January 1st

Happy New Year to you all and lets hope a better year for me and any one else who had a rough one in 2015. Saying that I think 2014 was worse for me. 2015 was just like the tail end of it all.

Good news as well--- Our Cuckoo  know as Colin was not working right last year. I said he had bird flu. Well after a trip to the clock man who said I can't fix him, no parts. He has recovered all on his own and now is working like new again. Strange, I still think he had bird flu.

  Colin the cuckoo.

A quite day for me after getting back from Lindsay's. (looking after the children last night.)


A lot of pain in my right arm and wrist, not sure if its CARPEL TUNNEL or the RSD. The pain radiates from my shoulder so could even be coming from there. Numbness and tingling as well.


Nurse for B12 injection and Doctors for check up and advice. The B12 hurt a lot and made me feel very light headed. I asked the Doctor about ALEDRONIC ACID as the dentist was a bit worried about my teeth. I am to carry on with it as now is an important time for my OSTEOPOROSIS. Stopping it could be bad for me. The risk to my teeth is far less than the one to my bones. After all he said it's quite rare to be affected by the drug. So is RSD to a point!!!

Looking after Ben and Emmi tonight. (Children two doors away) They were very good, so an easy night.


Acue --- We sat and talked quite a bit today. I have thought for a while that the treatment has bean less effective. Working better at times than others. After consulting the tutor we have all agreed to go back to basics. Martin always said less is more. Just twelve needles total today. Four in each lower leg and four in my upper back and shoulders. After the needles were removed from my right leg, there was a lot of pins and needles and tingling. I then had a deep massage on my shoulders and upper back. Painful but soothing at the same time.

Later my shoulders and back felt a lot lighter and looser.


Pilate's today-- first one of the year, still the same class for now. The session went well, a few new moves mixed in with the old. An enjoyable session.
Arm still very painful and numb at time with shooting pains, white fingers too. Very tired later.


Age UK-- again another first for this year. Sheila was there but not Angela.  Slow to start with, but it soon changed and we were very busy.  I managed to burn my finger on the water boiler. A blister came up straight away, sore. We were still serving meals at two thirty, a couple came in and asked for fish and chips and a puddings. They were lucky they got some as we usually stop serving meals at two. The man said it was the best apple crumble he ever had and thanked Gwen (Chef). A few awkward customers as well today. I did not leave till gone three o'clock.

A bit of shopping then home about five. Shoulder and back feels a bit sore today. Sometimes the after affects of the Acue and the massage. My neck feels better no shooting pains or spasms as yet.


In town with Lindsay and Jamie-Lee we are getting her some new shoes. Clarke's did not have much to show her in her size. We ended up with a pair of trainers very nice, but shoes would have bean better choice. Jamie-Lee did like them a lot and will wear them probably more than school type shoes. Lindsay really wanted a pair suitable for Nursery as she is starting next week. Hopefully she can get some else where.


The first time we have seen sun for ages. A colder day but a lot better than the damp stuff we have bean having for a while. I was going to have have Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee while Tommy-Lee was playing football at Skegness. The match was cancelled due to a flooded pitch. So a quite day doing ironing and Blog and other non interesting bits. Bathed Summer so she looks very pretty and so fluffy and white.

Summer looking a lot cleaner, but not for long.

Lindsay managed to get Jamie-Lee a pair of shoes for school. She likes these as well.Cooking tea roast beef and all the bits.  Looking forward to this.


 First day at nursery for Jamie-Lee all suited up ready.

 Jamie-Lee looking very excited.
 Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee on their first day back to School in September.

Back to rain and dull again very mucky on the common. Yes Summer is not as clean now but she is happy.

My finger is infected, swollen and red. I scraped it on a shelf and a lot of yellow stuff and blood came out. Went down a bit afterwards.


Very mucky and wet on the common today. Summer loves the rain and big puddles which she runs though. She gets very wet and muddy.

