February. Birthday York Trip.

February 1st

Fair night not as much sweating, but my joints hurt a lot..
Very cold on the common bits of snow falling at times. Quite day today not doing too much.


Saw Doctor Mehta he is pleased with me, he said he can't do too much to help the sweating or the joint pain could be arthritis. He could put me on yet more tablets but neither of us are keen on that. Also they don't always work. So I just have to put up with it. Other wise I feel quite good I have a bruise on my right foot near the toes. I went over on it earlier today while on the common. At least this time I have injured it. Guess what it would have hurt just as much if I had done the other foot. RSD is weird!!! Joints hurt as usual.


Quite a bit of snow fell in the night Summer had fun rolling around in it. I have bean taking IBRUES for the last few days, they just top up the other stronger stuff I take and help a bit with the pain


A better night, not much pain or sweating I feel like I have actuality slept. A very cold day and showers of snow the wind is like ice cutting though my face.

Pilate's went well and managed most of the moves apart from the foot ones and lifting arms over my head. I can lift them sometimes but they spasms up and are very painful I just do it my way. Some of the sitting down ones are harder to do than the standing version. I feel they are working the muscles well. Very tired in the afternoon so I had a lay down and went to sleep.


Bit of a rough night, legs and arms jumping a lot, spasms as well. I ached when I got up, very stiff as well tingling in shoulders again. I loosened up after cleaning up down stairs. I know I am a lot better if I keep moving but I can't do that all day can I.


I feel quite tired as not a good night. My legs were jumping and my body spasming up a lot of the time. Keep moving, I said to myself it will help. Its hard to keep going when I am so tired all the time. I do envy people who sleep all night. I have a friend who needs and gets at least ten hours of sleep a night.
I went into town to get a few things I needed. In the afternoon I had a lay down as we (Paul and I) are out tonight for a meal with friends.  I managed a sleep so I did feel a bit better all round.  The meal was good, nice to be out for a change.


Up about 9-30am after a very rough night. massive spasms though out my body. Real bad sweating as well. I ache everywhere. Even my eyes seem to be out of focus. Lindsay here with the family later so I hope I improve a bit. A good afternoon with the children and Lindsay. Very tired after they had gone.


My friend John's Birthday today I took him a card and made him a cake he likes cake a lot, especially a home made one. Happy Birthday John.

My legs feel like they did a run on there own last night. I just wish I could shake off this feeling.


At last I have something that I hope will help me- acupuncture at the college.  21 needles in all-- 12 in my legs 6 in each, 1 in the top of my head, 1 in each shoulder, 1 each side of my neck, 1 in each arm and 1 in each hand. Hopefully this will help with the pain and sweating. Katie was treating me and Bel took notes. I have seen them both before and get on well with them.


Today is a day I have not bean looking forward to, its the funeral of a good friend Sonia the lady who I made good friends with in hospital while I was in for six weeks. The funeral was nice as funerals go.
I was very upset most of the time. I did not expect her to die yet. Her partner Tony gave me a hug and said, what am I going to do? They had pictures of her but I was not strong enough to look at them. We will go back at a later date.
I had a sleep when we got back, when I woke I did not feel right. Bad head and a bit wobbly on my feet my hands were not gripping things either. As the night went on I got worse wrenching and not able to stand and a terrible headache. We spent the night downstairs, me in the recliner chair and Paul on the settee, very unsettled over night. I hope I am alright for my Birthday on Friday I messed up a few Birthdays last year with being in hospital.


I did not make it to Pilate's, I could not even stand up. Two seizures in the afternoon. I had arranged for Lyn my friend to visit, she still came as I did not have anything catching. She brought me daffodils and tulips plus a present for my Birthday. Thank you Lyn. I just rested all day. I think there was a seizure building up and unfortunately there was - but I did feel a lot better after it and towards the end of the day.


Happy Birthday to me 60 today. A lot of surprises a decorated rooms with balloons and banners.



Paul had booked a few days in York at a hotel for both of us for Sunday. Also a table for two at the Spice House Indian Restaurant where we went for Paul's late Birthday meal in November. Lots of cards and presents, loads of wishes on facebook I have not even got a facebook account everyone put their greetings on Paul's. John my friend came in the afternoon and bought me a card and luxury chocolates. Thank you John.

I rested as much as I could and had a sleep in the afternoon. We walked to the Spice House and sat down at the table. People starting singing, Happy Birthday I turned round and my family were all there, Lindsay, Tracy, Wayne, (he told me he could not get this weekend and was coming next week) my brother David and Bev his wife,  Paul had planned it all. What a surprise, more cards and presents. A lovely meal and even better company. What more could I ask for? Even the waiter joined in and took some pictures for us turning in to a right David Bailey. A lovely end to a lovely day Thank you everybody- especially Paul.xxx

 Bev (Sister in Law) and Brother David.
 Tracy and Lindsay.
All my family together.


