June 1st

Well you know I said in last months Blog-- that hopefully this month would be better well No it isn't.
I had a fall on the common while walking Summer around 10-15am.

Let me explain. A lady, and a small child stood back with their dog on its lead, quite a big dog, Doberman size. We went past and they went on their way. I unclipped Summer's lead and carried on  walking. After a while the big dog went flying past me and straight for Summer.
She got chased once before by a chocolate Labrador which caused her to run her towards the park and road, which she crossed  when she was only just a little pup in 2011. The road is a main one and very busy. She ran home last time and avoided getting hit by cars. I was so scared as it was foggy and I and a friend could not find her.

Back to today--I shouted her but she was scared and just ran. I tried to run but slipped falling badly on my right side, yes the RSD side. In tears of fright for Summer's safety, I got to my feet. Pain sheared through my knee and foot. I hobbled as fast as I could shouting Summer no, more screaming her name. The big dog came past me going back to its owner, and I could hear Summer's high pitched bark. Not knowing if she was hurt or just scared I hobbled on in great pain. Then I saw her, she was fine, scared, but not hurt. I don't think the other dog wanted to attack her, more to say hello but when you get a big dog after you, most would run.

I clipped her lead on and we headed for home. My foot was swelling up over the top of my shoe. I was so pleased I had shoes on sometimes I wear sandles. The shoe helped to support the foot. The short distance home was so painful, every step, sharp pain was shooting from my foot up my leg around the knee.

Once home I took off my shoes to a very swollen foot and knee. I sat down  and put my foot up. This will help I said to Summer. She was fine just the same Summer as usual, better it be me hurt than her. Took two IBRUES and  two DIHYDRO CODEINE. Lindsay phoned and I told her what had happened. She said, maybe you should go to the hospital. I said I will see how it goes over the next few hours.

My foot was getting bigger, and bruising up, also around the knee. When Paul came home from volunteering at the hospital he headed back there with me of course, to get my leg checked out. We arrived at the A and E department at two thirty it was very busy but I was soon seen. The Doctor though there might be a break I was not too sure. As the pain gets covered up by all the strong stuff I take. I can never be sure what actual pain I am in. Any way the X-rays (6) showed no breaks in my foot or knee she was actually surprised there was nothing broken,  just sprained and bruising she said. Told to rest it and elevate my leg and ice it. I said ice is a big NO NO and I explained. OK she said keep off it and keep it up as much as you can and rest. We headed for home just two hours and ten minutes after we got there. I thought that was pretty good. Home with foot up, this is not going to be a good weekend for me. No walking, sitting still, the RSD is not going to be pleased, not much I can do at all really. I did not realize till later I had hurt my shoulder too, just a red mark but a bit sore. Some people would be pleased with a weekends rest not me.  This is not a good start to June.


Foot and knee very painful. Slipper socks for a while I think. Resting it but if I sit too long with it up I get bad spasms in my legs.
Obviously not at Age UK today. Taking quite a lot of extra tablets today. These are helping quite a bit. Some pictures of the damage cause.



Wayne's here today and stopping over night so it will be good to see him again. He is about better now after his scare earlier in the year when he was in Hospital. Wayne arrived just in time for dinner.
Nice afternoon just catching up.

Later we were shocked to hear about the London Bridge attacks. We watched it late into the night.
After the Ariana Grande concert bombing it was quite almost like this, can not be true, but it was and we learnt later about the deaths and injuries.


A quiet day just resting and trying to take it easy. Paul did dinner for us all, chicken with the trimmings. Very good too. Wayne's only here one night so soon it was time for him to go home. Paul took him to Newark station.

Later I watched the Ariana Grande concert in honour of the people who died and the ones that got hurt.
Very good but at times hard to watch thinking about why this is happening.


I have to go out today for breast screening at the Hospital. Paul is taking me as my foot is still very swollen and painful. I got my shoe on after taking the insole out, this still hurt a lot but I was able to take it off while sat. We managed to get a wheelchair so I did not have to walk. Everything went well and we were only out for less than a hour. So back home with foot up again. This by now was hurting a lot and had swelled up more. I took some more tablets and the pain eased off. Also started taking BACLOFEN muscle relaxants 10mg two a day. Hopefully these will help, as time goes on and as the pain lessens I will go down to one a day then stop again.


Summer had a hair cut today and as usual she just about fell asleep. When she does this her back legs slip over the side of the table. So far she has managed to stay on it. Maxine who cuts her, is very good and makes sure she has hold of her. As soon as she arrives Summer knows its for her and sits by the table ready to be picked up. Over an hour grooming so quite a long time. A shorter cut this time as Summer is on its way or in theory anyway, its cold and raining at the moment.

 So cute.
 Showing off her bikini line.


Foot and knee are improving but very slowly, I am not a sit down person, also not able to take Summer out either is the worst. Paul is taking her this will do him good though.

I phoned up Age UK as I will not be going in this week again hopefully things will improve and I can go back next week. My job there involves standing all the time so not good at the moment with a swollen foot and knee. I know a lot of people are also not going to be there this week either for one reason or another. Joy said it was not very busy last week.

