May  1st

Another warm day, but dull most of the time. Sorting out in the garden trying to get things tidied up a bit, as the last few weeks it has looked a real mess. We are moving the shed forward later this year, so quite a bit of the soil in the raised garden bed had to be removed, also the rhubarb. Then some of the soil and rhubarb put back. A paving slab also has to be cut and placed  in its new position. The jobs have to be done in order so at times the garden will look worse than it did. When finished hopefully it will be worth the effort. 

The dog next door hardly stopped barking, the whole time I was out there. Luna was good and laid in the shade, and at times in the sun. She only barked to tell the dog next door to shut up. She is as fed up of it as we are. Hopefully it will quieten soon. I got quite a lot done but with this virus still hanging on, I was coughing a lot. My back and hips hurt most of the time and kept going into spasms.


I did not go to Pilates as not fit enough. I think the moves would make me cough and my body would ache too much. Hopefully next week I will feel like it. I did do the ironing and a few other bits around the house, very tired all the time. Andrew is not too good either, a really bad chesty cough, the type that makes you sick. He is blaming Andy from across the road. I should not have let him in but he likes to talk. He was coughing a lot, so I think he gave the virus to me and then to Andrew. 


Saw my first set of chicks on the river today. I hope she can keep them safe from the rats and things. I feel very tired today and ache so much. My voice is raspy and my throat is sore, my voice keeps going then coming back again.


Jay-Jay my Grandson is here today to help Paul with cleaning the gutters. He is a roofer so heights do not bother him. Or that's what you would think, but while talking to him he said- he was frighten of heights. I had to ask him twice as I thought I did not hear him correct. He said he did not think how high he was, and then he was fine. Well done Jay-Jay.


Summer did not need her little jacket on today. She looked even smaller with out it. I think she has had it on every day since we got her it last winter.  Cleaning up down stairs today, but ache so much. Andrew is still quite ill the cough he has is keeping him awake. 


Not quite as warm today but still very pleasant as the older people would say. Checking through Aprils Blog as I do not think Andrew is up to it, he usually checks for me be for it gets published for mistakes. Doing a bit more knitting, the little fluffy mitts I am making went a bit wrong. Instead of casting off the second one, I gathered it up like you do on the thumb. I could not get it right so pulled it back to the starting plain  pink part. The fluffy wool is called eyelash with an extra strand. Almost impossible to undo and pick up the stiches again, a bit like Velcro. I soon knitted it up again and all was fine. I will put up some pictures in this Blog later  as I have done a few sets now.


Not a good night, pain every where. I can not lay in bed for long after I wake up. My body just hurts so much and does not get much better though out the day. The walk on the common helps a bit but can cause other bits to hurt as well. Hopefully this virus thing will soon say good bye to me. Also Andrew as well as he still looks so ill, and is. 


Walk on the common so painful. Going up the hill bit I could hardly breathe and could not stop coughing. Good job I did not see any one I knew. I waved to a few other dog walker. Luna and I saw a baby deer. I think it got chassed by a dog. There are a few unreasonable walkers on the common, that think its ok, and even funny to let their dogs chase  the young deer. The little thing passed right in front of us and was running fast. Poor little thing was so scared, I do not think it saw Luna and I.

Later I did a bit in the garden, weird but moving around can make my pain less if I am lucky. Andy came round with a small up right green house for us. Needs patching up a bit and cleaning but I think it will be fine for what Andrew and I want.

Patched up  and all ready filling up.


Andy across the road has pulled a muscle in his chest, he says coughing- but he did do some things in his garden. He went to A and E. He will stay at his parents for a few days to recover. Not sure who is looking after the cat as he has not asked me this time. Another warm day two lots of washing out and dried well. 


Paul at his AGM  so on my own again not that its much different when he is here. I cleaned up a bit, not as much  pain today. A bit more knitting going well this time no more big mistakes. Two friends called in to see me and Luna, David and Catherine. They had bean to the same AGM. Paul won a flower planter which was very nice. He also won two sets of mugs.

