October 1st.

Paul here today to pick me up from Halifax and to also take the bags of garden rubbish to the skip. Andrew came with him.

Paul and I got all the rubbish away as planned. After changing we all went out to The Chinese Buffet for dinner. Wayne treated us all, thank you Wayne. The food was very good all you can eat, one price for everything. Andrew was pleased with his, he is a vegetarian so not everyone caters for him. Better than it used to be though. After we were all full we headed back to Wayne's for a while.

Soon it was time to go back to Lincoln. I have not seen Summer since Tuesday so she will be very excited.

On the way I heard something rattling we turned off the radio and heard a dragging noise from the car. Paul pulled into a lay by and looked under the car. the back end of the exhaust was hanging off.
He pulled it off and put it in the car. We set off once more, even with out part of the exhaust it did not seem any noisier. We arrived home a little bit later than planned. No more bits dropping off the car. Summer was waiting for us and was really pleased when she saw me.

I gave her a treat and a little later her tea. She sat with me for the rest of the night.


Took Summer for her walk nice to be back on the common. I know I walked a lot at Halifax but, walking with a dog is different, and the common is so nice..Since I have bean away the trees have started to loose their leaves and are looking a bit bare, not as green as Ireland. 

Trying to do my Blog but not going very well. My laptop decided to close down as it needed an update.
After this it seemed to behave better and things went along nicely. There are a lot of pictures to put on and write up.

Paul got the exhaust around £600.00 something we could have done without.


Accue today and I am pleased as my shoulders are very tight from working on my Blog yesterday a lot of it I think.

The treatment was five needles in each knee, and fourteen in my back and neck. The man who treated me was a new student called Alan. A massage after and I was fit to go. Very gentle touch he had. I had to hurry up as my B12 injection was in twenty five minutes. I hurried along only to be met by barriers stopping me from going any further. A lot of work is going on in Lincoln at the moment. I got round these only to be met by more. I thought I would be late, but no just on time as got through the door. I was soon called and had the injection. Not too painful this time either. I said to the nurse I thought I was going to be late. We both agreed that if you are on time the Doctors will be late and if you are late the Doctors will early.

When I had my bath later, I had more feeling in my right shoulder. This is usually quite dead.  


Pilate's on my bike again very windy too. Back side wind going so it will be hard on the way back.
Pilate's was quite tough, whether it was because I had missed two weeks or just overall pain not too sure. Anyway as usual I did my best. As I thought it was head wind and cold on the way back. Arrived home with a Rosy glow.

Ireland Blog finished and published. The biggest one I think I have done to date. Slightly late but there were a lot of problems doing it and this like I said a very big one. If you have not looked yet, give it a go lots of pictures from Ireland plus others.

Another cold day winter is here or very close. Angela is going to York for a few day with a friend. Her favourite place she loves it. Have a good time both of you.

Fair bit of pain today more FIBROMYALGIA than RSD I think. The cold weather does not help either.


Age UK today I missed being there as well, they too had missed me. Jenny was back from her holiday. Quite busy too neither of us could remember prices or even think right. With in five minutes of being there I split sugar, asked a man if he had bean done (lucky he saw the funny side some don't) and nearly poured a coffee into the scones. Things had to get better. Or did they No--- the fire alarm went off everyone out. After being in the cold for around ten or fifteen minutes the fire truck came. They left, not sure what it was but back in we go. Some of the meals had to be redone but apart from that everyone alright. One lady had to be carried out on a blanket thing. but I think she enjoyed it.

First day back what next--- nothing much I did break the bin though, by bashing the coffee portafilter from the cappuccino machine with a bit too much force. Was a plastic bin though. I said to the boss just take it out of my wages!!!  Just a bit of shopping then home. Not a good day for pain as far too much, not responding to tablets either.

Early hours of the morning I took these pictures of the moon. A Harvest moon I think, so bright and full.



Jay-Jay was going to stay the night in the tent with two of his friends, but things did not work out so on my own.

Angela's back from York. She had a good time. Brought me back some gifts, thank you Angela I am pleased you had a good time. 

Still ache a lot but I have had worse things will hopefully settle down soon. I think a lot of this could be FIBO but the weather has changed as well. As most know the cold is not a friend to RSD.


