Hello November. Yes nearly the end of another year.
The trees are loosing their leaves and some are looking a bit bare. Funny that just when we are putting on more layers the trees are stripping off. I wonder if they feel cold.

 These trees are in the park, a carpet of leaves.
 All bare.

A few days ago I knocked my leg on the bed end it hurt, but not too much (after all I am used to a lot of pain). Now it really hurts and has gone very hard with a bruise. Painful, this has made the RSD pain crazy and there is not many places I do not feel pain today. 



No Pilates today as we are having another go at the car boot, seeing we did well last time. The sun is out and warming up the day. I think it will be cold though.

A better day with more people, some people suggest a cheaper price and we take it, after all a lot of the things came from charity shop and were cut price to begin with. Some people want the things almost free. One lady saw that two baby grobags were priced at £3-00 each and she offered £1-00 for them both. New they are about £20.00 each. We did not take her offer. We watched and she was going from stall to stall trying to get things very cheap. Maybe she had a stall herself or was going to sell them on eBay.

I bought some little 5" dolls that I am going to dress and make a crib to sell or for presents. Already done three. 
A good day we made £75.00 profit so were well pleased. The rest of the things hopefully will sell from the window.


A cold dull day, cold on the common, soon it will be scarf and gloves time. As it was I had my hood up I soon get earache.

Went to see Ben next door he is not well, poor thing I asked him to ring, bang or shout if he needed me. I went back home as he wanted to sleep a bit more. His daughter will be round soon to check up on him. Rest Ben and get better soon.

I sorted out my craft cupboard and doing this blog also some more baby doll clothes knitting.


Wow Age UK so busy with in five minutes of starting I had made three cappuccinos. By the end of the day, I had used the machine around fifteen times. On one occasion while making a cappuccino, someone went in the fridge and knocked me and hot milk spat out at me. I need to concentrate 100% while making them. This person could have waited but chose not to. I shouted at them as I was not pleased as milk had splattered all over my legs, lucky I was not scalded. Not the best start to the day.

I ache a lot today the weather has turned colder again. As I have said before this affects my pain levels a lot. Bit of shopping in town then home.


Bit of a frosty start, cold but sunny on the common. A nice walk too.

Andrew my son is here in UK, Leicester (landing at Birmingham) for the weekend for an exhibition/ event.
He will not be coming here though as time will not allow it. Hope he has a good time here. He will find it a bit cold but saying that the weather is similar in Amsterdam. 
Quite a busy day for me, as it was a nice day with it being quite windy, I changed the bed and washed and ironed the sheets plus all the other ironing..


A damp start, nothing like yesterday, the sort of cold and damp that goes through to your bones. Not as enjoyable a walk today Summer did not seem to mind though. I am pleased I got the washing done yesterday.


A very sharp frost today and cold, cold the sun is out and that makes everything seem a lot better.
Summer acting like its Spring. Angela called in to see me. We are going to the pictures tomorrow to see A Street Cat named Bob, looks good. Since I have known Angela we have gone to the pictures more times in the last year than all past ten years. I know for a lot of time I could not go because of pain. I was not able to sit long enough to watch a film. Even now I suffer quite a bit,  some more times than others.

Today I am sorting out my cupboard with all my coins and better ornaments in. This has got very dusty, but my hands are not the best and I keep dropping things. I am not doing the Crystal cupboard or I would probably have none left.

Joy phoned she has a balance problem so not at Pilates tomorrow. Hope you get well soon Joy.

Ben next door has bean taken in to Hospital, He has become dehydrated, because he has not bean well and sleeping a lot and he also has a water infection. His daughter says he is comfortable and still giving her orders so he's still quite with it. Hopefully he will not be in long.


A wet very cold day, where has the sun gone, yesterday was so nice. Ben's daughter came round and said Ben is doing good. She said she does not think he will be in too long. He has bean put on a drip too. So that's all good.

Pilates okay shoulders a bit sore at times. I have physio tomorrow so hopefully this will help.

Angela and enjoyed the film "A Street Cat named Bob" a very good film true life as well. Well worth going to see. we both enjoyed it plus a sample of popcorn on the way out. A good day.


Physio today bean two months since my last session. The SLIDING CUPPING  I had last time was not as effective as the time before. I asked if I could have massage and ACUPUNCTURE this time.  I saw Jason the tutor, Bret, Nansen and Candy all second year students.  I had twelve needles around my shoulders and after a gentle massage by Nansen. All very nice but painful all the same. Jason asked me if I wanted to try out some HERBAL treatment-- I said, WHY NOT, anything that will ease the pain is worth looking at. After quite a long talk with Catherine and all the students, they decided they needed more time to come up with a plan and she would email me or ring when ready.

Joy lives on the same road as the college where I go for treatment, so I decide to go and see her. I rang but no answer, still I set off for her house. I rang the door bell, but I don't think any one was in. Looking through the window I could see she was not in her front room she could have bean in bed as she is still bad with her balance problems. I left a message and walked back into town to do a bit of shopping.

Home James I think, quite a lot of walking today around five mile or more.  My shoulders hurt but apart from that I am OK. Bit sore from the massage.


While I was going in to town a lady got very confused and crossed when it was red man. I had already crossed with green man of course. I heard shouting and things like she will get hit or squished. I turned round and saw the lady just stood there, her hands on her face. She had two sticks and weighed about seven stone, a wind could almost blow her over. No one moved to help her and cars were coming past her. She was shaking, I walked out into the road first putting up my hands to stop any cars. I put my arm around her and led her back to safety. She was shaking so much. I stopped with her a little while till she recovered.