Joy called in to see me she is doing well and not as much pain in her knee and shoulder. She has started taking some new tablets and put COPPER INSOLES in her shoes, she said this has helped her pain a lot.
No sooner had she gone Angela called in to see me, she is also well and just got a new car, very nice too, a white one she is very pleased with it. Her other one was written off when she had her accident on the 18th May. A lot of pain in my foot late evening and early morning before I went to bed.


Wayne got Summer a new brush today, I used it on her and she likes it. Her last one the pins have bent and is now sharp on her skin. This was recommend by Maxine the groomer.

The brush is a Lawrence Tender Care Slicker Brush Medium. From Amazon.

OK bean a week now since I fell, so here are some of today's pictures of my leg and foot.

Uninjured left  foot.
Inside of right foot.

As you can see a lot of the bruising has gone, but still very swollen around the foot and ankle, the knee is still swollen but not as much now. A lot more pain than I would have hoped for a week later, how much of this is the RSD playing up.


Went round to see a neighbour Ness from two doors away. I am so fed up of not going out. Had a good chat and felt better for it.
Lindsay came round later with Jamie-Lee we had chips from the chippie for dinner. Very tasty.
Showers and sunshine today.


Changing the bedding today as very windy so it should dry well. Quite sunny but also showers as well. I need to try to use my foot and walk a bit more. Already the RSD is hitting it hard and a lot of pain and burning like only RSD can.

Washing all dried and ironed. I sit on the table to iron so that's not a problem.

Jay-jay came round later he had bean swimming in a lake close by so decided to surprise us with a visit. He and Tommy-Lee are going to Spain with their Dad on Wednesday. Hope you all have a good time.

Not as many tablets today so the foot must be improving a bit.


B12 injection this morning, Paul is taking me in the car as it's too far at the moment to walk. This time it did not hurt as much. I am back later to see my own Doctor at last. The appointment is at night so really for people who work during the day, so I felt a bit guilty but not for long. I can never get to see him. He only works two days a week so that makes it worse.

He was quite pleased with me, he looked at my foot and I showed him the pictures when it first happen. A sprain usually takes on average takes four to six weeks to get better. Yours with every thing else going on will take at least eight weeks, may be more. Also I have to be very careful as the ankle is very fragile, when I start walking more.

I asked him how he was doing he said he was very happy doing two days a week. I said you are the only one as everyone else is not happy. He laughed I mentioned about how long it is to get an appointment for Nurses and Doctors. He said yes he knows but there is not a lot he can do. One nurse has left, some are on holiday, also with taking on extra patients from another practice does not help. I was told by the nurse this morning to book my B12 appointment next week so I get it on time, over six weeks ahead. As the one I just had was two weeks late. Partly my fault as I put the reminder in June part of the diary instead of Mays. Even so two weeks is too long to wait for a B12. Usually when I ring up its two or three days at the most to get an appointment.


At last the swelling is going down on my foot, I am able to wear my canvas shoes for the first time since I fell have bean wearing slipper socks. Even now the right shoe is not fastened. I am only putting them on while I am out in the garden, so that's not all the time. Anyway it does the feet good to go without shoes. Better if there is not a sprained foot though.

I managed to plant the tomatoes and cucumber plants in the green house. I know its late but not bean able to do them. Even then I had to do a bit, sit a bit, till it was all finished. I was very pleased I managed it. Hopefully the plants will catch up. I have put slug pellets down, as last time the snails got them both cucumbers, and I had to seed more. So snails leave them alone, or no cumbers this year as if these go it will be too late to seed more. So slime off snails please.

I have reduced the BACLOFEN to one a day now. Two made me very tired but not able to sleep any more. They did good though.


Trying to do a bit of gardening as its gone wild with all the rain showers and sun. Managed to get quite a lot done and it does look better. I set my bench up for doing the hanging baskets and tubs where the bedding plants are going. This will make it easier as I can mostly sit down. That's tomorrow though as my foot is very painful now and has swelled up a lot. Time to put it up and rest it again.

Tragic fire in London Grenfell Tower high rise block. A lot of people were trapped, more than likely not going to get out alive. A man on the news said it was his neighbors fridge/freezer that blew up then set alight to the out side of the building. No one had a chance after a few minutes as it went up like a piece of dry paper. This soon spread and trapped the poor people in side. The news showed them at the windows waving and pleading for help. Later reports said it was the cladding that was not up to standard fire regulations. This was only put in May last year.  Very very sad. So much sadness has happened this year.


My foot is definitely improving, but not fast enough for me. At the moment its very sensitive and burning. I hope I can soon take Summer for her walk. Paul said there were Travellers on the Fair Ground Common.

Angela called round later and bought me, well Paul and I, a fridge magnet and next years calendar post card. Very nice thank you Angela, she has just bean on a London trip and really enjoyed herself. At one time I was to go with her but changed my mind as a bit short of money at the moment and we are on holiday in September to Ireland. Good job really I did not book things as I would not bean able to cope and would have had to cancel with no refund. At least Angela had a good time she went to a show called Half a Sixpence. Very good she said, we found a video of some bits on line and we watched it, in deed it looked a good show.