This day no relief from the dreaded pain. Cleaning the bedrooms but this did not help too much to get away from the pain. Sometimes, or a lot of time with me doing something will help. I suppose the brain has something else to focus on. Well that's the way it seems to work with me, mind over matter maybe ????

Did a few loads of washing but it decide to rain after a windy sunny start. Rained all day and a lot of the night cold too. Wayne said it was very cold in Halifax. I took extra pain relief but still went to bed in extra pain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Summer enjoying a Pupachino (Cappuccino) She has got a liking for these and when Andrew starts the machine up, her ears prick up. She only has a bit of the frothed up milk in her special cup.


This is how if makes her feel after, all relaxed


In town today as quite of shopping to get I usually do it after Age UK but I am quite tired and end up just getting the things I need. I do like it when I can to have a good look round.

Quite funny--- because I got a wood axe and was walking past these two ladies and they freaked out went OH OH OH and moved quickly away. What did they think I was going to do CHOP THEM UP?????
Well on with the shopping, from a charity shop I got a Yahtzee game for words I did not know there was one. We have the numbers one and its played quite a bit with Jay-Jay and Andrew.

Andrew is is in London, at a demonstration for legalising medical cannabis outside the Houses of  Parliament. They are having a tea party with infused cakes and other things, he got a lot of filming done for Smokers Guide.


Pilate's again this seems to come around very quickly, very windy and cold mostly head wind coming back. So pleased I got this bike. A fair session but still far too much pain. Worth going though, the moves might help. I did go to bed in a lot less pain this time.


Well the less pain did not last long even my head hurts when I brush my hair. I feel like I am walking directly on my bones. Drying myself the towel hurt, tired as well the last week little sleep has come my way. Too hot, too cold, pain, burning like being on a BBQ, hypersensitive all over as well. Just about the lot. Well things can only get better hopefully.
Someone said have you had enough sleep. NO I have CHRONIC INSOMNIA they know that, but still ask if I slept well regularly. Its like asking a man with one leg if his leg has grown back yet.


Wow Friday again and Age UK A very busy day as well, MANIC is the word. So busy, I broke the fridge but is was easily mended when I got time. I said to a lady it was lamb pudding instead of lemon. She laughed then asked for mint sauce and I even went to get it for her until she said its for my lamb pudding. A good day though still more pain than usual but I think its beginning to back off now.
We found out today the fire alarm last week was caused by a football hitting it, and raising the alarm.


Not a good night awake most of it, hot cold pain discomfort.

Jay-Jay is here hopefully with his friends sleeping in the garden. They arrived to put up the tent, there was going to be three of them plus Jay-Jay, but things changed and only two stayed. The weather is a bit warmer well quite a bit more like late Summer. Whats coming next frost and snow.

I have bean told by a few Doctors and Physios that if I was in a more settled climate my RSD would be a lot better. I don't respond very well to temperature changes, Britain has more changeable weather I think than most countries. Somewhere like Spain would be ideal. But I don't think that will happen any time soon.

I was asked to sit with Ben and Emmie (two doors away) at short notice, dinner time. I said yes if it was OK with Paul. He was away for the day, so had to hold off saying yes/no till I spoke to him. As Jay-Jay and the boys would be in the garden so needed  someone there, even though I would be only a two fences away. Paul said it would be alright and he would keep an eye on them.

He came home after a good day so I went to sit with the children two doors away. Ness and Squidge had bean asked to a 50th Birthday so they decide to go at the last minute hence the late request for a child sitter.. 

The boys ended coming round to me for an hour and played with Emmie.  The children as usual were no trouble. Emmie and I watched a bit of U tube and coloured for a while. Ben was mostly up stairs on his PS4.

Weird--- watching someone on U tube colour its quite relaxing, strange as she was dressed as a clown, but its for children. Emmie got tired so I took her to bed. She settled after only one story, and was asleep when her Mum and Dad got back which I think must be nice for them. They had had a good time and were slightly worse for wear. Stopped a short while talking to them, because I had promised the boys a fire. I did not want them having one while I was not there. Paul was there but he was in side.