I then carried on to Age UK getting stopped again by the Poppy day service. I ended up being a bit later for my volunteering work.

In our Wilkinson's I bought Halloween masks reduced from £4.00 to 20p so I got my three young uns one each, also Ben and Emie also a wand for Jamie-Lee what bargains.
Wow what a busy day hardly anytime to talk, or even fill up the coffee pots, we nearly ran out a few times very busy but that's good. A lot of the Poppy day parade people met up here for their dinner..

A good day apart from tripping over and hurting my foot. The person I tripped over was in the fridge and I turned round and went over her. I shouted at her but she is the kind of person that does not mean to hurt but things tend to go wrong for her as she is always in the wrong place. I said I feel like killing you but if I did you would come back and haunt me, she said she would. She means well bless her, afterwards she kept asking if I was alright and saying sorry.

Angela came by and I went with her to see one of her old lady friends. A nice change for me.
Paul was at the hospital getting his eyes checked, as he has a few problems.


Bit of a sore eye myself, it was all stuck up this morning, not the one I had trouble with a few months a go.
Very frosty on the common a nice walk with Summer lots of sunshine and quite cold. Also pain around the eye sockets on both eyes

I have now started to make the Christmas cakes four large and four small. One for us and the rest for presents.

Paul and I went to see Ben in Hospital he is doing well and hopefully he will be home soon.


The weather has gone barmy almost Spring like temperatures today. Not nice, very heavy air.

Going to see my friend Lyn today it was her birthday Sunday. A nice catch up chat as I have not seen her for a while. Also later going to see friends I work with at Age UK, Vera and John. They have bean asking me for ages to go. Angela picked me up and went too. She has bean before. A nice night there as well. Nice to get out and see people, something that does not happen to me much.  


Pilates again Joy went but still having problems with her balance so she was limited to what she could do, she said she enjoyed it though. She gave me a little doll for Jamie-Lee I think it looks a bit like her but has the blue eyes of Jay-Jay.

What do you think a likeness???


A day on my own Paul is out. I kept busy doing more cakes, only one more to do after these unless I think of any for presents. Knitting more doll clothes these are tiny, as for a four and half inch doll. They can be very fiddly more so when sewing them up. Jamie-Lee will have the best dressed dolls in town.

My eye has improved still a bit sore and so dry. At times the eye lid sticks to the eye a weird feeling.

The common at the moment looks very pretty with some of the trees almost a golden colour.

 Looks like a golden tree.

The Beautiful Lincoln Cathedral.


Age UK everyone has gone cappuccinos mad, making loads to day, plus hot chocolate as well. This is very nice as the chocolate is put in the milk and frothed up. This makes a very creamy hot drink. Just right for the cold of Winter. Busy again today my mind is not on the job though too much going on. We ran out of pie and most if not all of the puddings.

 I have a headache and hurt in all my joints. No, I need to focus and get down to work.
A people said I was not my usual self today I am not even sure I know what that is anymore. A lot of things going on at the moment with the family.

Lindsay has finally got an appointment at Sheffield in two weeks, I do hope this time they will arrange some form of treatment for her. I know a lot of it is risky, but leaving her surely is as risky if not more so. She cannot carry on the way she is. This is affecting the children a lot. Their other Nan passed away Wednesday, so a lot going on for them too.

Picked up my herbal things, a tea and some drops, they will explain more when I see them next time. This hopefully will help to calm down the nervous system. Good luck herbs you will need it.


Paul out today so just me and Pup, well most of the time its just me and her anyway, day and night.
Bit of a sore mouth and throat.

My brother and sister in law have had an accident going about 50 miles an hour, they were struck by another car not stopping at a junction. The car was spun round. Bev blacked out and David had trouble breathing.  David  had chest injuries and Bev hip and pelvis damage. she was air lifted to Hull (this happened near Louth so Hull was nearer) David went to Lincoln Hospital. Both were discharged the same day. I think a bit soon. They are very battered and bruised but very lucky to be alive. The car was not so lucky, a right off. The blame was on the other person involved and no blame on David or Bev, she was driving this time.
Recover quickly both of you. David has a landscape gardening business he will now need time off work.


Spoke to my brother, both doing well but very stiff and battered. Bev is very bruised David said. We will go and see them after a few days. David has bean quite affected by the accident as he saw the car coming towards them. Get well soon both of you.

Right now me, to start with there are too many things going on. I have a lot of pain in my body today.
My hands are like bananas, which makes things very difficult to do like knitting or sewing.
Bit of a sore mouth like a burn or something in the roof of it quite sore. Bean using mouth wash.


Got the children for the next few days. Lindsay is not good so its to give her a rest, they arrived for tea and all ate well as usual.  Lindsay has had a bad few days

Doctors for me, as eyes are extra dry and sore the drops I usually use are not helping much. I have bean given EYE GEL drops VISCOTEARS LIQUID GEL-- hopefully this will help a bit more.

Jamie-Lee slept in Wayne's bed as she calls it, settled now well. The boys in the top room, all good going to bed, maybe a little later than usual time, as we played cards.


Twelve long years since my dear Mum passed away.

Eye gel is better than the liquid, but tends to make my eyes a bit tight underneath as it drys. Hopefully my eyes will soon be back to normal dryness and not extra dry.  