Angela is getting used to her new car and likes it a lot. We both traveled to see a friend, Comfortable car for me as well, bit low getting in and out though.


I tried on my Active Ankle I used while running, I think this will help support it when its completely healed and keep it safe until the muscles get stronger. Not going to wear it yet as its a bit tight with the all the swelling.

Swelling has gone down a lot.

Back in the garden today doing the baskets and bedding plants. Quite warm too. Summer's with me as well, not helping much though, chasing the cats away. The plants are a bit tall but hopefully will pick up. As I said before, I've not bean able to do much that requires standing up for. Well they are in now so its up to them to go as my Nursery boss used to say they have got two chances live or die.

A lot of pain and burning early morning took IBRUES , BACLOFEN and GABAPENTIN. Helped quite a bit but very late night for me. The birds were well awake and it was light, around five am or after when I went to bed.

Lindsay got this for Summer as she eats her food very fast and then has a lot of wind.

 A strange looking thing when I first saw it I though this will not work but I was very wrong. Usual time for her to eat her tea minute and half, with her food on this five to six minutes and she must have actually tasted the food and wagged her tail when I asked if it was good. A big success I think.

Summer having her tea.

A warm, no hot day for us. Lindsay is here with Jamie-Lee, the boys are on holiday still.
 Jamie-Lee bought me some flowers. Thank you Jamie they are very nice.


We filled up the paddling pool and Jamie-Lee spent a lot of the day in there. Summer was in too at one time. Even though she loves water she is not keen on the pool.

Very hot as the day went on, we sat out most of the day. Ben, Lindsay's boyfriend came later with his three young uns. The three girls all played together in the pool and using the water to wash the trucks and each other. His lad was a bit board as Tommy-Lee was not here and he ended up playing Mousetrap.
A good day and I managed to get a bit sun burnt, usually this turns brown over the next few days. Lindsay looks like she has had a Spain or hot place holiday as she is so brown. We used to have competitions to see who was the brownest a few years ago. She is a mid brown and I am more dark brown. I have not sat in the sun much this year well there has not bean a lot till now any way. Hopefully its here to stay.

My foot is very sore today and shooting pain when I walk. This is I think from being on it too much.


At last going on the common with Paul and Summer to see how my foot will behave. Nearly three weeks since I fell and I am fed up of being like this. Bad enough be with the RSD but this as well is not good.

The walk went quite well my foot hurt, but I knew it would. Since I fell my foot had lost more movement.


A lot cooler here today. Joy came for a visit, that was nice. She is still in pain as well. So together we were a right pair.
Another friend called Lynne came round later to see Paul and brought strawberry tarts, these were very good.


Happy Birthday Andrew.

Cleaning upstairs today. Foot still hurts a lot but I think its getting stronger day by day. I am not taking as many extra pain killers as I did. I hope more feeling comes back to my foot and its not permanent.


Rain over night and a lot cooler. I took Summer on my own today what a nice feeling.
Thank you to Paul for taking her the last few weeks. Walk was OK, no hills yet and my foot did not complain too much. Hopefully it will be me taking her for walks now.

Bad head and RSD pain, bean a bad few day with family problems. They all seem to come at once.
Later late night early morning I had a bad nose bleed. I had to stand over the toilet and let it drip. Long blood clots were hanging down and it was not nice. Eventually it stopped and I was able to go to bed. I felt like I had swallowed a lot of blood as well, I could feel it in my throat.

                   Foot now- still a bit more swollen then usually is but recovering..
Got Tommy-Lee and Jamie-lee for tea and over night. They both ate a good tea, Tommy-Lee eats loads and never seems full for long.

Bed time for Jamie-Lee and she did not settle well, coming down which is unusual for her. She did finally got to sleep then Tommy-Lee and I watched an episode of Doll House. He likes this a lot it was on TV a few years ago. Tommy went to bed soon after so did Paul. I had my bath and watched a bit of TV myself.


Put the tent up in the garden, Jamie and I played with the cooking set and Summer joined in too.
We had sleeping bags as well so it was very cosy for the three of us. Summer likes it when the children are here, it means she gets a lot of attention. She kept running fast in and out and around the tent, and making us laugh.

 Jamie-Lee and Summer.
 I am camping.
  Jamie-Lee took this one in the door of the tent.

Tommy-Lee went to the park with Ben from two doors away. They had a good time as well. Lindsay turned up stopped a while then took them home. A good day but I am in pain and tired, going to watch Glastonbury on TV tonight. Lindsay popped back in with a towel for Paul he was well pleased.

 Paul with his towel.

Got Jay-Jay here for a few day now so I think that will be good for both of us. He is thirteen and a typical teenager.


In town today first time since 25th of May. I did alright as well not too much swelling on foot. Got all I wanted too which is always good. Paul and I went in the car so less walking for me and him too.

In the afternoon my friend John came round we had called at Morrison's on the way back and got a fresh fruit tart it was very nice and John enjoyed his slice.

Jay-jay came home from school, he is doing exams for the next two weeks.


Tracy phoned up for Lindsay and asked if I would have Jamie-Lee for the day as she is having bad head pain again. Tracy is off work as well as she has a bad back. We picked Jamie-Lee up in the car. When we got home I took Summer for her walk and Paul looked after Jamie-Lee. A wet walk and quite a chilly one I threw summer her ball which she loves to play with.