The fire went well, just enough draft to keep it burning bright and warm. Stopped outside till early morning then went in.The boys went to sleep soon after. That was after a early morning pizza. one lad was asleep so he missed out.

Andrew had bean on a rare night out and came home soon after. He had had a good night, so we were all quite happy.


Really bad night for me pain, hot a lot of the time. The overnight temperature was a lot higher than it has bean the last few days. I think we had a high of 23/24c  during the day, not dropping much either at night. Hence the unsettled night. This is winter we had colder summer days.

Wietse always said to me living in Spain or France would help my RSD and the other things a lot because of the steady temperature. Not like here changing just about everyday. I don't think I would move, but the thought is very temping.

The boys had a good sleep. Paul made them sausage sandwiches for breakfast and I did them some chips for dinner. More boys and girls arrived later in the day. I asked them all to go around six. They all left and I got tea ready.


Fair night but short as usual. I do feel like I have slept though.
The sun is very strange red and big. The news reporters are saying it's the sand from the desert and the tail end of one of the storms.

Summer had her trim today and a bath. She looks lovely and white now. The last time she was cut was June. I did not realise it had bean this long. Maxine still cuts her and does an excellent job.  Maxine mobile dog Groomers.

 Looking very posh.


Pilate's today things did not go too well. As many of you know I have a bit of a problem with my joints. They are very loose and at times move and pop out of place. I have never yet had a complete dislocation but a partial one. this happened today during a class. My right shoulder joint moved. The pain was terrible shooting down my arm and making my fingers cold and numb. I had to stop moving my arm and try to massage it back in to place. This took a while and Jo came across to help, but I said I think I can get it back. After quite a while it moved back into place, still painful and hand just about dead, but better than it was. I sat just doing the legs moves or just the left arm. When it was the end of the class my shoulder was still very sore, but I had some movement. I was able to ride home, a very painful ride and the country roads are not like the motorway roads. 

Over the rest of the afternoon it got move flexible and less pain. Still a bit tight but a lot better.


Arm not too bad  still sore but better than yesterday. Cleaning down stairs today. In the afternoon went to see my friend Joy, she has had a flu like virus and has bean quite ill. She told me to keep away until she had improved a bit so I had less chance of getting it. A nice afternoon just spent catching up and drinking tea. Home for tea Chinese today so no cooking for me.


Age UK again. A few moaney ones but on the whole quite a good day with customers. Not as busy as last week but steady. My shoulder and arm felt very sore, doing the coffee machine did not help much. Not a lot of people have bean shown or trained as they call it to use the machine so its down to me to make them all. This can range from two or three, to fifteen or more.
By the time I left I hurt most places, one pain seems to start another off and soon its most places, tired as well.


Posh tea out today at the local Pennells Nursery tea room.

 This was between two of us so quite a lot.

Very nice too felt well stuffed after. Took Summer for a walk later so this helped with my full belly.  I did not eat for the rest of the day. My knees are bad today very painful. IBS played up later I thought it would as too much cake stuff.


Visit from my friend John today, I had made cakes in the morning so he was well pleased as he likes home made cake very much. An enjoyable chat with him we have not seen each other for a while so it was good to catch up.


Woke up feeling very heavy headed and dizzy tired too. A lot of pain everywhere. Sorting out toy cupboard later as Jamie-Lee has grown out of her toddler toys. Shooting pain in my heal and very tender at times.

An extra one to stay for the night, one of Andrews friends Chris, he is moving to a new place and its not ready yet. Home made curry for tea very nice, veg one for Andrew. He said that was good too  Chris joined us for tea as well he enjoyed the curry too. Knitting later a bit more of the baby jacket. Going quite well, an easy pattern, that is a favourite one of mine which I have done many times in various colours.


Short night around three hours in bed then awake twice. 

Pilate's went quite well but a lot of pain and spasms. Windy and cold around my ears. I am going to get a balaclava to put under my bike helmet that should help keep my ears warm.


A lot of pain around my right heal today not sure why, as I have not hurt it as far as I know. But when has RSD needed an excuse to cause pain?  Burning around shoulders and nerve rash again.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee are here later in the afternoon. Lindsay is still not right but the hospital is just monitoring her. She is suffering a lot and spends a lot of time laid down in the dark. Jamie-Lee has a cold.