Day out today, at the pictures with Angela, we are going to see the Danish Girl. a story about a man in the wrong body.
The film was very good and I enjoyed it. Quite a bit of pain and spasms during it though. A few extra tablets calmed everything down.

After the pictures I went back to Angela's house and stopped there for a while. Had tea there as well Mince and gravy with potatoes and carrots very nice too.  Played with her cat Saba, very vocal she was but cuddly too. About nine o'clock Angela brought me home. A good day. Thank you Angela.


Pilate's a good session a lot more standing which I like. Finger is still swollen but the infection I think has gone. I don't really want to go to the Doctors about it.


Cold wet and dismal. A bit of snow fell as well. The first of this winter. Cleaning up today and not much else.


Age Uk back to the full gang-- Sheila, Angela and me. A busy day but more snacks and drinks than full meals. Saying that, we did sell out of braising steak and just about all the apple pie went. I had some it was so good.
A bit of shopping in town then home. The nights are getting lighter now so I just about get home in the light.


Got all the young uns today, so a busy day ahead playing. Lindsay is out for the day. Jay-Jay went to meet a friend so a little bit nervous till he came back home, on time as well. This is the first time he has gone out on his own while in my care. Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee were good and played together, hide and seek plus dolls games just about everything. Jamie-Lee goes on her Ipad as well, a good thing for her when she is getting tired. She watches a lot of roll play things.
A good day the children were entertaining and energetic, ate their dinner and I enjoyed it all.

Very tired later and aching a lot but happy. Some snow fell about 2am


Sorting out my DVDS and general tidy up. My shoulder and arm are so bad today. Shoulder numb but even so a lot of pain there. Elbow is as bad, shooting pain up and down my arm. Oh the joys of RSD and mine is not as bad as some. Also the pain does not calm down no matter what I take. With this type of pain its either hurting like hell or hardly at all, no middle ground.


I had a check up by a very nice tall, handsome Scotch man called Ryan who did a house call. He asked me about my seizures and my general health. Taking my blood pressure and various tests. My saturation levels were 100% -- he said he never had this level before. Everything else checked out good. He suggested I might have a life line pull cord for my seizures, not so keen I said if they start up again I will then. No seizures since May last year. This visit is to help me keep out of hospital.

Arm and shoulder no better, I was asked what the pain is like-- here goes-- bee sings, nettle sings tooth ache, sensitivity off the scale, electric shocks all at the same time plus my body going into spasm at the slightest touch.
The pain just decides to come and go when it feels like it. One minute going crazy the next calm down to my normal levels. If I walk with my arms folded instead of having them hanging down this seems to stop the nerve pain a bit, some of the time. This tends to make my shoulders hurt though. I have given over trying to understand it and just go with the flow. I think after eleven years I am not doing too bad.

Arm back to my normal now, I am so pleased. I was talking to Angela about running, and said-- its killing me not bean able to run, but on the other hand it will probably kill me when I start again.

Pilates a good session I enjoyed it. Now a lot of the members do more stood up, than sitting. So good to see how everyone has come along and got stronger. Shows Pilates works. I know it does I have doing it for since May 2009 and enjoying it too.


A sharp frost very cold. On the common I had on two pairs of gloves, both hand knitted by me. The outer one are mittens made from Mohair, with the wool ones on underneath. I had warm hands all the way round. Something I don't usually have because I have bad Raynard's. If I need to clean up after summer I still keep warm because of the under gloves. Good at last warm hands. So nice too.

My friend Bev is here on a short visit. Very good to see her, We exchanged Christmas presents. 
Caught up on all the things since last time. All too soon it was time to go to Age Uk we walked into town together. Raining and cold today. 
Age UK was quite today I think the rain has put some people off. A good day and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.


A lovely day warm sunny-- spring like day. At last some nice weather. A few bulbs are coming up now and my first snow drops have properly flowered. They have bean nearly there for weeks. These are the first ones I have another lot that flower, later they are smaller and wild ones. Acquired last year. Maybe Spring is on the way??? 