Ben's daughter came round and said Ben has had two heart attacks and now has MRSA an air borne infection, quite hard to treat as a lot of ANTIBIOTICS do not always work. Poor Ben pick up mate and get home soon  I miss you.

On a good note Angela came round and bought me and Jamie-Lee chips and curry sauce. Good too they were. Jamie ate well, she is not at Nursery for a few days. A good day playing, but a few major melt downs as well.

Tommy-Lee is football training tonight at School and also for Hykeham Tigers. Jay-Jay's at his friends house.
All good on the first day.


Jamie-Lee picked up about 11am as I am going to Pilates. The boys will go home from school.  
Pilates went well a few new moves to do one I think will help my shoulders.
I went to the crematorium to put flowers for Mum, Dad and my Brother Phillip. Walking home after, very cold and raining. Making a little bed for a tiny doll about inch and half high for Jamie-Lee to go with the other dolls I have got for her. There will be a picture of everything I have made in next months blog.


Had a visit from Sonia's partner (I met her and him while in Hospital last year and have kept in touch). Her death affected Tony very badly, as it did me also. A nice chat, mixed feelings and sad memories of her. I had made her a donkey which she never saw. Tony took it, to put in her car. Nice to see him.

Went to see Ben in Hospital he is doing better and seemed quite cheerful. Now in room on his own because of the MRSA. Yes I was pleased to see him looking better than I thought he would.


Fair night I think I dozed in my chair for a little bit as the last week has not bean good and this has drained me. I hurt a lot and still have the eye socket pain plus a head ache.

Age UK very busy again and no accidents from me today. A lot of cappuccinos again not surprised at £1.40 a cup including toppings as well. No wonder they sell well. Shopping then home. Lincoln is still upside down with all the alterations that are in progress. When everything is finished it will be better, I hope.

Went to visit David and Bev- They are not doing too bad, Bev is black with bruising, sore and swollen, but pleased to be alive. David is very sore and stiff finding it hard to move. We took them flowers, chocolate and some Radox to help ease the pain for both of them.


Very cold start to the day frosty. I took these pictures around the park and on the common.

 Little Summer enjoying a run around.
In the Park.


Lindsay and the children here for dinner, it's a long time since they all had a meal here.
My mouth is still very sore, its looks like a big blister with patches of white on it. Lindsay bought me some AMBERSOL LIQUID as I know that helps. I did not get any while in town as I was sure we had some. Must have given it to someone else. Lindsay had a good day here these are very few at the moment.


Changed all the beds after the children were here plus ours. A good drying day for a change got them all dry and ironed. Very tired now might sleep better to night!!! Put the winter quilt on now, its a very light soft one. Feels like you are being wrapped up in cotton wool. Just hope I don't get too hot as my temperature changed have bean extreme to say the least. Well at least I am still walking around apart from after the bad and long seizures that is. I know a lot of RSD suffers are not so lucky. Is it luck though, or am I just better at managing the pain?


Pilates again--  Joy is ill so not here today. She has a chest, ear, and throat infection. Poor Joy get well soon, she has only just got over her balance problems or maybe it was the start of it all.

Anyway Pilates was good, but again like a lot of times, painful. The more I move the better it is to keep the RSD from advancing any further. I know I will suffer more now winter is here but, I intend to keep going as when I do stop and have to give in, my life will never be the same. I don't want this to happen, and push myself to the extreme.

Ben came home today, nice to have him back, at one point I did not think he would come home again well done Ben. After all he has had a bit of a rough time and bean in Hospital three weeks.

Went to the Pictures with Angela to see "Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them". Staring my little hero Eddie Redmayne. A brilliant film may be not the best for me as it was extremely loud and a lot of flashing lights. Not good for the seizures, I shut my eyes at the worst bits and put my fingers in my ears. Angela thought I was asleep at one point. She said after, now you tell me that this could have caused you seizures. Still can I said, but it was fine. Bused home then had Chinese for tea. A good day.
The display advertising the film "Fantastic Beasts" was there last time we went to see Bob Cat. I asked what would happened to it.  A girl said they either go back to the supplies or are thrown out. NO I said, not little Eddie. Any chance I could have just him not the whole display. So she took my name and number and said someone would be in touch. Maybe they will or just forget about it I thought. Anyway I was contacted, and asked how much I would give for him I said I thought he would be free. No there is a price on his head over three hundred pounds and rising. Woe I could go to London for that and meet him. Let someone else have him I said, I can still dream. Except I don't dream when I sleep. I thought it was quite amusing. Thank you anyway Odeon.

Well that's about it hope you have all had a few good times and not all bad. Soon it will be Christmas, a mixed emotion time for me, as Mum and Dad both passed, (2004 the same year I got RSD yes a very crap year) (apart from Jay-Jay being born that is) just before and just after. I was told get the first Birthday over and any Anniversary's and it would be easier. Not bean that easy for me.

All the best and keep warm if its cold where you are. I know I get a lot of warmer weather readers.
 All the very best Love Gill.


October 1st

Lindsay and Ben arrived back later this morning. The children were pleased to see her and Ben of course. They stopped for a while then headed off home. Children now back with their owners. Lindsay had not bean the best while away. Headaches again. Her 3rd scan is later this week so hopefully that will help the Doctors decide what to do next.

The rest of the day changing beds and washing and ironing. More knitting this time little cots for 5" dolls for Christmas presents.


