Well made it to the end of the year, I know many did not with the virus.

December 2nd

Cold and wet on the common, not too long a walk today as Summer is very tired as she did not settle well last night, crying a lot and panting. Poor Summer and me as well as I got less sleep than usual.

A video appointment with Vinnie physio- this went well and he could see I had improved quite a bit. We both agreed to make this the last one on line. He has made me an appointment face to face for Jan next year. 

This is just to check out my hand and shoulder to make sure things are as they should be.

Knitting later but a lot of pain today could not get comfortable at all. I feel far away and not with it at all.

Watched Castle get me out of here only 4 left now- Jordon- Veron- Shane and Giovana. They played hide and seek, and Jordon made them all laugh, as he counted 1 elephant 2 elephants. They hid from him and when he found them they scared him. He said he thought a little bit of wee came out. He has bean so funny though out as all of them have. Jordon is still my favorite to win.


Summer a bit better last night. I have started giving her CBD oil as this can calm and help any pain she might have.

Finish off knitting my brother's gloves- I am pleased with them but these were not easy, I found them a chore to do. I think all being 1 colour did not help. My fingers have not bean the best either, loss of feeling a lot of the time. Anyway- all done now.  Next Jamie-Lees then Lindsays and a pair for Andrew too. I am a lot slower and they take twice as long now but I still do them. I have not much else I can do, have I.


Summer had a lot better night- is the CDB oil helping? We will see in time. Very cold on the common like Winter with vengeance, Summer was more alive today, so a lot longer walk. Very refreshing with the cold wind.  

In the castle, only 2 left Jordon and Gravina. They did the last trail, snakes for Jordon and a horrible eating one for  Gravina. Both did very well. With Jordon being just himself-- he made Ant and Dec laugh a lot asking them questions to take his mind off the horrible challenge and screaming a lot too. Gravina went on to be crowned Queen of the castle Jordon runner up. Shame he did not win but he has left there a lot stronger person than he went in. Overcoming all his scares and demons. Well done Jordon. First time I have watched it properly. Most who watch every year said it was the best one yet. 


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee here today. We played Game of life with pets quite well- but I prefer the original Game of life.  Good to have them here for a few hours. Suey came too so Summer was very excited both running around and playing. 

Later Jay-Jay brought his pup round Summer loved him  Suey not as keen. Suey has seen her before and not impressed then. She is too old now for young ones running around. I think she is at least 12 years old and very set in her ways. Likes her space, and place on the sofa, most of it if she can.


Very sharp frost today bird water frozen cold out too but no wind. The temperature was -2c when I went to bed. 

Making a little Christmas cake for Kayleigh and Wayne told them I was not making them one this year but changed my mind when he sounded disappointed. This is their first proper Christmas together.

Would have bean my Dad's Birthday today 99 years old. I do miss him and Mum so much. A lot have said to me it gets easier as years go by. For me, it does not.


In town, today with Paul,  getting a few Christmas presents. Not too busy either not all shops open but the ones I wanted were. I have not bean into town for around 6 weeks not missed it either. So long as Summer and I get on the common that suits us both. We got dinner chips and sausage for me, Paul fish chips. we ate them in the car then did a bit more shopping. I hurt a lot when we finished but was pleased with the things we got.


Just made it back from the common and the rain came down and stayed like that all day. Wet and cold.

Went into town with Andrew did not get what we wanted as big queues today everywhere- try again next week. 

Once home did some more knitting not going well had to pull a lot down of gloves. Got it right in the end seemed to spend more time going wrong than right this time.

Mexican for tea chili beef burger for me very spicy but good. Paul had a chili chicken burrito, Andrew had a bean one. Everyone enjoyed their food I know I was well full. 


This is the day we thought we were going to lose Andrew when he got attacked. Someone was looking after him that night.


In town to post the letter to Tribunal to see if their verdict can bean changed to me getting money from Pips. This is the last chance for me. 

Over balanced in one shop and ended up on the floor. I did not hurt my self and a kind lady helped me up.  By the time I had finished I had too much shopping so went home on the bus. The first time this year felt very strange sat there with my mask on. I would not have bean able to carry everything home otherwise. 


Cleaned up most of downstairs.  Paul put the tree and decorations up looks very colourful now. Less people here this Christmas so more of a rest for me. Last year I was not well so did not see much of anyone.


