December (2)

December 17th

Got my B12 done today a bit early but I thought it would help over the Christmas time. I can usually tell when I am getting low and it needs topping up. This one hurt a lot going in but the pain soon went off.


In town today to get last bits of shopping. I did not know what to get Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee as a small present, we are giving money, so just something for Christmas day to open. I got them both art pencil and pads. I already had a art folder for Jay-Jay. I managed to get Tommy-Lee one but was not happy with it. I found another one on ebay. He will get it later but says he does not mind. Jamie has got a mixture of clothes and making activity's. So I think I am done.


Supposed to be at Pilate's but the rain is coming down so I did not fancy getting wet. I will see Jo after Christmas.

I have a cold coming on. Hot, cold and a headache from hell, dizzy too.

My friend has lost her fight for life age 94 (same as Ben) and she passed early this morning. Her daughter is very lost now and says she can not live without her. I hope she will be fine, her four dogs will comfort her. I see her most days so hopefully that will help her. She has no relatives so is on her own now.


Angela's 60th birthday. I already got a DVD set earlier in the year so just got her a funny age mug.
She stopped for a while had a drink, non alcohol, that's later, as she was driving.

My son Wayne phoned up, he also has got this cold thing and is working from home. He is suffering like me.

He was made Manager a few days ago so I am very proud of him, he deserves it.

Cold not good-- streaming eyes and still head pain mostly behind my eyes.


Age UK just pork and sausage buns plus cakes. No where as busy either, which was good as I still feel crap.

Bit of shopping then home. Knee has not improved yet but I suppose its still early days after the injection. Hopefully it will help then no operation will be needed.


Looking after Andy's cat for the next few days. He is away till the 27th

Taking round the presents to the relatives.

A lot of spasms in my knee and leg despite taking QUININE.


Knee very bad today, taking a lot of extra tablets. Makes me wonder how much pain I am really in as on a lot of strong pain medication for the other things. The pain starts off the RSD and FIBOMYALGIA pain as well, so before you know it-- full body pain.

Went round to see my friend who's Mum just passed. She invited me in, at first I was not going to as Wayne my son was on his way here. Paul was on his way back from picking him up from Halifax. I  decided to go in, and we talked about her mum and other things. I have known her and her Mum a long time, around 40 years I think. I am pleased I went in hopefully I helped her a bit.


A lovely Christmas day, 9 for dinner, all went well. A noisy day but good too. Lindsay took all the young ones home late afternoon so I could have a rest.

 Cold is still not good but at least the head ache has lessen.


My Brother and sister in law hear for tea. They brought along William their grandson my cousin I think. He played with Lego most of the time. A good afternoon bit quieter than Christmas day.

Paul did all the tea and washing up so an easy day for me.

Andy is back from his trip so Smudge cat was pleased to see him.


Wayne back home today. Paul is taking him and Andrew is going too. I think the promise of an Indian later enticed him. Just me and pup then.

Wayne arrived home safe, and Paul and Andrew back home again. They both said the Indian they had was very good.


Well New Year Eve what will 2019 bring ?--- less pain I hope and my knee better one way or another.

All the best to you all and a Very Happy New Year to everyone, all the best Love Gill

December (1)

1st December

How do I feel, a bit numb I think- Ben was a good friend and a Gentleman. When I held his hand it brought back my own Dads passing, as I did the same for him holding his hand as he slipped away.
I think both Ben and my Dad both died partly of a broken heart. Ben for Cilla his Wife, Dad for my Mum, after she passed away eight weeks earlier..


IA dinner today a lot went, 25 in total. Most of us wore Christmas jumpers or tops. Very noisy with a lot of conversations going on. A good meal and good to catch up with everyone.

Andrew and I took Summer out for a walk I felt like I needed it. Summer enjoyed it anyway.

I have bean looking after Andy's cat while he is away. There used to be two but not now, Cowley got attacked by a swan and it injured his bladder and tail. Seemed strange without him.


Sorted out the cakes today and put marzipan on them as one is being picked up on Thursday. Next the icing in a couple of days.


Very sharp frost to begin with, at four this morning there was none, so must have turned very cold after that.

Iced the cakes they look good I think.

Cleaned up downstairs. My knee is very painful today and I have to be careful how I walk and not to twist it.


I was surposed to be getting my knee looked at today but it was changed. Hopefully next week.

Made some small sponge cakes from the egg yokes that were left after the icing from yesterday. (you only use the whites) These were very tasty and light.

No Pilates today- rained hard most of the day, it would have not bean a nice journey for me on my bike.

Angela came round for a chat and later so did Joy. We all had a good talk nice for the three of us to be together for a change.


My friend Beeston Bev is here, ages since I have seen her. A lot of catching up to do and a very enjoyable day, we als exchanged presents. She took her cake, my present to her and Dave. She said it looked very nice. I forgot to take a picture of them so there are only three cakes here.


My Dads Birthday if he was still here I still miss him a lot.

Age UK when I finally got there, six trains in all one freight train with 59 trucks. Waited at the gates for ages. No sooner had I got through the gates, more trains were coming. (Lincoln has a train level crossing on the High Street)

Age UK was steady so that was good. The Christmas Market is on for the weekend so I think all our customers are there. I put my name down to help at the last of the three Christmas Party's next Friday. Jenny was pleased. Last year I had to leave as the noise was getting to me and causing me pain. Hopefully this year I can cope better.


Changed the bed to day and washed the bedding I was able to put it out as it was sunny and windy. Not for too long though as it rained later.

Summer's leg is about right now, apart from when she has bean laid down then its a bit stiff. I am so pleased as I thought it might have bean broken like I said in the last Blog, but she is fine even bean playing with her ball.

I am knitting some bits for presents so will put pictures up at a later date after Christmas.


In town today getting Christmas presents I did quite well too. Rung Paul up to get a lift home as my  thee bags were heavy. My knee is not good today hurts a lot and is very tight.

Feels very strange without Ben next door. I thought I heard him coughing last night.There are no light on when I go past all in darkness. I know its what he wanted as he had no quality of life for the past two years so its for the best and he was a good age ninety four, but I still will miss him.