Tommy-Lee playing football today. Full time 3-3 Tommy had scored a goal. In extra time with seconds to go he scored another with his head 4-3 . Well done Tommy-Lee and all the Hykeham Tigers.
Tommy-Lee front right. 

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are going to Spain with their Dad for a few days. Hope you all have a good time.


A lot of nerve pain from my right shoulder and arm.  B12 also today this was not too painful this time. I am to keep having them every two months now. I think this helps I don't feel as exhausted as I use to do. Well not as much any way.

My friend John came round for a chat and cup of tea. He is doing well.

Knitting and machining  later. When Tommy-Lee stopped  here I washed his Barcelona football top and the stitching came undone. All fixed now, he is very much into the team.

When I went to bed pain shot down my leg from left hip into my toes on left side. Very very painful.
So with that and the normal pain I hardly got any sleep.


Hip pain has improved quite a bit, I think a nerve had got trapped somewhere near my thigh.

Pilates-- going on the bus today, joined Joy who go on at the station. Paul usually takes us but was busy today. I hope soon I will be able to go on my bike. When I have less pain my balance is not too good, so not safe. This gets to me a lot, its like I am cursed or something. Russ always said I was.
The same with running, after holiday, (August) start gently again. Dam seizures started up again. I am then too weak, too battered, too infected, too sore, and too much extra pain to do much at all let alone start running again..

Met Angela in town for a pictures visit, to see "Mrs Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children" Brilliant film and I really enjoyed it. Angela did too but not as much as me. She said she found it a bit strange.
I have watched lots of horror films so to me it was mild.
Very cold when we came out the pictures I was shaking, came home by bus first time in ages for me. Lincoln is so mixed up with road works, rebuilding and road changes, its a lot quicker to walk if you can.


Lindsay at Sheffield today for her scan. I do hope they will be able to get a better picture of what is going on and start treatment soon. She is suffering a lot and with the children to care for it's not good.

Article in the paper today about a girl with RSD--she begged them to cut off her leg as it was no good and turning black after just a toe nail removal in 2012. She was very active before RSD. They would not, so she went private and had it done. The leg was removed in July 18th. All is well with her and the pain has gone.  I wish her all the very best luck. She has a blog-- Look her up.
This was me in the early days of RSD wanting my foot gone. Wietse gently explained it would spread the RSD. Slowly slowly it did improve.


Age UK. Calum and Nills said it had bean dead there all week and more so today. I said they are all coming in soon as they followed me along the High Street. Sure enough a bit later we were very busy.
Quite a busy day in the end. A few short tempered old uns too. Hands have not bean too good dropping things and tingling.


Summer had a bath today, she is all white and fluffy.

The boys are back from Spain today hope they have had a good time.

I know the weather has made my pain worse, joints are like on fire, swollen and sore. Numb in places too. How can something be numb and still hurt so much. RSD that's how.


Doing the garden I have not touched this for a while, so quite over grown. Just about got it all done and it poured down, after me watering and washing the soil off the plants. A lot of rain fell so at the least the plants got settled in.


With the weather getting colder the leaves are falling off the trees and the conkers. I said last month they were a lot this year. The squirrels are out collecting food for the winter as well. When Jamie-Lee was here, we saw one and she got very excited.


Summer is having a cut today by Maxine, Summer knows as soon as she comes through the door its for her. She likes having her hair cut and is so relaxed with Maxine. She often falls asleep too. We say to her stay awake till after your cut. She is the only dog that Maxine does not use the hold lead for. She just about managed to stay awake. She looks very pretty now.

 Be for..
...and after.
Pilates as well today, Paul is taking Joy and me. A good session quite hard as well.

Home again and dinner as at physio later. I would like them to do the same as last time because I think it helped quite a bit. Sliding cupping on my back, shoulders and knees. This was back in July.

I saw Cameron who I have seen before. He treated me today on his own. Doing the cupping on back and shoulders and back of my knees, and a massage. This is painful as it goes deep in to the muscles. Some he did not do on my RSD worst side. This will be painful for a few days then relaxes them all. If this goes the same as last time it helped a lot.

A long walk on the common with Summer, rained just as we went on, but was dry after that. Knees painful to day. Shoulders and back just sore, but manageable. Coming down hill the worst.


Still a lot of pain from physio session. Hopefully this will ease soon.

Age UK again, quite busy as well. One of my friends who I was in hospital with came in. Good to see her, she is doing well. We have kept in touch my phone, but so nice to see her face to face as we have not met up in a while.   

Late night early morning left shoulder very painful  Spasms and shooting pain down my arm. Right shoulder just feels sore.


On my own until tea time Paul is at Stourbridge for the day. Tommy-Lee is staying tonight so that will be nice. We played cards till it was time for Tom to go to bed. He has a football game tomorrow so needs a good rest.


Tommy-Lee had a good sleep and said he was ready for the match. His team Hykeham Tigers are doing very well. Winning or drawing all this seasons games. He enjoys football and is in the School team as well. After Lindsay and Ben picked him up I changed our bed and washed the sheets. A nice blowy day.

Tommy-Lee's team drew 3-3, at half time they were loosing 3-0 so they did a good job to draw.

Later did all the ironing took over an hour and half. Very sore shoulders now.


A sunny and bright day. I am cleaning the bedroom or I was till the vacuum cleaner went up in smoke. It made a funny noise then stopped. Paul noticed it was smoking so carried it outside.  A new vacuum cleaner now. the printer went wrong a few days ago too..  