Jamie-Lee and I played with the Barbies and a play house with figures. She had a good time and so did I and it gave Lindsay a rest. The boys did not come today, now they are getting older it's more fun to spend time with their friends. I did see a lot of Jay-Jay when he stayed here and will see Tommy-Lee soon.

Chris is here as well for another night should be in his new place tomorrow. He said I should have a sign outside saying HOTEL as so many people have come and gone over the last few months.
I like people here so I have someone to talk to at nights.


Age UK...very busy today lots of little orders that took time. A few awkward ones as well. Well tired when I left. Eye test at three, eyes for reading have got a bit worse so new glasses needed, more paying out nearly hundred pounds they will be ready next week.

Out with Tracy later for her fifty Birthday meal. Paul, Andrew, Lindsay and Jamie-Lee. Her mum and Dad are here too. Her sister and children were coming but are ill with a stomach virus in a Lincoln hotel. Hope they recover very soon. Shame for Tracy as she does not see them much, they live London way. A good night and a very nice meal for everyone. Took Summer some chicken which she was pleased about.


On our walk this morning Summer and I saw a squirrel it was making a strange noise like a distressed cat. I thought it was trapped or in pain. I watched it for a while thinking I will have to go and help it out, then it shot from the tree and calmly walked off. So still not sure what it was doing, maybe it was calling its mate.

Washing the bedding and later doing the ironing dried well as so windy. I put my my under electric blanket on the bed so warm to get into when needed.

Wayne is here tomorrow to stay for the night so like Chris said, Hotel. Will be good to see him as not since I stayed there looking after Timmy cat.


Average sleep even though the clock went back an hour this does not really affect me much, as up the same time, well earlier if you go by yesterdays time. Blanket helped as the bed was warm so soothed my pain a bit.

Wayne is on his way and Paul is picking him up from Newark. Wayne arrived around dinner time no problems on the rail way this time. He is doing well but very busy at work. They are taking on new staff very soon so hopefully this will take a bit of weight off his shoulders.

I cooked a nice tea for us all, chicken and all the extras strogganoff  veg pie for Andrew, everyone enjoyed the meal, I was well stuffed.

In a lot of pain today from my heal and most everywhere else. Despite taking extra pills the pain refuses to go. Bed around 5.3oam after a bad nose bleed. This did make my head feel better though.
Sleep did not come straight away even though I felt exhausted. Finally fell asleep around 6am even then awake a few times.


Not up till around 9.45am, I feel wreaked, so tired.  Hopefully our walk will make me feel more alive. Not as much violent pain so far today, Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came for dinner. Paul cooked us all chips and pancake roll. Jay-Jay came round later, Tommy-Lee was at a friends house. They are still off School for half term.

Much too soon it was time for Wayne to head off home. Paul took him to Newark Station.
Good to see him again and Lindsay and Jamie-Lee spent a bit of time with him too, Andrew also.


Accue  today hopefully this will help me a bit. Saw Alan the same man as last time. Hope I can see him everytime as its nice to get to know one another. The treatment went like this-- nine needles in my shoulders and neck. Two in my head and twelve in my feet and legs. None of these caused any problems or weird side affects. He looked at my sore heal but was not sure what it could be. He advised me to go to the Doctors if no improvement very soon. Home for a well needed sit down and cup of tea.

Cooked tea, Chris, Andrews friend stayed too. Rice, stir fry and sausage, nice too.

Well here we are at the end of another month, not a good one, but all the same not the worst. PAIN is the worst thing I think anyone can deal with especially when it never goes.

On a brighter note I hope you are all doing as best as you can Love Gill. See you next month.


September 1st

Age UK. What a day,  last weeks new rules were still in place. The kitchen manger was behind the counter. I started to fill up the coffee machine and fridge, checking everything. Jenny started to get busy and I could not take the orders with her, one of the new rules. So a big queue started to form.
Wendy started to take the orders as well, something I was doing till last week.