Seeing Doctor Metha at last, spoke to him about everything I had to, and got most of my tablets at the chemist. Andrew also went in with me as he was seeing Doctor Metha next.

Very cold and foggy when we walked back. We could not see the Cathedral at all. Pleased to get home.


YES the Hospital appointment At Kingsmill near Nottingham this was a huge place and very bright inside and out. I saw a very nice Surgen called Mr Joby John. I had three xrays of my knee. The Doctor is quite reluctant to operate because of my RSD. He suggested an alternative. I did not know there was one. An injection straight into my knee just at the side of the knee cap opposite side to the main pain area.  I said yes I will try it, what have I got to loose, nothing-- if it works great if not the operation goes ahead. Doctor Metha did not think an injection would be possible.

The injection needle was very long and went in most of the way. Yes it did hurt but no more than a bad B12 injection. The knee straight away felt very tight and quite a bit of pain.  I got a plaster too, he did say the pain could get worse before it gets better.

Not very clear but ducks and chickens on my plaster.

I was asked to sit in the waiting room quietly for a while just to make sure everything was alright.

After that we went for a cup of tea and a sandwich these are so much cheaper here than in Lincoln County Hospital. A much nicer Hospital all round I think, made me feel very calm and not rushed like it is at Lincoln some times.


Knee very tight and painful today.

Julia Ben's Daughter came round and round me a bouquet of flowers and a card to Paul and I thanking us for everything we did for Ben over the last few years. I said I would do it all again and I will miss him so much. I said to her I keep thinking I can hear him coughing. We all knew it was going to happen soon but still it was a shock when it does.



Age UK Party the third party of the weak so the last one. All went well, Jenny bought me some raffle. tickets but I did not win. I was looking after some tickets for the Mayors wife and she won, I went up and got a beauty gift set for her, nice it was too. The Mayor's number came up twice as well. The music was not too loud this year as last years then it was very loud and distorted- as the speakers were not set up right. This year a Choir and a lady was singing, both very good too. After we got our Christmas dinner, not the best as it had bean kept warm for around an hour but still good. We have to pay now for our meal so a free one is always good.


What a bitter cold wind it is today straight from Siberia, biter cold on the common. Even feels cold in the house.

Lindsay dropped off Jamie-Lee and went shopping. We played with the Lego and made a mask and did some colouring. Lindsay picked her up and off they went home.

Paul was soon home from watching football he said it was very cold.

Not too bad this first part of the month apart from my knee that is. The pain is still setting off the RSD. At night when I just want to rest, the pain really seems to get worse but the Doctor did say it would get worse first, then hopefully improve.

  The very best to you all and a Happy Christmas. Love Gill.



Eye test today the optician said my eyes were good and have improved since the last test. They were damaged when I had the seizures in and by the pool on holiday August 2016. Left eye the worst as it was scraped. My eyes took a long time to recover needing two new stronger lots of glasses. So its good news all round no test for two years.


Sorting out the garden which has bean neglected this year. Got all the dead plants and weeds into the green bin. I took a lot of cuttings of fuchsias and put them in the greenhouse, hopefully some will take root. Some will be for Wayne's garden as there is a lot.


Summer had her haircut today looks like a little pup again. So soft and white.

  So pretty.


Spoke to Doctor Metha about my knee (this was a phone call not a visit) he said it will need surgery, whether keyhole or more major he does not know. I asked him about muscle relaxants and he said for me BACLOFEN is the best. I still have some from last time so I have started taking them, only one a day to see if this helps as only a little help needed.

I like Doctor Who and have bean watching this, I am not sure about the new one- Jodie Whittaker.    A lady this time but, we will see, this weeks was good.


No Pilate's today knee quite sore. I can not get it to stop hurting at all.

Played Scrabble later with Andrew and Hannah. A good game I won by one point. I kept getting vowels, seven at one point. Andrew had none.

A lot of pain in my legs when I went to bed.


Met a lady on the South Common that rescues Westies and she had a new one. This dog lost his lady owner, she went into Hospital and never came home, then was mistreated by her partner, not being fed and was hit. Poor dog first he looses his Mum then gets mistreated. If he did not want the dog why did he not bring it in sooner had it not suffered enough ?
Anyway it's doing well now he came right up to me and was getting some fuss. All her rescue dogs have come to me for a fuss but not to anyone else. Maybe they sense kindness.


AGE UK very busy today every table taken up all the time. Even when Jenny and I left at 2-00pm there were still 4 tables in use. Bit of shopping then home. I got myself some new pyjamas soft and fleecy so should be warm, might help my legs keep warm too.

Very tired, more exhaustion I hurt just about everywhere, RSD is having a field day with my knee. Even the right one now hurts a lot. Just leave me alone a bit will you. I have forgotten whats it like
to have no pain.


Got a letter from the knee consultant cancelling the appointment-- what this time booked into bum surgeon or something. The next letter I got on the same day gave me a new appointment for the next week. When will I see someone hopefully then, unless.!!!!.

Went to the crematorium to see Mum, Dad and Phillip- I put on some flowers. Stopped a while then Summer and I headed off home. On the way back Summer got tired and I decided to carry her a bit. A fair walk for her and her little legs I picked her up, and she jumped and slipped to the floor. She seems alright but later on limped and was hardly walking. I thought she may be broken her leg.
I pressed it but it seemed alright. I decided to hang on going to the vets and see how she went on.
She did improve but was in a bit of pain.


Summer's leg I think is a bit better she is still limping but is using it more. Gave her a rest no walking on the common today.

Shopping today with Paul. Got a few presents for Christmas.


More improvement with Summer's leg. I am so pleased no vets trip needed this time. I think she had pulled a muscle.

Making bread today, I could not make out the quantity needed-- it might as well have bean in Chinese. Put in too much salt.  My mind could not work it out at all. I am told this is BRAIN FOG common in RSD. I know this is happening more now than it used too. Also staring black out seizures. I hurt everywhere, standing, sitting or laying.


Hell of a lot of pain in my joints never letting up at all. PLEASE STOP I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

My face to face with Doctor Metha has bean changed again. When I see him it will be now on 11th December and the next day for my knee unless it's changed again. I was hoping to see the knee consultant first but at this rate I will be lucky to see anyone.


