April 1st

Well not a good night for me. Awake a lot with pain, very hot at times, even though it had got colder after the heatwave we had earlier on in the week. I do not feel right today, far away and so exhausted.


Sorted out all my crystals after me buying my new ones last month. I polished them with a glasses cloth, very shiny now and they all look good.  I took it steady and stopped when my hands started began to shake or feel strange. It is nearly all done, just the last two shelves to do, not much on them, bigger things. I move one ornament and I dropped it on the crystals that were on the floor. Smash--- the pig broke and left two orphaned piglets,  plus a duck that lost its feet and wing. Everything else was lucky. Andrew thinks he can mend them both so the baby pigs will get their mother back.  Andrew did manage to mend them both you can hardly tell they were ever broken.


What a difference, so cold 3C with a wind chill factor around zero, northeast wind. Last week's temperature was up to 23C. So cold on the common today I was pleased when I got back into the warm. Summer does not seem to feel the cold so much, so she was fine. She needs a trim so she has a very thick long coat at the moment.

Balance not good today and still the far-away feel. 

Managed to get the letter from my Doctor, this time everything good. Just a few more bits to sort out then the document can be on its way to PIPS.

A bit of snow today did not settle.


My friend John is here again to help with the last few bits for PIPS. Lindsay is writing a letter as well. 

Not too bad a day, tired as usual it's the sort of tiredness that stops your brain from performing even the slightest task. Pain as well from at least one source. If RSD does not get you me something else will, I can be almost certain of that. 


Summer's hair cut today Maxine said Summer did have a lot to cut this time. 

Doing her best Eeyore impression

Be for hair cut she looks sad but does like Maxine a lot. She says Summer is the best dog she grooms.

Summer was very good and did not fall asleep or slip off the table. After over an hour she was finished, next nails, then done. She looks cutter, smaller, and whiter. 

All smiles now - more like Tigger

All the hair that came off.

I let her have a rest and a chew then she had a bath. Even whiter now and smells so sweet.

After her bath very tired now.

Posted PIPS letter so wait and see now, I have done all I can.


Sharp frost cold again but nice in the sun on the common. Summer and I enjoy our walks very much.

All so very calm on there and peaceful. Some days I see a lot of friends, others no one. Summer likes to see her friends too. In fact, most are Summers friends.  

Not a good day for me, very shakey and cold a lot of the time. Not hungry either so not a lot of food eaten today.


Doing a bit more of the puzzle not going the best. I can not get the sky right. Most pieces fit in two places, making it very hard to know where the right place is for them. I will finish it but when??

Chinese for tea, chicken balls, chips, and curry sauce for me. Indian for Andrew and Paul. Very good it was too I really enjoyed it, probably a little too much as I was very full. I was pleased though because as I said, I had not eaten much for the past few days.


A  very cold start to the day, snow I think later.  Managed to get the sky done on the puzzle so very pleased. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round in the afternoon. We played Monopoly. Jamie-Lee was not happy today in fact quite mardy. Nothing seemed to please her.

 I have had nerve pain and rash on my shoulder and neck for a few days, very painful and sore. Feels like sunburn and nettle rash all at the same time plus the pain as well. Lindsay put on some cream for me and that helped cool it a bit. 

Lindsay left and we had tea.  Indeed it did snow later quite a bit, big flakes falling against the dark sky. Very sharp frost when I went to bed and biting cold. Summer was not out very long be before she went to bed, maybe she felt the cold after her trim.


Nerve pain not as bad tonight and my shoulders not as hot and sore, I am very pleased. Writing my blog and hopefully going to do a bit more of the puzzle. 


Finished off the puzzle I was doing at one point I did not think I would finish it. As soon it is possible it can go to the charity shop with any other bits. I have put in a note saying how hard it is and frustrating.


It was a very nice picture but so hard to.

Summer is having a bit of trouble with her back right leg, she is carrying it very stiff. I have massaged it so hopefully, that will help. 