I turned round and realised the filter coffee machine was not working nor was the cappuccino machine either. We further investigated and found out the soup urn, fridge and till were not working.
I was pleased that the kitchen manger was there so she could see how we coped in a crisis. The power came back on only to go off again taking the lights this time.

Things later were sort of working, with the soup going into the kitchen and the filter coffee also--- No cappuccino of any kind. The fridge and till worked too. The manger said I could take orders if we got busy. I said back to the way we were then. An electrician will be coming in as soon as possible to sort out the wring as it's a joke, it's a wonder it has not gone and blown up by now let alone work as its so overloaded. What a day.


Not a good night so a bit later up only got about two hours sleep. Very heavy air so it's like I have someone sat on my head and shoulders. A bad head also I think we will get a storm very soon or at least I hope so.

Out for dinner with Paul's IA lot- the dinner was very nice I had steak, and  enjoyed it, I also won a raffle prize too, soap in a tin
Took some steak for Summer so she was very pleased.. We went back to a friends house for a cup of tea and chat.


Went into town to get a bit of shopping and exchange a pair of walking shoes I got last week. Called in on the man opposite us, as he was last seen in a ambulance. I asked him what happened, he said his hip came out of place. Painful I said, mine only moves a bit and that hurts. I said do you want anything from town, tablets he said paracetamol. OK I said I will get them for you. Got Jay-Jay a new School tie as his last term one looked a bit worn.

Also got myself another puzzle another challenging one, I'm not starting it yet as doing knitting and this other puzzle that's double sided and cross cut, very hard as each piece is duplicated. So you are not sure which side it is meant to be on. I am putting the two same pieces together and trying the pieces to see wish one is better fit, then putting the other one the right way up for this side. Everyone who has seen it thinks I am mad for trying it. Well that's me.

Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee back at School today.

Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee ready for school.

Pilate's, very windy going as on bike again. The session for me was very painful, shoulders and pain shooting to fingers, knees also hurt. Very windy coming home and head on too I am so pleased I have an electric bike. I know I would not be able to go very far without it.

Jay Jay is back at School today. I hope he keeps out of trouble this term as last term he seemed to be in it most days.

 Jay-Jay raring to go or not.


Cleaning up downstairs I feel quite tired but at least my heaviness has gone now as it has turned quite chilly here.  Different to the last few days.

Poor Wayne is going on Holiday to New York and then on to Florida but there is a hurricane level five, the highest and most disruptive of them all--- heading to Florida. His flight has bean cancelled from New York. Hopefully it will die down before then but it caused a lot of death's and devastation on its path. Poor Wayne he needs this Holiday, but he said he feels guilty when people have died and lost everything. Nothing seems to go right just lately.

Jay-Jay is at his Mums tonight not too sure how long he will be staying there or if he will be coming back here. I will miss him even though it has bean quite hard work at the same time. Him (25th June) and Andrew (8th July) more or less arrived at the same time so the house went from two to four. 


Happy Birthday to Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee, five and Tommy eleven.

Age UK no difference to last week still no electrics to a lot of things. I had to go into the kitchen to get the coffee everytime. No fridge either. A lot of extra walking as well. I went back to taking orders too, if it wrong, hard luck, it works better for everyone this way, not all change is good.

Went to see Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee gave them the presents. I am taking Tommy-Lee into town to get him clothes at a later date.

Wayne is in New York hopefully he will get to Disney World but as yet no flights.


A lot of pain today everywhere from toes to head shooting, drilling and just horrible.

Paul is away tomorrow cat sitting at Wayne's I go in two weeks time.

Wayne has bean to see Lion King on Broadway, he said it was brilliant.


Doing the bedrooms today so quite busy. My pain is still complaining but not as bad at the moment.
Moving around for me helps, sitting does not.

I picked a big dish of tomatoes, a good crop this year and so sweet as well.

Wayne has managed to fly to Disney World. He said there is not too much damage around the resort.
Hope he has a good holiday, as he has bean so stressed about things. Then there was the uncertainty about the flight, he was so on edge. Now relax Wayne and enjoy.


