April 1st

Wayne here till mid afternoon. We had a roast chicken dinner, very good too. Fed Andy's cats and gave them a cuddle. I think he is back later today, the cats Cowley and Smudge will be pleased to see him.

Wayne left around 3-45pm, Paul took him to Newark train station. He said he had enjoyed the weekend.

Went back round to feed cats later and realised Andy was home (but having a sleep upstairs he told me later) so I left after leaving him a note. He had given the cats their food.

Phone call from Wayne he had got home and his cat Timmy was pleased to see him.
Wayne said there was a snow warning for Halifax also maybe for us as well.


Wayne got snow over night we got rain and cold..

I looked out the dinning room window and saw this----


He/she was just strutting around eating the dropped bird seed and was in no hurry to leave. Pheasants  are a very pretty birds and big too. I would say its from the common as they breed there and at times you can hear them calling to each other.


Sincil Bank river water level is very high.


I have bean told some of the houses further down the river are in danger of flooding. There are flood gates there, so they will have bean opened to level the river off.  The river has not gone over for quite a while so maybe this is the year for it. We will not be bother by the raising water as we are higher up, hopefully no one will.

Gave Summer a bath-- she looks very sweet now and so white again.

I also cleaned my bike, looks good like new but its nearly ten years old, but the road I go on are next to a road building site so it will not stop clean long, a bit like Summer.

My bike--nearly ten years old (in September.)


The common is very wet and not nice at all. I think we will go on the Fairground one tomorrow hopefully a bit dryer. The Fair is not here till the 20th of this month, but will set up be for then.

Pilate's taken by Jeff today Jo having a few days away. Jeff is very funny and tells us things that has happen to him. The session was good but a bit faster than Jo's normal classes. Most of the class were fine with this. A few sat down a bit more than usual, but overall everyone enjoyed it. When I left there it was sunny, so I decided to go the long way back home. This adds on around a mile or so.
Bad move, the heavens opened and I got soaked, very cold when I got home. I could have stopped and put on my waterproofs, but the rain came so fast it was really  not much point any way I was going home.


Andy came across to thank me for looking after the cats. Angela came round also, her car was near by for a MOT so she came here and waited till it was ready. The car passed so she was pleased.

Joy also phoned up all these people in one day is a novelty.


Age UK very busy all the time non stop. Jenny was back so that was good so nice to see her. Every one was glad she was back. Bit of shopping then home.


Jamie-Lee here tonight as Lindsay is going to football tomorrow  with Paul and Tommy-Lee early in the morning. This is no ordinary match. Wembley no less. The Checkatrade Trophy Lincoln v  Shrewsbury. They are all going with Paul in the car. Tommy-Lee does not even know he is going yet. What a day for them, how much chance of winning they have I am not sure, but they have bean playing very well just lately.

Jamie got here mid afternoon, excited that she is staying overnight. We played with the dolls house she got last month from my friend Lyn.


Paul set off around six thirty and dropped Jay-Jay off here then on to the match with Lindsay and Tommy-Lee, who is very pleased, he thought he was dreaming and still thinks he is. Have a good time there Tommy. Jay-Jay had a few friends round then went out.

Jamie-Lee had a good sleep and went on the common with me and Summer.

We had the radio on in the afternoon and listened to the big match.


Tommy-Lee and Lindsay.
Tommy-Lee. Lindsay, and Paul.
Tommy-Lee very excited

 Paul's Hero Bobby More.
 The stadium.
 All lit up from above.
  Tommy-Lee and Lindsay waiting for the match to begin.
 They got there very early so still a lot of seats to be filled. 
 Now its fuller.
Lincoln scores.
Elliot Whitehouse the goal scorer.

Lincoln scored the first goal a roar went up from the stadium. Lincoln being the under dogs were not expected to do as well, and here they are with the first goal. Will they be able to hold on to the lead though.

Not really looking worried are they.

We had the radio on for the whole match I am not a football fan but this is big. Lincoln went on to win the Trophy against all odds.

 Look at that they went and WON.
  We did it.
 Well done Lincoln.
    Even Summer did her bit.

They got back late after dropping Lindsay and Tommy-Lee off, so Jamie-Lee stayed another night.. Paul told us all about the match and the massive roar that went up after the goal and at the end of the game with  them winning 1-0. Paul said Tommy-Lee slept a lot of the way home, Lindsay dozed a bit she had very bad head pain. I think the day got to her very noisy in the stadium she said. She could now have a lay in and pick Jamie-Lee up tomorrow.


Jamie-Lee awake 7-30am early for me, short night, (bed around four thirty am)

A sunny day and quite warm too. Jamie-Lee had her trampoline out and was jumping up and down and having fun. Of course it rained later.

Lindsay came around dinner time and stayed till 4pm. Jamie-Lee showed her what she could do on the trampoline. Lindsay told her about the match and her and Tommy-Lee's day. Jamie told her about her  day too.