A very cold day on the common, winter is getting very close now. Summer prefers the cold and was running around like a little pup. A good walk but like I said cold, at least it was not raining.

Went to see Ben next door he is doing good but also feeling the cold. His heating is on the whole day so its pretty warm in there. Feels even colder when I come out his house.

Shoulders are still painful--the ironing did not help much but it has to be done. I am not one of those people who iron everything like one of my friends. Just the things that need it like shirts and cotton things.

Got Jamie-Lee today as Lindsay is still suffering with her bad heads. She had another scan two weeks ago and still not heard from them despite phone calls from her and her Doctor.
A good day with Jamie playing.

Headache later on, tiredness I think.


Knees are having there say today and are complaining loudly with a lot of pain.

Pilates with Joy, she is getting more flexible each week. She is not a small lady so I think she is doing well. A hard session for me too, quite energetic this week my body complained a lot, I did as I usually do and ignored it. A lot of this extra pain I think is the cold weather. Not a RSD friend the cold but what is friends with RSD?????

After Pilates I went with Joy to her house very nice too, a lot of knickknacks- too many she said but it's the sort of things I like something different. She used to live near the sea and a lot are things that are seaside related. A lovey day, a nice change, I did not leave till gone 6pm. She nearly had to throw me out, she told Paul. Thank you Joy. Afterwards Chinese for tea, a long day but very good.

We now have a new vacuum so back to the cleaning up tomorrow.


Lindsay phone up in tears (violent head pain again) she would like me to have Jamie-Lee so I'm picking her up from nursery. We came home on the bus sitting right at the back, she said its better here as you can not feel the wheels so much. She was right too. Another enjoyable day with Jamie-Lee playing Barbies, Barbie boys, colouring, letters and numbers plus more. I spent a lot of time up and down the stairs. Tracy picked her up around six. Before she went she asked if she could get a rose for mummy.The rose tree is in Karol's garden but he does not mind us having a few. I prune it for him most years. One year him and Peter did it and took so much off that he did not think it would grow again but it was beautiful when it bloomed.


Age UK again-- this soon comes round. No accidents today and the old ones seemed a bit happier. Some of them have no manners though, not even saying thank you when being served. I asked one of the other volunteers at what age do they loose their manners??

Bit of problem with my hands going into spasms though I had to get Calum to sort out the coffee refill because I could not move my fingers. They just locked up RAYNARDS does not help. I have noticed just lately my fingers have being going white and numb more and more. This happens even when in the warm. I looked it up on the web and found it's just a more progressive part of RAYNARDS.

Found out today my friend Angela has got a more stable job, she is on zero hours at the moment so not very secure. Well done Angela.


Lindsay brought round a load of washing as her washing machine has gone wrong and is not being fixed till Thursday. So most of the day I was sorting that out. Rain bought the washing in sun put it out then rain again. After a few times I left it inside. Ironing later.

Later on my stomach went crazy churning, pain and swelling up. I got to the toilet just in time. I was there for over half an hour I dare not move. Explosive diarrhea I went to bed later only to have to get up again. Back to bed around 4am. I lay in bed hardly daring to move.  Hope its alright tomorrow. I have IBS so I think it was a flare up. I have taken a lot tablets over the last few days for extra pain I have bean having this always affects it.


Stomach improved a lot still swollen but pain has gone. Not as many trips to the toilet either. I was a bit worried about the common walk but I was alright. Lindsay is here later to pick up the washing.

Angela here later too. She is very happy about her new job. She will be working in a retirement home. Not got a start date as yet, but it will be very soon. Very pleased for her. I know some of her ladies will miss her when she leaves. She is a home start worker. That involves going to help with shopping, house work, other every day things around the house.


Cleaning up downstairs today using a new vacuum, not quite as powerful as the old one but alright.
Angela came round to see me to buy me dinner. I said not too sure what is going on as Lindsay was 
on her way with all the gang. She bought all her washing as machine is still out of action, hopefully will be fixed on Thursday. We all had chips from the local chip shop. Very good they were too.
Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee are staying here tomorrow night.

Pilates went well, quite energetic at times. Went to see Joy at her house as she did not go to Pilates today. Went to get the bus from the station, after being dropped off by Paul. I asked others that were waiting how long for a bus, they said there is one due now, good I thought, timed it right. The bus never came despite asking various drivers, know one knew why ?? All the other stands were working as normal. The bus finally came half an hour late, well sort of, like the driver said this was the next one not the 1.45 but the 2.15. Oh well I got there in the end and spent a few hours with Joy.

I was going to walk back, but she said no, you look tired, so I am putting you on a bus. OK-- she is a lot bigger than me so I did not argue. The journey back to the station took half an hour to do what usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes. This just reminded me why I only get buses when I have to. I walked the rest of my journey home.

There is so much work going on in Lincoln, road building and various changes that it is chaos. Hopefully when its all done it will all be better!!!

When I got back Paul went to pick up the children. I cooked tea, sausages and the other bits, they both ate well. Jamie said she did not like peas, (Jay-Jay does not like them so I think she copied him) then minutes later said I love peas my favorite. With tea being later than usual it was soon bedtime for Jamie Lee. I read her a few stories but she has got very crafty and picked a big book. One she chose was Pinocchio, a proper reading book with no pictures. I made up my story as it would have taken a long time. One down one to go Jay-Jay will sort himself out.


The next morning Jamie-Lee was up early and a bit grumpy. Jay-Jay got up later as one of his very upset friends phoned him early morning and needed his help. He was very tired but at least he helped them out.