I was given a small tent a bit back, so I put it up in the dinning room. we played in that today. Summer as well of course. Not too good a day to be outside rain.. Jamie was being very good today I was pleased about that as I don't feel too good today. Very dizzy at times a lot of nerve pain and Paul said I was slurring my words. Only had extra GABAPENTINE that's all and then within my limit of six a day. I took five in all. I could have done without Jamie-Lee but Lindsay needs my help.

Jay-Jay came home from School and said I did not look well. He played with Jamie-Lee for a while.

After tea Paul took Jamie home. Rest time for me but as RSD people know, that's not easy.


I think I am having a better day than yesterday. I feel better than I did, less dizzy but still a weird head, less pain as well. On my own today with Summer of course. Rain again so no sun like there was last week. Was it only four days ago when we were in the tent in the garden? yes it was. Britain the land of changeable weather.


Up earlier than usual before eight (usually up between eight and nine). Coming down the stairs my nose started to bleed not as bad as the other night but still dripping all the same. I had to cup my hands to catch the blood so it did not spill on the carpet. Just about did it but some went on the tiled kitchen floor. What a start to the day, hope things don't get worse as at Age UK later.

Age UK, I went today and it was the first time since May 19th. A few things have changed, not as busy as some Fridays. Even so it was steady, working with Ian today. I have worked with him before and not got on too good. He had to rush for his bus as he did not realise the time. So I did not get chance to say how I enjoyed working with him this time. Sam said I had bean missed so did Kristy and Polly plus a few of the regulars. Nice to be missed. My foot did hurt at times but on the whole did very well. A bit of shopping then home.

My son Andrew is coming back to the UK for a while very soon, He is staying here, till he sorts out where he is going to live next, so that will be a change for both of us.

My foot is a bit swollen but not too bad I think I am on the up now. Lets hope next month goes better. Hang on, did I not say the same end of last Month???

Well what a month, things can only get better, or I do hope so. Hope things are good for you all and having some good times. All the best love Gill.


May 1st

Weird bloating feeling today. Probably a flare up of IBS, I have taken quite a few extra tablets.   Strange as Summer is ill as well as I said in my last post. Summer is about the same. Talking to Nicky on the common she said her dog had the same thing last week, this lasted around three to four days. The dog is Basil, Summers boy friend who she was nose to nose with, a few days ago. We say they are kissing as it just looks like they are. This must have bean where she picked up the bug or what ever it is. A few others I spoke to said their dogs had bean a bit loose as well but not really ill with it.  I will give Summer another day to see how she is before getting in touch with the vet. She is still eating well so I am not too worried about her.


Out with Joy today for a posh afternoon tea at Thomas 2 in town. I met her there. Joy has bean here before, and really liked it. My first time here, this is a thank you treat, for knitting the baby jackets for her niece's very soon due baby.

The tea was very good, sandwiches of choice I had chicken, pork pies, cakes plus a few other extra bits. All very filling we both waddled out of there. I walked home and Joy caught the bus. I did not eat for the rest of the day only having a banana earlier in the day.

Later the Lincoln City football team were going around Lincoln in an open top bus to celebrate their promotion to the football league. Well done Lincoln.

The Champions.


Pilate's on my bike I enjoy these rides, well mostly. Very windy and cold too. The session went quite well a lot of pain in shoulders and pins and needles in arms and hands. Spasms in my feet a lot of the time. I think this is caused by biking and my feet pressing on the peddles. My left foot does most of the work, right foot not having much feeling. I felt very tired and still more pain than usual when I got home, so did not do too much rest of day.


Another busy day at Age UK. Vera liked her hat and gloves I made her, I am going to make John her partner, the same in red variegated wool, I started knitting this yesterday.

Looking after Ben and Emmie two doors away tonight. Nes their Mum is being taken out by her mum and husband for her birthday. The children are usually very well behaved, so is not a hard job.
We did a lot of colouring and puzzles and after they both were in bed I did a bit of knitting. Soon Nes and family were home. I stayed a while talking then headed home for my bath.

Dry throat and bad head.


Sorting out all my plant pots and gardening things. Tidied up the garden a bit. Not feeling the best today. Throat very dry and red, cough too, hot as well.  


Went to Angela's on my bike she has bean asking me to come to her house for a while. Nice afternoon with her then home again to cook tea for me and Paul. Cold day again where has the warm weather gone its MAY not NOVEMBER.


Got Tommy-Lee here, he is off School with TONSILLITIS Jamie has got a cold so she here here too.. Lindsay is going to Sheffield today to see what's going on with her head pain. Paul is taking her and I have the little ones till she comes back.

I don't feel good today, a lot of pain, cough and very sore throat. I ache everywhere too.


The ever changing common. Since we have had a bit more sunshine and more light the trees have
changed so much in a few weeks.