At Doctors today trying to sort out my nose. Just lately I have had so many big nose bleeds. the sort that I have to kneel next to the toilet and just let it pour out. After I get a lot of blood clots at the back of my throat that burn. The blood vessel that I have trouble with inside my nose has got inflamed again. I think I have got about six cold sores in my nose and  back of throat.
Dr Mehta examined my nose and throat and said its bad  inflammation and a lot of soreness at the back of my throat. I have bean given the same cream that I had last time its an ANTIBIOTIC CREAM called NASEPTIN if that has no affect he will give me oral ANTIBIOTIC tablets.


Paul took his car for a MOT and it passed, so that was good as he has spent a lot of money on the car this year. 

A cold windy day, cold going to Pilate's. Jo was back today but not a good session for me a lot of pain and discomfort. On the way home I saw the horses that have come from the West Common around 30 odd of them. I think there is more to come. All sorts of sizes too and colours too. I will try to get pictures of the horses at a later date as we are not going on that common at the moment because its too wet. Waiting for it to dry out but the rain keeps falling.


Age UK a quieter day --the lift has broken down and will not be fixed for a while. So all the ones that can not do stairs have stayed away.

A man got a bit worked up today and started shouting and spat his cake on the counter. He was escorted out. I think drugs had a lot to to with his behaviour. A few said they could smell drink. Any way the police came and told Wendy (head of kitchen) that he was well know to them,
Made a change, anyway I have dealt with people like him before when I used to work at Jackson's and Shipley's a builders firm. Dealing with builders that could get quite rude and suggestive. I was not bothered by him at all. I did not think it was necessary for the police to come, but that's my opinion.


A sunny Spring like day, did quite a bit of washing got it dried and ironed. Out tonight looking after Ben and Emmie. They are very good and there were no problems. Emmie is a typical five year old wants everything to be around her and can be very funny with out knowing it. Ness and Squidge got back around midnight. Came home had a bath then watched a bit of TV then bed.

The cream the Doctor gave me is helping a lot, no where near as sore or swollen.

Paul has bean away for the weekend so just Andrew and me plus Pup of course.

 To finish with tubs of daffodils from my garden .

As usual I hope you are all well as can be, and things are not too bad for you all. 
All the best love Gill.

March (2)


Looks like we have an extra one staying here for a while, Jay-Jay will be stopping for around a week or two, while his room at his Dads is being sorted out. Our house in the last few months has gone from two plus Summer to now four of us, and of course Summer is not going anywhere.

Jay-Jay's dad brought all his things round and there was a lot, plus some money for his stay here. He will be staying in the room he was in before. Trouble is, that is my sewing room plus handicraft storage, so I have had to move a lot of things again. With Andrew being here as well the house is filling up fast.


Age UK quite busy but with an extra hand in the kitchen things went very well. A work experience lad has bean there all week. Doing a good job as well by what people were saying. I know he made my bit easier, Kieren was there as well so he did all the coffee machine drinks as well.

Greg James has now got back in the saddle to complete his challenge.

DAY 4: Cycle from Abbington to Fort William
DAY 5: Climb Ben Nevis

A joyful Greg as he has gone and done it--look how much has bean raised for mental health. Well done Greg. He said it was very cold at the top of Ben Nevis another weather front from Russia is on the way so I think he has just got it all done in time.


Snow falling at times and drifting too, very cold. This is the second batch from Russia like we had before. I spoke to Wayne, he has had snow as well and bitter cold too he said.

Took Jay-Jay in to town to get shoes and hair cut. Met Tommy-Lee (Jay-Jay's brother) on the way and after ringing his mum (Lindsay) he came with us and got his hair cut too. Jay-Jay got his shoes and he went off to meet his friends. Very cold in town, Tommy-Lee and I got caught in a snow storm and it was right in our faces we got covered. The sun kept coming out and the snow soon went. I think there will be more coming over night.


A lot of snow has fallen over night as I thought, drifted in places, so deep in some and not in others. Summer loved her walk and was running around and going crazy. Icy cold wind but sunny as well at times.
 Summer having fun.
 Pictures from mine and Summers walk.
 My boots as you can see not as much snow as last time.
 View along the river bank.

Outside view from window.

Made some cakes again with chocolate in them like before, the little sponge cakes. I put mint sticks and Rollo's in them this time. Hopefully they will work out a bit better than the last ones. The last batch was good but the chocolate did not melt.

Not much snow today just a little flutter now and again, still very cold wind.

Cooked tea for all of us sausage, mashed tatties and roast, Yorkshires and carrots, Andrew had his veggie fingers plus the other bits. The sausages were very tasty. I do not eat a lot of meat and only usually have just one but today I had two and I was pleased I did as they were so good. Cakes I made not bad but still room for improvement.


