May 1st

How nice the common is now, green trees, fresh smell, and just Spring/ Summer-like.  Everything seems to have just burst out of its Winter sleep. The birds are singing and the ones that have bean on their holidays are back. I saw a swallow flying back and forth as well. I think the warmer weather is here and better days are ahead. A lot of us have bean vaccinated and soon the others will be as well. Things are definitely looking up.

Got two knitting patterns today, one Sooty, Sweep, and Sue glove puppets. The other Rosie and Jim complete with the barge boat. I am looking forward to making them. Got to finish off Tigger first though.


Jamie-Lee here today, played as usual, this time with Barbie doll all going to a party. She stayed for tea as well.  


After the warmer weather now cold, very, very cold, rain as well hailstones at times. Our Postman was back in his Winter stuff.  

I just went through from the kitchen and felt a drip on my head. We have a small leak in the kitchen roof where it joins onto the main house. Paul thinks he can fix it.

Coin racks came today and I soon realized we need more than we have so ordered. I think they will look good. When done will put a picture on here.


 I Watched with Andrew, Starship take-off, and land perfect this time. Well done SpaceX. 

A lot of pain later seems to be every joint I  have and more besides. Not good as already taken a lot of extra tablets, I know these will give me stomach problems later.


While on the common my knee locked up and just gave way, and I dropped to the floor. The pain was very sharp. I got up, wiggled my leg about and the pain went and I was able to put weight on it again like nothing had happed at all. Very strange, but pleased it was a short burst of pain.

Paul has sealed the roof so hopefully, that will work. Just got to wait for rain now.


Woke up with a bad headache, not good to start the day,  heavy rain too. 

Took Summer out late today as the rain was still pouring down. Yes, and the roof repair worked, well done Paul.

The second corona jab today, so hopefully I will be protected now. This one did not hurt as much as the last one. The Nurse did it a bit higher on my arm.  Later on, I had a more intense headache behind my eyes and down my neck. Feels like a lot of pressure in my head. Not too sure if this is related or just a coincidence, as had a lot of headaches just recently.


Headache is mostly gone now so I am so pleased.

Nighttime I Finished off the second attempt of Tigger's head, as pulled down the last one, as something was not quite right. This time I have put on little diagrams so I know which bit is which and the right way up, as a lot look the same. I am better at knitting than sewing up anyway. I think this will help me hopefully or Tigger might not get finished.


Not a good night woke up many times with ice-cold feet and spasms in my feet and legs.  

Angela popped round for a chat and coffee she is doing well. Cleaned up downstairs and washing, dried so well, as very windy. I love the smell of line-dried washing so fresh. Something you don't get with tumble drying.  I feel quite tired today as I a lot less sleep than usual. Spasms are still there but if I keep moving they back off a bit.


Well an adventure day,  I went into town as not bean since January. Most shops are open now and just about back to normal. A lot of people around too. I quite enjoyed my day I felt free for the first time in ages. I got just about everything I wanted, so a good day for me. 


Another not-good night I could not switch off and my brain was going at a fast pace. 

Changed the bedding and washed them, dried very well and quick. Home-made veg curry for tea, so we could all eat the same together, Andrew is a vegetarian. Very nice as well quite hot and spicey. We all enjoyed it.  


Dull start but not cold, the sun came out later. Lovely walk on the common with Summer so nice and green now. Bit of bedding ironing, and doing this Blog. Maybe a bit of sewing up Tigger later. More rest day than doing things today.  


Finally, got Tigger done I am so pleased, Not quite as it should be, but, the finished Tigger looks the same as the picture.  I did manage to sew the tail into the hole where the head should have gone, so one big mistake. I did get the head on the right way after I had removed the tail. Gave it to Jamie-Lee and she thought it was great.


Mexican for tea, bacon, and chicken burger for me and fries. Very nice but too much Mayo, the meat kept dropping out the burger. I ate it all but I felt it later as very heavy on my stomach. 


I have bean trying to mend a puncture in a wheelbarrow I borrowed from neighbor Andy to get horse muck off the common for the greenhouse. This has not worked despite four patches being used. I think the tube is a bit too old. Told Andy and he took it back. 

He said, he hardly used it so he put it outside his house for anyone to take. Within an hour someone had decided it was ok for them The barrow part was good, just needed a new wheel or maybe just the tube.