HERBALS, a talk with them and catching up on how I have bean. They said I did not look too good.
They are still trying to help my sleep, or should I say lack of it. I said I think the only thing that will help me is--- if I am really ill again and it resets my body clock. Even that might not work as too much sleep can be bad as well. Hopefully this will not happen any way. The SEIZURES have stayed away since last August Bank Holiday. When I am ill, like the RSD flare up and this throat thing, I get a little worried as my body can only just cope with the stuff going on now.

They mentioned HEMP MILK that might help my sleep. Spoke to Andrew about it and he said he was not aware of it helping sleep. I will look into it. I have had a lot of TINCTURES and TONICS and TEAS plus BATH OILS. This can be so expensive. The tea is nice but the the TONICS did nothing for me. The BATH OIL very nice but no better than BADEDAS and at £12 a little bottle is expensive. I am going back in a few weeks to talk to them. I have ACCUE on Thursday hopefully they will help the Virus or whatever I have picked up. I feel very tired and hot and cold quite a bit of extra pain too.


I decided not to go to Pilate's today.  I don't think the bike ride would have done me much good.
I think I might have a VIRUS or something.

At least Summer is a lot better now and back to her PUP self.

ACCUE I cancelled the appointment and managed to get one for 25th May. This will most likely be the last one before their summer break.

Decided to go to see the Doctor just in case it's something that needs help like ANTIBIOTICS.

The Doctor said its an UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION this will get better, in time, on its own. I am pleased its no worse. Any worse or no improvement I am to get back in touch with her.
Hopefully I will soon feel better.

I am not at Age UK tomorrow. I rang Sam the volunteer's coordinator, to let her know. She asked me if I could give her another day when I would be available to work. I said only Friday, she said in an emergency I said it's still only Friday. I will not be able to cope with anymore.

People see me as I am, and think everything is well with me. Not everyone knows what I go through on a daily basic.


Resting as much as things will let me. Still feel not good but this hopefully will improve soon, throat not as sore now. Bad head and sore, tender lumps on head again. I think these are glands as they come up a lot. Bret the ACCUE student told me once what he thought it was, but I have forgotten what he said. More so when the RSD flares up or I get a virus or something, In other words something else to cope with.


On the common with Summer today and I saw a young deer, I have lived here around forty years and never seen one before. What a lovely sight. Also we saw a squirrel looking for food.

What a day for me cough, chest, sore headache, very dry throat and dizzy as well. This on top of RSD playing up I hurt everywhere. Right side being the worst-- hypersensitive too.

Tommy-Lee's football awards tonight as well. I could not cope with all the noise. I did get in touch with him to say I was not going to make it this year. All the best Tommy-Lee.


Not a lot of change PAIN bad shooting everywhere. Also very humid today this does not help much.

RSD is NOT a condition that you just sit back and rest, me anyway.  I have found just the opposite, try to move as much as you can. This helps the body from getting too stiff and sometimes relaxes it as well. Also stops the brain from focusing on pain.


First lot of  baby Moorhens I have seen this year.


My friend's here today, Bev from Beeston. We have not seen each other since February. She brought me some tulips and apple pies. So nice to see her. A lovely day just what I needed. Thank you Bev.

I think the pain is easing off a bit, cough not quite as bad. I have a lot of congestion today and my face hurts.

My friend Angela had a car accident today but she is alright. some one side swiped her. The car is a mess but apart from being very shook up she was not hurt. Very pale looking when she called in here but after some water and calm down talk she looked a lot better.


I am going to Age UK, but if I don't feel up to it I will leave early. The day did not go too bad, a lot of people asked how I was. A few said I still did not look well. Not as busy as some Fridays. I coped but felt dizzy at times and took too many tablets but whose counting?

Home for a rest as I am about all in, a cup of tea and a cuddle from Summer. she will be waiting to see what I have got her for a treat.
I got a nose spray and drops to put in my steamer to help the congestion. 


Arm bad, shooting pain from neck, collar bone area down to arm and fingers, these are numb a lot of the time but painful as well. Finger are numb at times. A lot of congestion in nose and throat. I used the steamer to try to help move it away. Helped a bit but needs more goes. Noses spray helped as well.


No improvement with my arm and shoulder. Does not matter what I do it still hurts a lot. One thing  RSD sufferers are used to is pain, but this never stops. The only way I can get a bit of relief from the pain is to hold my arm up in the air. This is good for a while then another pain begins. I just wish it would all go away. Too many tablets but what can you do when the pain just keeps getting worse.????


Dinner in town today with Joy she treated me she said I needed it.  Very nice too, a little Edwardian  Tea room called "Lady Rose's Edwardian Tea Room" with the waitress dressed as she would have bean in  Edwardian times. Even the tea was poured out for us, very posh. I had sandwiches and they came with crisps on the plate. When the waitress came back she asked if everything was alright. I mentioned about the crisps would be nicer in a bowl. The next order that was taken out Joy noticed the crisps were in a bowl. A bit later the Manger came and thanked me for the comment and from now on he said, crisps would be served the new way in a bowl. I said thank you.
Joy was quite worried about me and all my pain, she has not known me that long so is not used to seeing me like this. She will get used to it!!.  She is in quite a lot of pain herself, never really recovered after falling off the bus earlier in the year.

Chest and cough has improved a lot. At least that's one thing going right. Arm about the same.