This is very preety.

Chinese later for tea very nice I had beef curry and rice.


The slab now is in place and just needs the cement to dry out.The soil and rhubarb can then be put back.  There is rain next week so it will probably not be possible to work in the garden then.


Poor Andrew coughing his guts up and finding it hard to breathe. This was around half two he had bean to bed but had to get up again. I had advised him to take some bronchial mix in hot water. This he said made him worse. I was upset and stayed up with him for an extra hour or so. I could not stay awake any longer. I had bean up since around eight. Going to bed last night as usual around two thirty. Andrew came in and told me to go to bed he was feeling a bit better. This was around four am.

Yes it did rain later and quite a bit too. The gardens are very dry so its good for the rain to come now.


The last few days my back has bean so painful, not sure if its the virus or what, I know it hurts when walking and going up the hills on the common. With the common being so wet again, its better to go up the hills than the flat, as it so boggy, and slippery now, after the rain. The common had actually dried out a bit, but now big puddles again. Welly boots are the standard wear of the common all year round. Last year it hardly dried out all summer.


On the common Luna and I saw three small deer and a hare. We were out early around eight am. This time of the day they are looking for food and playing. What makes me very mad is that some of the dog walkers let their dogs chase after the deer. Simple fix-- keep them on the lead, when near the lakes, where the deer are mostly seen and live. My friend did see a dead one a few weeks back. This probably was not related to a dog, could have bean a fox or even a natural death. I know it shook her up. 


The common after the rain is a sea of yellow buttercups and looks so pretty they are higher than Luna, she is around twelve inches high. 

Sea of Yellow Buttercups.   

Also the conker trees ( horse chestnut) look very preety with their candles standing so proud. 

Cleaning up again, this took a long time finishing around four thirty. I was pleased I did not have to get tea as Chinese tonight. The new one- Chop-Chop is just as good if not better than the old one. Better still its just across the road like the old one.


A sunny day, saw a lot of people on the common I knew. One lady had her little dog with her, its bean quite ill so it was lovely to see her and better still she is well now. 

I sorted out a bit, behind the shed where I keep the pots and garden things. The wind had blown them around a bit and some had gone into the now building site. I got rid of a lot of things that that had bean saved for future use, but never got used. After the shed gets moved this will be done again and will be easier to do. Planted the strawberries which we got off Lindsay. Cooked tea then sat down with my knitting. This time a scarf to go with the hat set, seems to be taking ages to do. 

Andrew is a bit better today I think all the coughing he did, has released some of the congestion from his chest. He said he felt something pop in his chest as well. Very pleased he is improving as I was quite worried about him.


Saw another little deer on the common out early again. He/she was just there eating its breakfast not aware of us at all. Very sweet, I think it was quite a young one. 

Late morning I started work out in the garden again. I filled up three large planters with soil then put in a load of flower seeds. Hopefully some will come up and they should look very preety. The rest of the soil I sieved so ready for any seeds we might have still to do. Andrew has done a lot of the other seeds mostly veg stuff like tomatoes and cucumbers. They are all looking good.

More knitting later the scarf still going slow but getting longer. Feels now like its actually growing. I do hope the little children will like the things I have done. 


Having a rest day today as very tired. A bad head to start with plus full body ache. I know some is from doing the garden but not all. The RSD and the other pain things do not help. Well when has RSD ever helped??? Sat and did a bit more of the scarf I finished it yah, and then realised is was slightly different to the gloves and hat I had made. Never mind I am sure it will be still good for the children.

Paul put up a dark sheet to stop the light coming in the bedroom in the early morning, not sure If I liked it as gloomy darkness. Luna and I did not sleep any longer. Worth a try though.


A strong cold wind on the common feels quite cold today. I put Luna's coat to keep her warm also mine as well. I changed the bedding later and then put out to dry, the the rotary airier was turning round fast making it hard to get them all on. At least they soon dried. 