Took Summer on the Fairground Common as its flatter. I have bean going down Sincil Bank the last few days and not very far either, better for her at the moment. Her leg is good, hardly a limp now but I can see its not quite right yet.

My knee is very tight and sore today even when sitting down the pain will not stop..


Age Uk very steady almost quiet but it was nice not to be rushed off our feet.
The volunteers coordinator has left suddenly, she will not be missed by us the volunteers as she was not a peoples person and hardly spoke to us..

Squidge came round and asked me to look after Ben and Emmie (two doors away) for a few hours while they went out, I said I would. Another knock on the door a bit later, and Ben's (from next door) carer was stood there. She was worried about Ben as he was unresponsive. One of Bens relations came later and we both stopped with Ben. I held his hand and talked to him giving him the occasional kiss on his head. We ended up calling an Ambulance as we could not get any of his close family on the phone. He was not good, but they did not take him to hospital. He is coming to the end of his life. I got to look after the children Ben and Emmie a lot later than expected.

 I went back round to next door later, and Ben's son was there. I said if you need me I will sit with him. His other son arrived later so I was not needed. I went to bed around 5am but could not sleep for a long while.

December 1st

Ben slipped away around dinner time. His same carer came round very upset as she thought he had gone.  I gave him a kiss and held his hand to say good bye. We phoned 999 and they came to sort him out and confirm what we had thought.


November (1)

November 1st

B12 and Health check with nurse, both went well. 9% chance of getting any old age things like blood pressure and heart problems. This is good as both parents suffered with both of these. Plus weight and life style type 2 Diabetus. My waist was good 27.5 " or 70cm as this it what they go by for ahead problems. So all OK I did not think there would be any problems. I have never bean a heavy weight even when pregnant. I weigh now 8stone eleven pounds with shoes and clothes on..

Rang Age UK as I am not going tomorrow they were not very happy but I feel like I need another week. The  seizures really take the stuffing out of me, and leaves me very week and of course more pain. The bruises and black eyes are a lot better now and beginning to go.


A frosty cold start to the day. Paul's friend  Lynne came round and brought sausage rolls these were very rich and later upset my IBS,

Making Barbie tent or trying to any way. This is out of pink fur and will have sleeping bags. Not going too well at the moment, so starting again. I could not work out how to fold the sleeping bags as they have a liner and are padded. I was told its BRAIN FOG. May be it was or just being a fool. I am going to restart tomorrow.


Tent going a lot better today. What ever it was yesterday causing the problems is going well today.
I got the tent just about all finished and think it looks pretty good.


Machining today- towels, trousers and the sleeping bags. Worked out how to do them. Got them all done the Barbies will be warm now.

 Inside the tent ready for bed.
Husky will look after us- lights out -night night.


Not a good day temperature wise, it's all over the place, mine that is not the weather. It has not bean this bad for a while. Sweating and cold over and over again so many times though out the day. Weather it's my body readjusting after  the seizures or what. I know its a nuisance, and one that RSD suffers have to put up with. Lot of knee pain as well the last few days. The left one with the tear. Hopefully soon it will be sorted out.

Loads of fireworks going off and Summer is not happy. She is not afraid of them but I think she wants to chase them.

Made Christmas cake no 1, a sherry one this time, 3 to go. Not as many this year I am finding it harder each year to do them.

Had a quick few minutes sleep and woke and was not sure where I was or even if it was day or night as 6-20. I thought I had bean asleep downstairs and it was morning. Took me a few minutes to work it out. Paul was at football so I think that's what threw me as we would have bean having tea or washing up normally. I know it was a weird and unsettling feeling.


Not at Pilate's this week next hopefully. IBS playing up big time first I can't go then I can't stop going. Stomach bloated and sore. Not feeling much like eating either. A lot of this is extra tablets I know. Take the tablets plays up the IBS don't take them extra PAIN. You can't win with RSD.


In town today first time since the seizures. Got a lot of Christmas and Birthday presents. I felt tired but it was nice to be out apart from the common. Angela came round for Paul to sort out trains for her to go to York. This was soon done


Phoned up Newark Hospital as instructed from letter to make sure they had my knee scan. A few minutes later they rung back and said I was booked in to a ANKLE AND FOOT SURGEON NOT A KNEE SURGEON. This is bad as know I have to wait for another appointment 5th Dec. Nothing seems to be going right to get to see someone about my knee, 6 weeks for the scan now this. I now need to go to Nottingham and not Newark this time. Lincoln is not taking on till next year as they are in shush a state. Well hopefully this will be going ahead unless they have booked me into a breast Clinic!!!

Age UK went well we were not crazy busy but steady I was pleased as it gave me chance to have a rest and a bit of a sit down. Everyone was pleased to see me back. Even some of the customers missed me.
A good day but tired when I got home.

Andrew got a free sofa bed for his room and him and Hannah plus Scott (Hannah friend) took it up the two flights of stairs. A lot of shoving and pushing, plus taking down all the video shelves they finally got it there. Well done all of you.  I did not think it would go up. The height of the ceiling used to be more, but we added another flight of stairs above, for 4th bedroom, which made the ceiling a lot lower so less room to move things. When we got a divan bed once it had to come in the bedroom window. Not easy when its the second story.


 Made Christmas cake number 2 today with brandy added. The smell was so good.


Cake number 3 done one more to go.

I tripped over the electric chair cable mid morning and pulled my shoulder and bad knee. I hurt for the rest of the day.

I got a phone call to say my Doctors appointment is now 11th of December instead of the 20th of November. First the Scan took six weeks to be sorted, then the wrong Doctor and clinic for my knee. Now my own Doctor messing me around. I am fed up of it all. Seven weeks from when I first made the Doctors appointment.


Sorted out the greenhouse now the cucumbers and tomatoes have finished. Bean a good crop of cucumbers but not so the tomatoes.
Knee not too good today I don't think it will get any better till I get some treatment hopefully very soon.


My friend Lyn here today as it was her Birthday yesterday. She said she would come here instead of me going there. That was very nice of her.