Bad head pain today as well as the rest. The glands are up in my head again. I will ask at Accue tomorrow what Bret said they were.

No Pilates today not sure even if I would get there on my bike, and even if I did not sure what I could actually do.

I put some shading on the green house as it was getting too hot in there, Paul helped me.

I decide to take BECLOFEN this is a muscle relaxant, so I hope it helps a bit. I took this a few years ago. Once in Hospital for a long haul, they upped the dose from two a day to six. I said to them I think that too much in one go?-- No, the Doctor said you will be fine-- I wasn't--- I was paralyses for around twenty four to thirty hours. and it was very scary. The Doctors tried to tell me I had a massive spasm.!!!! So this is the first time I have taken them since then, only two a day.


ACCUE at last- I am so hoping this will help a bit. I saw Bret, Nansen, and Fanyi, the Tutor. They were a bit worried about the pain coming from my shoulder and neck. So they had to be careful where they put the needles, as there are lot of nerves around there. Fanyi sat in on the treatment giving his experience and knowledge. He said he thinks a lot of my extra pain is due to the virus. He has had a few people with the same thing. I asked Bret about the swellings in my head again and he said he thinks its to do with SINUS problems.
I had twenty needles in all. Two in each foot, one in each leg, two in each hand, one in each arm the rest in neck and head. I felt very shaky at times as my body strongly reacted to some of the needles. Afterwards they said, go into the cafe and sit down for a while. Brett said I can only imagine what pain you are in and its very hard for me to feel this. I said you would not want it at any cost. I wish I could give it to someone else for a while though. I did as I was told for once and had a cup of tea and sat for quite a while before I went on my way.

Jay-Jay here tonight as we are taking him to Cleethorpes tomorrow to join his family.


Going to Cleethorpes today to take Jay-Jay and spend the day there. Lindsay is on holiday for Bank  Holiday weekend with Ben and all the 6 children. The car will not take eight people, so we said we would have a day there and take him and bring him home on Monday then he will stay the night with us. A good day there, helped by a lot of pain killers. Jay-Jay joined his family. A very nice caravan too. We stopped a while then headed home.


I had an easy day as lack of sleep is really getting to me and I am exhausted all the time.
Neck and shoulders about the same. I do think BECLOFEN is helping. As the song says, "Things can only get better".


Today we are going to see Helen my past hairdresser in Derby I say past hairdresser as I have not had my hair cut since she left two years ago. We took her Birthday and Christmas presents, she liked everything. Her birthday was only last week so not as late as her Christmas ones. Caught up with all her news and told her all ours. A nice day with her.


Rain today and a bit colder as well. Arm shoulder a bit better today.

Lindsay and crew back from Cleethorpes, they all had a good time. Paul picked Jay-Jay up and while there had a game of pool with him. Jay-Jay is here for the night or may be two so that will be good. I like him being here as I can talk to him at night time.


Going to Pilates today on my bike of course, I know I won't be able to do all the moves but I will do my best. No problem getting there, checked bike battery before I went full power around twenty miles pedal so plenty. I use pedal assisted so even less battery needed. The class went well did hardly any arm work but all the rest. Quite pleased with myself, a few asked me how I was, including Jo (Teacher) as not bean for three weeks.

On the way home and even going the bike seemed a little sluggish, then it stopped dead so I had to pedal unassisted the last few miles home around five I think. Legs were aching by the time I got there
Lindsay and family were here well, two doors away at Nes's. With me being a bit late back because of bike, Nes let them go round there till I returned. I have put a new battery on my bike so I can see if other one has come to the end of its life.

Not a good month for me so hopefully the next will be better.
I know things would be better if I could sleep more, but that, I don't think will happen. My days are long. An average day will be twenty hours long, some twenty two hours. Exhaustion is obvious no one can get by on with that little sleep. Somehow my body seems to cope, JUST BARELY. But it's not a good or easy life as most people with RSD will know. Hopefully like I said, next month will be better. Hope you are having a better time than me.........all the best Love Gill.


April 1st

Well already in April  These pictures I took on and around the common.

Horse chestnut tree. Summer got in the picture.
This tree, a Sycamore I think still has away to go.

Spring is certainly on the way. The birds are nesting, so soon there will be little babies. The ducks so far, or at least what I have seen, have no little ones yet. Last year it was late February early March for the very first early ones.

A lot of pain in my hands, my fingers are going white and my wrists are swollen, the right being the worst. Rubbed in Tiger Balm this helps a bit but makes my hands go very cold. They are cold most of the time but this makes them icy cold. I think its CARPEL TUNNEL again.


B12 injection at 11.20am. This bruised my arm and hurt for the rest of the day. I felt like I needed this booster as I have bean very tired and feeling like I was getting a cold or something, light headed as well. Sweating/cold a big problem at the moment too. Hopefully this will help me.

Lindsay called in with Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee, Jay-Jay was at his Dads. Lindsay said she was feeling not well either, pretty much the same as I feel so it could be something going round? 

Lindsay took Tommy-Lee to football training and I had Jamie-Lee till Tracy picked her up later.


