August 1st

Going to be a hot one today, already 31C in the greenhouse- 29C outside (1PM). Even the wind is hot. Later on, we had a full-blown storm did not last long but certainly cleared the heavy air.

My head with the high pressure and high humidity today feels like there is a fire in there and a lot of pressure and pain behinds my eyes.


Happy Birthday Summer. Summer's Birthday today she is 10 years old and still behaves like a Pup. She had for her dinner a bit of pork pie plus cucumber. For her tea, she had a chicken breast plus her usual biscuits. I know she does not know it's her Birthday but I do, so a treat day.

She has bean struggling in the heat but today is a bit cooler. 

Jay-Jay my oldest Grandson (16) badly hurt his arm today, put it through a glass panel on a door. he has severed arteries, tendons, and a badly cut arm. My Daughter Lindsay thought he was going to bleed to death as there was a lot of blood. No Ambulance either, even though he was a priority case. None available according to the operator. She got someone to take them in the car.  The arm was looked at and he needs to go to the specialist at Derby Hospital tomorrow and have an operation then or the next day. Hopefully, they can put most or all of it right. 


Got off my chair and had a spasm in my left foot not too bad but still painful. Got myself a drink and went to sit down. The spasm came back with vengeance my big toe curled under and the next toe stood up. On the other foot, the toe next to the big one stood up the same. Extreme pain going right up my leg. I had bean sat with my feet up, as my hip and knee hurt. My feet do not like this and reacted badly.  

Got Jamie-Lee today while Jay-Jay has his operation on his arm. All went as best as it could with what damage he has done. He was kept in overnight. Tracy came to pick Jamie-Lee up, to spend a night with her.


Got Jamie-Lee again as Lindsay at Derby with Jay-Jay should be home today. 

Jamie-Lee made Summer a crown.

I am the Queen!!

Cute as can be.

 Saw Jay-Jay when Lindsay came to pick up Jamie-Lee. He has got his arm in a big plaster and a sling. Seems alright in himself and pleased to be out there. 

A bit later they all went home, and I could have a rest. Jamie-Lee needs constant attention. She can be quite draining especially on these hot days. 


In town today as my Brothers Birthday on the 10th. Getting him a present.

We have to wear masks in all shops now, which makes you very hot, and sweaty. Because social distancing the queues take longer to go down. Any way mask straight off as soon as you get out of the shop. 

Got what I wanted for him, so it was worth the heat and wait. 


Early morning I had a seizure and came off my chair, bruised my arm, and hurt my shoulder, bad head as usual. 

Got Jamie-Lee as well as Jay-jay back at Derby Hospital. I did not tell anyone till later, just rested as much as I could. Told Jamie-Lee I  was a bit off it today and she was very understanding. 

Jay-Jay has now got a white splint on his arm looks very clumsy. He needs to keep moving it to get everything back to normal hopefully.

Not a bad day considering what had happened. I told Paul and Andrew after Lindsay and family had gone home.

I now feel very tired and the usual telltale SEIZURE headache still there.

Got Mustard, Bens hamster from 2 doors away to look after for two weeks, he is lovely and Summer thinks so too. I have looked after him be for at his house. but not here. This way he gets more attention and I can make sure the heat is not too much for him.

So cute.

Having a drink.


Found out that I have knitted a whole front of Jamie-Lee's cardigan wrong-- too many rows of rib. I tried to put it right but the edge was not stretchy like the other side. So the whole lot had to be pulled down and start again. Just for 4 rows too many. Message to self-- take more notice next time.

I have bean badly bitten on my arm and shoulders very sore and on fire a lot of pain. The RSD is having a whale of a time, I am NOT. Very hot again so that does not help either.


Looks like another hot day. 26C at 10Am. Wayne said it feels more like Florida than Britain. I know we have bean hotter than a lot of usual hotter countries. 

Saw my brother today and he was pleased with the zip-up top we got him and the chocolates. 

Hopefully meet up again soon and see all the family. Did not see him for long as his mother in law is in hospital. He had dropped off Bev his wife and will pick her up later. Still restrictions on visiting. The doctors think her Mum got dehydrated and will be home soon. 