I went to Pilate's, Paul gave me a lift so it did not take too much out of me. I did struggle a bit though as it was. I felt very far away most the time.

Had a good chat with Lyn, I have know her nearly forty years , we met in hospital when having our first sons. She was in the opposite bed and her buzzer did not work so I  pressed mine instead. We have remained friends ever since.


Out today for a change, meeting Jenny and Joy for dinner/lunch. A nice meal and god conversation too. and I enjoyed it. I had soup, home made chicken and veg, very tasty.

Winter is truly here the leaves have nearly all gone making a carpet on the ground. Quite windy today and the leaves were falling like snow. 


 Age UK a  steady day with Polly back, so the kitchen on full force. I am very tired but I do enjoy my time there. Keron was also helping us doing the Cappuccinos and coffee drinks. This meant it did not have to be turned off. No shopping today as I have an eye test tomorrow, so will do it then while in town.

The last few weeks have not bean easy. RSD is like a horror ride with no chance of getting off.

Well I hope things are going better for you all. All the best Love Gill

October 2

15th October

Usual sort of day knee hurting tired from lack of sleep. Cold as well. Knee later played up a lot, the sort of pain that does not go despite what you take or do. The position that's best for the knee is not the best for my hips so one has to suffer. Finding it quite hard at the moment.


On the common and met Cilia's son (Ben's son in law from next door) We talked a bit and he threw the ball for Summer which she enjoyed a lot. Puffed out when we got back.. that saved me quite a bit of pain- thank you Wayne.


Day out at Joys today so that will be good. We only sit and chat but its different surroundings. She has a lot of very old things. Like me she loves brass and old past things.

Tracy came round with Jamie-Lee later and they picked up Lindsay. Nice to see them, Jamie-Lee was telling me all about School and that Tommy-Lee her brother had bean a bad boy. Tea late today too.


Age UK not busy to start with but that was good as short staffed again. Jenny remarked we are not busy are we-- Shh I said, and sure enough we got manic. All the tables were full and people waiting. I could have done without it being busytoday as not the best.

The office had a big meeting and took all the glasses and most of the cups they said they needed them--what about the paying customers what do they use. As it was all the glasses had gone, then the meeting ended and the clean ones were brought back just in the nick of time.
Did not leave till gone 3pm Jenny at the same time.

Looked around town for present ideas then home.

John bought round a pair of trousers to alter by next week had a look. Think I can do them.


Took Summer for her walk and met young Ben on the cobbles so he came too. He threw the ball for Summer so another good day for me. He was telling me all about his School, the last year as a Junior.

Started doing John's trousers got them tacked up and ready for the machine this went fairly well. Since my right foot has not got a lot of feeling (where RSD first started) I have to use the left foot. At first this was hard as the right foot is the dominant one, but in time I got used to it. The trouser's look good and I think John will be pleased and a bar of chocolate for me. Yum Yum.


Knee pain CHRONIC today this is messing up the RSD big time. Started Paul's trouser they need a lot more some cutting off and a new hem making.

I watched a documentary about RSD on TV all about a lady burning from the inside. This happened to me but not on a big scale like hers. Worth watching It was called--- Body Bizarre on TLC 20th October.


Cold start but sunny, nice on the common. Watered the green house just about all the tomatoes have gone but still plenty of cucumbers left. No frost as yet, so they will keep coming.

Still knee hurt not bean as bad as this for a while. Would not be as bad but like I said it sends pain thought out my body nothing escapes today. Taken a lot of extra tablets with little affect. RSD if it chooses can and will make your life HELL.


In town today, pain bad but trying to ignore it. Therapy shopping, did quite good too, got quite a few presents for Christmas and the birthdays coming up. Quite warm too.

Later I had my bath around 11.30pm really looking forward to this Epsom salts and Badedas. I got in and my knee pain shot up and took over my whole body. I think my knee went underneath me but not sure. The next thing I remember is splashing about and bubbles in my mouth. I had had a seizure probably more than one. Paul came in and found me semi conscious and water all over the floor. He got me on the chair with the help of Hannah. I came too quite well, and thought that was it. NO IT WAS NOT. Paul said 24 OR MORE SEIZURES FOLLOWED EACH ONE WITH FULL BODY SPASMS. This went on till around 5am. I landed in hospital but only for a little while till I stabilised. Sore shoulder where I think I hit the bath sore face too and right arm. Home around 6am feeling sore and battered, tight muscle's and exhausted.

God you all don't know how I hate doing and seeing Paul's bit as it's always bad news, pain and damages to Gill.
Around 11-30pm to 11-45pm  I don't know why but I went into the kitchen. I heard splashing about coming from the bathroom, I shouted Gill are you alright, no reply. I went into the bathroom and Gill was having seizures in the bath, the first time in about 18 months. I managed to keep her head above the water level, as she usually has it quite full, at the same time as trying to pull the plug out. She stopped a seizure then shortly went into another, I was concentrating on her not injuring herself too much in the bath as our bath is a steel one. But she had already got red marks around one eye and a shoulder, The bath was empty and Gill's seizure had stopped. I tried to get her out the bath but I was in way too much pain myself trying to lift her as I'm having disc and sciatic nerve problems. Gill slowly realised what was happening and I asked her if it was okay for me to shout Hannah, our son Andrews girlfriend. I covered Gill up as best as I can before Hannah came downstairs. We managed to get Gill out the bath and onto the bathmat. I think she had another seizure. After a few minutes I made Gill decent, putting on her pyjamas and then we supported Gill walking to the dining room and onto her electric reclining chair. I adjusted it to try and make it safer for her. By this time Andrew had come downstairs. Her seizures then continued, one after another after another. I gave her 10mg of Oramorph, then an hour later another 10ml Oramorph then a short time later I gave her 300mg of quinine which Gill suggested. With the seizures continuing Gill's pain scales had hit 9 to 10 as she was also having full body spasms. Imagine cramp in your calf but affecting the whole of the body. I said to Andrew and Hannah I think its about time to call for an ambulance. After a few minutes Gill agreed to this. I dialled 999 and within 10 minutes a paramedic was at the door. I explained what had happened. He spoke with Gill and took her temperature, blood pressure and oxygen sat's. These were all fairly good. He then fitted a cannula. I think he gave Gill Oramorph and Diazepam through the cannula. Gill started to settle down and the Paramedic said I'll give her another 5 minutes then I'll be happy to leave her here. He just finished the sentence and she had another seizure, he then called for an ambulance to take her to A and E. The ambulance arrived and shortly after they put her in the ambulance. It was around 15 minutes before it set off as she had more seizures. The ambulance left about 4-00am. I arrived at the Hospital about 4-10am to 4-15am and Gill was in a bay and had been attended by a couple of nurses, she then had more seizures and the nurses were quickly to her. The lady Doctor came to see Gill and said that she had looked at Gill's notes and she said she knew what RSD was. That's about a first. Anyway the doctor was really nice and understanding. I think they then gave Gill some more pain medication. The seizures had stopped and around 6-00am we were told by the doctor that the best place for Gill was in her own bed and that she had to take things easy for about a week. We arrived home about 15 minutes later to be greeted by a tail wagging Summer dog. We settled down a bit and had a brew. We went up to bed about 7-00am. Thankfully up to now she hasn't had any more seizures. She had at least 24 seizures and they aren't little shaky one they are arms and legs flying all over the place, but weren't the worst she has had in the past. We are sure that the really bad pain from her knee started the seizures. It seem that when Gill has seizures she is always in a tremendous amount of pain. I love you Gill....