Age UK. Not quite as busy this week but still enough to keep us going. The kitchen manager Nills was taken to Hospital as he was not well. This happened before I got there. I had to go the long way round as the soldiers had the freedom of the city (they just march through it) so I was a bit late. Hopefully Nills will soon be back working again.

I was on the till most of the time, doing drinks a bit as well. Working with Kierran today. A lot of people were away for one reason or another, so a bit short of hands to help. We did alright though, I think Nills would have bean proud of the way everyone worked together to keep the cafe going.

This Heron returns every year to see what fish he can get.


Picked up a desk I bought on eBay for the top bedroom (boys chill room) we realized that it's identical to our dining room furniture. Needs a clean, wax and polish but apart from that is very good.

Hands not as bad today but knees are terrible, deep deep pain in the joints almost like someone is drilling into them. I used EMU OIL it seemed to work, but time will tell. It does not make my body so cold.


Out today for dinner with Paul's IA group. I had a mini mixed grill very nice too. I won an Easter egg as well. I might share it with Paul.

Pain seems to be everywhere dull constant ache, and at times sharp. EMU OIL was not bad but did not last as long as TIGER BALM. I wish the pain would go. Just lately when I sit for more than say two hours I have trouble walking to start with like my brain has forgotten what to do. After a few minutes everything is back to RSD normal.


Out for the day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park-- On separate blog already published.


At last I get to see my own Doctor. Results for the DEXTA SCAN were good, the OSTEOPOROSIS has improved. Doctor Mehta was very pleased, he said with what I have got, I have done very well Told him about pain in my wrist and he thinks the same as me, CARPEL TUNNEL. There is not really much he can do for me.  He did give me Quinine (For MALARIA) for my spasms so hopefully that will help. Might even do something for this crazy sweating hot cold thing.

  Trees in the park


Pilates, on my bike very windy and cold almost like winter again. A lot of the moves I could not do because of pain and muscle tightness, but as usual I did my best. I got Jo to tell group about my OSTEOPOROSIS improvement. I said I know the Pilates has helped me, thank you Jo. She said that I did not give in to it and that was a big factor. Giving in is not an option as a wheelchair scares me. I know its there waiting for me, as soon as I am weak and down, the RSD will strike. I will fight back with everything I have. I know when I have bean really bad in Hospital it takes a long time to improve and get strong again, but, some how I do.


Doing the bedrooms today as no Age UK. Knitting later and listening to Harry Potter talking books I am on the last book, Deathly Hollows. These are good, as if you have problems reading like I do at times try them. There are many many books. I have some on disc and even tape. Also on memory sticks which just slots into the television. I can knit or just lay back and try to relax, not easy for me, my legs start jumping and the pain gets worse. A lot of people say sit down, and it will help the pain. Not always the case.
I taken the Quinine tablets as directed, the side affect for me is very tired, drained feeling and a bit light headed, and unsteady on my feet. I can put up with this if they help.


Today Wayne is here around teatime after he finishes work, he is a lot better now and nearly back to full time work. I am so pleased as he was very ill last month. We all had an Indian meal for tea, very nice too- ages since I had one. We both watched Doctor Who later, this is good but not the same since David Tennant left. He was the best, and will take a lot of beating.

Nice catching up with Wayne, He still is not quite right after his illness but getting there.


Easter Day-- The children were only here a short while so they will get their Easter treats at a later date.

Wayne got home alright and Timmy was very pleased to see him.


Went to see Ben next door. I sprayed his garden for bugs. Last year his apple tree got very infected and I only just managed to save it. So this year I got them sorted before they started to spread too much. I am doing a bit of gardening for him as his daffodils and tulips are covering up his primulas. So cutting them back. Nothing too heavy though. The garden looked a lot better when I had done and he was very pleased. I like helping Ben as he is a very kind and lovely man. Makes me happy to see him happy.
He is still not doing too well but improving very slowly. A bit more of the garden to do, but that will be another time.


Herbals today. I have not had much relief with the herbal supplements so not sure what the appointment will do to help today. After a quite long talk with them they have offered me a BATH OIL also I can use as a rub to help relax me, and VALERIANA for sleep. This stuff stinks, I have taken the tablets before and they did too. I am to add it to my herbal tea. Well it might work. Sleep at the moment is a joke. Used the bath oil smelt very nice and it did relax me a bit. I don't think its any better than Badedas.


Pilate's on my bike, very cold windy day. A lot of pain and spasms everywhere and this restricted me a lot doing the moves, also bad head on bending down.

Finished off Jamie-Lee's jacket but while stitching it up I did it wrong around the sleeve. Tried to unpick it but cut the wrong bit so had to re knit part of the sleeve again. A bit annoying but when it comes to making things I am a bit of a perfectionist.


Julia (Ben's daughter) came round and bought me an Olive plant for doing his garden. I thanked her and said I do it just for Ben's smile. Thank you Julia very nice thought.

Angela also popped in, she is doing well. A neighbour also came round he was very excited as he had got a signed Lincoln City shirt, signed more or less in front of him by most of the players.

PAIN everywhere RSD flare up big time, and I think everything else has joined in.