Today I am having a change from the hat sets, and making glove hand puppets. 


Tonight we had an Indian for tea, and waited ages for it to be delivered. Mine was a bit disappointing as not a lot of flavor or big bits of veg, quite mushy. I did eat it, but not really enjoyed it as much as I was hoping to. Andrew said he had tasted better as well.  


Painted the boarder on the garden wall. Paul could not do it he said he could not reach across. I did it quite easy, the only problem I had was keeping hold of the brush. I am a lot slimmer than him though.  

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee turned up after a bike ride. Both well Jamie played in the garden and helped me move a few bits away from the area to be painted. She also did some chalk games on the path. She seemed in a good and happy mood today. They stayed for tea as well sausage plus mash and veg of course gravy. Jamie-Lee loves gravy. Quite late when they went nearly ten pm. Andy, Jamie-Lee Dad picked them up. Lindsay and Andy are not together but he takes them places they need to go a lot of the time. 


Quite a cold wind on the common. Walked around the common with Debbie and her dog Knippling. I did the ironing later but not too much today. Nice to get it all done and an empty wash basket.

My hand/wrist  I broke is not really getting any better, pins and needles all fingers and pain going up to the elbow. I am going to ring the hospital to see if I can get an appointment to see the Doctor I saw last time. Not easy to speak to any one as the phone is not answered. 


A dull day but not really cold. Good walk on the common. Hopefully going into town today as I need a few things. Also it will be nice to go somewhere apart from the common. When not in pain or very tired I like to look around at the things that the shops have and be amazed at what you can find. 

Paul is volunteering today at the hospital. I was thinking about going to Pilates but decided not too, then Paul got a message that is was not on this week. Hopefully next week back.

I decided to go into town in the afternoon it was raining a bit but ok. Very windy and got colder too, not like the warm days we have had for the last few days. Got most of what I wanted and did not feel too bad coming home.

Here are the pictures of the hat sets I have made so far.

Eight sets in all so far and still plenty of wool left.

Luna--- what have you done?

Nothing yet.

Another Blog gone by, did not seem a month since the last one. I was not so good in this one but improving now. So is Andrew but not quite as well yet. He did get the virus a weeks after me. Mine started around April 12th. Hope you are all keeping well Love Gill.


 April 1st

A bit boggy on the common as it rained in the night quite heavy. We saw a lot of mine and Luna's friends, Debbie and Purdie being two of them. Luna was running around playing and having fun. When we went our separate ways Luna ran after Debbie for a treat. With playing I think Luna had forgot she usually gets something. Mission accomplished she got her treat.  

Cleaned up all down stairs I was very tired after, so just knitting for the rest of day. I think the CRONIC FATIGE is giving me a hard time at the moment, as quite a lot of constant pain and so tired all the time.


Hair cut for Luna and she does sure need one. 

Be for hair cut. 

Her cut went very well this is only her second cut, plus one that was just a tidy up when she was a baby.

All this came off her, more than when I have a hair cut.

How sweet am I.

Resting after her cut she looks so much smaller now.

               So cute and she knows it.                             

Washed all the bedding and got them all dried and ironed too. Tired later but at least its done.


Started knitting some hats and mitts sets for Andy's Mum to send to the children in the war zones. She gave me the wool, some very old like the 60s/70s. Some had rotted but the rest was fine. 

No Pilates today, Jo has bean up most of the night with bad toothache. Angela came round to see us today. She is doing good. Andrew sorted something out for her on her phone. 


Debbie's Birthday- she is out all day so seeing her tonight. When I gave her the jumper and hat she was well pleased with them. She sent me another message later on the land line and said how delighted she was with the set. She knit's her self so knows how much work goes in to making bigger things. This is only the second jumper I have made in years, the last one being Andrews hoodie.

Did a bit more knitting later, of the hat sets, going well so far. Andrew and I took Luna for another walk. Very windy but warm 16C in the afternoon still 13C at midnight weird weather. 