Woke to a body racked with pain, stomach very pain full, headache. The seizures could start again so resting and just moving around. slowly.

I sent Wayne (our eldest son) my blog pictures of bruises and he said it looked like I had bean beaten up. I said it felt like it too.
Had a bath but with Paul in the bathroom this time. I felt like a child again.


Feeling a bit more with it but pain everywhere. Went with Andrew to take Summer on the common. I felt more exhausted when I got back. Even though these seizures are not epilepsy they are much the same just from a different source. Nervous system and not the brain like epilepsy. I think sometimes they aren't taken that seriously by some medical staff. This time I got good treatment at the hospital or as much as I can remember. as I was out of it a lot.


Big bruise on shoulder and swollen wrist and black eyes, left one the worst. Feeling more me and as time passes getting more in the way of thinking that the seizures have passed.


First frost of the winter cold and white all over. We are just in winter too as the clocks went back Saturday night. Nice walk with Summer still hurt quite a lot but improving more everyday.


  More bruising but the swelling has gone down a bit and is less painful now.


Well last day of the month a sunny but chilly one. Andrew came on the common with me and Pup today. That was nice of him, he does enjoy a walk with Summer the same as I do.

Joy came round and we had a good chat she is doing well apart from her normal aches and pains. 
She was surprised how much I had hurt myself during the SEIZURES. My face is just about clear from bruising now, but my arm is still black, I ache a lot around my ribs and back but that also is getting better. .  

Well not a good end to the month. I thought these SEIZURES had gone but no they are still hanging around just waiting for an opportunity to strike. To cause more pain and discomfort to the already over loaded body. I have had probably around 30 plus of these dam things, don't you think that the RSD could see that and my body is wreaked enough without anymore. No it does not care one bit it seems the more the better for it. RSD has wreaked my life big time. All the things I took for granted, every day things like, having a part time job, walking, sleeping, relaxing, cooking unaided in the kitchen, going to see a film, knitting, sewing and crafting. Having a nice bath, going on a bus, car journeys, nights out, noise, vibrations, party's. Staying in bed when in PAIN. Not off the scale things are they? Most of these are hard for me or impossible at times.  Running was my release, but how can I run ???? as hardly able to walk most days-- well that's not really true, Yes I can walk but not without pain. Another thing, people see you out and think she's alright. People think you are being antisocial when you don't go round or want to do things. I would love to do the every day things but I just can't anymore. Some/most days this gets to me, I am not a TV person or staying in one. I am an active person. Walking running were my joys but not no more. People say to me at least you are not in a wheelchair all the time. NO I NOT-- due to the hard work of me fighting through the pain. BUT there comes a time when there is not a lot of fight left.Wheelchair scares the shit out of me.

I have an ongoing fight with PIPs at the moment. They do not know about RSD so I took them an easy to understand print off from a RSD site high lighting the bit, USE IT OR LOOSE IT when being assessed. She hardly looked at it scoring me 0 for everything. (meaning no payment-- I used to get a little bit of money with DLA). I told her I can still do things because of my frame of mind to want to keep going. I got a mobility scooter, started Pilate's, got an electric bike so I could be near normal. Now I am being penalised for it. If I had not done theses thing I would be in a wheelchair now probably permanently.

No I was not kept in Hospital this time, which is good, but most of the time they don't know what to do anyway, a few do but not many. Weeks of being kept in a hospital bed does not help but how can the Doctors let you get up when having repeated SEIZURES all the time. I was not safe and when up, sustained injury's all the time. A no win situation. RSD is little understood so most people do not try and think you are being awkward with them.

Writing this my fingers miss the keys and I spell things wrong. My finger, neck and shoulders hurt so it takes longer. As long as I am able I will continue with this blog. So please keep reading it and try to understand how an RSD person feels. Hopefully they have gone now, that is the SEIZURES-- so I can get back to my life.

At least I have you Pup.

All the best to you all. Love Gill.

October (1)

October 1st

What a lovely day suns out, cold wind but that hopefully will help my headache. I got up a bit later, 10-00am today as bed late last night, well early morning to be right around 6-00am.
Good walk with Pup, the wind seems to make her like a young Pup again. She is 8 now after her Birthday in August. Washing nearly blowing off the line as the wind so strong.

Knee (the one I hit on the cupboard door) is not good today, it's very painful and giving way at times, bruising has all come out now I think, but still quite swollen. The original knee pain is very bad today and causing me a lot of extra pain. Extra tablets and BIOFREEZE plus TIGER BALM to help, it does a bit but not for long once the numbing affect has gone off..