In to town again to try to sort out Andrews's clothes. This time we did very well and he got a lot of things. He is only a 28 waist so a lot of places don't start till 30 waist. We both got a "Nasa" t-shirt each as we both love anything to do with space. We have bean watching all the Spacex rocket take-offs as you know by reading my blogs. 

Also got Jamie-Lee a jacket as well as the one I ordered online was not the same as the description shown. This one very nice she used to have one when she was around 3. I was quite pleased with the shopping trip this time.


Big announcement from Boris, Christmas changes for everyone. So this year we will not be seeing Wayne and Kayleigh. Very disappointed as last year I was ill and did not see them much. We are going to have another Christmas next year, when things hopefully calm down a bit with this virus.


Happy Birthday Angela we were going round there but she came here instead. The plan was for us all to have a roast dinner but this was not to be with the new virus plans. We gave her her present for her Birthday and Christmas. She brought us cake as well. 

Delivering presents later to Paul's Mum and dad, and my brother and Family. 


Cleaning up today I did most and Paul did the front room.

Lindsay phoned up to see if I would have Jamie-Lee for tea and a bit after. She had things to set up for  Christmas presents.

Jamie-Lee was good and no meltdowns at all.

Finished Harry Potter for Jamie-Lee-- I did his glasses-- (Nightmare to do) later then forgot to take a picture. 

Looks quite good I think.


Doing the baking- making sponge cakes and of course mince pies. All went well and I did not drop too many things. Paul doing the last bits of food shopping, I think we have enough, more than enough. Summer did not settle well at bedtime, I think she thought we were going away somewhere with all the bags and things. 


Christmas Day after all the preparations and time and money spent the day has arrived not quite the same as most people know it, but- never less Christmas all the same.

Some lovely presents from everyone. Andrew made me a Summer Pup in Parcord just like her complete with collar and lead.

Lovely and cute.

All Lindsay's family were here for the day  (Jay-Jay, Tommy-Lee and of course Jamie-Lee and Jay-Jays Pup Cali,)  Cali is  16 weeks old she was mostly good, kept barking at Summer who put up with her very well. Now and again she woofed at her. Cali wanted her to play but Summer is a bit old now to be playing at Cali's speed of play. They did have a run around in the garden. Cali is mostly house trained as well, so no accidents from her.  Tracy here as well after all she is like family too. She was not able to see her own family either. They had all walked down as the children got electric scooters each. This was what Lindsay was sorting out on the 23rd when I had Jamie-Lee.

Lindsay got me a salt lamp, and Wayne and Kayleigh a snail for the garden, it lights up. Paul got me a silver coin plus storage, plus many more things. Summer a next year's diary for writing this blog. Presents from friends too- a big pile by the end of the day. He sent a card too with a few heartfelt words about how he had bean the last year. 

This year Jay-Jay got us some very special things and Summer too

Summer looking very cool.

 Dinner was good, cooked to perfection and very tasty too. Andrew had a veggie meal a nut cheese melt he said it was quite good but not as it looked on the box. Paul and Tracy had pudding too. Sit down for a while I think. Coking for eight is not as easy as cooking for three, everything went well with help from Lindsay and Paul-Thank you both.   

I did not have any more food that day stomach was not too good later. IBS has bean playing up for a while now. The Christmas dinner did not help much but it was so good.


Family here again- chips for dinner and a buffet tea later. Only Tracy, Lindsay, and Jamie-Lee this time. Paul did all the tea with help from Tracy and Lindsay washing up. A long day and very tired and in a lot of pain too. Taken extra painkillers but they have bothered my IBS--- can not win can I?  

A very cold day again some places have snow but not us. We had a few flakes on Christmas eve but I missed them. 

Well, another year passed by, not a good one by anyone standard. Like I said to a friend who was moaning about not going anywhere, this is mostly my life all the time, over 16 years now. The time Paul went to Wayne's on his own, party's I can not go to, and many more things. People do not realize or care most of the time, and just see me going on the common, and not the full picture of RSD and its brutal attack. Not all bad though- I can still knit but at a slower pace on most days. I still have a life but as Spock (Star Trek) would say "not as we know it, Jim".

All the very best to you all and a very Happy New year to you all. Next year has to be better.

  Love Gill.


 November 1st

Hard to believe we are in November already. The weather is as mixed up as the world is right now. Cold one minute very humid and warm the next.

I have bean busy knitting and so far made these all for presents. Hat set, fingerless gloves, and rabbit.

Hat- scarf-gloves set also for a present.

Fingerless gloves for a present.