Very humid again and guess what HOT. 31C at 5PM.

I have a pressure headache and can not get cool. 

Got Jamie-Lee again for tea as  Lindsay is spending time with Ben her chap.

Paul got her a bubble gun her other one went wrong. We played with this for a while, then hide and seek, Andrew played as well and got in a tight spot in the cupboard. Jamie-Lee did not come for a while and he was very squashed in there. After it was her turn to hide she hid in the same place and said-- it's not squashed in there Andrew she said. Bit of size difference Jamie. We also played Hangman and making words with the letters. 

Soon it was time for Lindsay to pick her up and I could have a quiet rest without a little voice, calling Nannie. 


Early Mornings tried to watch out for the Meteorites that are in the sky at the moment. I saw 2 as it was quite cloudy.  I saw a lot of sheet lighting and a bit of thunder too, storm a bit away I think. Not some for us through.

Very humid more so I think today than yesterday, We are promised storms but as yet nothing 2pm. A lot of time we seem to miss out on the big storms. Many would say good- but they do clear the air and temperature. I love to watch a really big one.

Snowy the cat from next door is spending more of time in our shed with Andrew while he has a smoke. He is a very loving cat and likes any attention he can get. Cries when Andrew leaves him, or he is not in the shed when he arrives. He tries to get in and will not take no for an answer and sneaks in anyway. Summer does little to stop him and likes it when he comes in.. Summer loves him but Summer loves everything.



Not feeling the best today, a lot of pain, and still a headache.  Summer also is struggling and panting a lot. She has such a thick coat and can not take it off. She was cut not long ago but her coat soon thickens up.

This is Summers's dog friend, playmate Wuff-she throws about and attacks when she gets frustrated or bored.


Dull day today- I don't think too many people will mind after all the extreme heat, we have had over the last few weeks. Summer and I are pleased with a break from it.

I open the fridge door and it just about dropped off. The hinge at the bottom has broke, the handle also broke a few weeks back. With this being a more expensive fridge (Llibber ) things are a lot more money to buy. Paul has ordered a bit for it and a new handle.

Eyes very sore today and still headache. 

A sunny windy day not as hot which is good for most people. 


Got Jamie-Lee today as Jay-Jay is having a check up on his arm.

A lot of the day Jamie-Lee and I played Monopoly which we both enjoyed. We took Summer on the common and she played with Jamie-Lee chasing after her ball. A good day Lindsay picked her up around sixPM. A long day as she was dropped off at nine AM. Jay-Jay arm is not doing as well as the Doctors had hopped but hopefully soon pick up a bit.

Later I watched an Elton John video Live from Madison Gardens very good it was too an old one 2015. He was supposed to tour this year but this did not go to plan because of the Corona Virus.


Watching a Youtube video today about SEIZURES and I realized that I am experiencing more than one type.  The GRANMAL one now called TONIC CLONIC,  I have known about this one since the start of having them. The one where I stare at nothing for a while is called an ABSENCE SEIZURE and the last one is called ANTONIC one. This is where my head drops to my chest and I am unconscious for a few seconds/minutes. Paul says I am asleep but I know what is going on most of the time. If this happens when I am stood up I feel very dizzy and dropdown.  I have an appointment on its way with doctor Sallsinus. Paul will explain to him, what happens when I have the SEIZURES. as Doctor was not sure if the SEIZURES were EPERLECY or not. Two other Doctors think they are, but Doctor Sallsinus had not seen me for a few years. He needed more evidence to convince him. Now I think its there for him to see this time.


Gave Summer a bath and she looks lovely soft and fluffy and smells so sweet.

Tired now.
My little friend.

Mustard is doing well. but  I think he is missing Ben a bit for his cuddles. The family are back this weekend so not long for him to wait.

Summer watching Mustard. She gets close to the cage and she gives him kisses. He is not scared of her one bit.

Summer waiting for a kiss from Mustard.


Very windy today nice on the common. Summers fur was blowing on to her face and she looked all fluffed up. 

The Family are back from their holiday and all had a good time. Ben will be pleased to see Mustard and mustard him. 