He walked so far with us when we walked Summer and than went home as he had things to do. A nice walk on the common with Jamie-Lee and Summer. A dog jumped up at Jamie-Lee to see what she had in her hand (a feather) and this scared her a bit.

Back home we played with Barbies and other things. Today its Tracy's Birthday and I asked Jamie if she wanted to make her a card. She said yes even though she already had one. She also made her a picture with hearts on, this involved a lot of glitter.

Jamie-Lee's picture for Tracy.

 Glitter every where table, us, on the carpet even up stairs. Summer looked very pretty too.

 Ready to play.
 Tired after her walk.
 All the glitter on her back.

 I don't mind.

Later we took Jamie home, and gave Tracy her present and card, she was pleased with her gift a charm for her bracelet and fruity bath bomb and shower gel. Jamie-lee could hardly wait to give her the card and picture. She loves it even more, as she had made it herself.

We left and headed off home, I was quite tired.


Age UK busy again, Calum said on Tuesday they took over £600 not bad when the total cost of a three course meal costs £6.50. They also had an inspector there to see if we are still worthy of five stars, we are. Good, the food is great according to all the customers that come regular. Not all older ones either. After I have finished I usually have a meal. Not always a lot of choice as we sell out of most things. Today I had a ham sandwich and three roast potatoes. Nills thought this was strange I said its no different really to chips with it, is it?

Home today no shopping. I ache a lot today, my fingers are playing up and acting strange, no feeling at times and just not doing what they should. Like I said before COLD WEATHER, RSD DOES NOT LIKE IT, RAH.


Paul and I are doing a car boot today at Torksey. This is an afternoon one so no early start. As we were heading there it started to rain. Lucky it stopped and the sun came out but it did wet a few things.
I think we did well, £68.50 profit, I think we could have had more but everyone started to pack up as
the people did not keep flowing. Never mind we hope to have another one on Wednesday if fine at the same place.

Clocks go back an hour tonight so an extra hour in bed. I went about 4am. Had trouble getting to sleep as well. The extra hour did not benefit me at all.


Well nearly the last day of this month mild and wet. Good walk with Summer on the common. Angela is here later after church. Will be nice to have a chat.


Had Jamie-Lee for a few hours today. She was not in the best of moods. Lindsay phoned later to say they had bean in A & E, Jamie-Lee had pushed a sweet up her nose and Lindsay could not get it out. When asked why she did it she said I wanted to eat it a different way. !!! The Doctor  soon got it out. After that they all went out Trick or Treating none the worse for it all.

 Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee.
Jay-Jay and friends.

Another month gone by, not a lot happening this time. I am quite pleased about that though.
Hope things are good with you all. Love Gill.  



September 1st

Well lets hope this month goes a bit better. I am still recovering from the stomach pain and constant runs but it is slowing down and getting back to my normal. Not as many crippling pains now.  Some people have said to me, take this medication or another, and it will stop all your runs problems. Yes it will but with IBS you have to be extra careful. No I will ride it out, as I said, I think the end is in site.

Fair bit of pain in my shoulders and arms also my muscles in my legs hurt.

Lindsay phoned up and asked if I would have Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee for the day as she is feeling bad again with her headaches. So another  enjoyable day playing for me. We had out the Action men first she called them BOY BARBIES. Jamie decided they needed wives, so the Barbies dolls came out as well. Jamie-Lee is nearly four but has a very good imagination.  Very soon babies came and with in two hours we had a complete family. Tommy-Lee played also for a while.

  Jamie-Lee picking a tomato she gave it to Karol next door, for his Birthday.

Tracy picked them both up about five. A good day.


Not too sure what happened early this morning. I went to bed four am by my bed room clock. I felt a bit funny then the next thing I knew it I was picking myself up off the floor near the bed at four twenty. I felt like I had had a small seizure. No damage though so not too sure unless I just passed out. A long time though to be out I think?

When I got up later after my sleep, bad head and weird feeling like I get with a seizure. Apart from that a normal day. The headache did not lift and still there when I went to bed


Meal out today with Paul and his IA crew. Not sure how this will be as stomach still not good. OK if I don't eat but as soon as I do the pains start again. I have looked into KEFIR  a milk PROBIOTIC  mix, or live yogurt. This I have bean told will put back the BACTERIA in my stomach. This will have bean destroyed by all the ANTIBIOTICS I took.

Meal went OK I did not eat that much, even leaving ice cream. Summer had a lot of the mixed grill meat for her tea so it did not go to waste. She was very happy, with her steak- chicken and gammon.

Stomach went mad later with pains and runs, also bad head but it was quite noisy and warm in there.
Nice to see then all again and catch up.


Going in to town later with Angela, the first time in a long while. Got everything I wanted, this was a test to see how I would be out and about, as I would like to go to Age UK on Friday.  Still quite weak I only lost a few pounds but I suppose with not eating too much my body will feel like this. Still I got most things I wanted. Bad head later not really gone from yesterday just got worse and stomach pains.


Got Jamie-Lee again today as Lindsay very bad again. I will be so pleased when they sort out this brain bleed. Jamie-Lee slipped off a low wall, and has a nasty graze on her leg.

Playing with  Barbie boys and their family again. She has got me making more clothes for a little doll I saved from the bin. She had a loose head which I stuck with super glue. A good day.