Rabbit for Arlo.


 Went into town to get the wool, as from Thursday it will be lockdown again- and the wool stall will be closed.  

Started another cardigan- this time for Emmie, 2 doors away. She asked for this for Christmas- a mint green one. Tried so many times to get the pattern right but I could not work it out. The original pattern is a plain one, and  I am adding a lace pattern instead, just like I have done before with the last ones I made.  My brain turned to mush and I could not work it out at all.  I gave up and said I will try tomorrow.


LOCKDOWN again. 

Summer still got her hair cut, and looks very little and cute. Maxine cut loads off, taking well over an hour. Summer did very well and stood still and did not go to sleep or slip off the table, despite a lot of interruptions from the phone with cold callers, and people at the door with post and parcels for neighbors.

I said Summer has bean upset from the fireworks going off for the last week, not scared but barks nonstop for ages. Maxine said they had bean going off around her. Last night hitting her window. Last year there was barely any there. She lives out in the country so a bit quieter than here in the town. We always have them going off here, for about a week before and a week after- then a few here and there. With lockdown, I suppose people have had their own displays- as no organized ones going on.

Paul has taken Jay-Jay to Derby to get his arm looked at again. Doctors said going well, with more movement than last time. They were quite worried about his arm and lack of movement last time. Good news this time. I know nerve damage can take longer to repair as my wrist is doing.

My wrist is still not right either but is improving, with the different exercises I am doing just takes time. Bean 10 months now- when the doctor told me it would be 6 months I laughed, at him thinking it will not be that long- I was very wrong. The pain is less, the grip is still poor but getting stronger. I can touch the fingers without nerve pain now.


I watched a program about a reporter, called Frank Gardner. He got shot while covering a news story in Saudi Arabia. His cameraman was killed and he was paralyzed from the waist down. After months of rehabilitation, he went home to a different world from the one to the one he left. Being more dependent on others for most things. He now has a colostomy and urostomy. He spoke about people saying to him that they could not do what he was doing. He said it was not a choice he had. Slowly over the years, he adapted to his new lifestyle very well. He is a very strong man to do this a lot would have just given up or just relied on others for everything.

This made me think about my change of lifestyle too. How I was told I would be in a wheelchair, (as I was for quite a while) more likely for good because of the pain and disability. I fought through the pain to be where I am now. I still have a lot of very bad days but on the whole better than predicted- still on my own 2 feet. Most RSD patients can not cope with the pain and spasms, but somehow I did. The seizures added to the already problems, but I recovered each time some more slowly than others.


I am making a hot water bottle cover for neighbor Andy. To start with my hand shook- and I could not draw round the pattern or cut it out. Paul did this for me, the rest was done on the sewing machine which I could do, using my left foot. I did try with my right but no--not enough power there. Goes alright with my left one, just seems a bit weird to start with. A bit like all the time I had to use my left hand to do everything, still do a lot of time, it's amazing how your body will adapt to change.


B12 today hurt a lot this time and for a while after. When I just touched my arm or someone brushed against it very painful- more so this time than last for nerve pain. 

Knitting going well with the green cardigan now, even the pattern working out well.


Another warm damp day 14C. Very nice on the common with Summer- my high light of the day. Very misty and damp, but very enjoyable. My hair goes very curly, and everyone says how nice it looks. 

The Mammogram I had last week is all clear so that's good. 


Cleaning up today downstairs. Changed the bedding so sheets can be washed tomorrow, as should be dry and windy.

Another day very much on my own- knitting at night time. 

Lindsay is soon to start treatment of radiotherapy for her head soon. I do hope this goes well as she has bean suffering a lot. Good luck Lindsay.


Went to see my friend, Lyn, as it's her Birthday today, when I say see I mean at the door for a few minutes. Good to see her though. 

I have a water infection so need ANTIBIOTICS  again different ones this time a bit stronger. NITROFURANTOIN 50mg. Later on, I was very cold and started to shake. I think this was to do with the infection. I filled up a hot water bottle to warm me up. As it was bean-filled I dropped it, luckily it landed near the cupboard with the neck of the bottle up- so the water did not come out. If it had my feet would have bean scalded. Soon after I went to bed.


ANTIBIOTICS are working and have stopped the infection from getting really bad and painful like last time. I did wake to a bad headache over, left eye and neck. This was to last most of the day with pain shooting down my face. 

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee popped round for a little bit. Lindsay is not too good at the moment with a bad head. Jamie-Lee and the boys are fine.