While brushing Summer, I managed to pull out a few hairs around her eyes with the comb. She always has a lot of sleep black bits, that get stuck. This bled a bit but she did not seem bothered though. I put some Germolene on the sore bit and gave her the usual treat she has. All forgotten about, but I did feel very bad. I looked on the internet and a lady said to use a wet cold fannel and this will remove the sleep bits easily. Tried it and she was right.

Late night I had a very bad head, pounding. The air is very stormy so I think that has a lot to do with it. I stood up and a gushing nose bleed. I had already taken tablets for my headache but took more as no better. I managed to get to bed at 6am, still in pain. The birds were singing and it was lovely, another time perhaps to enjoy, but not tonight/ morning. Went to bed, hopefully, things will improve later. 


Still headache but not as bad, but I hurt every. I know if I sit all day I will feel worse. I decide to get the greenhouse ready to take the horse muck. I took out five bags from each side, so now when Andrew and I get to the common to get the muck it will be ready to put on. My toms and cues are well behind, but the weather has bean more like winter again so I think they will catch up a bit when in the greenhouse All this lovely muck they will have to grow in should help too. 

The same sort of night again as last night, bad head. Still very stormy here, so go away heavy air give me a good day.  


Went with Paul to look at another car as this one wants too much money spending on it now as getting old and it's not worth it the cost. He chose another car  Citroen grand C4-- and will pick it up next Thursday. The last ride I would say for me in this car. I don't go in the car very much so the cars a lot more for him than me. 


Summer did not settle last night I think the wind was upsetting her, howling down the chimney and the rain was blasting down battering against the windows. I stopped down with her sleeping on the settee. She soon settled again, now she had her Mum with her. 


Other racks have come for the coins but they have sent them wrong. I got in touch with the seller and they will get back to me. The place is in China but supported by Amazon so should be alright. Shame as I was hoping to get them all done. I can finish off mine but not Paul's. Later I did not do the shelves as my hands not too good for grip today, maybe tomorrow.

Starting knitting another Tigger this one sits up and seems to be a bit easier to knit, but time will tell. 


A cold day is Winter back again? Lots of puddles on the common so Summer at least is pleased. Cold to a very strong west cold wind. We enjoyed our walk so that's all that matters. 

Started to do the coin selves, my hands are not too bad today so hopefully, I will not drop too many coins. They are all in their protective cases so will be ok if dropped on the carpet. Not like the crystals that have no chance. Andrew and I looked up how much the value has gone up for all of them. Not going to make me rich but at least they are worth more than I paid for them. Any way got them all done Dropping a few, looks good what I have done as you can see by the picture. 


Doctor Who protects them.

All done looks better than when they were all flat.


A cold windy day. Got a loan of a sack truck to get the horse muck with. 
Not a good day for pain, a nerve rash has come on my shoulders and neck very sore and itchy. I took an antihistamine this helps but it took a while to kick in. Hips are sore today as well, usually, it's more the left one but it's the other way round this time the right one giving me more pain. 


Paul has got a ticket for Wembley to see Lincoln play Blackpool on Sunday. 
Had Jamie-Lee for a while but she was not very happy today.  


Paul picked up the new car today.  I am cleaning and ironing as much as I can, as the pain is not good today. Helping Andrew with the big ladders we have, I managed to hurt my leg when I let go of it and it slid down taking off the skin as it went. This added to the already pain I was in. Took some tablets and just carried on with my jobs. At night the pain in my leg was not too good so when I went to bed it took ages to get to sleep. 
Then it's morning and time to get up again. People ask me why not stay in bed a bit more answer is it makes RSD usually worse. So long as I get at three hours I can cope. The pain is mostly what wakes me up in the morning.


Yesterday Andrew made Summer another collar. Warm today lovely on the common.  We enjoyed our walk Summer and me. This is about the only place I actually go at the moment. 

Cute Summer.

Weeded around the greenhouse and inside a few weeds had grown plus some cat muck. The tomatoes and cucumbers I set, are doing very well they will be late, but the weather we had in May and the beginning of June would not have helped them grow much anyway. As it was too cold in the green.

My leg is a bit sore but I do not think it is infected. 
Went to the common with Andrew and got some horse muck. To start with we could not find any so moved places. We got a big bag full so I think this will be enough. The truck we borrowed from Ness was very good and easy to push. The bag went straight into the greenhouse after being taped up to sweat. I shut the greenhouse door and over the next few days, it will heat up and sweat the muck. I think a week or so will be enough. I am pleased we managed to get the horse muck as last time it worked very well and I had a very good crop of tomatoes and cucumbers. 