Pilate's the first one for me since 17th August. Went well, did not do everything though but kept going, light headed and dizzy at times. Still good though Joy went as well she is doing good and enjoying it. I am pleased for her. Not much for the rest of the day. Tired so just resting with Summer. She was pleased to be cuddled.

Not tired when bed so I ended up watching a film and going to bed at six am. Film was a horror one.


Happy Birthday Tommy-Lee and Jamie- Lee ten and four today hope you both have a great day.

Paul and I both went at night time to give them their presents. I made Tommy-Lee a jacket but it was too big. Very disappointed, both me and Tommy-Lee. The rest of the things were all right I still need to get him something else but I will take him into town soon. Not this week as they are away for the weekend.
We did not stop long as a bit noisy and a lot of people wishing them both Happy Birthday. I will see them another time.

Bella, Jamie-Lee, Ben and Poppy.
Tommy-Lee with his cake and Marshall.

Jamie-Lee's cake.
Jamie with her new doll and Suey under the table.
                                                                    A tired Tommy.


Age UK today. I think I will be alright, my stomach is still not the best, but if I don't feel right I can come home. Everything went pretty well. I burnt my thumb on the Cappuccino machine and cut my hand, but things like that are normal for me. I nearly poured the water in the wrong half of the filter coffee machine, forgot to put the cup under the cappuccino machine and a few other things. I said to Niall's, bet you are pleased I am back. He said more things happen when you are here. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. We were steady not too busy so that was good. nice to be back again.

My tomatoes have  ripened a lot now all this warm sunny weather we have had. Cucumbers are doing good too.

These are my own plants from seed.


Nice walk on the common, getting a bit chilly in the mornings now.  The trees are thick with conkers this year.

Lindsay and Ben's children plus the boys are Essex way so Ben can see his family and run a Takely 10km race at Harlow. Jamie-Lee is staying with her Dad. I have got her tomorrow afternoon. Jay-Jay entered the mile race and did very well coming 8th out of about 30ish. I said to him steady pace, a mile is longer than you think. Ben did very well too finishing his 10km in 48mins.

Jay-Jay doing well.
 Marshall, Ben's lad.
Ben  before the race. 
Ben coming in

Well done to both of them. This race was one I hoped to be doing but NO my body and seizures had other plans.

Lindsay, Ben and Jamie-Lee called on the way back, Ben was wearing his t shirt from the race he was pleased. He is a fit person as he is manger of the boys football team, Hykeham Tigers. The one Tommy-Lee is in. Angela called in and we had a nice chat.


I am getting my eyes tested today as I know they have deteriorated since my seizures and eye problems. Yes, they have altered, my right eye quite a lot. Left eye much the same. The opticians thinks this is caused by the recent infection and eye damage. I need two different pairs of glasses, one pair the distant ones just the lenses only, as frames good, the others for reading, costing £166 total. Not a cheap fix but it has to be done. I only had my eyes tested last year so I know they were fine then. In fact my eyes were really good for my age not needing reading glasses till I was sixty year old. A record for our opticians Distant ones only had a few years as well. The glasses will be ready in about a week, I am looking forward to this as I have bean struggling to knit and read especially night time.

Got some live yogurt Oken this was recommend to me to help build up the live bacteria in my stomach again.


Pilates today which went well, quite a bit of pain in shoulders and upper back. Joy is enjoying it too she is getting fitter.

Another warm day after the misty start. Yesterday was the hottest day on record for September.


Today Lindsay is at Sheffield seeing someone about her headaches and brain bleed. Paul phoned me after the appointment. Not any real progress made, she needs another MRI scan urgently. You would think they would have had one done like last week or even today. She has already had two since it all began. The last two showed little change. When she had the first one she was bleeding. so surely the second one taken over two months ago proved she still is bleeding. So frustrating for us and more so for Lindsay. She has to put up with the pain and all it brings. She is not able to lead a normal young  mothers life. Hopefully this scan will be very soon and things will be sorted. The Doctor said it is not life threatening so long as she does not alter, and bleed like the first time.

I thought my stomach problems had ended, but still not right at least there is not the gripping pain now. I am having the OKEN live yogurt every day so hopefully that will soon build up and help. Weight still down a few pounds too..


Age UK today-- Sheila not here but Joy is. A steady day, not run off our feet but still plenty to do.  Rained most of the time, so that puts a lot of people off from coming out. A few co workers and customers said I had lost weight. Only a few pounds I said but a little loss shows up on me very soon. Someone else had lost two stone, but no one but me noticed, or commented on it.  Well done to you. Calum back as well I have not seen him since August 12th. Yes a good day all round. No accidents or injuries either.


The children and Lindsay are not here today as the boys have some sort of stomach bug. Yes, please stay away only just got right myself after the tablets for my eye. Jamie seemed to have escaped the bug so far.
Lindsay phoned up later towards night time and said the boys were feeling a lot better. Tommy-Lee is playing football tomorrow so he needs to be fit.

Talking about fit I would have liked to run the Harlow race with Ben, but the seizures put paid to that. Lindsay said there is always next year. Yes there is, but its always next year for me.


Angela came round after church. She was telling us about her London trip. She had a good time and had a nice break. I was meant to be going with her but that did not happen. Well at least she still had a good time. Nice to see her.


Good walk on the common with Summer, the mornings are getting colder too. I think Summer is more a colder weather dog than a Summer one. She seems to run about more and is happier I think. There are two men and a lady camping on there. I would not fancy that, something about they can't get housing. They think they will be on there a while, probably all winter.