Chopped down the sunflowers as they are about done now and starting to fall over. Looks quite bare without them.

Cooked tea roast beef tonight and it was so good. Getting on well with the fingerless gloves I am making. These are for me to wear on the common with mitts over when it gets colder. Not very often I make things for myself so it's nice.


Started watching "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" Jordon North is in it from "Radio 1". Not the best of starts as he was sick. Why? he had to climb down a mountain to get his and a partner's sack. He is scared of heights, snakes, creepy-crawly the dark, plus more. I think it will be good- not watched it be for, only bits of it. Another challenge he had to do was getting locked in a coffin type box side by side with  Shane Riches and they had to retrieve stars with snakes in the box. Jordon kept saying HAPPY PLACE- HAPPY PLACE. Shane helped him a lot but even he got scared at one point and Jordon helped him, a good team. Jordon was funny but, very brave at the same time. They got a maximum of 12 stars. He was still shaking when he came out. Well done both of you. 

Mo Farah (Olimpic Runner). is in the castle as well plus others 10 in all. 2 joined later Russel Watson and Ruthie Henshall being one of them

The full list of people taking part.

Bev Callard, AJ Pritchard, Vernon Kay, Hollie Arnold, Mo Farah, Jordan, Giovanna Fletcher, Victoria Derbyshire, Shane Richie plus Jordon North- along with the two late ones Russel Watson and Ruthie Henshall. 


Jamie-Lee here for tea. She was very good and did not moan once. We played "Guess Who" most of the time. I won for a change and she did not even get grumpy at that. Lindsay was soon here to pick her up then I watched "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here," Very good again.

I feel quite a bit better now I think the infection has mostly gone. I was lucky this time and did not suffer too much.

Not bean the best week for all-over pain as I have suffered a lot. Spasms in my legs are terrible, being taking QUININE. Very tired but still keep going.


2 injections today Flue one and pneumonia one- 1 in each arm. I hardly felt them a doddle after the B12 ones.

I have finished another puzzle quite a hard one to do as it's a Wasgij one- the picture is what is behind the people not the one on the box.

Not what they expected?

I have now finished off the cardigan for Emmie for Christmas. Pleased with it, hope she will be too.


Very cold today 4c the wind on the common was like ice. Summer as usual enjoyed it and so did I. Soon warmed-up when I  got playing with Summer and her ball. A nice walk but so cold. 


 Britain's weather changed again 12c today.  

Watched StarTrek Discovery with Andrew- and another space rocket launch from "Space x" to put satellites in the sky. The launch was just perfect, no problems- the rocket did a brilliant back to earth landing after dropping off the satellites. The future looks good with space tech knowledge going well- both Andrew and I enjoy this.

Cleaned up downstairs. Knitting but not going right for the left glove. Managed to sort it out but had to pull a lot down. All good now.

16 years today since my dear Mum passed away- this does not get any easier for me in fact harder as she has missed so much.

Headache all day on the left side of the head and neck.


Sorting and cleaning kitchen cupboards. Started knitting another hat and scarf set for a present. 

Not going the best as a pattern I have not done before, but hopefully, I will get it right soon.

 Finished off a pair of gloves. These are also for a present. 

Also made a pair of fingerless gloves for me to wear on the common under others if very cold. 

For me for a change.

Still a headache but it is not as bad now.


A wet day and very heavy air.

I made some cheese scones turned out quite good too. Had one and they tasted good, Paul and Andrew said they were good as well. 


Made a Christmas cake I know it's a bit late but it will be fine. Went quite well I use a big Kenwood mixer so it's a lot easier for me. I would not be able to do any otherwise. When it was cooked, smelt so good, it's got Brandy in it.


Cleaning up today downstairs.

Lindsay, Jamie-Lee, and Jay-Jay, and his friend Brandon came round. They brought Suey as well Summer was very pleased to see her, and soon they both were running around till tired out. Jay-Jay and Brandon did not stay for long but it was very nice to see Jay-Jay. 

Summer and her best friend Suey
Jamie-Lee sneaked in.
Summers got her ears on.
Jamie-Lee with Summer and Suey (and her turn with the ears).

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee stayed a lot longer and for tea. We played Monopoly and it was a good afternoon. We all enjoyed it.

Later watched Celebrity get me out of here, Hollie was voted out, so time for her to go home. There will be one a night till only one left--- the winner. 