Woke in a lot of pain early morning left arm and wrist and fingers being the worst, but pain just about every. Another lovely day very windy again though. Cleaning up again, just got finished when Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came in. Good to see them both. Lindsay has not bean too good with her bad headaches. Even Jamie-Lee was in a good mood not argumentative at all.


IA dinner ( Paul's Ileostomy lot) today the first one I have bean to in a long time, Went well food good and not too much noise. Still a head ache when I got back. Luna was good with Andrew but very pleased to see me. I took her for a walk on the common. So windy, weather report is for 31 mile an hour winds in many places. Bit more knitting later, just twelve inches of scarf to go thirty three inches in total. This should be enough as children.


Andrew having the lens done on his eye today so he is a bit apprehensive. This is being done at a private clinic as its urgent. The bill is being paid by the National Health plus any further treatment. When him and Paul got back Andrew had an eye  patch on covering his eye. He said it felt a bit sore but not too bad I told him that it will still be a bit numb yet so he could have more pain or not later. He has a lot of different drops to put in at various intervals. Going back for a check up in four weeks. 


I cleaned upstairs today, last time the computer room did not get done as Paul was in it. He did say he would do it but did not. So this time it really needed it. I felt quite dizzy and tired when done late afternoon. I  ache and have a pressure head ache. Paul out for his dinner as usual, as its Wednesday.   


Warm again and windy but a warm wind 16C at eleven pm. We were on the common early today be for eight am. On the way to Pilates my bike was stalling on Canwick hill. This is a steep hill and there is no way I can get up it with out electric peddle assist. I got off and walked up the brow of the hill then it seemed to be alright again. Not sure if it is actually charging up or the gauge is showing wrong on the battery. Its showing half full, easy enough to get me home. I charged it up a few days ago so should show full charge.  

On Pilates a good session but quite hard one Jo making up for last weeks missed one. Her tooth is alright now. Now to get home-- just got out Heighington village and the electrics fizzled out, oh no a long hard way home for me over five miles with out any peddle assist. Very windy too. I kept going I knew that it would be down hill soon. My knees kept saying NO but I kept going till I hit the hill and then I let it go but as I said going its steep. I am not very keen on going down hill fast. There is a lot of traffic too as usual. At last home but in pain every where and so hot. I dragged my bike in and almost collapse.  

I will test the charger later when I recover and hopefully its that. Later when I got Paul to test the charger, we found out it was faulty. It is not putting out full charge and needs replacing. I thought this would be around thirty pounds but no it was fifty nine pounds. Hopefully this will be it and I will be ok for next weeks Pilates. 


Not a good night hot cold awake most of it. Realised that I had not taken my tablets and had gone in to MORPHINE withdrawal. Took them and it soon settled down again but very tired. That is the hold that MORPHINE has got on me now and has bean for a while. BUT I can not cope with the pain with out it. 

Charger arrived today put it on to charge battery. Five hours later full charge showing up on gauge. Just as I thought and hoped it was just the charger.  Hopefully all good for next week's Pilates. I intend to go on my bike be-for next week  just to make sure the bike is fully charged up now. I  think it will be alright.

On the common early eight ish today. A warm west wind. My throat is raspy and I have a sharp head ache on one side. Hopefully not getting what  Andy has got, also Mary has as well I think I already have something as I feel not right. Not quite here feeling. Could also be the bike ride yesterday


Chilly wind on the common. Just going through the gate to go home and Mary and Rory came though. She said she was not feeling well. I said let me take Rory for you. She said no she would be alright. I walked around with her to make sure she was okso. After all she is nearly seventy. Luna had an extra walk. Did it tire her out NO not till later then she had a good sleep. Not feeling the best my self but carrying on


Very cold wind today more like winter that Spring. Cleaning again, then a bit more knitting for the War Children. Finished off a neck warmer not enough wool to do a scarf. Looks good When all the sets done, I will put up pictures. Lindsay and Jammie-Lee here, not for long though. I feel exhausted as its like a one man band for me.