Pilate's so windy even with electrics on I had to work hard to get up to any speed. I still hurt so the session was not one of the best but I tried. Half way though the session I looked up, and noticed it was raining I asked Jo if I could bring my bike in. Yes she said, so I did I did not want a wet bum going home. The sun came out soon after. As it was I needed to put on my waterproofs for going home, as it started to rain again. Stronger wind going back. Very warm and red faced when I got home. Five miles though so not just a little ride, well not for me any way. I know my fried Marcus can cycle fifty or more in a day I think even a hundred at times.

Got Jamie-Lee in the afternoon. We played with a new toy she got for her Birthday. Making a picture out of little tiny hoop like beads. I kept dropping them as my fingers were not good today, very tingly and painful at times. Jamie-Lee thought it was funny when I kept dropping them. Nanny, she said and laughed I think at times with RSD that's all you can do, is laugh or at times cry. I try to laugh more because I think it helps.
Quite a busy day for me. Andrew cooked tea tonight spicy burgers hash browns and roasted vegetables. Very nice not very often I have someone cook for me.


Andrew cooked tea tonight Spaghetti with a tomato sauce very nice it was too I had two plate fulls well stuffed. I would have had more but I think that would have bean pushing it a bit. Twice this week now I could get used to this. With Paul being away I have not done a lot of meal cooking so I have had a break this week.


Age UK again-- Thank goodness they have sorted out most of the electrics no cappuccino machine but the rest is all working and back in the right places. Very busy too today took over £500.00.

I am not there for two weeks so a good rest I hope. Paul and I are going to Southern Ireland on Monday for a few days, so hopefully it will be good. After a busy tiring day I arrived home to find I could not get in. Andrew had left his key in the door so mine would not fit. His room is at the top a loft room, so he did not hear the door bell. After a wait I manged to get in the back way though next doors. We have a gate between us that has bean most useful in a lot of other door lock outs for us and our neighbours.


Quite a chilly start to the day on the common. Soon my gloves will be on.

Went into town with Tommy-Lee to get him a present, Jay-Jay joined us later. Tommy-Lee picked out a pair of nice trainers that I got him for his Birthday. He spent his other money on clothes and more trainers, he got some very nice things. Jay-Jay got a Fred Perry shirt, he bought himself in the sale. We got wet a few times as well. Weird weather for the last weak a lot of rain. The common is a bit slippery too. I need to be careful as I don't want my foot hurt again as it still swells up at night and still can be painful.


A nippy start again  foggy too. Getting ready for holiday and just normal things. We are being picked up at 6.30am tomorrow so not sure how I will do the bedtime thing. I might just lay on the settee and rest, not much point going to bed at five to get up very soon after is there. For those of you that don't know, I have very acute INSOMNIA. I can always rest on the bus or ferry. We are going on a PC Coaches trip, a tour of Southern Ireland .


Early start getting the PC Coach at six thirty. Tracy kindly took us to Unity Square. We were well on time another couple arrived soon after us. The coach arrived and we climbed aboard. We were the last pick up so the bus was about full. Four people did not turn up though. The driver is called Dave and seems very nice.

One stop then on to Hollyhead Wales to get the Ferry. Showers and windy going. Dave told us that the Mersey river starts here in Wales with just a small trickle.

Paul on the coach.

After a very pretty ride we arrived at Hollyhead. 
The Ferry we traveled on.

The ferry crossing was very smooth just like being on a train, I was talking to a couple and they said it was not always like this in fact sometimes you can hardly walk down the decks.
The crossing takes around three hours so plenty of time to rest. We looked around the shops and even went on to the top deck but it was a bit chilly.


Land in sight. Hope its Southern Island.
Yes its Ireland.

We left the Ferry and headed for the Hotel. Not too far away, we are here for one night.

The first hotel we are going to be in tonight.

The hotel was very nice and had a king size bed and a large single. Dinner was very tasty. The room we have over looks a busy road so its a bit noisy.


After little sleep and a good full Irish breakfast we set off for Bunratty Castle.

This is a 19th century castle and a folk village. Looking forward to strolling round.
After a cup of tea we set off to see what this castle had in store for us.

The delightful tea room.

Anyone for a wee? 

 I climbed all the steps to the top, looking down to this past part of the castle.
Goats in the grounds.
Now on to see the other things here.

This man was very good.

