. I have finished Jenny's blanket well knitting it, just the ends to sew in. Now two hats to do. Started the hat later nice not to have hundreds of stitches on the needles. Blanket was over three hundred at one point.


Hospital to day for a look at my wrist I broke as still not right. The Doctor thinks it might be tendon damage it could still heal, but might not. We both decided to give it six months to try at least. The alternative is an operation. This can work, or make it worse. So in June we will see if any improvement at all. I can put up with the restricted movement but the pain can be quite bad. This stops me from knitting at times or less of it. The appointment was very quick and we (Paul and I) were going down the hill back into town even be for my due time to see the Doctor. I am going to do a bit of present shopping. I did quite well and got a lot of things.


Luna woke around eight thirty and jumped on the bed. She had bean in her basket for six hours. She settled down and had a little snooze for half a hour. We got up then. Not too cold today no cold wind like we have had.  On the common is an underground stream, that bubbles up in the Winter or wet Summer. This was more like a volcano really going high. There are quite a few others as well in various places. The common is very wet, as the Summer was wet also and did not dry out too much.   Does not stop the  seasoned dog walkers from going on there. Luna gets very wet on legs and belly but, keeps warm with her coat on. I have sewed all the ends in on the blanket for Jenny.  I can say this, as  Blog will be  published after Christmas when she will have received the gift.

Jenny's blanket all done at last.


I did not go to Pilates today not feeling the best. This was the last one for this year Jenny came round later she is doing well.


I am knitting a monkey for Jamie-Lee. She said can you make me something, I said what anything she  said. So I thought a monkey he is about twelve inches high or should be when finished.  I making  a scarf and hat and hopefully dungarees as well. 

Luna had her first bath today and quite liked it when she settled in a bit. She is very soft as blow dried as well. Rory has a lot of blow drys from Mary after a common walk.  Luna was very tired after and slept quite a while.


Luna having her first bath pictures not too good as she would not keep still.


A windy warm day 13C crazy as last week very cold. washing even out and part dried.  Monkey now has dungarees he looks very smart too with his hat and scarf. Not sure if I am making a jacket for him.

Jamie-Lee's Monkey.


Dentist today hopefully they will do something with the tooth that crumbled away. When I saw him he said the tooth was not savable so would have to come out. He was undecided weather it would be a hospital job or not. In the end he said he would do it. This is because of the ALENDRONIC ACID I am on that can cause bleeding and slow healing in some cases. I am prepared to go ahead with it next year. If things go wrong they will have to deal with it.


Cleaned up down stairs. I have finished the hats for Roberto and Bianca from Holland also one for a friend. Making a pair of gloves for a friend of Andrews.  Changed the bedding and just about dried.  In the afternoon we went to see our first Great Grandchild Corey. He has grown a lot since we last saw him. Standing up at the settee. He is a very strong lad but I think it will be a while be for he will walk. His Dad Jay-Jay walked at nine months at his Great Great Nana's house a few days before Christmas. We left some presents for him and Molly his Mum. I made him a hat and jacket plus a Telly tubby speaking toy. Plus a present for Molly.

Cory's jacket and hat. One to two years so should fit him.


I have finished one glove and started another. These are in double knit wool so a bit faster to knit. I marzipan my cake and will ice and decorate over the next two days. I know its meant to be a lot longer between the marzipan and icing but it will be alright as ready rolled icing so not as wet as Royal Icing. Made my friend John a sponge cake which will be iced tomorrow with ready roll as well. 

Went to see his parents in the afternoon. They are both well.


Made some small sponge cakes, mince pies iced both cakes. Forgot to take picture of Johns. Busy all day. 

Our Christmas cake.  Paul had some, before I took a picture.


Cleaning up today. Tomorrow will be less hectic as just the three of us for dinner. Lindsay is having a family one with her Children. I am quite pleased as it can get very noisy and busy with so many here last year eleven or twelve of us. It's time now she had a home one. Wayne is not here as his cat is not well. He is a diabetic cat and can get quite ill like he has bean over the last few weeks. Also he is at least fifteen years old. Wayne can come another day with Kayleigh. I am looking after Andy's cat for a few day as he is away.  


Christmas day- everything went well and a quite day but nice and relaxed. Got a lot of very nice things. Luna enjoyed her walk in her Christmas coat as well. She looked very smart in it. Unless it rains she can wear it all week

Luna in her Christmas coat.

 This used to be my Little dog Sandy's coat, then for my little Summer had it as well.


Lindsay here with Jamie-Lee, Tommy-Lee and Kira his Girl friend. We exchanged presents, lovely things from them. A very nice day, and a few funny bits as well. Tommy-Lee was sat down and got up and said she does have ears meaning Luna. It was so funny. Luna's ears are sort of hidden as same colour as her head and body. Tracy a family friend took Lindsay and Co home quite early as she was very tired as driven from London today and to London on Christmas eve. Paul was at Football, and Lincoln  his team lost. I have finished off the gloves for Andrew's friend Stefan.   


Lindsay here with her three for tea. Paul did tea and it was very nice a buffet with a few cooked bits. Jay-Jay said he would like a pair of gloves too. Straight away Jamie-Lee said she would like some as well so not to be out done. Paul took them all home later not too late either. I had a lovely hot bath and felt a lot more relaxed. Sewed up the gloves for Stefan.


Wayne here with Kayleigh just for the day. Paul picked them up and got back around twelve thirty. Really good to see them both. His cat not too bad, Usually they would come for a few days but not this time. They are going home by train at seven thirty so Paul is taking them to Newark to get it. I did batches of chip so that would be easier, plus loads of bits out the fridge and a few things cooked. We exchanged presents love things from them. A love day enjoyed by everyone here, Tommy-Lee and Kira not here he is working doing something for his Dad.  He needs the money as Kira's Birthday very soon fourth of January. Lindsay. Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee here.

Jay-Jay tried on the glove I had done and like I thought it was too small, Jamie-Lee is having them when both finished. I'd already made them for Stefan but asked Andrew if he could have another pair for his friend; he said yes and I will make another pair for him. Just need to get some black wool as not enough.

Gloves were for Andrews friend Stefan, but gave them to Jay-Jay so I will make another pair.

The hats I made to go to Holland for Roberto and Bianca.

I also made a hat for Debbie's boyfriend same as the brown one.

Went to see my Mum, Dad and Brother at the crematorium took some new flowers. The flowers that were on Mum and Dads I took to my past neighbours grave. Luna walked all the way there and back no trouble at all. Over two miles round trip. She had already bean out in the morning as well. She was still going strong when we were walking back I had to tell her to slow down a  bit. 

Well quite a good month this time for me. Hope things are  good with you and you had a good Christmas. Have a very Happy New Year. All the very best to you all Love Gill.  

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