In town today got three gnomes to go with the last three I got when in town, also some lights to replace the other garden lights which have stopped working apart from three. I know one lot I cut the wire so they do not work at all. The other set did work, then just did not come on one night. They are solar powered. Got an appointment for my B12 injection on Monday. Hopefully that will help with my tiredness and pain.

Gnomes my little garden friends.


I did not go to Pilates as not feeling too good hot/cold, head ache, and throat sore and raspy. I think I have the virus that is going round. Still did the ironing took hour and a half all Paul's stuff. 


Paul is away all weekend so just me, Andrew and Luna. Paul left around 9.30 heading to Slough near  Windsor. He will back Sunday afternoon. A windy rainy day. I was going to put the washing out as the sun was out. Went into the bathroom came out, chucking it down, April showers. Dad used to say April was a turning point between Winter and spring for the weather to make up its mind whether its still Winter or going to start Spring.


Cold this morning 4C first off did not raise too much either. Nice walk on common but very cold wind.

Not feeling the best today but still going to clean up down stairs. Then tomorrow I can rest and knit if I want to. Andrew cooked tea for both of us, Hassle-back potatoes, green bean casserole and crumbed cauliflower.  Very nice I was hungry as it was nearly nine when we ate. Still feeling a bit rough.


Luna jumped on the bed around seven thirty, I said to her lay down a bit and she did till eight thirty. We then got up. Cup of tea Luna brushed, then out for a walk. Another easy day as I feel so drained still. I have a very bad headache too the sort that feels like your head is going to explode, more so when I bend down. Paul is back today. Rested and a bit more knitting. Paul arrived home mid afternoon. He said he had a good time with plenty of food. 


B12 injection today The nurse was running about half an hour late as she had computer problems.The injection hurt till around six thirty then just tender. Some I have hurt for a long time a day or more. A wet cold day, rained most of the day. When Luna and I went for our walk it was raining then, but not as fast. When we got back it chucked it down so we were lucky.


Arm still feels quite sore but that's normal. My throat is very sore and raspy hot/ cold I ache every where and head ache straight from hell. I hoped to give Luna a bath, but my head ache did not let up at all so it will be another day soon, hopefully. I feel quite dizzy and have bean getting the head spins as well. Not the best of days for me. 


Chest not as tight but still not right yet, raspy voice and still head and body ache ache. Luna got her bath and sure needed it. There was a lot of sand and bits of vegetation in the bottom of the bath. She jumped out again too. She thinks its a game and I have to chase her to get her back in the bath. After she looked good, all dry and fluffed up with the hair dryer and smelt lovely too. She likes the dryer, I think its the warmth of it as she gets cold very quick a bit like me.


Another crippling headache, when I bend it feels like it's going to explode still. A lot of body pain too. Having RSD/CRPS the pain is made a lot worse Not sure how much is RSD or the virus I have got. Either way I wish it would back off a bit. Not too cold today but very damp with rain most of it. Cleaning up took most of the day. Paul did do tea so that was a help. Chilli with rice but not very chilli very mild but it was quite nice.

Andrew has now got the cough probably the virus too. There are a lot of people with it, quite a few on the common that I see. The virus most likely came from Andy, neighbour from across the road this time.


I was sat thinking while knitting, and where I get the most pain, is in places that have bean hurt in the past. Both wrist that have bean broke. my broken ankle. Both hips, OSTEOPOROSIS is quite bad there. My knee that had the tear in, that was operated on a few years ago. There are other places I get pain but not as bad. You would think the RSD would have a bit of passion but NO it does not. Out to make your life hell at times. (most times that is). 

Andy's Mum came round with a load more wool for the children's knitting. She was pleased with what I had done so far. Even more can be done now. The wool is lovely colours and will look good knitted up. I have a lot of work to do.