All the next pictures are inside the Castle grounds and Bunratty Folk Park. Inside and outside the houses. Some very grand houses, belonging to rich land owners Some very poor places belonging to poorer workers

 Bed in a cupboard.

A sack bed filled with straw...
Lady making apple pies to be sold in the tea room.
Two pictures of the school- note its says Boys and Girls have separate entrances signs on the building..1

McNamara's Pub
 We went in this pub for dinner, soup and brown home made bread. Paul had a Guinness.
 Very smooth.
 All gone very tasty he said, I had a sip, it does not taste like English Guinness.
Onto the Fairy village.  

After a tiring, long day, we headed back to the Coach and to our second Hotel of the trip.

The Hotel is very nice two beds again. The dinner/tea was lovely. Afterwards a man sang and played an electric guitar. He was very good and soon most were singing and clapping along..
We went for a walk later And I got some Radox hopefully this will help soothe my aching body.   


Rain all night and still a down pour going on. After we had a good breakfast we set off for another very full day. We are going on a Jaunting carriage ride in National Park. Thousands of acres of grass land hills and paths though beautiful scenery.
This will be under cover. Later a cruise on the Lough Leanne. Hopefully it will stop raining soon as visibly it's not good.

    After a short coach journey to Killarney we got on to the ride. 

Our knees covered with blankets. One lady said there was a lot of hair on them. I said maybe its the horses. The man was very funny and apologised about the weather. He said we get a lot of rain here. In fact the rain stayed away for two days and the County called it a drought. He was very funny and told stories all the way round. We thanked him and went on our way.
Even though the rain did not stop it was a very enjoyable ride but a bit painful for me but not as bad as I thought it would be. 

We headed to the cruise, still rain and very misty. 

 This place is a favourite with the eagles that have bred here for the last two years. We did not see them but the cruise Captain said he had on a number of occasions. The rain still comes down, no wonder it so green here.
 This boat heading to go down a mini water fall through the bridge. 

After we got back on to land the rain slowed down a bit. We went to look around Killarney.
Me by the coach about to go back to the Hotel.
After a very filling meal we headed back to the room. 


Today is the day most have looked forward to--The Ring of Kerry. We waited in the coach for the guide to come but it did not happen, despite numerous call from Dave the driver. He did get a call and a lady guide came, well we met in the next village. She was very good and knew a lot about this area. She lived not far away in a place called Inch. Off we go to see a view of a life time, or so we have bean told.
We stopped at a place called the Bog village when a lot of turf is dug for fires.
Paul had a proper Irish Coffee.

We carried onward to a place called Waterville. This is where Charlie Chaplin used to live. His granddaughter still has a house there and its up for sale as she no longer lives here.

 Just in case you have a heart attack.

 The man himself.
  Back to the coach and the views.
 Where next?
A pretty little church.
Are you lost?
 Ladies view.
This was named Ladies View after Queen Victoria visited with her ladies in waiting in 1861.

The afternoon was very warm not like yesterday.!!!

 The  rain came down-- and then, the most lovely rainbow.

The Ring of Kerry is indeed a beautiful sight to see.  

Not doing too good today I had to take a lot of OXYNORM, a lot of pain everywhere. I am shaking a lot as well. Just hope this does not go any further and turn into seizures. 
The Hotel put on some games as it was our last night here. A lot of fun but very much aware of the pain.  


Leaving the hotel today to head to the last hotel of the tour The Wilton in Bray. Dave took us to Adare, renowned to be one of the prettiest towns in Ireland, but the electric was off so most of shops shut. a very pretty place.

Goat and man we saw in the car park. Both got the same beads and hair.

Now for the last day here we are heading to The Irish National Stud and Japanese Gardens.

Our guide for the Stud Tour,
All the horses here, named below.


All horses no matter when they are born are given a Birthday of January 1st.

What a beautiful place and a very informative guide.

Back to the hotel for evening meal very good as well as all the hotel meals have bean.

Well we are nearly at the end of this short Irish break. Tomorrow we have an early ferry ride back to Hollyhead. We have to be at the coach for 6am. 

I am not feeling as bad as I was. Less pain but very Hypersensitive everywhere. Hope its a smooth ferry ride home.