Still very cold, no more snow sunshine as well.

Meeting at Jay-Jay's School today with Lindsay and Jay-Jay, a few positives and hopefully solutions. Since Jay-Jay is here  living, we are responsible for him so that's why we were invited to the meeting. Hopefully things will improve for him and he will get back on track. His behaviour has not bean the best but, he has bean diagnosed with ADHD and OSD. This has bean going on for a while, but things move very slowly with Schools and Doctors .


Another meeting this time for me at Nottingham to access to see if I can still get disability payments. This has all changed now and gone on to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The lady seemed positive I would still get some payment but its not her decision. I know it helps a lot with the things I have to pay for like Pilate's, Acupuncture. I am hoping soon to start going in a spa pool. All at extra cost to me. The National Health do not pay for things like this. I have said once before in a Blog that in many other situations I could get more help but NO, not for this RSD. Makes me mad at times.

I have stopped taking DIAZEPAM too many bad side affects.

All the snow that had fallen has now gone. Is this the last to come now?


Not at Pilate's today not feeling too good, got a sore raspy throat and full RSD pain. I tried to keep busy with rests in between. Going hot and cold all day sweating like crazy. Feeling very tired but not able to sleep.


B12 today god did this hurt-- sent a nerve pain straight down my arm to my fingers. Carried on into town to get a few bits. The pain went after a while back to normal RSD pain. Still not feeling the best now a cough to put up with and tight chest.

When I got back Angela was here for a chat and a drink.


Age UK. Jenny still ill so most of the time on my own with a bit of help from the kitchen staff. A busy day and very tired when I left. Not sure how long I will be able to keep doing this as hands are getting worse and dropping things all the time. I will go as long as I can, as I enjoy it a lot. I like the older ones that come here for their drinks and meals, a lot of them are very funny. Some as you know are not funny or nice but thankfully those are few. Since stopping DIAZEPAM I have felt a lot better


Clocks back last night so an hour less in bed. Did some of the garden, general tidy and cut back a lot of the dead bits. Sorted out the greenhouse ready for the tomato and plant seeds. A lovely Spring like day and quite warm as well.


Finished off the garden looks very tidy now and bare. A frosty start to the day as well quite cold after yesterday. Only Britain can you get so much changeable weather, probably a few other places as well.
I know Amsterdam is very much like here as well, but with more rain.

Jay-Jay is moving back with his Dad now so came round for all his things. Seemed a lot less from when he came. Better packed in boxes I think.


Waking today with Pup we saw three squirrels, a robin and a pheasant. A mile from town and we get all this more than some who live in the country.

Pilate's today went okay but still hard for a lot of the moves. Jo did this new one where you lifted up one hip and stuck out the opposite leg. Not hard to do, but very effective. I asked her if this was HIP HOP, everyone laughed. Rained coming home and was very cold with head wind most of the way.

Angela called round as her car was in the garage near by getting some work done.


No Age UK--  closed today and Monday. Went with Angela to see Miriam a friend,  her Birthday is tomorrow and she's eighty three years old. Took her a card and flowers. Angela took her cardigans. She was pleased to see us both. She has bean in a home since the beginning of December but hopes to go home again on the 9th of April. The home have bean very slow setting up some help for her. So she has to pay for the privilege of staying there, plus her rent on her cottage. As most know homes are not cheap.

Got the washing dried outside but the wash line broke, I was able to mend it but its the size for a midget now. (its a whirley gig one) On to Angela's for a while, nice to see her cat again. A good afternoon just talking and drinking tea, she then brought me home. Got the ironing done before Wayne got here.

Wayne's here for the weekend. At teatime we had a small Chinese, very tasty it was too. A good night just catching up with things and chatting.


Looking after a neighbour's two cats for a few days. They are very cute, one tabby stripe and one fluffy black. 

Did some machine sewing for Angela.

Lindsay called in and had dinner with us. So did Jay-Jay and a few mates. Ten of us today, I was cooking chip for ages. Anyway everyone fed and watered and full.  Paul gave Lindsay and the children a lift home as he was going that way. Jay-Jay and his friends still here for a while then peace.

Paul, Wayne and Andrew had Mexican for tea, I had some mozzarella sticks. They were very nice too. Watched a bit of television with Wayne and Andrew then bed around four thirty.

Summer at last has given up her old ball she uses on the common. I tried a few weeks ago but she would not chase after her new ball. This has happened before, she does not like change. I wrapped her old ball or what was left of it around her new one for a few days. Then she excepted it and I was able to throw the old ball away. Even then she saw me putting it in the bin and I think she knew it had gone for good.
 Summer and new ball.

Old ball or what left of it.

Just realised this is my 200th blog, all started on 13th July  2004.
Well that's another month gone by. A bit better one for me I think, not as much pain. Hope things are as good for you all. See you next month......Love Gill.

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