March 1st

What a lovely day, a frost but so nice on the common the birds are singing and every one I meet seems happy. I look towards the north, I can see a Cathedral a Castle and a windmill. Where else can you get that?

 (Pictures added on 15th April.) 
No Windmill as hard to see, unless working so you can see the sails.

Even so I have a headache one of those that feels like some one has hold of my head and is squeezing it, worse around the eyes. I have like a soft spot that comes up every so often at the back and top of my head
Paul is away for the day so just me and Pup.

I had a bit of an accident later in the day. I was sorting the dead flowers out and put them in the bowl to take to the green bin. I realised that I had dropped a spoon in the bin as well. I stood on a chrysanthemums tub, it tipped up sending me into the bin chest first bashing my ribs. A lot of pain it was not worth it for a spoon.   


My friend Debbie is going away to work in Uganda for a while she is a Geophysical Land/Marine Technician. I shall miss her company and Snitters (her dog) on the common. She could be away two months or more.
I think I have either cracked a rib or bruised them either way it is painful breathing, coughing and bending forward. I am just pleased my chest infection is just about better and I am coughing less. At least my head feels a lot better,

Paul has gone to Halifax to see Wayne I did not go as its a bit much for me yet, all those miles one hundred and eighty miles return trip. Paul did stay over night this time though. Me and Pup had a girlie night.


A nice smoothie made of spinach, cucumber, apple and celery very tasty. Chest not good very painful.
Looked after Jamie-Lee in the afternoon at Lindsay house, while Paul and Lindsay made up some bedroom furniture for Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee's bedroom.
I have finished off the Teds for a friend, four of them.


I have decided to go to Pilate's as I can do the leg movement ones at least. I have a lot of hip pain today as well, hopefully the Pilate's will sort this out. Chest quite sore and painful. I have remembered from a time before that bruised/cracked ribs get worse before they get better. So hopefully this is one of the worst day.


Disturbed night, pain and just not able to sleep - even going to bed at three thirty last night.

Physio-- This went well Stephanie is sticking to very much the same treatment at the moment so not to stress my body out. This seems to be working very well. Needles in legs and arms.A shoulder massage with heat lamp, very soothing and so warm. I walked back no extra pain in fact I felt quite good.

Night time, Paul and I went to see Jay-Jay as its his tenth Birthday. We got him a game, Lego movie for their playstation (shared with Tommy-Lee) and a zip up top and an annual book. He liked them all, the game the best.

Jay-Jay rung me up and asked if Paul and I would join them for his Birthday meal, of course we would.

Jay-Jay looking very COOL.---  Just before we went out for the meal.
 Wearing his new top I got him and a new shirt his Mum got him..
Tommy-Lee. Little smiler.

Jamie-Lee after the meal well stuffed.


 I made Jay-Jay a cake.

Lindsay is calling in to drop Jamie-Lee off and is stopping a while
I am looking after Jamie-Lee today for a few hours. She has not bean too well stomach bug. Lindsay is taking the boys and a friend bowling.

She was very good playing with her toys and laughing. Summer likes it when she is here as well, most of the time like all little ones she sometimes pulls her fur or ears but I tell her NO and she gives Summer a kiss as to say sorry. She talks a lot and will copy most things the boys do. She is a very funny happy little girl. Eighteen months old now.


                    Having fun, a lot of the toys were the ones her brothers had.
This is a very noisy one.
 Look how big I am Nan.
 Summer watching her.
 Getting a wotsit off Grandad.
 What- more? She kept going back for more. Summer says can I have one too.

Jamie-Lee was picked up at tea time, then I could have a rest. A very good day with Jamie-Lee.
Good job as chest still sore, a different pain today very sore and tender and tight like when you get a bit of food between your front teeth. Not sure if this is good or not.

Knitting later nearly finished the second jacket for the twins.

Late night early morning not feeling that good a lot of pain in elbows and knees. Very tender to touch I think this is the FIBROMYALGIA playing up but I am never too sure as I get so many different pains.

This is the plant set I got for my Birthday from my friend Bev. Doing good.


A beautiful sunny day warm as well. So nice on the common. I feel a bit better today lack of sleep does not help. I did sleep a few hours last night though, four maybe.

While coming back from the common I had a reminder from the RSD a very sharp pain in my foot followed by electric shocks all over my body. My foot went very stiff, more so than normal. The RSD was saying I am still here don't relax yet. Just lately the RSD has bean quite good. At least the spasms have lessened back to my normal ones.

In the afternoon I did a bit of tidying in the garden and green house. Soon be time for the seeds to be in. I am in no hurry as last year was not good for growing things too wet and not enough sun so every thing was late. I was picking tomatoes up to late December

Chest still sore but I was careful. I sneezed and that really hurt even though I held my chest.


Awake at six thirty, very hot sweating, pain in stomach. Went to toilet when I got up- and not before, which I was quite pleased about. Pains in stomach quite bad now getting worse. Toilet again bad diarrhoea this time.
A walk on the common might help ease it a bit. The walk did not help and I only just made it back to go again. This went on most of the morning. Headache then started, I felt very week and so dizzy.
I decided to go back to bed for a while. I got up later still very much the same. I tried a bit of dry toast but managed only a mouth full.