Jamie-Lee here from 8.30 as Paul and Lindsay plus Tommy-Lee and Andy from across the road are heading to Wembley for Lincoln v Blackpool football match. Lindsay and Tommy-Lee have not got tickets but will find a pub and watch it from there. They are going for the atmosphere. The new car will have a good test run. 
Jamie-Lee and I had a very good day and she was a pleasure to have. Andrew also kept her entertained with spelling and math and even a bit of Latin. This gave me a bit of time to rest. 

After an accident near the stadium and traffic jams, Paul was held up. They arrived home at 11.30pm. 
All very tired but buzzing after Lincoln had a good match, they lost 2-1 but Paul said it was very good.
I think everyone had a good day.  


Emie from two doors away came round to play with Summer. When Summer went to sleep we played with the barbie and Sindy dolls. Her Dad shouted over the fence to see if everything was alright, as she had bean here quite a while. Emie went home, and I had a sit down as not feeling the best. Tired from yesterday I think and lack of sleep.

Well, again a bit of a mixed month. I think that's how people with RSD can describe their lives. There are good bits, many ups and downs, and disappointments too. Obviously, there are some better days but not like before when I could control my life. 

Anyway, all the very best to you all, hope you enjoy this month's Blog.  
Love Gill.


 April 1st

Well not a good night for me. Awake a lot with pain, very hot at times, even though it had got colder after the heatwave we had earlier on in the week. I do not feel right today, far away and so exhausted.


Sorted out all my crystals after me buying my new ones last month. I polished them with a glasses cloth, very shiny now and they all look good.  I took it steady and stopped when my hands started began to shake or feel strange. It is nearly all done, just the last two shelves to do, not much on them, bigger things. I move one ornament and I dropped it on the crystals that were on the floor. Smash--- the pig broke and left two orphaned piglets,  plus a duck that lost its feet and wing. Everything else was lucky. Andrew thinks he can mend them both so the baby pigs will get their mother back.  Andrew did manage to mend them both you can hardly tell they were ever broken.


What a difference, so cold 3C with a wind chill factor around zero, northeast wind. Last week's temperature was up to 23C. So cold on the common today I was pleased when I got back into the warm. Summer does not seem to feel the cold so much, so she was fine. She needs a trim so she has a very thick long coat at the moment.

Balance not good today and still the far-away feel. 

Managed to get the letter from my Doctor, this time everything good. Just a few more bits to sort out then the document can be on its way to PIPS.

A bit of snow today did not settle.


My friend John is here again to help with the last few bits for PIPS. Lindsay is writing a letter as well. 

Not too bad a day, tired as usual it's the sort of tiredness that stops your brain from performing even the slightest task. Pain as well from at least one source. If RSD does not get you me something else will, I can be almost certain of that. 


Summer's hair cut today Maxine said Summer did have a lot to cut this time. 

Doing her best Eeyore impression

Be for hair cut she looks sad but does like Maxine a lot. She says Summer is the best dog she grooms.

Summer was very good and did not fall asleep or slip off the table. After over an hour she was finished, next nails, then done. She looks cutter, smaller, and whiter. 

All smiles now - more like Tigger

All the hair that came off.

I let her have a rest and a chew then she had a bath. Even whiter now and smells so sweet.

After her bath very tired now.

Posted PIPS letter so wait and see now, I have done all I can.


Sharp frost cold again but nice in the sun on the common. Summer and I enjoy our walks very much.

All so very calm on there and peaceful. Some days I see a lot of friends, others no one. Summer likes to see her friends too. In fact, most are Summers friends.  

Not a good day for me, very shakey and cold a lot of the time. Not hungry either so not a lot of food eaten today.


Doing a bit more of the puzzle not going the best. I can not get the sky right. Most pieces fit in two places, making it very hard to know where the right place is for them. I will finish it but when??

Chinese for tea, chicken balls, chips, and curry sauce for me. Indian for Andrew and Paul. Very good it was too I really enjoyed it, probably a little too much as I was very full. I was pleased though because as I said, I had not eaten much for the past few days.


A  very cold start to the day, snow I think later.  Managed to get the sky done on the puzzle so very pleased. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round in the afternoon. We played Monopoly. Jamie-Lee was not happy today in fact quite mardy. Nothing seemed to please her.

 I have had nerve pain and rash on my shoulder and neck for a few days, very painful and sore. Feels like sunburn and nettle rash all at the same time plus the pain as well. Lindsay put on some cream for me and that helped cool it a bit. 

Lindsay left and we had tea.  Indeed it did snow later quite a bit, big flakes falling against the dark sky. Very sharp frost when I went to bed and biting cold. Summer was not out very long be before she went to bed, maybe she felt the cold after her trim.