Emie came round with Squidge and brought me some flowers that was so nice of them.

My lovely flowers.

Summer will miss Mustard a lot, but she did see that he had gone home so she will not be looking for him. I will miss him too already today I thought I had better give him some freshwater then realized he had gone.


Finished off the cardigan I was making, apart from the buttons. This took ages to sew up around 4 hours in all- as I had to do the colour strips one by one. I did the button band on double-pointed needles ( sock needles) this was a lot better for me as shorter and easier to use not as much aching for my hand and arm. As I said before I do not like doing the button band, I would sooner pick up the stitches and do it that way. This pattern is an old one so that's the way they do it.


Jamie-Lee here again as Jay-Jay at Derby hospital again. He is doing as well as he can the Doctor is quite pleased with him. This is going to take a long time to recover.

Jamie-lee and I had a good day as usual. Lindsay came back mid-afternoon, she brought Suzy her dog back with her, they dropped Jay-Jay off at home. Summer was very pleased to see her. They spent the next half hour running around and playing. When they went Summer cried, she was so tired and soon was asleep and I think she felt better after.  

Stomach not good today got the runs and pain, I think its the IBS playing up. Not sure why as I am careful what I eat. One of life's mysteries- most of my things are a mystery, to me and to everyone else.   

A lot of pain in my joints as well especially at night, just want to sit awhile. I try not to take extra tablets as these can cause pain for the IBS but its not possible a lot of the time. I have bean quite good just lately and stuck to the daily ones.


Today would have bean my Mum's Birthday. Mun was a person that gave her time freely to others often at her own cost. When she retired it was her time for her self. But there was no more time left.


Today Summer is at the Vets having her injections. Just after we got there it poured down. We were told to sit in the car and wait. The vet came out and asked a few questions about Summer health, and had I any concerns. No none at all-- told her about the salmon oil how it had helped Summer's back leg. she said GLUCOSAMINE was better. One to think about if her legs get worse. She then gave Summer her booster infection. She hardly knew it had bean done. Not like last time when she cried both times.

Chinese for tea hope my stomach settles a bit better than it is now. Weird some times a bigger meal will help some times not. This time yes, it made things better. I had pancake- roll and chips plus a bit of curry sauce. Very nice too I really enjoyed it. With the take away just at the end of the street, it always red hot and very tasty.


Physio appointment online, told him how my arm had bean and what exercises I could and could not do. He is arranging a scan, just to rule out anything else, then he will able to see if it's just the wrist and arm still healing or not.

Phone appointment at the dentist ??? How does that work then? just questions then a follow up appointment when able to. 

Went to see Pam my Sister in law and husband Malcolm, as it's her birthday today. They are both well. Nice to see them as its bean a while.


A very dull start foggy as well. The temperature has dropped so much these last few days, from around 25-29C to 10-15C. People on the common had hats on, I know my hands were cold. Warmed up a bit later on.

Paul painting the bottom half of the front room looks a lot better now. I never liked the wallpaper from the day we put it on. Paul did though so it stayed.  

Well, another month has gone by not too bad, people are starting to talk about Christmas already. One of my friends has already done all her shopping. She does not have much to do though. A lot of people have not had holidays yet and feel hard done by. What about all the people that did not make it through the CRONIA VIRUS? 

All the best to everyone see you next time love Gill.


July 1st

Lindsay, Tracy, and Jamie-Lee came round. Jamie-Lee was very brave as she had a blood test and did not cry. I told her she was very brave and next time to watch the blood going up the tube. She said she might.

My new iron came today and I used it on the bedding a lot better than my old one and soon got through it all. Still ironing with my left hand but, this makes my right shoulder and right hand hurt a lot. Anyway all done and put away.


Tided up the tomatoes and cucumbers they are not doing too bad. I have had better crops but the weather has bean so variable so that does not help. The greenhouse one day over a hundred F the next barely 60 F.