Not a lot going on this month so in some ways that's a good thing. Got plenty of knitting and walking done and not much else.  As with most people staying in, is the in thing now. Hopefully, next year will be a better year for everyone. 

Hope things are not too bad with you all-and healthwise as good as it can be.

 All the very best Love Gill.  


 October 1st

I was supposed to have had a video call today from Vinnie today, but it has bean changed because I am waiting to have a scan on my shoulder. Hopefully, the results will be there when I next speak to him- on 12th October, Scan is on 8th. 

Finished the dolls sets I have bean knitting, yellow suit, plus dress set for Karols Neice, I think they both look good. 

Both dolls have a dress set and a trouser set.


I had to pull down the hat because I ran out of wool to finish the dress, and the market did not have any more, probably discontinued she said. This did not take long to redo the hat and finish the dress. Just made the hat a bit smaller then, just had enough wool.   

Also finished the baby things for my friends Russ and Claire, This did not go right either. After I had stitched the jacket up, I realized I had done the raglan sleeves seem wrong. In undoing it, some of the knittings came undone. I had to re-knit a lot so when all finished again, I was not pleased with it. So I started another one for them. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making things- so I would not have bean happy to give them the set as a present.

Things not going too well with all these mistakes I am making. My brain just cuts off a lot of the time. Maybe  I should do a bit less at a time. I do enjoy knitting or any activity really.  Hopefully, this jacket will go better.  

 Sunflowers have grown so much after all the rain we have had.





A lot of knee pain today, in the one I had done last year...probably because it's getting colder and the RSD is flaring up again. 

Cooked a roast beef dinner, it was very nice, we both enjoyed the meal. Andrew's a veggie so he has some different meals to us but does join us sometimes. 

Started knitting the baby jacket again, all going well as new wool this time. Will not take too long as an easy pattern. Going to add mittens to the hat and jacket, so a nice set.



Bit in the garden today just tidying things up, but very wet after all the rain. Andrew and I sorted out the shed a bit so Snowy the cat has a bit better place to sleep. He was on the freezer so when anyone wanted anything out, he had to be moved. Now on the tumble dryer so not damp for him from the condensation from the cold top of the freezer. He is a happy cat now. 




Sorting out the toy cupboard today, getting rid of the things that Jamie-Lee and the boys no longer use or have outgrown. Most going to the charity shop or to be sold. A big job as we have a lot of things in there. A lot of my puzzles are to go as well. 



Scan today on my shoulder, ULTRASOUND all went well but really hurt a lot and painful for the rest of the day.

Did a bit more of the toy cupboard nearly done, a lot to go to charity shop, so the cupboard looks a lot tidier now. Got rid of 12 puzzles so the rest all fit on the shelf now. A lot of new ones which I have not done yet that were given to me by a friend.

Summer did not settle very well at night time so I came down and stopped on the settee. This helped of course as she had her Mum with her. Her back leg/hip has bean playing up a bit so maybe, she was in a bit of pain. 


Arm still sore where I had the scan. a lot of pain today- RSD not good.  

Lindsay, Tracy, and Jamie-Lee came round as it Paul's Birthday again, as they were in isolation after the children came back from Spain. This was nice, an extra Birthday treat of Chinese for tea. This was very good and tasty. Lindsay and I were very hungry so was Jamie-Lee as usual. The take away is at the end of the street so pipping hot when eaten, The curry is so strong- it almost bites back-- I love it, a lot of times I just have curry and chips, the chip are very good too. 



Russ and Claire's baby born, a boy Arlo Casey, Congratulations to them both. I have nearly finished the baby things. While Russ was in Lincoln I was his Lincoln Mum- does that make me a new Nan too?


Physio-- The scan results of my shoulder, has revealed inflammation to the joint and collar bone. Probably wrenched from my fall in January He said it was unusual to get it around the collar bone. He is going to send some different exercises to do on alternate days. I am not to overdo it either- he knows me well. 

Finished off all the baby things. 

Sweets and Badedas for Russ and Claire.

Jackets for Arlo they will not fit him yet- as I did 3-6 months.


Might get a visit from Bev (friend and baby's Nan from Beatson)  tomorrow. This depends on the new regulations for the coronavirus. Would be good to see her as its bean over a year.


Bev did not come as regulations changed we will catch up sometime. Not worth risking it with the baby Arlo.