Nerve pain not as bad tonight and my shoulders not as hot and sore, I am very pleased. Writing my blog and hopefully going to do a bit more of the puzzle. 


Finished off the puzzle I was doing at one point I did not think I would finish it. As soon it is possible it can go to the charity shop with any other bits. I have put in a note saying how hard it is and frustrating.


It was a very nice picture but so hard to.

Summer is having a bit of trouble with her back right leg, she is carrying it very stiff. I have massaged it so hopefully, that will help. 

My legs late at night were very painful as well, at one point I had a wheaty bag on my knees to try and calm down the nerves. Helped a bit but the pain still there, I raised up the chair leg bit, which gave me terrible spasms all the way up both legs. Whatever I did it solved one problem but gave me another.

I went to bed around 4am still in more pain than usual but tired. I was awake a while then an exhausted sleep took over. Glad the day was over tomorrow has to be better. 


Woke up at 8am the pain seemed to have gone a bit, So pleased. Cleaned up downstairs. Moving around is a lot better for me than sitting. So that is what I try to keep going not possible a lot of the time, but I try.   


Up early again changed bedding got it washed and dried. Sorting out the other ornament cupboards. Ironing is done. I then shredded last time's PIPS forms as they will not be needed duplicate copies sent to Paul.


Got up put my feet to the floor and pain from my left hip and lower back.  Hopefully, I will walk it off but every step hurts. Lifting my leg just to walks is so painful with spasms as well. With RSD it seems there is always pain somewhere. The extra tablets do not help much apart from getting to my stomach and upsetting it. Did not get any better throughout the day. Not having too good a time at the moment.


What a lovely day, warm and no cold wind a beautiful Spring-like day. Lovely on the common, Summer ran around like a little pup. Hip a little better so long as I take it easy. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round on their bikes. Gave Jamie-Lee the little chick I knitted for her with some sweets. She loved the chick and said it was cute.


 Cute I think and Jamie-Lee thought so too.


Another sunny day Spring must be here. Brushed Summer another good lot of fluff off her. Very tired today, I think the last few day's pain and less sleep have worn me down. Having a rest day doing a bit of knitting. Harry Potter, nearly finished it, had to redo the trousers as too small. I think he is a bit fatter than the pattern. Too much stuffing I think, soon redone. These fitted well Sometimes I think the pattern can be a bit out or I did the legs too long. Got the face and hair to do and scarf. 


Repotted three of the inside plants as getting too big for the present pots. Tiding up in the shed the gardening bits. The stands for my coins have come and they look pretty good. I put a coat of wax on them. Andrew is going to help me put them in the cupboard. I think it a good idea after dropping the crystals last time.  Hopefully, we will do it tomorrow. There is still another two coin display stands to come so it will not get finished yet. 


Frost to start with, I was up before 8am. Soon warmed up and we had a lovely walk with  Pat and Milo. A lot longer walk than we are used to so Summer was very tired when we got back.

Andrew and I put the coins in their stands and they look good. You can now see the coins as they should be shown not flat as I had them. I am sure when the other stands come they will look even better. Thank you, Andrew. 


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round late afternoon. Jamie-Lee had got her glasses she is very proud of them.  

Jamie-Lee trying on her new glasses at opticians.


Suey their dog has not to bean too well and Lindsay thought the worst. Turned out better than she thought a stomach infection, so a few Antibiotics and she should be as good as new.


Now finished Harry Potter for Jamie-Lee to take to a school friend. I think he looks good. I am sure she will too.

First-year at Hogwarts.


Ordered some Kindle books off Amazon, eight books most free, 79p total cost. I now have over a hundred books on my Kindle. The one I am reading at the moment is about the very first space flight. The race between the Americans and the Russians. The story behind the flights and the families. A good read but long. I like to read shorter stories and a lot of children books. 


Not too good today, a lot of pain in my back and hips, yes both. Properly bean leaning on the left side too much, usually the bad side. The neck is painful too with pain shooting up to my head. I have taken many tablets but not had much effect. I know this will go as it came but sure makes you feel bad till it does.

Again another mixed month for me. A lot of people are getting excited about the pubs and shops opening. I think I have just got used to being home all the time with Summer. I did not go out much before though. Spring is here, and the trees are all of a sudden are green again. Very good to see you after the last few months. Getting warmer too well some days it is. Hopefully better things to come this year, for all of us. 

As usual all my best to you all,
Love Gill.