 The little snow drops making there way into the world.

Now my knees are bad and swollen. Pain levels high here but at least my arms are better.

Summer loved her walk on the common with it being a good day we were out longer. She managed to stay fairly clean as well.
Went to see my Mum and Dad in the afternoon.  I miss them both so much, it has bean just eleven years since Dad went, more for Mum. Summer came too a lot of walking for her. About three miles or more plus the common as well. We can go a lot of the way on the common so Summer gets a good walk.


A quite day today just doing a few jobs and writing this Blog.  Later I am going to listen to a Broadcast from the Cannabis Health summit-  in California talking about how cannabis can help chronic pain and seizures. Could be interesting I think-- I will let you know.


At Lindsay in the afternoon looking after Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee. Jay-jay is off School with ear ache and Jamie-Lee just goes in for the morning. Played with all the toys and had a good, but tiring day. Jamie-Lee is quite demanding and wants my attention all the time.

The Cannabis broadcast I listened to was very good and informative. Medical Cannabis helps a lot of people with things from depression to Cancer. A lot of MS patients use it. I take a lot of strong medications and so will a lot of you, some of the side affects are as bad as the pain itself. Cannabis can help chronic pain also seizures.  There are not usually any major side affects.Trouble is its not legal in this country, as yet. This is something to think about.

Today is a year since, my friend Sonia passed away. I spent six weeks in hospital with her. Without her, life in that ward would have bean very dull. I know a lot of time I was unconscious but towards the end of my time there she really did help me get through it all. Thank you my friend. 


Lindsay was here when I got back from the common with Summer. Jamie-Lee too as she was up a lot of last night with ear ache, so no nursery today.

Pilates a very good session. Jo has worked hard with the other members and most stand all the time to do the moves. When the class first started hardly anyone stood up. Everyone said they feel a lot fitter and more importantly looser.


Age UK again today, we are having  a refit over the weekend and reopening on Monday with a new name. I put in two suggestions-- "Welcome Cafe" and "Park it" the cafe in on Park Street. Park it, as park the car and park your bum. I will know on Monday if any were chosen.

Not a good day for me as I forgot to take my MORPHINE tablet, (10am usual time.) I started to feel very strange about eleven thirty to twelve. Hot/cold pain weird head, shaking, speech wrong- soon I realized I had gone into withdrawal. I have bean a MORPHINE addict for years and my body craves it. I always carry a 50ml bottle of OROMORPTH/OXYNORM with me. I had nearly all of that then it was a waiting game to see how effective it would be as I usually have this as well in bad pain days.
Lucky it helped a lot I finished off the bottle and soon started to feel normalish again. Still very shaky. I had to have help with pouring out water and lifting things.

This is one of the things that people on addictive medication have to put up with. I know people take this just for kicks and try to get off it at a later stage but find it very hard. I watched a documentary once before I took MORPHINE and did not really believe the suffering and pain that you go through to get off it. COLD TURKEY as its called. That was up till I came off it in May 2009 also 2006 both times had to go back on it because of PAIN. 2006 because of FIBROMYALGIA.I know its not a good drug to be on long term but it works very well.

Later on, after arriving home I did feel better, but a strange not here feeling going on. Fair bit of pain every where as well.


When I told Andrew my son how much MORPHINE I had taken  he was very concerned. I had no choice, hopefully this will not happen again, but somehow I think it will. I would love to get off MORPHINE for good, but I need to replace it with something safer that does the same job or better and does not land me in trouble with the law..

A quite weekend no children-. well Tommy-Lee was here for an hour or two. Other wise not too much going on. I still feel a bit off it and with the far away feeling. Rain Sunday as well most of the day. Summer and I got wet on the common.

Tommy-Lee had a football match and drew 0-0.  Paul took them and stayed to watch and said it was a good game.

Well a non eventful start to the year, so that can only be good. Hope it keeps up. Best wishes to you all and I hope your new year is going good.    Love as always Gill.