Up 4.30am very short night raring to go now back to Summer and Andrew. The Hotel had done us , what they call a grab bag. So good of them to get up early to see to us. The bag had an apple, banana and cake in it and also a bottle of water. Also a cup of tea or coffee before we left. We thanked them very much and headed to the coach.

All on the coach, Dave had to stop suddenly and I shot forward and hit my head on the seat in front. Just a graze so OK. I was putting my bag on the floor. We had just pulled out the hotel car park. The car we nearly hit, as usual with a lot of cars was in too much of a rush.

Beautiful sun rise.
 Our Ferry

 Bye bye Ireland thank you for having us we have enjoyed it a lot. Thank you all.

We had a full Irish breakfast on the ferry very nice too. I thought at one point I was concussed as I had problems walking. The sea was a bit choppy so it was not me at all. Very misty too, not like when we came and we could see for miles, not today. I learnt how to walk with the waves so I felt better. After around three hours we were in Hollyhead.  

We had a stop for dinner at services at  Haywood. With having a big breakfast I only wanted a sandwich. On again to home, usually it seems quicker going home but not this time. Paul usually goes to sleep so its a case of look out the window. At last after dropping off people at their pick up points we were back in Lincoln and a short taxi ride and we were home. I could hear Summer crying and getting excited. Andrew made us a welcome cup of tea. The trip was very good but its a lot of miles to do in a short time. Summer sat with me most of the night she had missed me a lot. Andrew had looked after her well. Thank you Andrew.


Hopefully get some of the blog done, but windows 10 had other ideas. The computer kept crashing
Lost most of my pictures over three hours work for nothing. Hope to do a lot of my Blog while
I am at Wayne's. Spent a few hours putting things right. 


Happy Birthday Paul. Going to Wayne's today till Sunday. Started to do my blog but did not seem compatible with Paul's laptop. I tried for a while then just gave up as I was loosing too much information. I can do it when I get back.


Walked to Sowerby Bridge got some toothpaste as I forgot mine. Looked in the shops there got some chips for dinner and ate them on the way home, very tasty too. Had a cup of tea then got started in Wayne's garden. A nice sunny day, I will need to get more bags. The gardening went well got a lot done. I do like to be outside more than anything else. I need to be careful though as I am still exhausted from Ireland. With not sleeping much this does not help. While in the garden I thought I saw Timmy in the garden (he is a house cat so does not go out) I got a bit worried. As I got closer I saw it was not him. Finished up in the garden then gave Timmy his tea and sat down and did my cat little rug for Ben for his Birthday. Finished it all so just need to edge it and put a piece of dowel to hang it up. Good pleased with it and it does look a bit like Tabby cat (Ben's cat)

 Timmy cat not that impressed.


Got more bags in the morning a bit wet today, bean raining most of night heavy at times. By the afternoon the sun came out and it was quite warm. Finished off the garden. Bags at the end of garden ready for Paul on Sunday to take to the skip.


Rain again, rains here more than Lincoln. Going into Halifax to have a look round. By bus this time a bit far to walk. Would have at one time but that was before RSD. A nice day and met some of the ladies on the bus. Chatting to me all the time. Timmy was pleased to see me back as well gave him a lot of fuss. Knitting tonight, a pair of gloves, things went wrong with them so I had to pull a bit down.
All sorted now. 

Wayne phoned up, he is back in UK now, London for an over night stop then home on Saturday night late.

Timmy in the sunshine.

A bit of a clean up today so it's tidy for Wayne. Night time Wayne phoned up and said a car had gone into the railway bridge near Grantham and no trains were going that way, Had to be checked before anything moved again. Half an hour later he was able to carry on with his journey. He got home around 10.30pm. Timmy was so excited and his face was a picture. He looked like he had a tear in his eye. Lots of cuddles from a very tired Wayne, Timmy purred all the time.

Halifax also has the views, not quite as good as Ireland, but still stunning in places. These were on the walk back from Sowerby Bridge.


Well I hope you like this blog it took a lot of doing and things did not go to plan a lot of time.
I enjoyed our trip but is was a lot in a short time. I think too much for me. All the best to you all and I hope things are well with you all. Love Gill.

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