At the hospital today for my eyes. Hopefully I will be told everything is good now and my eye is normal. Not too long a wait this time and yes the news is good everything back to normal. I am to look out for any change, as the condition Uveitis can come back. I hope not- I think the cure was as bad as having the eye problem.

After we went to Caistor to see one of Paul's friends. Not a bad day and good news about my eye.
I was hoping to have my new glasses by now as they said a week or less, I am struggling a bit without my distant ones as they are sunglasses as well. Hopefully soon.


Quite a busy day, changed the bedding, all washed, cleaned up downstairs too. Spoke to Andrew he is doing well, busy as usual. Did all the ironing starting about ten pm. Like I said a busy day. Nice bath then a few hours of TV then bed about five am.


Another Age UK day. Calum said it had not bean very busy all week. Not a bad day felt a bit strange finding it hard to concentrate, tiredness a lot of it. A couple of accidents today. The first one using the the Cappuccino machine and my mind just went blank. (Black out again I think.) Red hot milk every where including me. Not really any damage done though. Calum asked me if I had got burnt, lucky I had not, well only a few splashes. He helped me clean up and said go and have a sit down and rest a few minutes.

Later forgot to put the jug under the coffee again. Lucky I got to it before the coffee went on the electrics or they might have gone off like the last time. More cleaning up. Too many people around me and too much noise coming from too many places I think. More cleaning up, Calum helped me  again.

Not all bad though, two people left a very good comment in the book, saying it was the best latte's in town. That was nice, cheered me up a bit.

Shopping after a long day for me but I got what I wanted. Two birthdays next week plus one belated one. All presents got now.

Yogurt and Fredo frog faces very nice. Yogurt is helping with stomach not as many rumblings and pain.

Try it, its good!!!


Paul and I are going to Skegness for the day. Bit cloudy but no rain. When we arrived it was very sunny and warmer than in Lincoln.
 Paul in front of the beach.

We stood and watched these Peruvian performers. I love this sort of Pan pipe music.
 Fish and chips of course. I ate them all as well.

We went to the Aquarium this was very good, its not bean there very long, this year I think- so new tanks.

Divers in the tank.

Divers feeding the sharks--they wear different gloves so they know when it's there turn, very clever I think.
We of course had an ice cream. Even spent a few pennies in the arcade. Yes a good day, even the pain backed down a bit.


Happy Birthday Paul. I was making him a cake but the flour was off.

We did all go out for a meal to the Pride of Lincoln, this was very good I had mixed grill. Everyone had a good night.

The Family.

Off to see my friend at Beeston near Nottingham, I have not bean here this year at all. Train journey was good, a bit noisy though, old train I think. Bev met me off the train and we went back to her house. A very welcome cup and tea and a catch up. We also met Russ later her son and my Lincoln adopted son.
What a good day I enjoyed it a lot. Very tired when I got home as it was about six thirty. But well worth it.


Pilates was quite energetic today a lot more brain taxing moves. 

I have Tommy-Lee and Jamie till Sunday as their Mum and Ben are having a few days away. Not had them this long before.  Jay-Jay is staying with Tracy as its easier for him as she gives him a lift to School. Anyway I think two will be enough. We all had tea because it was late, they were in bed later than normal. Jamie went straight to sleep after about five stories, no trouble. I love reading stories to them. I did with my three till they were quite old. When Andrew was little, Wayne and Lindsay sat on the bed listening. 

Angela came round as well, always nice to see her.

Made a cake, a joint cake for Tommy-Lee, Jamie-Lee, and Paul.

 As you can see a mixed cake. Tasted nice too.


Awake about seven thirty, no noises from Jamie-Lee's room, so I went back to sleep again only to be woken by screaming. I jumped up and heard Paul and Tommy-Lee telling Jamie-Lee she might not be up yet. Jamie wanted to speak to Tracy and she did not answer her phone. She has bean ill so not going to work Jay-Jay's getting a lift I think with his Dad.

Lots of playing today, Barbies, Play do, Action men or should I say Barbie boys. Colouring as well. Also outside stuff.

 Whats in the box?
 Its me....
 And Summer.

We helped Paul sort out the shed, getting rid of a few things. Jamie-Lee liked playing with this box.
She made a crown or as she called it a tiara. Summer had one too.

 Princess Summer.
Princess Jamie-Lee.

Lindsay has bean keeping in touch and misses the children I said make the most of it, three days goes fast.

Tommy-Lee came home from School, he had a good day. Tea then bath then bed for Jamie heading up about eight. A late one last night so she is tired. Story then sleep came minutes later.
A game of cards with Tommy then bed for him. A bit of knitting, nearly finished Tommy-Lee's second jacket. This one is a good fit, that is apart from the length. I managed to add on a bit to the rib you can't even tell.


Age UK. All good there not too busy but steady. No accidents or breakages. I dropped a few things but no major things. Sheila was back today after her Holidays.

Paul is looking after Jamie-Lee. This is what they got up to.


 They built a big high tower of bricks and it reached the ceiling.

Well I have survived the children, I have enjoyed it. Lindsay is back tomorrow. I know they have missed her. Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay are going to Spain with there Dad on Sunday so not a lot of time with there Mum. Tommy-Lee has football as well.

                                This Butterfly landed on Karol window sill.

A better month for me and the pain has not bean as bad. Soon be colder and that is not good for RSD. Hope you are all as good as you can be. All the very best Love Gill.   


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