Sorry this Blog was a bit later than normal going out, I sort of had a unscheduled stop at the Hospital. Doing better now. More about that in February  Blog.


December 1st

I am at the dentists today at 12.40pm and dreading it. A wisdom tooth needs to come out, well its only really half a one. The ALADRONIC ACID I take for OSTEOPOROSIS can affect teeth to the point of them literary falling out. I hope that does not happen it is quite rare for this to happen though. So is RSD to a point!
Anyway here I am sat in the chair waiting for the LIDOCANE to take affect three injections. I asked the dentist how he got the tooth out, he replied I wiggle it and push it. Much like we all did when little. He said I would feel a lot of pressure but not pain hopefully. Last time more LIDOCANE had to be added. Minutes later tooth out, all finished. No where near as bad as the filling was. I know its still numb so time will tell.

Later in the day my face was still numb so I think it will be morning when the feeling comes back, still no pain.


Woke up to my sore face, like I had bean hit. Took IBRUES, that helped. This is one of the times I am glad I have strong pain killers like MORPHINE if I should need it.

Not too bad a day went to Pilate's and enjoyed it as usual. My shoulder is very loose and when I raised my arms up I felt the shoulder joint click. I thought it was coming out the socket like before.
Fair bit more pain in my jaw later, but taking it easy like the dentist told me to do.


More pain in my face today so topping up with pain stuff. Still better than I thought it would be.

I went to see Paul's Nana she in 99 years old on the 30th. She was quite ill but now is a lot better. She was pleased to see me. To start with she was unsure who I was but soon realised. Just think what she has seen in her life.

My hip has improved a bit but still sore. I feel quite tired all the extra pain I think.


Age UK today, Sheila is back but Angela is in London. A busy steady day. Went to get my bag out the locker and it refused to open. Nills had to break it to get in. Bag retrieved  (Thank you Nills) and  more or less straight home.


This is the cat that annoyes Summer by sitting on the trelis frame. She barks and jumps at it, but it is not frightened of her.

 Just you jump down and I will get you, says Summer.

Out for Christmas type dinner with the IA members. An enjoyable day everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. A lot of them said how well I looked compared to last year. I hope it keeps that way too. To think it has taken me over a year to get back to my normal. The seizures have stayed away as well, none since 25th May.


Shopping with Paul for his family's Christmas presents. plus a few things I need to get. He is not sure about what he is getting- so could be a long day. Had some dinner in town. We managed to get everyone a gift so we don't have to do it again another day. The trip turned out not to be too bad. I ached a lot everywhere, knees are swollen and sore shoulders, very sensitive too. We saw some friends that we have seen for a while. The lady usually grabs me like an octopus and I always have to warn her to be gentle. Nice to see them both. Back home for a rest, and to cuddle Summer she has missed us or maybe its the treats she gets.


Pilates again, managed quite well. Last one next week.

I have now finished both pairs of gloves for Denise and Gill from Age UK. Very tired today I know I must try to get to bed earlier but this is not an easy thing for me.

While in the bath- I moved my right foot and touched the bath side, the pain went off the scale shooting right up my leg. This did not last for long thank goodness, but while it did it was so bad. I have a pressure sore on my heal, I think I must have pressed it and touched the nerves. This has happened before but not as bad. Sometimes it seems like my whole body is going crazy.


Age UK today very quite at first then busy. I hit my arm on the door frame, a direct hit on my elbow. The pain was bad, I had to walk up and down for a while doing my breathing. After a while it all calmed down. Arm is just a bit red, that was until I burnt it on the drinks machine probe. Quite sore and very red. I like the machine even less now. Apart from that a good day. A bit of shopping then home. Gave Denise and Gill their gloves, they were very pleased.

When I arrived home Paul had put up the Christmas decorations and done the tree. Everywhere looked very festive.