Age UK this was a hard day as PAIN is still very much there. I would have taken the day off but Nills is still not well and they are very short staffed. Hopefully things will go well. Working with Kierran again. We work well together, I was mostly on the till, both doing drinks when we got busy and boy did we, whoa very very busy, neither of us are not regular till users, so quite a bit slower than some one more experienced. We did OK though and got a big big thank you and praise off the main  Kitchen Manager Wendy.

Pain later finding it hard to sit as pain shooting just through just about every bit of my body. Also a very sore fat swollen lip and sore mouth inside too, in other words a dreaded cold sore.


PAIN PAIN PAIN. Numbness in legs and hands.


Watching Harry Potters DVDs that is when my pain will let me. Not much sleep last night. I am trying the VALERIANA in my herbal tea. Tastes better than it smells thank goodness. Did nothing to help sleep though left me with a groggy head. Not doing too much but as I said its also painful just to sit.


Just look how much the Chestnut tree has changed.
On our walk this morning Summer and I saw some little chicks,  and their parents I did see some last week but did not have my camera with me.


Pain the same I feel bad light headed, full head pain dizzy too.

Lindsay called in with Jamie-Lee. Lindsay is not well either, bad stomach, she looked very pale.
She had a sleep while I played with Jamie-Lee and the Barbies. Ben picked them both up later.

When I had my bath my left foot went crazy, pain and spasms. So what I hear you say, a normal thing ??? NO this is my only good bit that the RSD had not affected as much. This was severe and very painful. Looks like the RSD has moved in on my only bit unaffected so far, the left leg from the knee down. NOT GOOD NEWS.


Lindsay thinks she has a bug or something as she is very bad today.

Myself no better either. I know if I could sleep like eight hours I would feel a lot better all round. I am exhausted, pain shearing through my body, pain like strong electric shocks. Muscles tight painful and swollen. My lip hurts like hell and is very big still. The pain from it, kept waking me up during the very short night.. I have taken so many tablets try to stem the pain. This affects my stomach a lot with pain and constipation. RSD you are winning but NOT for long, BUT be aware I will fight back when I feel stronger and make you go back to your pit.. where you belong.


Bit better sleep maybe four hours. Pain much the same. Head feels like it could drop off and roll away. Not going to Pilates today. I think it would be a waste of time. Not even sure if my body could get me there.

I think the QUININE is helping me a bit, hard to tell as a bad time all round. Also I think its sorting out my stupid changing temperature. As I have not had as many sweating does. If this can help it will make my life so much better. I am going to have a word with my Doctor about it as he said he could put them on repeat prescription.  I have only taken 14 so far, so early days.


Accue Day--- I am looking forward to this (I think I am) I hope they can relieve some of the pain. The treatment started with me on my front with needles put in my back and shoulders. 16 in total these were alright, no weird reaction to them. Some were very painful though. Left as usual to relax.  Then moved on to my back then more needles put in. 7 in my stomach one of these really did react strangely. I felt like I was coming out of my body and falling. The tutor said my face went white. After a short while this was better. 6 more needles were put in my legs. A few of these hurt but nothing like the stomach ones. Also 1 in my head. I was left to relax after the last ones were put in. 30 needles in total.

Also 4 ear seeds, hopefully these will help with pain and relaxation. For those of you new to this, ear seeds are placed over an ACCUE point. How does it work? 

Small black seeds from the Zaccaria plant or small metal beads or pellets are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupressure points. The continuous mild pressure they exert is amplified by stimulating the seed or pellet with a few seconds of fingertip massage every few hours. Ear seeds are non-invasive, meaning, unlike needles or tacks, they are affixed on the surface of the ear and do not puncture the skin. I have had them before, sometimes they were effective sometimes not, a bit hit and miss. 

I did feel a a bit different, hopefully they will help the pain. I do hope so. I have had enough of it. The treatment was carried out by Candy, Bret, Nansen and the Tutor assisting where needed. The students will soon have finished all they exams. Good luck to everyone. When they pass they will be qualified Acupuncturists.


A lot less pain today but I feel a bit weak. I am going to Age UK. If I feel bad, I will come home.
We were quite busy but not as busy as last week. More steady which was good all round. Sheila was here this week so she was able to go on the till. This left me free to do the drinks, snacks and cakes.
Not as many tablets today. I think the ACCUE has helped me. The sore on my lip has finally started to heal. This I am pleased about as it has bean so painful.

Joy came in for a visit. She is not doing too well and is in a lot of pain with her damaged shoulder and knee also her back. She is having tests done, also x rays.

Finished off Jamie-Lee's jacket. I think it looks good and I am pleased with it.


Cleaning bedrooms today after changing the bed linen yesterday. Ironing too this made my shoulder hurt. Had a rest and cup of tea then finished the rest..

Paul is doing things in the garden, painting the shed and sawing up some wood. This hopefully is for a fire pit we are going to get for the Summer.

Summer is a bit off it today as well bad stomach. She must have picked up something bad on our walk. Otherwise things are better for me.

Well that's me done. Not a good month with pain and everything else that goes with RSD. Things can only get better. Hope you have had a better month than me. All the best Love Gill

            Picture of the little ducklings showing how much they have grow since the first picture.

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