I'm at the Doctors today, a few problems for her to sort out. My nose has bean bleeding a lot and is very swollen inside. This is an ongoing problem from a few years back when my nose was cautorised after massive nose bleeds. My nose now is very fragile and will bleed at the slightest sore or cold. I asked her about my scan I had on my knee on the 30th August. She looked but they're not back yet. She will chase them up, I will ring after the weekend. I have ECZEMA on both hands so cream for that, BETNOVATE, plus more cream for my nose NASEPTIN. The Doctor has put CARBAMAZEPINE on repeat prescription. This tablet one a day, has helped my neck and head pain a lot. I still have shooting pain and soft tender spots, but nowhere near as much. At least that's one thing that has helped.
She looked at my knee as bruising has gone all the way down my leg and I only hit my knee. She said this was fine as its called tracking, but to come back if it gets more swollen or very hot. I said it was hot a few days ago but cooler now. I think she was happy with it anyway.


A dull cold start to the day. I was going to Pilates but I don't think my knee could take it so stayed at home. Neck and head pain not good today may be I should not have said how good it was yesterday
A lot of ironing to do today so a good CD or two on to move to. Chose Ozzy and Pink.


On the common today, after Summer had bean playing with her ball she sat down and I did too. My shoulders and legs really hurt. One of my friends saw me and was quite concerned and thought I was not well. She said one minute I was walking along and the next on the floor. Nice to have people looking after me. Summer tired now and will have a asleep for a while.


Age UK The cooks last day so a sad one for us all. Chris is very funny and makes us all laugh and cheers us up with a cuddle when down or just not feeling to good. We will all miss him.

One of the waitresses, Gwen, dropped a dinner plate on her foot so she had to go to A and E. Her foot could be broken or just badly bruised as very swollen and miss shaped. All the best Gwen.

A very stressful day all round as short staffed. Polly the cooks day off too. Gwen at A and E so a waitress down as well. Many more days like this and it will be too much for me as at times I found the noise too much to cope with and just the overall things that needed doing is too much too. Jenny found it quite hard as well. Most people seemed to be annoyed today for some reason. Next week Chris is not here so only three in the kitchen as no one to replace him as yet. The Capochino machine was not switched on either as no one to work it. A very tiring day with not much sleep this week, so that did not help things either.

Bit of shopping then home to rest a bit with Pup she was very pleased to see me.

Playing Scrabble later with Andrew and Hannah. I actually won a game, I'm usually not very good as my spelling is bad.


Lindsay here with Jamie-Lee and Suey, Summer has not seen her since her holiday there when we went to the Lakes. They were both running around like mad dogs. Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay were out with friends.

Left hip painful, feels like bone on bone this happens from time to time. Took extra pain tablets and rubbed on Tiger Balm. Is this FIBO, RSD or WHAT?

Finished off baby Annabelles pink set and also the pram set, quite pleased with them both the patterns I have used are a very good fit for the doll.


A cold start to the day but dry. There is a bike race on the common so a lot more people are there.  They go fast on their bikes. All ages racing from very young around six or seven + to elderly. Stood watching for a bit. Reminded me of my racing days and running and I felt very sad.

New Doctor Who-- the thirteenth Doctor a LADY this time. I watched it with Andrew and Hannah. Not too sure what to think yet, need a few more episodes to settle in I think.


Hip very sore today especially when I lift my leg. Winter is coming so it will not be good for me I don't think. I will survive, as the song goes.

Phoned up the Doctors to see if scan results have turned up yet. Spoke to my friend there and she said results were back in. Probably bean there the whole time but not in the right place. She made me a phone  appointment for tomorrow.
Later in the day I got a phone call saying I need to make an appointment to see a Doctor. I said already done- don't people speak or look at screens there to see whats going on? Anyway its sorted.
I have a call late tomorrow morning or early afternoon.


Doctor Patterson called me just before 9-00am. !!!. I was asking about scan- she said nothing on my file. She will look in to it. I thought it was all sorted I said. She will ring me later. What a mess around, when I first had the scan, they said a week its bean over five now nearly six (Thursday).
The results are there my receptionist friend has seen them.

The leaves are coming off the trees and a carpet is forming along the paths. I like Autumn, but soon the trees will be bare.
Summer had a good time playing with her ball again on the common and was tired when she came back.


Was not to sure if I was going to Pilate's but in the end I decided to go. The session was hard but I mostly enjoyed it. A lot of spasms in my right foot, I think this was after biking there. Not bean on my bike for a while. The last time was 12th September so legs and feet are bond to feel it.

Later on I had my hair cut by Angela's Hairdresser, Debbie, now shoulder length and layered. This will go curlier as the days go by.


Not half down my back like it was. Feels better but weird- as used to tieing it back. I know its easier to brush now so does not make my arm and shoulder hurt as much. Thank you Angela for introducing and recommending her to me. Bean a long time since my last cut  March 2015 by Helen before she moved to Derby.


Got a phone call from my Doctor about knee. There is a significant tear under the knee cap. I have bean referred on. So hopefully something will be sorted soon.


Age UK. Gwen who dropped a plate on her foot had not broken it, she said it had bean very painful for the last week. Poor Gwen at least she can now walk on it. Found out later in the day she is coming back as cook to replace Chris, I am so pleased about this. She is a very good friend and has her crazy moments and she is a good cook. A lot of the customers have missed her so will get a shock next week when they see her. I think most will be pleased. As they say you can not please everyone.  Please yourself first.

A busy day but easier than last week. My knee hurts a lot so extra tablets and rub.
A bit of shopping then home. Very mild the last few days but oh so windy.

Angela was here when I got back and brought us a bottle of Buck Fizz. That was nice of her.


Decided to bath Summer today as her fur is very mucky and not soft. She quite likes a bath/shower.
After she looked so white and oh so soft. Let her dry natural today as it was so warm.
 My little Pup.

She is so hard to get a picture of because she locks at you all photogenic then at the moment of clicking she moves her head or just walks away.

Later I did some of the garden, the herb bit. Summer was sat outside getting dried. My knee hurt so only managed a bit but pleased with what I got done. There is always another day. At least I got started.


Rain. I think it looks like an all dayer. I would have liked to do more in the garden but never mind.