Walked to get the rest of my tablets which they did not have last time. Again they are not, there's no prescription from the Doctors according to them. So went round to Doctors to see what and why. They now have a doorbell system since CORONAVIRUS, that you press and wait, and wait, and wait, 3 times I pressed it, and no one came. A young lad went to the window and banged on it, as by now we had bean there a while. They said they never heard the bell!!  The prescription will be ready in 2 days and sent as usual to the chemist.

Angela came round she is doing well, we both enjoy our chats together.


Cleaning up downstairs today. Quite a lot of pain hopefully moving around a bit will help me. I have taken a lot of extra tablets as well so getting working. 
The park is open at last and a little boy was so excited to be able to use the slide again. A lot of the bigger children have bean going over the fence. Good that things have started to go back to normal again- whatever that is. I have said be for on this Blog that the VIRUS did not really change my life much at all.


Got Jamie-Lee again for tea and after for a while, as usual, she was starving and when it was tea- clean plate from her again. We played games this time, Guess who- and Kerplunk. Both of us had a good time, and Lindsay was early back so that was good.


Had a day in the garden just weeding a bit and deadheading the flowers. Just took my time and got it all done. I would sooner be outside than inside any day.

I had a letter from the Physio that treated my wrist and arm to see if I wanted to a telephone appointment. I do of course and got in touch with them.


B12 injection done this hurt quite a bit. I told the Nurse about my arm, as she always asks how things are going. We spoke about Physio there instead and I need to speak to someone next Monday 13th, to see what can be done there. This if possible, would be better than going to the hospital around 2 miles away. The Doctors is around half a mile away.


Put on my running shoes as I thought they are doing no good just sat there. I usually only wear them for running. Will I ever wear them for running again?? Sad time remembering the good running days,

Wore them to go into town I had forgotten how nice they are to have on. My feet like they were on pillows.

Lindsay my daughters Birthday is on Sunday and I wanted to get her a few things. Still big queues at Primark, I was going in there but was not going to wait, as could be quite a while. Got a few bits for her already though and am going to Asda Home tomorrow to see what they have.


On the common today, I gave the horses some apples I tried to share them out but one horse was very persistent and he got more than any of them. Got a bit scary with big horses surrounding me but all apples gone now and not wasted. Summer was waiting further back as she does not like the horses at all. She was very good and just sat waiting and looking to see when I was coming back. We played ball and then went home she was happy.


Watched an Elton John concert on YouTube, live from Australia well it was in 1986. Very good, from his dress up and big wig days. After I watched Joseph (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), this also was good.


Lindsay, Tommy, and Jamie-Lee came round for tea as its Lindsay birthday today. We all had Chinese good it was too- everyone enjoyed it.

Lindsay liked everything we got her Jamie-Lee helped her unwrap them. I think she was nearly as excited as if was her Birthday.


Had a word with my Nurse Practitioner about my shoulder, she thinks it may be FROZEN SHOULDER. I am not so sure, she has not seen me but by what I said to her. She promised to send me some exercises by email by the end of the day.

I am waiting for a call from my Physio so I can get his view. This will be a video call so he can see me. No exercises came through from the Nurse.


Met my friend Joy in town and we sat outside a little cafe having a drink. Good to see her, last time was early February. A good chat was needed but not too long as others wanted the seats. Soon hopefully things will be better and all will be back to normal.

Got a few bits of shopping, A lot of the shops are only open for a limited time. One lady I spoke to said it was like this in the war.


A good video call with Vinnie my Physio, the same one that has bean treating me for my wrist so he last saw me in March. This was when my arm started to hurt and go strange. He does not entirely agree with the diagnosis of frozen shoulder, more the rota cuff but possibly both.

He send me some exercises to do- yes these arrived, unlike the Nurses ones. Some I can do but others no way but I will keep trying. Talk to him again in 6 weeks.

Shopping with Andrew at Morrissons Paul took us and waited in the car as he said it would be too much for him to go round. Anyway not knowing the store at all-- we could not find things so a lot of asking the staff. Some of the freezers had packed up so no fish stuff, or much of an ice lolly section. Mostly Paul who eats these anyway, and we have got some. All done what we could- ended up with 2 trolleys full. Over £140 worth.