Going into the bathroom I felt very sick and light headed I passed out, when I came round I was a little sick and had to lay on the floor. Extremely hot and sweating, wet through. Pain everywhere. I felt so bad and weak. Paul helped me back to my chair.

Jamie-Lee was not well last week so it might be the same as she had, some gastric bug- or one of the many others that are around.


A very rough night pain extremely high temperature and still sweating the same. Paul gave me a wash as I was very smelly and clean PJ'S. Minutes later just as bad. rested and sweated all day. Head feels like its going to explode. Towards sixish I felt a bit better, head calmed a bit.

Paul helped me have a bath that was nice. Still sweating afterwards but at least I did not smell as bad even Summer turned her nose up at me earlier.


Quite a bit better now, still sweating but not as much, high temperature down. Still  diarrhoea and stomach pain. I am no longer dizzy which is good.

Had a nice walk on the common with Summer so that felt good. Paul has bean taking her while I was ill.
The weight I put back on I have lost again, back to eight stone two. Even more chocolate to eat now.


Fair night not as hot now and thankfully the sweating has stopped as well. I feel about normal, well my normal. My rib's are still sore and click when I turn to the left, then jumps back again like they have got stuck.


Lindsay and family here for dinner. I have not seen too much of them over the past few weeks so it will be nice. Dinner went very well every on enjoyed it. Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee I think ate the most. Always hungry them two.

After, we went to the park and also Ben (two doors away) came too. They all had a good time with Jamie-Lee running round and playing football.

Lindsay took the jackets to Cheryl for the twins I hope she will like them. She did, she rang me later. She liked them a lot and said I am sure they will look good on the babies. I hope to have a picture at a later date.


Fair night I feel quite tired today and pain levels are up. Chest is improving so long as I don't sneeze or cough. Back, shoulder and hip pain, right leg keeps going into strong spasm.

No physio again this week as Nicola had a car accident. I think every one is alright but battered.
I am so pleased.


Pilate's went good did some moves that I could not manage two weeks ago. There is still a few that hurt my ribs still like laying on my front and lifting my chest up. Diamond press its called plus a similar one. This still hurts too much. I was pleased with what I could do though. I am now sure I cracked a rib or two because of the pain and cracking when I moved. They are getting better and don't hurt nowhere near as much as they did. The trouble with being on a lot of pain medication is it covers up pain so I never know how much pain I am really in. Also any new pain that comes up can get missed. Good in some ways but not others.

When I broke my foot I was not in as much pain as I thought I should be in for a break. The pain was just a different pain.


Not a good night I forgot to take my MORPHINE tablet. I only got them from the chemist yesterday because the day before Doctors were shut for training. I put my tablets out every morning and did not add to the night time ones. I felt strange before I went to bed but put this down to tiredness and the end of the virus/bug thing.

As most of you know MORPHINE is very addictive and by not letting the body have it what it wants it gets mad.The extra I had in the Hospital does not help the addiction either as it gets used to more.
I took it as soon as I realised and everything settled down.

Went to see Paul's Nana as she is in a home near us for a while. I have not seen her lately. Christmas I was ill. She is quite well but not really happy there, she wants to go back home.
Trouble is she is not safe on her on. I hope they get her sorted and she feels more at ease.

I ache today- just about everywhere shoulders are very tight. Spasms are more frequent.
Lack of physio  I think is the cause. Hopefully next week everything will be back to normal.


A fair bit of pain today. Shoulders, back right calf and both feet hurt and feel hot but very cold to touch. My chest still feels tight and when I cough or sneeze it hurts.

Out today for dinner at Jo's with Adele, John and Paul. A very nice meal of fish risotto I am not really a fish liking person but I really enjoyed this. Jo is like me if she gets a bone, she can not finish the rest. So she is aways extra careful. Pudding was good too, choc chip cookies soaked in sherry and a bonoffee type sauce and cream.
A good day nice to be around friends.


Lindsay here with the family. We all went to see Nana. Her great Nana and the children's great great Nana- five generations in all.


    Nana with Lindsay, Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee plus the family picture that was taken at Christmas.

Jamie-Lee wondering who this little lady is.


Summer had a bath. I used some gloves that I got for Christmas, exfoliating ones and they work very well bathing Summer. I was able to do her feet and face without using anything else very good at removing dirt, and bits between her toes. A good tip for dog owners.

I will only get mucky again.

She does not even mind the water on her head. 
She puts her feet up on the side so I can wash her belly.
All dried and clean, very white and so soft as well, after about twenty minutes with the hair dryer and a brush. She needs a hair cut.

Later I made two fruit cakes one for us and one for Bev, to take tomorrow as i'm going to see her and Russ.


Up early, Seven thirty as going to see Bev and Russ on the train. The journey was not too good, at times it felt like the train was not even on the tracks. A group of women celebrating a Birthday as well quite loud. This did not help but I don't begrudge people having fun just jealous sometimes.