Summer wanted to go down Sincil Bank today. She sometimes likes to have a change. What I saw down there was lots of water, leaves and mud from the side bank along the road .I think the common would have bean very muddy and sticky today, Summer made the right choice..

Not too much going on this month pleased about scan results. Hope things are the best they can be and you are all well. All the best Love Gill. 


22nd September.

Well first day back after the holiday. Washing and ironing done not too much this time to do.
Summer looks a bit sad, probably missing her mates Suey and Zeus. Lindsay said they were running around after one another. Could be she is just tired like me.
Cleaning up downstairs, the house was not too bad, but Andrew has not bean here too much mostly at Hannah's.


A lot of time doing the Holiday blog that's already bean published lots of pictures.


Banged my knee on the cupboard opposite the back door, hurt for hours. Swollen and very sore even the right knee hurts as much and I never bumped that one. Only RSD could do that make something hurt that not even bean touched. I banged it on the opposite side though so now the whole knee hurts.

This is the knee I banged that I have bean having problems with. Doctors on Tuesday so should know what the scan says. If this shows up nothing then it's more RSD spread. I hope its not that and the scan reveals something


Paul's Birthday Happy Birthday to you. Lindsay and Tracy came round for tea later, Andrew and Hannah was of course already hear so the six of us had a Chinese. The children did not come as they are on holiday with their dad in Spain.

No Pilate's today don't think my knee would be very happy.


Knee quite bruised, very hot and leg is hard. I hurt a lot today not just my knee all over pain  the annoying type that does not go away.

Made Paul a cake


The cake was very nice .

Age UK, nice to be back well I think so. Not too busy so that was good even Vera was behaving and kept out my way in fact she was good with everyone today.
Chris the cook is leaving which is a shame as he likes a laugh and soon cheers you up if down and he gives good cuddles. Only gentle ones for me he says as he does not want to hurt me. Gary the caretaker says if I was squeezed too much I would break. Not sure if that would ever happen but some days it does feel like that.

My knee is swollen and hot still, but not quite as painful, well a different kind of pain.
By the end of the day I know it hurt a lot, I did consider coming home on the bus but, I know the journey would make it worse with the vibrations. Not right is it-- hurts too much to walk but also too much to go on the bus.

I need to see if my very comfy shoes can be repaired but I think it will be a lost cause. Yep just as I thought the mid sole bit has perished, so a no go. Well it was worth a try.. Have to look for some more. With having RSD I need to wear shoes that give a bit, like Velcro fastenings and have a lot of comfort built in.

My dilemma was sorted as Angela came in to Age UK and after getting a few things in town gave me a lift home. A lot smoother ride than the bus or walking. Thank you Angela.


Nice morning a bit chilly though on the common. Summer was running around playing with her ball.
There is a dog that goes on the common that throws the ball for itself  then runs after it. The owner said he started doing this as a pup when no one would play with her. Very clever I think.
Cleaning up today downstairs. Also knitting the baby Annabel's dolls clothes, on the coat now so last bit.

Knee not as bad today so long as I am careful a bit more bruising has come out.

Short but sweet blog this time as already published the first few weeks of September. The weather is changing so the cold is coming. Not RSD's friend to most.
Hope things are going well and you are able to do most what you want. RSD is a way of life for us so we have to make the best of it as there is no alternative. All the best love Gill.

A week in the Lakes.

Saturday 15th September.

Today we are travelling to the Lakes for a week, Angela my friend is also going.

We set off after saying our goodbyes to Andrew, Hannah and Summer. Picked up Angela on the way.
My knee started complaining nearly straight away. Going to be a long journey I think.
After a couple of stops we arrived at number 2 Gills cottage. Just made for me.
 The cottage where we stayed.

Unlocked the door and wow its great, everything you could want plus a welcome pack of coffee pods, beer, Kendal mint cake even biscuit bones for a dog. Summer will be pleased.
The rooms are big and there is a wood burning stove to use if it gets a bit chilly. Two bathrooms one en suite, plus a downstairs toilet. Even the beds were made up, all six of them. I think this will be a good week. The sun was shinning too and OH SO QUIET. If fact we did not see anyone for two days. Not to the likes of everyone but good for us three.

The wood burner. We did not use this as not too cold at night.

 View from the kitchen window. The old man mountain.

We did not do anything at all today as tired from the journey and Paul from driving. Tomorrow, time to explore.

Sunday 16th

A damp start to the day slept about the same as home bed quiet soft but alright. After we were all up we discussed what we were going to do today. We decided to go on a cruise on Lake Windermere. The sun was shining again so very nice just cruising along. We saw many things along the way. We were told one of the island was the one that Swallows and Amazons was all about in the book.  We saw very high priced houses like two million to six million castles as well plus some wildlife. The scenery was as Angela put it, STUNNING.

The boat we went on.
 Wild Cat Island?

 Around Windermere and from the boat.

Later we had a quick look at Coniston Lake, this is where Donald Cambell was killed trying to beat the speed record. 

Andrew and Hannah were looking after Summer but change of plan, so now she is at Lindsay's. She will be pleased as her best friend Suey is there, also Zeus  a little chihuahua  from next door to Lindsay. Plus at least three children. Hope she has her ear muffs on as it can get a bit loud there.


On a steam train today, Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway. A very nice chug along with lovely scenery to see. We looked in the Engine shed at the last two remaining Fairburn class 4 Mt tank engine. Just think only two left now, they have bean restored well one, has the other still needs work.

  The station.
 Our engine that took use on the ride.
All aboard.

On the steam train  
 The coal used to power it up.
 Another old train.
The engine sheds.
 One of the old Fairburns engines.
 From Lincoln.

On then to the Motor show--- old cars, some that my Dad used to have and he had a lot of cars. Motor bikes as well. Toy cars too. Also a replica of the 1939 Bluebird K7 that Donald Campbell used and was killed in 1967 at speeds of 300mph . His body and wreak of Bluebird K7 were not found till 2001 then buried in a little church yard close bye. Found out quite a bit about him and his Dad who also liked speed.
 More replica cars were there 1935 Bluebird car, Hydroplane K7. We also learnt about the various things that went on here in the past like the Blue Mill the little blue laundry bag that was used. The woodland industry, the iron works, gunpowder works, cotton mills, barrel makers, plus many more that I have forgotten.