Lindsay's here with Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee, Jay-Jay is at a friends on a sleep over. He will be here later. Spent most of the day playing with the children more so Jamie-Lee. Lindsay went shopping. Jay-Jay arrived looking very tired, almost half dead looking, he was so tired to the point of hardly bean able to stand. He half sat, half laid on my chair much to Summer disgust, she wanted all the chair to herself. I said he could stay the night here as he could have a better sleep without Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee getting him annoyed. Lindsay and co left. Within a few minutes Jay-Jay was asleep and remained so for about three hours.

 He awoke and I told him I was going next door to see the family staying with Karol. They are all going back to Poland so I wanted to say goodbye to them. They are missing their friends and family so have decided to go back home. I will miss my little friend Simon who has just turned five he liked helping me in the garden. He did not speak English, but somehow we understood each other. His Mum said he loved to be with me. She and Simon the older brother spoke English. They both went to School here for a short while and Simon learnt a bit of English. One day he said Hello Mrs (he called me that) and goodbye. A cute little boy, his brother was very likable too. I shall miss them all and our little chats.

Jay-Jay was more awake when I got back and had some food. A few things on the computer then bed
Jay-Jay still looking very tired even after his sleep plus Summer..


Jamie-Lee is here again while Tommy-Lee plays football. Jay-Jay will help me with her. She can be a handful at times. Not too bad today though. Played with dollies and playdoe, tents and tunnels. At one time there was no room to move. Summer joins in too. Soon Lindsay returned, Tommy's team  did not win-- they lost 3-2, but Lindsay said it was a good match and they all played well. Tommy's turn to look tired Jay-Jay had now recovered and looked his usual self. Soon they all went home and I could have some peace and rest.


Went to see Ben next door he is well and gave me some of Cilla's teds I made for her a while ago. Also a present that was found at the back of a cupboard. We both cried as Cilla passed way about a year ago.
It's Tommy-Lee's School play today, it's called A Pudding For The Chimney Sweep. This was very good, different and funny from the usual School plays. Tommy-Lee's part was a worker in the factory. He enjoys acting very much. I really enjoyed it.


Last Pilate's of the year, next year I am staying in this group as we are doing more and more things that I was used to in the original group.

I have now marzipanned all the cakes so they are getting closer to be finished.

I have also now got Jamie-Lee's dolly's clothes done. 

Little red ridding hood.
All dressed up ready to go out.
Little Ugg boots as well.
                    I made these from an old pair of PJ's of mine but they did not turn out too good.
 Dolly in her rabbit suit.
 I hope she likes them.

 My arm is still quite sore and few IBRUES have bean taken, hopefully it will soon calm down.


Today is the Age UK's third Christmas Party. I am helping at this one. Over the last three days between three and four hundred guests will have had a three course Christmas meal. Plus singing and dancing. I think the kitchen staff will be ready for a break.
The day went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I did not injure myself or drop anything. My foot played up and I needed MORPHINE but the padlock got stuck on the locker and Nills had to break in again. This took a while and the pain got out of control. I took four IBRUES but this did hardly anything. At last my MORPHINE was available. I took quite a bit enough to feel very light headed. I sat quite for a while while the MORPHINE did its job and I was soon back helping again. A good day but long and painful for me. We all got a box of chocolate biscuits.


 Some of the staff.

 Age UK Choir.

Andrew has arrived here at about 2-45am, after delayes at the Airport and motor way traffic. Paul picked him up from Manchester Airport.  He is here for Christmas and Wayne will arrive Christmas Eve.


It's Angela, my friend from Age UK Birthday. Paul, Andrew and I went for a while and she did some party bits. Present from us as well.

I have now iced all the cakes, not finishing until nearly midnight. I ache and I am exhausted, but will I sleep any better I dought it..

 All the cakes done at last.


Going into town with Andrew so might be a dear day? 
A good day and Andrew helped me choose some last minute presents as well and he did not cost too much with his things. With living in Amsterdam he can not get somethings there, so when he visits, he likes to have a good look round.