Got Jamie-Lee today as Lindsay and Jay-jay are at Derby for a check up on his arm. Paul is taking them. Jamie-Lee was pleased with the toy cupboard now she could see things better. Also showed her the things that are going to Charity just in case she wanted them back. Only a couple of things were returned to the toy cupboard. 

We both took Summer for her walk a long one today, over an hour. Jamie-Lee went in the park for a while, so tired when we got back, so was Summer. Toast and a hot drink and a rest for us both- and an extra biscuit for Summer. After we played games, she was on her iPad for a while so I could rest a bit.

Bev's house is on the way to Derby so Paul dropped off the baby things, plus last year's Christmas cake hope it has matured well, as there is alcohol in it. 

 Lindsay and Paul got back from Derby she said they were very pleased with Jay-jay as he had more movement in his finger. I was pleased too. Paul had dropped him off at his house on the way past. 

Lindsay stopped for a while then went home, a bit of rest for me. Jamie-Lee can be hard work as she is quite demanding, but does not get away with much here. Most of the time she is a pleasure to have. She enjoys coming here a lot. I think because I play with her like the child I am.


Got Jamie-Lee again today not as long this time for tea and a bit after. Lindsay is seeing her boyfriend Ben. He will come back with her for his late Birthday present. He liked the present a shirt and card very much and I think he will look good in it. Stopped for a cup of tea then he headed home for football on TV, after dropping Lindsay and Jamie-Lee off at home.

I sat down I did a bit of knitting a scarf this time for a present. Quite tired too- shoulder hurts as I did the exercises earlier. Some quite easy to do some very painful. I will keep trying so it gets better and stronger. My hand is still not right after the wrist break-in January, still not a lot of grip or strength.


Cleaned up downstairs, bit more knitting,  so I don't run out of wool for the hat doing the scarf. I decided to do the hat first before finishing off the scarf. Going quite well but, I am getting a lot of brain block so keep forgetting where I have got to. So I have to write everything down. 

Watched the new Star Trek Discovery with Andrew,  quite good carried on from the last series.


Paul has gone to see Wayne at Halifax. I so wanted to go but I know it's too far in one day. The pain from  Mablethorpe lasted about a week and at times was quite bad. Does not take much to upset the RSD.

Paul left some money for Chinese for Andrew and I. We got chips, curry, and mushroom chow mein, very good. We had it late and Paul came in from Halifax as we were eating it. He had a good day and said it was nice to see Wayne and Kayleigh. I have not seen them since Christmas then I was ill.

The same goes for a lot of people not seeing family with this virus. 

Later I did a bit more knitting I have finished the hat and scarf now. Started doing the gloves going well so far.



Very windy today so should dry the washing well. Bit more knitting of gloves. Gave Karol the doll I did for him.



  He is not going to Poland now so, so will wait till it's a better time to go. Hopefully, after all this virus decides to go away.


A very wet grey start to the day did not get much better throughout the day either. 

Did all the ironing with my right hand, the first time since I broke my wrist. Had to use both hands last time, my wrist, and shoulder ached like mad for the rest of the day. At least it is getting stronger now but still hurts a lot. The nerve pain can be pretty bad at times.

Got Miss Jamie-Lee for tea and after till  9pm. We did word puzzles, where you fit words in the right places, to form like a crossword-type puzzle. She enjoyed it very much. A very funny moment happen to me, my arm jumped and slipped off the chair arm and I landed face-first on the table. This happened twice and Jamie-Lee thought it was very funny and really laughed, and made me laugh till it hurt. When she stopped laughing she asked me if I was ok- I was. Very funny, but can be so painful when it happens which is a lot.  

Lindsay picked up Jamie-Lee dead on 9pm which was the time agreed. Jamie-Lee has School tomorrow, she bikes there with Lindsay, around 3 miles each way.  

Summer seemed a lot more settled than the previous night so hopefully, she will stay like that all night.



Summer had a very good night as like I said she seemed very settled when I went to bed. A lot calmer than usual good girl Summer.

 A nice walk on the common I took some pictures. I think the last few weeks of Summer are fading now and Winter is truly on its way. The trees are changing and a lot of the leaves have fallen making a crunchy carpet. I think Autumn is a very pretty time also not too hot and not too cold usually.

Looks very pretty but bare in places. 

Summer on the look out.




Clocks back an hour so an extra hour in bed for most. At least now I can knit or sew now so the long nights ahead, I will able to be busy. When I first broke my wrist I could not do anything much at all, then slowly started again a bit at a time. I think I would be very bored if I could not do any crafts. 