 March 3rd  

Doing a bit more of Puzzle I managed to finish it. 

Andrew and I watched another Starship rocket launched. This one did everything it should and landed, but it caught fire after a few minutes then exploded.

Lindsay is not too good but with rest, she will be alright I think. She had more done this time so it will take longer. Radio Therapy and the usual pain block. Hopefully, it will help and be worth the trauma she is going through.


Started another puzzle, the same set as the last one. Just as hard but more colour to this one, so a bit easier on my eyes to do. 

I do not feel right today a lot of pain. Balance is not good either. The pain I can not break free of, its got me a vice grip. Please let go RSD.


Happy birthday Jay-Jay 17 today where has the time gone?  Lindsay and her family are all around for a Chinese tea. 

Lindsay is not too good, she had a bath be for she came and it has taken a lot out of her. She was asleep a lot of the time even eating her tea. I know what that is like being so exhausted that you can not function at all. Apart from that everyone had a good time and it was good to see the boys again. Jay-Jay brought round his girlfriend Amy as well, I have met her be for. She looked after Lindsay very well while here and helps her a lot at home when she is not able to help herself.

A wet start to the day, Summer and I went down Sincil Bank instead of the common. There has bean a lot of rain so the common is like a mud bath again.

Lindsay called in to pick up Jamie-Lees Ipad that was left on Saturday. Lindsay looks and sounds quite a bit better now, but still has a long way to go be for she is right. I said to her it will be all worth it if the treatment works. 

I still have a lot of extra pain as well, this is very draining and not fair but RSD does its own thing.


What a lovely start to the day, sunny windy but not cold. Two lots of washing so they should dry well.

Another not-good day regarding pain and balance lack of sleep does not help either. Getting by on around 4-5 hours of sleep a night is not good. Nerve rash on my shoulders through pain, its very sore and at times itchy too. 

Washing mostly dried so that's good, smells lovely too.


Cleaning up downstairs today.  

Did a bit more of the puzzle going OK- but a lot of the bits look right until you try to put another bit to it and it does not fit? so which bit is right? Till you get more bits that look the same then you can get it sorted right. I think it's one of them puzzles that if you do not give up on the first 2-3 days I think you can finish it.

My friend John is helping with another claim for PIPs as the last one was not granted.


Bit more of the puzzle done going a bit better now a few gaps closed up. Still, a long way to go but I will complete it. 

Not knitting at the moment as my hands are not the best and my brain a bit mushy or that's how it feels.

Radio 1- Scott and Chris are doing a laughathon for 24 hours. This time slightly different from the last one 2 years ago. More guests and more jokes this time. They are raising money for Comic Relief. 


Scott and Chris have still on-air despite being tired and slightly giddy, mixing up words. They carried on raising more money, going to 28hours then collapsed well nearly. They were all DJ out, off home to sleep I think.  So far they have raised over £2500, a lot of money in 24 hours. I listened to a lot of it too, late night and early morning. The jokes got a bit more adult after 9pm. I think it was better than the one they did 2 years ago. It was Chris's birthday today as well.  


A lot of nerve pain today with a rash on my shoulders, hot and sore. Trying very hard not to rub or scratch it. Hopefully, it will go soon but always returns.

Wayne sent me some Mother's day presents. He said I could open the parcel today. The card will be here Monday.

Some bed sock that I wear all the time, they are soft, warm, and not tight on my legs. Also without shoes, something I do a lot. they do not slip on floors. Also some truffles in a very pretty tin, also a baby shark soft toy. This is a joke between Wayne and I.



Lindsay and Jamie-Lee, came round with 2 cards one from her, and one from the grandchildren. They stayed a while having tea as well, a Chinese very nice. I enjoyed it very much, as not eaten much all day, so was ready well ready for it.

Andrew made me a coaster the first one of this kind he has made. Very nice as with all things he makes.

Andrew's mat.


Radio 1 Scott and Chris have raised over half a million pounds for Comic relief. What a great total for them, the listeners are very generous.

Cleaning up today. My friend John will be here later to do the PIPS form with me. Just waiting for letters to come from various people.


Went on my bike for the first time in 2 and a half years. Went OK apart from the chain coming off. I tried to do it myself but could not. so I came back home and Paul did it. After that things went OK. Andrew asked me how my wrist was. I did not even think about it while riding it was only a short distance around 2-3 miles so a good starter ride. I went to the Remembrance Gardens to see my Mum, Dad, and brother Phillip. Put some daffodils on the stone, Mum used to like them very much, Dad too. Also went to see past next-door neighbours Mr and Mrs Lambert in a different part of the crematorium. I enjoyed the bike ride a bit wobbly at first but safe. 