A nice walk on the common with Pat and Milo her little dog, good to have someone to talk to for a change, usually it just me and Luna all the time. Luna kept trying to play with Milo, but he was not interested. She still had a good time chasing lots of other things as usual.

Guess what? cleaning up down stairs again. Tired as usual but not as quite bad today. 

Having RSD makes it hard for you to rest and sleep. Hence the short nights. It will not let you rest for long at all and I am usually woken by pain some where. ( Luna as well wakes me which is a lot nicer so long as its not too early.) At the moment its my left wrist the one I  broke July 3rd last year. I wake with a numb arm with pins and needles going down it to the fingers. This has happened a few times now. I will get in touch with the clinic that dealt with my break. 

I think the virus is backing down a bit, its bean over two weeks, as started around the 10th,. Andrew is not good and he has a full cough, which he blames me for. Never mind he will recover as I did. Virus's come and go all the time. 

Well here goes April not too bad could have bean better though. Hope things are good for you where ever you are. All the very best love Gill.


March 1st

Very cold wind on the common, but not too bad out of it. Soon after we got back it rained very heavily, I was pleased we went early. One of the youtubers Kayla- I follow, had to have another finger amputated, she now has only three fingers left; two thumbs and a pinky. This was caused by a severe case of RAYNAUD'S. I feel really sorry for her as she crochets a lot and is not sure if she will be able to still. She has other health problems too and is in constant pain. With having what I have, I know how she will be suffering. She comes across as so lovely and just gets on with it. 

You can find her here: Llama Mama Kayla (her youtube channel)


A cold rainy day.  We got back from the common before it rained too much. These are the pictures of the baby things I made

These are the baby things I made for Pauls friend.

For Heather.

Also for Heather.

For Poppy.

I have tried to make a pom-pom for the little hats I have made but no they just pull undone and are rubbish. I am going to get a pom-pom maker. This I think will help. I think its the tieing that I do, not get it tight enough, and they just come apart no good at all.  


I made Andy across the road a Lincoln City tea pot cozy. 

Not perfect but Andy liked it.

I am also looking after his cat Smudge for the next two days. He is no trouble as he mostly sleeps not even coming to get his food. He does eat it mostly as the next time I go its gone.

He is a pretty boy no doubt.

Luna had two walks today as Andrew wanted a walk on the common. She is very active today and a bit crazy too.

I have started knitting a jumper for my friend Debbie who lives close by. This is for her Birthday. The jumper is striped and I think will look very nice when finished. The wool is Aran wool, (25% wool and 75% acrylic) so a bit thicker than the usual DK wool I use, so a bit faster knitting, well hopefully, I have till the 5th April, to finish so I think I can do that..


Andrew read my Blog and we published it a bit late but never mind hope it was worth waiting for.

Kayla is doing well even doing some crocheting with three fingers. She said its hard going but she is doing it. Well done Kayla.


Happy Birthday Jay-Jay twenty to day, time has gone so fast. He came to see us today with Molly his girlfriend, and baby Corey who is nearly one. He can walk a few steps when he wants to.They are all doing good. Corey liked Luna and Luna was scared to start with then playing with him. 

Proud Dad Jay-Jay.
Jay-Jay and Corey.

                               Cory loved Luna, she liked him as well but, was not too sure to start with. 

Trying to kiss her.

For some reason Cory liked Luna's basket.  

Lindsay with Cory.

Jamie-Lee with Luna.

Even though it was Jay-Jay Birthday he brought me a present of Thornton's chocolates and a bag of jelly babies and a plant in a pretty ceramic pot. He said he did not see me on my Birthday and they were to make up for it.

He also brought Luna three bags of treats, plus a little dog who Andrew and I have named Jay. 

Lucky girl Luna he said he had not really bought her anything and it can be for her Birthday as well.