My sister in laws Birthday so we are all there tonight. All her family was there as well so a house full. 
Another long day for me quite a bit of pain too.


Mince pies and sponge cake made today. Andrew made a lovely banana cake- NO SUGAR and no wheat flour, rice or coconut instead. Very moist and tasty. He makes a lot of his meals from scratch

My brother Stephen and his girlfriend Sue came round I have not seen them for a while, so a good night.


Wayne's here but after a train delay arriving here about 6-30pm from Halifax. An Indian meal as well. All the family together or at least in the same City.


Merry Christmas everyone hope you all have (had) a good day. Lots of presents and good times plus a perfect cooked dinner, by me of course. Everything went well. Lots of lovely presents from every one. Thank you all.

 Summer opening her presents.
 A mask from Phantom Of The Opera that Wayne got me.
Summer later on with her new ball so tired she went to sleep.

Lindsay's here tomorrow so not a quite day.
Summer had a good walk with me and Andrew. wet and windy on the common.
Wayne is not too good MAN FLUE but he is coping like a man.

I am also looking after a cat across the road. I say one cat but there are three of them coming in.


A dry day, first one for a while. Apart from that a MANIC day with all the children here, very excited they were. We exchanged presents with everyone. Jamie-Lee undoing hers and most of everyones as well. She loves present and giving and receiving them.



 Jay-Jay in his new jumper.
 Tommy-Lee just showing a bit of his maroon new jumper.
 Tommy-Lee in his Minecraft top.
 The three Angels!!!!
 Lindsay and co with Andrew and his dinner.
 Paul and Lindsay.
 Andrew Lindsay and Wayne
 Me and Paul.
 The Christmas Picture.

They had dinner here and tea too I had to go upstairs a few times for a bit of quite time as pain was building up. Noise affects me a lot. Even so a good day very tired but happy.


We are going to the Castle. Yes-- Lincoln has one, a beautiful one, all there as well, not a ruin. A lot of money has gone into repairing it. You can now walk all the way round on the gantry. A lovely view from up there. Because the castle is on a hill you can see a long way off . Even people walking on the common near us, about mile or two away. A good day but quite cold. I had on my new duffle coat a present from Paul. A hot cup of tea and shared cake soon warmed us up.

The Magna Carta is usually there but today was in for repair. I have sean it before though. We went round the grounds and the prison. A good day.

 The main entrance to the Castle.
 Andrew me and Wayne (still not well.)
 This is the Crown Court House.
 The still working Windmill.
This is Castle Cottage- My brother Stephen and his wife used to live here and run a Taxi business. Since they left it has bean a shop, Tourist Information, and now a cafe.

 Paul. View from the highest point.
 Model of the grounds.
 Inside the chapel.
 The Barons Shields.
 In one of the prison cells.
                                  The special vault for the Magna Carta (but was not there).
The clothes the prisoners wore while inside, very rough and not very comfortable to wear. I would say.
 Another cell.
 We locked Wayne up but he got away.
 Heading to the Cathedral.
 In all its Glory.

A very enjoyable day now home for dinner. Paul's mum and dad are coming for tea soon.


Time for the boys to go home, Wayne to Halifax, and Andrew to Amsterdam, his flight is 4-30pm. Too much to take back so a parcel will be sent with the rest. Bean a good few day apart from Wayne being ill. I now have a full blown cold and feel rough now. I am taking ECHINACEA and IBRUES, this helps. My whole body aches and a head from Hell.
After they had all gone I sat and watched television a bit of catch up Very quite now.

Andrew sent a message later saying he was home and everything arrived intact in his case.

Looking after Lindsay's young uns while she has a night out tomorrow. Tracy will be there some of the time.

Well that's another year over. A new one very soon. What will this one bring us all??
I would just like to wish you all a Happy New Year from everyone here. Hope it's going to be a good one.  
 Love to you all Gill.

Happy New Year to all my doggy friends Love Summer

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