A dull start and cold as well. I felt it on the common. A nice walk with Summer as usual playing with her ball. 

I have bean buying a few cut glass crystals ornaments on the internet. I have had money put aside so I thought why not. I need to put them all in the cabinet after a polish and dust. When they are all done I will show you a picture of them. I need to wait for a few good days, as a lot of time my hands are not good and  I would drop them. 


Awake early 6am so a very short night, Bed last night gone 3am. I tried to go back to sleep but no that was it. I was hot and itchy so I got up. A sunny morning on the common early Summer having a good run around today. Maybe it's Spring on the way.    


Another short night, this time Summer did not settle so it was gone 4am when I went to bed. No more barks from Summer after this. 

People say how do you manage on so little sleep? The answer I do not know. At times it catches up with me and I will crash out, even while doing things, like playing a game on the computer. The next thing I am aware of is, nearly falling off the chair. I think my body just stops as it can no longer go on.


Paul has put up my rug I made plus Wayne's present from Disneyland.

 Lindsay here with Jamie-Lee, who was supposed to have a blood test, but it did not go well. She has to go back at a later date.

Jamie-Lee played with the Sylvanians and watered the garden as well. Summer was close to the hose pipe, she did get wet but she always does and enjoys it too. 

Rang up to see if the letter (PIPs) from my Doctor was ready. They had no knowledge of it, I put it through the letterbox, where does the letterbox go?? They will ring me tomorrow after looking and asking other staff there to see if it can be found. 


I took another letter as it was nowhere to be seen. I made sure the lady I spoke to over the phone dealt with it. There is a time when PIPs documents have to be in, this has already bean extended. I spoke to my Neurologist and there is a letter on the way they are a bit behind with letters. At least they did not lose it. Hopefully next week all things will be put right. 

Hot and shuddery today stomach bloated as well. 


I have a water infection, so not good today I have got ANTIBIOTICS so hopefully, this will help.  Quite a few accidents as not getting to the toilet in time. l did some intense research into RSD and infections in the bladder are quite common and can be quite bad. A rest day I think and just try to keep the pain down with extra tablets.


Not as much pain today but oh so tired. I just want to curl up somewhere and relax. Not much chance of that. 


A very warm and nice day. 21C later on. 

Went to have my B12 and while there I asked about my letter from Doctor Hindosha. The nurse looked and said it had bean done and would print off a copy off for me. I walked home and had a look at the letter and some details were wrong. I rang them up and after a talk, the receptionist said bring it back and I will get the Doctor to alter it. Back to the Doctors this time I went on my bike, the first time I walked, The receptionist I spoke to had gone for lunch so had to give it to the desk. Just hope the letter gets back to Doctor Hndosha so it can be put right. 

Got home and did a bit more of the puzzle going a bit better. I think the more bits I fit in the easier it gets, till I hit a slump. I will finish it... of course, I will.


Went out to a shop first time in ages, felt like an adventure going on my bike. I am pleased I am able to ride it again. A lot quicker than walking. So good to be some different than the common. Got a present for my friend Debbie plus a few other things. I went down every aisle and got a few ideas for later things.

Bit more puzzle done only a few bits left, so should finish it tonight. Oh no some of the bits do not fit. I did have only 6 bits left, but now 20. Determined it will be done tonight.

Mexican for tea a chili burger and wedges for me. The best ones I have ever had from a take-away meal. Usually, they are dry and overcooked these were perfect. Paul did actually order fry's but wedges came, quite pleased they did. 

After tea started again attacking that whats it feels like now and this one I thought was easier than the last one. A brighter picture as you can see, but just as hard as the last one. Does not help as no proper picture on the box. 

All done just the last one of the set now to do. I will finish you as well, then charity shop for someone else to get frustrated.

The temperature rose to 23C in Lincoln so a summer day very nice after the cold and rain earlier in the month.

Well, here we are at the end of another Blog, still in lockdown a year later. Better things are on the way, so we can look forward to happier days very soon. 

Quite a mixed month but better than some. Water infection not good but caught early so soon responded to ANTIBIOTICS. Summers on its way so warmer days soon. This helps my RSD and most other suffers. Hope things are good with you all and soon we will be free. All the best to you Love Gill.

To finish off the month- Summer very fluffy, she needs badly needs a trim, so next week she will be cut.


Cute little Summer.

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