Awake at 7am so got up soon after. On the common early- on the way, we saw 2 squirrels playing in the park having great fun chasing each other up and down the trees. As I've said before I've not seen many this year.

Summer seems to have settled again at night time. Her ears are very good, so at times she hears the house across the road smoke alarm going off. They seem to be up most of the night like it is day time.


My friend Tracy's Birthday- Lindsay and Jamie-Lee decorated the house up for her. So when she came home from work they were hiding and jumped out to surprise her. I think they did, she was quite choked up and very happy and pleased. 

We went round later to give her, our Birthday present a jumper, which she liked very much, and a card.  


Started making a little rabbit in fur, just about managed to cut it out. Got on better than I thought I would sewing it together. Did bits then stopped for a while. This is the first time I have used a small sewing needle. The one I use for knitting is a lot bigger.

Got Jamie-Lee here for tea and after again. She was painting stones from a kit she got for her birthday in September.

Very tired later and a lot of foot and leg spasms.


Mammogram up at the hospital today- all went well, a lot quicker than last time. Paul dropped me off in town and I got a few things and had a look round for ideas for Christmas presents. 

Later went round to look after Emmie 2 doors away from 7.30 her Brother was at his Nans. We did coloring and played with Barbie dolls and a Justine Bieber doll. She was good as usual, back home soon after 12pm.

Watched a bit of TV the explanation behind the series The Third Day a program about Osea Island and to start with I was more confused than ever and still not sure at the end either. Wayne said there was a 12-hour program to explain the series. Not going to watch that. 

This is the end of another Blog- a bit mixed as previous ones. Hand improving at last, and able to knit more and sew at last so more options for me. 

Hope you are all coping with this virus and remain fairly well. 

Till next time all the best

 Love Gill  


 1st September

At last, the Council is putting a new gate to the park entrance. The one that was originally there was useless. A young child could get easily through and run on to the road. The gate stuck all the time making it difficult to open. So people left it wide open, not good for a children's park. Eager to see what the Council will put on this time.    


New gate in place closes and opens good, a catch system so it closes after you; child friendly too.

Jamie-Lee back to school today a new one for her so I hope she does well. She has bean looking forward to this day for a while.

Jamie-Lee with Suey.

 Tommy-Lee not back yet and Jay-Jay has left School now.   

I have now finished off the cardigan for Jamie-Lee. This took a lot of work so I had to take my time over it. Just sewing it up took 5 hours in all. Each stripe had to be sewn up in its own colour and finished off. Not like sewing up one colour where you use the same wool and just keep going.

Because I finished the cardigan later than I thought it became part of her Birthday present.


In town today to get Birthday presents for Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee.  Both their birthdays are on the 8th September. I'm getting Jamie-Lee clothes, Tommy-Lee some sweets and will give him money so he can get what he wants. Did well got Jamie-Lee 2 tops and 2 lots of legging plus a few sweets. She is LACTOSE INTOLERANT so somethings are a no-go.  

Spoke to Lindsay and she said she could do with a bigger size leggings than I got her. Another trip into town now. Jamie-Lee enjoyed her first day back at school. 


Got the things changed for Jamie-Lee, lucky as only one pair left of one of the same leggings I got her. I was pleased as I think she will like them. Growing up fast- 8 very soon and Tommy-Lee 14 and Jay-Jay 16 now. Where has all the time gone?


Happy Birthday Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee hope you both have a good day both at school now. We are going round later as they are out for tea with their Dad. 

Hand and shoulder not good today a lot of nerve pain and discomfort. B12 did not help as it set things off throughout my body.  I need to have this on time 8 weeks apart or I feel very weak and more tired; does not seem possible but it is. Hurt for the rest of the day, the injection was at 2.30pm.

Went round to see the birthday children, Jamie-Lee liked her clothes and Tommy-Lee was pleased with his sweets and money. I said let me know what you get with it.

Jay-Jays' hand is doing quite well but, still has a long way before its normal again. 


Hair cut today looks good as usual, and I don't even need to leave the house as she comes here.  

Every one says it looks good, in a few days it will be better as the curls and waves come out.

Hip now playing up as well as shoulder and hand. I have a scan coming up for my shoulder on 8th October this will rule out any damage from went I fell, as this is when it all started after the plaster came off and  I was able to use my hand more or not. Could not do hardly anything. 