Hardly through the door and Emmie came round with her Dad Squidgy, to see if Summer could play.!!!
I said come back in 20 minutes as I need a sit down as very heavy and warm today around 24-25 C.

She came back and we played in the garden with Summer. She asked when she could take Summer for a walk. I said now, if you want. so we set off but it was very warm and she struggled a bit, as she does not walk much as both parents drive most places. She is very thin though and Andrew always says a strong wind would blow her away. Not back long and Squidgy came to get her as they were having a Chinese for tea. I think she would be very tired and hungry too.  


Got Jamie-Lee all day today as Lindsay is having some injections in her neck for her headache problem. Hope all goes well as these are not nice. I had pain blocks early on in RSD- but they did little for the pain or anything just I think made things worse so in the end stopped them.

Lindsay injections she said were better than usual but still very painful. They did them a bit lower in her neck and used a scan this time, not used to be for. A different hospital, different way, some new treatment coming up for her soon.

We took all the dead roses off the bushes, also next doors. Mostly Jamie-Lee did this with the secateurs.
She enjoys gardening very much and being outside. She is very active and bikes and walks most places as Lindsay does not drive.

 She tried to teach me Minecraft a game she plays but I could not do it. Touch screen not good for my fingers as they do not know what they are doing-- neither do I most of the time either.

Jamie-Lee enjoyed her time here and was picked up around 5pm, 7 hours after she arrived. Then she did not want to go.

I had finished her cardigan so she took that and said it was beautiful and loved it.  No picture but the same as Emmie's one I made in May for her Birthday.

Pain on weeing later blood too, so not good took some powders from the chemist as I did be for but not a lot better this time, a lot more painful Another phone call to the Doctors Monday for ANTIBIOTICS.


Trying to keep busy despite the pain and frequent trips to the toilet. Watered the greenhouse and potted a few plants, gave 2 away. A lot of washing done and dried.

Started doing the exercises more and hopefully, they will get easier with time but still difficult.


Got the ANTIBIOTICS I needed so that's good hopefully they will help. I need to take in a wee sample next week as this is the third time this year I have had this. Not feeling the best so not doing much, very hot and ache a lot. I think the RSD is playing me up. GO AWAY I HAVE ENOUGH TO COPE WITH.


When Lindsay phoned up to see how we all were and said she was coming round. I thought no- I had not told her I had an infection. I had a one-sided terrible headache and hurt all over.

Angela also came round before  Lindsay got here. She did say she would go but I said it's alright as a chat would be nice. Just as she was going Lindsay arrived with Jamie-Lee. She took one look at me and said what's wrong then told me off for not letting her know. I said you were not good after your injections so that's why I did not tell you.

Just sat in my chair but then had to go and lay down as got very dizzy- Lindsay helped me upstairs.
 I think I had a sleep but not sure as not really with it at all.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee brought me a drink up and helped me sit up as I was all over the place.
She said I kept saying there was something in my tea. I can not remember this at all. Straight away she knew something was not right.  

She was correct I had a seizure, not a big one, and only one. Jamie-Lee was sat next to me on the bed and it scared her a lot. I think maybe the headache over the one eye was a warning. One to watch out for I think.


I slept quite a lot overnight very weird one a lot of the time felt very far away and not really with it.

Lindsay came round again to check up on me. Paul was out for his dinner and I was not safe to be on my own after the seizure. She said looked a bit better as yesterday looked terrible. I think she was surprised I did not have more seizures.

She is not too good her self but better than past times after the injections. 

Andrew played Guess who, with Jamie-Lee she was pleased as she loves Uncle Andrew a lot.

I just rested and hoped this headache would soon go. Went about 4pm.


More with it today but still hurt all over. I took Summer for a walk on the common hoping it would help loosen up everything, Andrew took her yesterday. My head pain went around 4pm.


Finished off Jamie-Lee's bolero cardigan, This gave me a few problems and had to pull down a lot. With 142 stitches on each row around the collar that's a lot of work. This took 2 hours to sew up as well and I had to it in stages.
All done.