Paul and I got him a few bits plus money so he can get what he wants. Later Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came to see Jay-Jay and us. Lindsay was not the best as one of her bad heads. Jamie-Lee has got into the secondary school she wanted, plus transport as well. A lovely afternoon with them all. 


Woke to pins and needles in my left wrist the one I broke last. Going into town today to get some pajamas' and bras I have some Birthday money to spend. I got most of the things I wanted I forgot eye drops. I also got a pom-pom maker, hopefully this will help me with making them. I did spend nearly three hours away from home. I actually looked at the isles that I usually do not go down. Luna missed me a lot. She does not like me going anywhere without her. Paul has an infected boil on his neck so went to the doctors today. He was given ANTIBIOTICS.


A cold windy day east wind. We saw Mary on the common with Rory, he has not bean going on there as he has had a bad hip. So good to see them, both are doing well and Mary says his hip has improved. Not going to do a lot today apart from knitting and tea of course. Going well with Debbie's jumper got the back done already. As I said Aran knits up quicker. It's what most Americans like to use.


Not as cold today. Saw Rory and Mary again and both Debbie's. Changed the bed today and washed it all, hopefully it will dry. Andrew and I are sorting out the rose bush next door as they do not want it. I took some cuttings and Andrew dug it up and transplanted it in  ours hopefully it will take. The rose has bean in next doors for over fifty years and came from a priory. It would be a shame if we lost it but some of the cuttings will live on and hopefully the rose bush too.

Hopefully it will bloom again looks good so far. 


Mothers Day- Wayne sent me a card and Lindsay got me Ferrero Rocher chocs, and a card. 

Treats for me.

Did tea for us all. Lindsay had another bad head again. She went to sleep on the floor Luna kept going on her back and laying down to sleep also. Sandy a little dog we used to have did this all the time.


Cleaning up most of the day. Paul out at Birmingham at a meeting. Got back around five. Very tired later Luna was not tired very hyper running around and jumping on chairs. Relaxed and watched a bit of TV for a change no knitting. If I am too tired I know I will make mistakes.


I did all the ironing sheets plus shirts and trousers. Took quite a while too. Paul out in the morning and football at night time. Andy came round with a dish for Luna might be a bit big though.  Tired again later, Luna wakes up early so I have to get up as she wants a wee. Sometimes she will snooze a bit. 


Rest day today as had a few busy ones. Doing well with the jumper I have done the back and the front so going good so far. Two sleeves to do of course. With having the ten row stripes it goes quite quick. 


Going into town to day as pajamas' I got a little short in the crutch so I think a bigger size would be  better., Since having RSD I can not have any thing fitted, as causes me pain. Andrew came too as he wanted a few bits. When we went to change the pajamas' there was a ticket missing so they would not exchange them, I said its probably at home. I just bought another pair and exchanged the other two pairs. When I got home I looked for the ticket in my drawer no luck. I refolded the top and there it was, still attached all the time. A story to tell when I go back to the shop to get the refund. Tired again later, lack of hours of sleep. Hopefully Luna will sleep a bit more when she is older, now nearly a year old (27th March) 


A bit chilly to start with but soon warmed up and sun and showers most of the day. Doing this Blog all going good then a black grey screen.  Back to my Blog ALL GONE two hours work; tried undo button no good. IT HAS ALL GONE. Nothing else to do but start again. 


Andrew had a fall and hurt his hand mostly his fingers he can hardly move it. Not good when his business involves making things. Hopefully it's just a few days before his hand recovers.


Made some little cakes today just sponge ones. For some reason my little cakes are always better than a large sponge. I did not ice them as very tired not a lot of sleep just lately. Andy brought two cakes round but they were not the best, very doughy. Quite warm today at 8pm 13C. 


Debbie's Jumper has now got to the sewing up bit and then doing the neck. Sewing up takes a long time, as each stripe has to be done in the right colour not one continuous line. Things I ordered from Amazon came today one of them a wool winder, it makes cake like looking pats. These I am hoping will go better on my "wool Jennie." it hold the wool and lets it out so you do not have to pull it. At the moment it does not pull even and often falls off the cupboard as the wool sticks. This happens more so with loose wound balls of wool.