Bev met me at the station and we went for a cup of tea at a little local cafe.
We stopped for dinner and as joined by Russ. I have not seen Russ since he came to visit me in Hospital so a good day.

After dinner we went back to Bev's stopping on the way for Russ to show me his new place where he will be living now. Very nice and a little dog lives there with his new landlady.

At Bevs we caught up with all the news. Lots of tea. During the day I had to take OROMORPH and IBRUES for the extra pain.I have taken quite a few extras just lately.

All too soon it was time to go back home. We said are goodbyes at the station and I hoped the journey home would be better, It was. Paul and Summer met me at the station and we all walked home. A very nice day thank you both very much.


Physio at last, I'm sure that is why I have had more pain. Nicola is ok after her accident, but still quite sore. The others involved are ok as well.

Physio was a little different as Nicola used a few different points to try to reduce the pain and help me relax more. Seventeen needles all together, ten in my legs, two in stomach, two in hands, two in arms and one in my right shoulder. Some were a little painful but soon settled. I know a few of the places felt very tender when Nicola pressed them. A good session I think, hope it helps me a bit.

Walking home quite cold but I think this was more the weather than the treatment.


Pilates- This went very well, I was able to do the laying on my stomach ones this week and as long as I did it very gentle it did not hurt my ribs too much. First time this year I felt good with what I had achieved.

Teatime Lindsay dropped off the boys and Jamie-Lee so she could go to the Doctors, she thinks she has a chest infection.

The boys have both bean to Aikido class and are doing very well, they got there suits today and put them on to show me. Also the moves they do. Jamie-Lee was copying them.  

 Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay ready for action.
 Jay-Jay looking quite serious.

I played with Jamie and Tommy, building Lego or trying too when she would let us. Both boys went in the front room to watch television with out Jamie bothering them. We played some more with the Lego.

Lindsay came back with ANTIBIOTICS not a chest infection but an infection somewhere. They all headed off home. Paul and I had tea, bolognaise and pasta shells, very good too.


Today is not a good day I ache a lot and my body feels heavy as well.
No use feeling down about it, the bedrooms need cleaning and vacuuming hopefully this will help. I am sure I have said this before.

Doing the bedrooms did not really help, but when has RSD bean accommodating?

I have now finished the other Teds suit for Cilla's Ted, who lives next door. I took it round and she loved it a lot. She even tried to pay me, after refusing money, chocolates were offered. I took neither I have plenty of chocs to eat. I was just pleased she liked them.

I also made the teddies a few years ago.
Showing her matching pants.  
    They look very smart now.

The rest of the day I felt cold then hot then cold. This RSD certainly causes a lot of trouble. My feet are burning but are very cold to the touch. Right foot is still playing up as well. Is it FIBRO or RSD or both?

Wayne is here tomorrow so that will be good.


Fair night but short as usual. I feel quite drained and tired. Pain wise about the same maybe slightly better.

Dentist today for a check up. I know I need a filling after it popped out at Christmas while flossing, I thought that was good for you, I am having the filling done on Monday the rest of my check up was good. In the Chair less than five minutes £18-00 for that. More to pay on Monday£31-00. I have not had anything done for a while though.

I met Paul we had dinner in town and met Wayne at the train station. He had a good journey, obviously he did not have the same train I had going to Beeston last Monday

Headed off home. Caught up with each others news.

Late evening pain quite bad took OROMORPH. I am getting a lot more nerve pain even after increasing the GABAPENTIN. My legs feel like they are full of sand. Very painful even to the touch.


Lindsay and family are here. Mothers Day early I got some lovely presents from Lindsay and the children.
I was well spoilt.

Tracy also got me a present as she said I am like a Mum to her- Aah nice.

Today was warm enough to sit in the garden. The children played and we sat and talked, a good day. 
An extra one as well Ben from two doors away and when they all left it was tidy everywhere.


Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there.

 More presents, from Wayne, the new Elton John Yellow Brick Road CD, plus the badge off the card..

Andrew teamed up with Summer and with a bit of help from Paul got me a
beautiful flower planter basket.

Wayne and Summer.

Paul took Wayne to the train station, its bean very good to see him, Summer thought so as well.

My Mum is no longer with us but I took flowers to her remembrance place. I do miss her, as time goes on I miss her more. So much I want to tell her and cannot. For me this does not get any easier.


Dentist went well a very numb face all the left side and across my forehead. A lot of nerve pain on the right side as well. My face is very cold as well. The numbness takes a long time to go. Five o'clock and still numb. The pain has gone though.

As for the rest of me a better day. Legs are no longer heavy. Still painful shoulders and right hip. I can't have it all good can I?

I have just entered Race For Life I hope things will be good for me by June and I will be able to do it.
Joining two others and running for their relation who has Cancer.

This month has bean quite an eventful one. Starting off in Hospital, chest infection then cracked rib(s) and to finish a stomach bug. All this in the first three months of the year. I missed a physio session and a pilates one by being ill. As usual the RSD has to join in as well and add its bit. Still things can only get better.

Hope everyone else has had a better start Love Gill.

I am ending this blog with Summer she can usually bring a smile to my face and most other people she meets.
Summer in bed after a long day very tired.

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