Strange later I kept seeing things that were not there, a tree branch on my chair, a person stood near me, and flashes of someone walking past me. Very strange. I was not asleep either as I walked into the kitchen and bathroom. I think this is from the seizure I had. 


My friend Jenny's birthday: Happy Birthday Jenny hope you had a good day!

Started another little jacket set (hat gloves and jacket) for a friend, whose partner is having a baby in September. This pattern I have done lots of times and is a favorite. Working in Aran wool, so took a bit of getting used to as been working in double knit. I am doing the hat first to get used to the wool.

Taken last ANTIBIOTIC so time will tell if the infection has gone. 


The first time this year I have peeled potatoes and carrots. This took longer, but I did it; my wrist is improving and getting stronger. Forearm and shoulder still not good but with the new exercises I got from the Physio I think in time, things will improve.


As a lot of you know I am a Radio 1 listener right from day one when radio 1first started. Well, they do challenges and other strange things; especially if Greg James has anything to do with it. This was a suggestion from Steve one of the listeners.  Too good for Greg to refuse. 

This time was to get all the countries in the world to tell Coronavirus to get lost (go away etc) their way and in their native language. 193 counties and it went right up to the deadline at 10am but they did it. Well done Greg and Radio 1. 


My oldest sons Birthday today Happy Birthday Wayne hope you have a good day. 

Cleaning upstairs today. Quite warm for this but I got everything done. Soon after Lindsay phoned up and asked if I would have Jamie-Lee for tea and a bit after, course I would.

Today we had a big pilates ball to pump up then balance on. Jamie-Lee did quite well. 
Lindsay got me this when my balance was bad and it helped quite a bit.

After tea, we went to the park which is just across the road. Nice and cool now so it was very pleasant sitting on the grass. I had a swing and a go on the horse. Jamie just about went on everything. There were not too many people there as I did say if there was a lot, we would go on the common instead. 

When we got back Lindsay was already here to pick her up. She said she had a good time here. 


Going to be hot- hot- hot. 33c at 4pm and rising. The wind is very warm too more like abroad than UK The greenhouse was around 110c I put the shade on to protect the cucumbers and tomatoes as they were wilting a bit. 

Nice on the common still quite cool.  

Well, again a bit mixed month again. Another seizure out the blue. Jamie-Lee was Ok with it when she saw I was better now. Having to wear masks in shops- not bean in one yet so not affected me. 

Hope things are going well with you all.
 Love Gill.


16 YEARS TODAY-- 13th July.

13th July


16 years today since all this started from just a fall. Bang: RSD settles in.

Someone said to me once if you are going through HELL just keep going. I think this has helped me a lot and I kept going. At times this has bean very painful and near impossible. The seizures have added to the stress my body has to endure, plus the knee operation as this did not go to plan. I had about recovered fully from that then after another fall; a broken wrist. Still removing from that and things are still not quite right yet.

RSD takes away a lot of my life but I fight back. I mostly can still walk well but not without pain.  The common Summer and I go on, just about every day keeps me going. I know without that I think my life would be a lot different. Of course, Summer is the best thing ever for me. She understands when I feel bad, and gives me love and cuddles.

I was told that in time I would be in a wheelchair, most if not all the time. This really scared me as an active person that is the last thing on your mind. I think I could understand it more if this pain and everything was caused by a bad accident and not just a fall.

RSD can not be seen like a plastered limb, so it's hard for people to understand the pain. WHY one day I can do things and not another?  WHY extreme pain one day and less the next.?????   RSD, that what.

I do not think there will be a cure any time soon for the UK. In America, some go through the KETAMIN COMA, but this can be fatal. My RSD friend in Florida had it and suffered a heart attack. She was around 22, she recovered, but it did not improve her RSD. A few years later she had a second go. Do not know what happened as she stopped her RSD Blog. She's still on Facebook but does not talk about her RSD. This KETAMIN thing is something I would never have.

My very first Physio way back in 2004 said to me this-- USE IT OR LOSE IT- meaning if you do not move your limbs despite the pain your brain will forget how to move them. This was good advice for me and I think spurred me on.

Well, this is me again wishing you all the best and just keep going. Love Gill.

July Blog at end of the month.

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