Paul and I went to Mablethorpe today, nice and warm and the sea was so calm. Walked along the seafront and it was so busy so many dogs too.  Looked around with a mask on inside the shops and markets. 

Had fish and chips of course for dinner very good too I ate it all.

Not good with pain today-- going or coming back. Everything just fired up. 


In the garden, most of the day taking up some bulbs and plants that have seen their best. Like most RSDers, while busy my pain is mostly better than just sat. This something I don't usually do-- knitting or reading etc. 

Garden looks a lot better but a bit bare in places. Soon everywhere will be bare as Autumn very close, then winter of course. At least there is less to do than Summertime gardening. I do enjoy being outside though doing bits here and there. Not a telly freak like Paul.


Got 2 little dolls and I am going to knit clothes for them to sell or give back to the charity shop from where they came, Got some patterns that I have made be for and I can use up the leftover wool from cardigans, etc.

Saw my next-door neighbour and he said he would have one of the dolls for his nieces Birthday.


Another trip to Mablethorpe to help Lindsay out. We picked up one of Jay-Jay's friend Logan as the one that went originally had to go home. Lindsay has got a lodge there for a long weekend. Her, Tracy and Jay-Jay plus his friend Logan, The other 2 children are on holiday with their Dad in Spain.

Another good day there well I say a day it was around 3.30 when we got there. Not quite as warm as when we came on the 15th cool wind, but still good weather. The lodge is lovely and a very big 4 bedroom and everything so nice. probably new this year. Even a big hot tub-- The intention was to go in this. Jay-Jay and Logan were in this a long time but Jay-Jay said it was a bit cooler than yesterday. Jay-Jay thinks it had a fault as it took time to warm up. A man came out very quickly and fixed it within minutes. Time to go as it was now gone 6. I hope Andrew gives Summer her tea. He is a vegetarian and does not like even smelling or touching meat. I am sure he will or she will pester him.

We pulled in to the side of the road to chose a Chinese takeaway for us and Andrew- who Paul rang to see what he wanted. I looked to the side and saw a fox just on the side of the road (a live one) He was within 2 feet away only separated only by the car. He went across the busy road and sat in the middle having a scratch I shouted to him to move, he did and went under a fence, he was safe. 

Got home and enjoyed the Chinese takeaway. Summer was pleased to see us and Andrew had given her tea. 


Summer had a bath- I am sure she gets more mucky in the Summer than Winter. All nice and clean and fluffy now and as usual so soft.

Looking very white and clean- Not for long.

Now time for asleep.


Watered the greenhouse- nearly finished with the tomatoes just a few left. Not bean a good year for them. Too hot I think then too cold at times. Even so, we got quite a few plus a lot of cucumbers as well.

My friend Angela has gone to York for a few days and left her car in the street. Hope she enjoys herself there.  Weather good for a few more days.   


My Brother and sister in law came to see us today. Paul's birthday on Saturday so they brought him a present and card.

The weather has gone from warm to very windy and cold, more Winter than Autumn. Coat on when I took Summer. Some people had hats on, I could have done with mine on and gloves.


Went to Asda Living to get Paul some jumpers and shirts for his Birthday, he chose them so I know he will like them.


Happy Birthday Paul Hope you have a good day. Andrew made him a key ring and zip pull, for his backpack.

He has made a lot of things and is going to branch out further and sell them.

They are very unique, he made Summer a collar and lead a bit back. Everyone who sees it loves it and asks where I got it. When I tell them Andrew made them they want a set too. The lead and collar took ages to do. 

A lot of the things take a long time to do. The keyring took over 5 hours. He also makes and sells them online at

Wayne got him a Whisky glass plus a coaster and ice stones to keep the drink cool, all in a wooden. box. 

Lindsay is in isolation after her children coming back from Spain. she will come at a later date. Other presents were slippers beer and money. Paul had a good day. Chinese of course for tea very nice.


Not the best of days I feel very light headed and have a headache. Going to keep going to see if I can work it off. 

Did not work still felt very light-headed and tired later. This could be  lack of sleep as well because not bean going to bed very early. Or could be the after-effects of the pain from the 2 seaside trips. I did enjoy them both through, be nice to have a day out without any payback from by RSD.   

To finish a few pictures of the sunflowers. They have grown so much after the rain and sun. 

Well, not a very exciting month Mablethorpe was good though. Just wish I could enjoy the day more, without PAIN like everyone else does.

All the very best to everyone and hope you are doing what makes you happy. Love Gill.  

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