My legs late at night were very painful as well, at one point I had a wheaty bag on my knees to try and calm down the nerves. Helped a bit but the pain still there, I raised up the chair leg bit, which gave me terrible spasms all the way up both legs. Whatever I did it solved one problem but gave me another.

I went to bed around 4am still in more pain than usual but tired. I was awake a while then an exhausted sleep took over. Glad the day was over tomorrow has to be better. 


Woke up at 8am the pain seemed to have gone a bit, So pleased. Cleaned up downstairs. Moving around is a lot better for me than sitting. So that is what I try to keep going not possible a lot of the time, but I try.   


Up early again changed bedding got it washed and dried. Sorting out the other ornament cupboards. Ironing is done. I then shredded last time's PIPS forms as they will not be needed duplicate copies sent to Paul.


Got up put my feet to the floor and pain from my left hip and lower back.  Hopefully, I will walk it off but every step hurts. Lifting my leg just to walks is so painful with spasms as well. With RSD it seems there is always pain somewhere. The extra tablets do not help much apart from getting to my stomach and upsetting it. Did not get any better throughout the day. Not having too good a time at the moment.


What a lovely day, warm and no cold wind a beautiful Spring-like day. Lovely on the common, Summer ran around like a little pup. Hip a little better so long as I take it easy. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round on their bikes. Gave Jamie-Lee the little chick I knitted for her with some sweets. She loved the chick and said it was cute.


 Cute I think and Jamie-Lee thought so too.


Another sunny day Spring must be here. Brushed Summer another good lot of fluff off her. Very tired today, I think the last few day's pain and less sleep have worn me down. Having a rest day doing a bit of knitting. Harry Potter, nearly finished it, had to redo the trousers as too small. I think he is a bit fatter than the pattern. Too much stuffing I think, soon redone. These fitted well Sometimes I think the pattern can be a bit out or I did the legs too long. Got the face and hair to do and scarf. 


Repotted three of the inside plants as getting too big for the present pots. Tiding up in the shed the gardening bits. The stands for my coins have come and they look pretty good. I put a coat of wax on them. Andrew is going to help me put them in the cupboard. I think it a good idea after dropping the crystals last time.  Hopefully, we will do it tomorrow. There is still another two coin display stands to come so it will not get finished yet. 


Frost to start with, I was up before 8am. Soon warmed up and we had a lovely walk with  Pat and Milo. A lot longer walk than we are used to so Summer was very tired when we got back.

Andrew and I put the coins in their stands and they look good. You can now see the coins as they should be shown not flat as I had them. I am sure when the other stands come they will look even better. Thank you, Andrew. 


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round late afternoon. Jamie-Lee had got her glasses she is very proud of them.  

Jamie-Lee trying on her new glasses at opticians.


Suey their dog has not to bean too well and Lindsay thought the worst. Turned out better than she thought a stomach infection, so a few Antibiotics and she should be as good as new.


Now finished Harry Potter for Jamie-Lee to take to a school friend. I think he looks good. I am sure she will too.

First-year at Hogwarts.


Ordered some Kindle books off Amazon, eight books most free, 79p total cost. I now have over a hundred books on my Kindle. The one I am reading at the moment is about the very first space flight. The race between the Americans and the Russians. The story behind the flights and the families. A good read but long. I like to read shorter stories and a lot of children books. 


Not too good today, a lot of pain in my back and hips, yes both. Properly bean leaning on the left side too much, usually the bad side. The neck is painful too with pain shooting up to my head. I have taken many tablets but not had much effect. I know this will go as it came but sure makes you feel bad till it does.

Again another mixed month for me. A lot of people are getting excited about the pubs and shops opening. I think I have just got used to being home all the time with Summer. I did not go out much before though. Spring is here, and the trees are all of a sudden are green again. Very good to see you after the last few months. Getting warmer too well some days it is. Hopefully better things to come this year, for all of us. 

As usual all my best to you all,
Love Gill.

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