 I love minis.
  Red one is a boat as well as a car.

My Dad had lots of cars maby one like this? 

Donald  Campbell's fast machines.
1939 Bluebird K4 boat.
 1935  Bluebird K7 the one that ended his life in 1967.Speeds of over 300 miles per hour recorded.
Bluebird K7 engine.

 Donald Campbell Grandson carried on the legion.

We had dinner at the museum beer burger and chips very tasty and good.


A dull start with a bit of drizzle sun came out later and was quite mild. No need for a coat unless it rain's.

Today it's the Beatrix Potter gallery and later the house where she first lived after leaving her family home.

The Gallery

First the gallery lots of fact and things about her books and drawing as well obviously not all originals. Not easy to take pictures so none for here.

Next on to the house, Hill Top Farm this is cottage with a cottage garden (what else) The house did have a lot of original things of hers. This is where she did her books and paintings and making animals come alive. Hill Top Farm was Beatrix Potter first house she bought from the profits of her books.

 Four poster bed I would love one of these.
 A rare piano.
 The lovely dolls house still with the furniture inside.
 Now into the garden.
 Back of the house and garden.

The garden had a hundred year old apple tree. I was cheeky and asked what happen to them, he said they are given to people. Can I have some please to eat, not these he said they are bramley cookers, there is was another tree with eating apples on, russets he gave us one each as well as the bramleys. I ate my apple and it was so good. My Dad always said if you don't ask you don't get. The people behind us also got apples. They were from Ireland. I asked in the shop why they did not sell the Bramley apples. The lady said because of quality control. I said give them away with just a donation. She thought that was a good idea and would look in to it.

 The apple tree- I have never seen one so big..

Beatrix Potter went on to buy more of the surrounding farms and fields to stop the developers getting their hands on them .After all she was earning a lot of money now.
 Angela and I.
 Paul and I.
I used the apples for tea with custard, very tasty too. Had a little walk later as it seems a shame not to. Angela came along but we did not go very far. Cooking tea with an electric oven was an experience the cooker gets a lot hotter than mine as fan assisted, so cooks quicker. At one point the kitchen was filled with smoke from the sausages and bacon I put in the oven. Last night Angela had set off the smoke alarm by cooking fish cakes. She burnt them. This time I shut the kitchen door and opened the window. All was good in the end and we all enjoyed a good tea of sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Plus the apples and custard very tasty..


Today we are going to Ulverston to see the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy museum lots of facts about them both. Angela had bean before but loves them both so much wanted to go again.

Very windy day nearly blew me over at one point not cold or raining.


  Stan's original bowler hat?
  One of the last pictures taken of them together.

This was a good morning weather wise, we had dinner in the pub nearby, very nice too it was pie and potatoes. We nearly did not get it as last orders were 2pm it was nearly 2pm when we got there the bar lady talked to the chef and we got our food..

 The oldie pub we went in was a tribute to Stan and Ollie.

After we walked to where Stan used to live as a boy number 3 Argyle Street. 


Where Stan was born and lived for the first six years of his life.
Home of his Grandparents formally know as Foundry Cottages.

On to Coniston to see Donald Campbells grave.


 A Lolly shop I think it had just about every flavour possible.


Miniature village day today-- The man who does it all has CHRONIC FATIGUE and does the models to take his mind off the pain. The work that goes into it is truly amazing. We talked to him and he let me in his workshop to see how they all started out as piles of slate or rock. One of the best things all week I think.

Hill Top Farm.Beatrix Potter's home.


  Some of the models he makes to order and for displays.
 This is how it all starts out.


This is what it said near the door to the minature village.

On to the house where Wordsworth lived, Dove Cottage. Just as we were going in a Tornado flew over and nearly scared me to death. The cottage was a sight to see as so many things still there. The paper in one of the bedroom was newspaper and still readable today.

Dove Cottage where he and his family lived from 1799.

 One of Wordsworth dogs.

 The newspaper walls.

Not too many pictures as light was not good and no flash allowed.

On to Windermere, by now it was raining. the first proper rain during the day so far. We got a few bits to take home then headed back to the holiday home.


Well last day make the most of it, fine and windy.

Going on a boat today well hopefully not too rough  on the water. This was a very smooth trip. Raining a bit and very windy.
Angela looked back and saw the most beautiful rainbow over a mountain called The Old Man. We went on to see loads of these today even going home on the motor way.

The boat we went on.

 The rainbows that Angela noticed.

  Nearly got blown away taking these next three as on the boats deck. 
 Another cruise boat.

We were told that the island at Windermere is not the one that the Swallows and Amazons used in the book. The lady on the boat said they always lie. I looked into this on the Internet when I got home. The verdict is no one really knows it could be either or none as there are many islands they could have used. Coniston believe they have the right one though.

 Donald's plack.

We also saw the spot where Donald Campbell's boat the Bluebird K7 crashed going over 300 miles per hour and killed him outright. His body and wreak was not found till 2001.

After the cruise finished we headed for Hawkshead for some food. Very nice pub but quite expensive but we are on holiday- sob sob the last day..Bit of rain but more like drizzle than actual rain, a bit colder too.

Back to the place to pack the last bits. We all had a good time and Angela would have loved to stay.
In the car and head home. On the way near Manchester a violent storm, hail stones, a right down pour. Again we saw loads of rainbows. I think that day alone we saw more than ten- some very beautiful and a lot of doubles too. They was a accident on the Northbound carriage way a very long tail back, pleased we were heading south.  

The journey home was better for me than the one going, normal pain plus a bit more at times.

We dropped Angela off at her house then went on to pick up Summer at Lindsay's. Summer had a good time with Suey and Zeus from next door. A cup a tea then home, Summer was very excited to see us.

A good holiday but a bit disappointed to not have had more walks, but as many of you know I get lost a lot, so not able to really go on my own in a different place. Up a mountain for hours trying to find my way is not good. We did see a lot of things and there is always another time. The RSD  and other things behaved quite well so I was able to enjoy the Beautiful Lakes

All the best to every one. Love Gill.

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