Wool winder, cakes and wool Jennie. 

Pom pom maker.


Pilates on my bike Paul at home today so Luna is not on her home. Very cold and windy at least it was not raining. A good session hard as some new moves. Rain and still very strong wind coming home very cold. 

I had my hair cut later looks good as usual. Debbie my hairdresser loved Luna and picked her up and was very taken with her. Luna loved her as well. While having my hair cut, Luna was just laid down no bother at all. Hope she is this good when she has her hair cut. 


Debbie's jumper all done I made a mistake with the neck took twice as long but got there in the end. Going to make a hat as enough wool left. I will put a picture of both when done. 


Washing and cleaning up took most of the day. Bit more of Debbie's hat night time going well soon be done. 

Andrew has one of theses' over sided tops with a pocket. Lindsay got it him as a Christmas present. Luna loves to go in the pocket and peeps out like a little kangaroo. We call her Puppy in the pocket. I think she would like to be in there all day if she could.

Quite cozy, with Andrew.


Angela here later to watch a film "Maestro." Not bad but took a bit of following at times. Both enjoyed it.  A lot better for me as the pictures is just too loud and can be hot. I am just not able to do things like that any more, it was good to see Angela though. We had a good chat just me and her.


Happy Birthday little girl- Luna one today. We got her some treats, a toy and a yellow chewing bone good for her teeth; better than my fingers too.

The year has gone so fast, we saw her at I think five weeks old, then picked her up at eight weeks. When we got her she weighed 1.9KGS. At her last weigh in she was 5.1KG. That was around 27th February. 


   Resting (and in need of a haircut).      

I had to swap the pyjamas again, as the next size up was huge the waist was around 3-4" bigger I could not keep them up The top was hanging off my shoulders. The ones I got hopefully will be better all round.

A sunny and showers day rain pouring down then sun, still windy too. We are in April and that a month of showers and change.


Luna has bean chewing her bone, at first she was not too sure as she is with a lot of things. She has bean playing with her toy as well. This was one of Summers so we said it was a present from her. I am sure Summer would have shared her things as she was like that. Today would also bean Sandy's Birthday  another little dog we used to have be for Summer

Pilates again on my bike very windy and cold again. I have to go over a fly over bridge and the cross wind was so strong it took me all my time to hold my bike. Hard work both ways going and coming back. Good session again only nine today usually twice that. Sat down rest of day and finished off Debbie's hat. All ready for her Birthday on the 5th.

I think it looks good.

I weighed Luna and she has lost weight, I am not surprised with all the running around she does. 4.9KG. 


I have started knitting a baby cardigan not going well might have to try another pattern. Andy's Mum has asked me to make some hats and mitts/gloves for the children that are the victims of the war. I said I gladly will. I have finished all the knitting that I had planned so a perfect time.


I have given up knitting the cardigan I started, and have picked another one. So far this is going well.

Good walk with Luna but more rain has made it very boggy again. She loves it whatever the weather or the ground, just happy to be out running around. Luna is very hairy at the moment but not for long hair cut on Tuesday 2nd. I will put pictures on next Blog. 

Ironing later but not too much too day. Made my back and hips hurt not sure why. Could it have bean the pilates or the bike ride there and back. My hips are loose so that can cause a lot of pain at times.

Today is our wedding Anniversary 49 long years. Paul cooked tea, steak potatoes mushrooms and peas and sweet corn. This was very nice as it does not happen very often. Thank you Paul.

Well quite a mixed, month. Fairly good health wise for me. I think my wrist that I broke has improved a bit on some days others not so good. Luna is about fully grown now as a year old. She is smaller than I thought she would be. Just right I think very loving and such a lap dog. 

I hope everything is good with you all, and if not as good as it can be. All the very best love Gill.

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