My Birthday is still not over as Lindsay and the boys are taking us all to McDonald's for dinner. Tracy is not feeling well so not joining us this time. Get well soon Tracy. I enjoyed this just as much as last night. Everyone ate well, Jamie-Lee was fascinated by a worker making balloon animal's. After we had all had our fill we went back to our house. We had Birthday cake as well.

 This cake was very heavy, but very tasty.

 Jamie-Lee looking and thinking WOW. Jay-Jays eyes say it all.

Lindsay brought another cake from Cheryl, a Birthday present. 
 Jamie-Lee trying to pull the stars off.
 Not a very happy Jamie-Lee she wanted the cake.
The children played and I sat down, after all I have to take it easy now I am sixty years old. I do feel a lot better now, not quite right but very much improved.

Michelle and Pete, Paul's sister and husband came to see me also in the afternoon bringing me more flowers. My house looks like a flower shop now, all very nice and very much appreciated  I would like to thank everyone who sent me cards, flowers and presents, also greetings on facebook. Paul, Lindsay, Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee for the McDonald's meal.

 These of some of the flowers I received.

  These were from Helen (my hairdresser) and Mond her boyfriend.

 Balloons I received at the Spice house from Family.

I have rung or emailed everyone who got me cards or presents. Paul has thanked the people who sent me facebook messages.
We are on our way to York to stay at the Elmbank Hotel for three nights. It's a Birthday present from Paul, along with Wayne and of course Paul. No problems driving up there. We stopped at services and Wayne put a message on facebook that he was " looking after the elderly" cheeky monkey. Some one said we should of left him there.

We looked around York for a bit after Wayne had treated us to dinner. I had roast beef, Paul had roast chicken and Wayne had scampi. Very nice it was too. Soon it was time for Wayne to get the train back home to Halifax. We walked him to the station and said our goodbyes and he was off on his way home back to Timmy cat.

We walked back to the Hotel to check in, as earlier the room was not ready. We are in a great room with a FOUR POSTER BED-- and loads of room, more like a suite than a room very nice and a bath too, and quiet as well. What more could I ask for? A few days of good behaviour from the RSD that's what.

 What a room.

Night time we went for a walk into the town again, the wind was very icy and I was so cold.
Once back at the hotel I soon warmed up had a bath and watched a few bits on the television. Paul went to bed and I went a bit later after watching a scary film, Drag me to Hell. I have seen it before, but its a good film. Well worth a second viewing.


Not a bad nights sleep, the bed was just right for me very much the same as our own bed, quite stiff this morning though.

 I look lost in this bed.

Soon we are heading out to the Railway Museum, we are told its very good. At the moment its raining, hopefully the sun will come out later and warm up a bit. We watched Fringe on my laptop.
The sun did not come out to play but at least it stopped raining so we headed out.

 We decided to have an early dinner, so it would leave more time to look around. We headed for the Railway Museum-- There is not a charge to see the collection, but a donation of three pounds is suggested. Most people give something. Wow there was so much to see, Old trains, the Royal ones too and the fastest train was there too, the Mallard train-the fastest train of its time. Everything to do with trains as well. A brilliant time and all free if you want it to be, donations were asked for.  I highly recommend, the amount of children there was high as its half term and they all seemed to be enjoying there time. One little boy was crying because he did not want to leave.  nrm.org.uk is the website check it out.


 Me again looking down at all the trains.

 Chunell train.

 Something to do with changing tracks I think.
 An ornate gate that was part of a railway station.

 The fastest train of its time.

 Wheres Harry Potter?

We carried on looking around York, it's a very nice old City. A street called Little Shambles is where these pictures were taken.

 The houses almost meet in the middle.
NO.....I did not even go in.

  Just for you Wayne-(top-shelf) as my little figures woke him up while he stayed at our house at Christmas.

 We walked a long way and I was in a lot of pain despite tablets.

 These were taken on the way back by Paul.

We headed for the hotel painfully for me but I am not going to let it spoil these few days. I made it back and after a cup of tea had a lay down and went to sleep. I hurt everywhere this will ease soon I hope. Staying in for the rest of the day.


We walked into the centre, Paul had his breakfast I had a hot chocolate.

 Tongue licking good.

We  then walked along the city wall where we could, Some of the wall has now disappeared due to war or building regeneration. I still hurt but not as much so far. The view is lovely as you can see so much more.

 After we walked as far as we could we went on a river cruise. 
These pictures were taken while on the boat.


 This man was in the water testing the level and waved to us.

 The boat we went on. This was good very relaxing as well.

This building looked a bit higgledy piggledy.

  After this we decided to go to York Castle Museum. This was excellent place, so much to see.


 Paul's Brother's Panda.


 Ginge the cat gets every where.

This picture was taken out of a window in the Museum.

 If you are ever in York this is very good place to visit.

We walked some more looking at things that we had missed the previous day. I am in quite a bit of pain took OXYNORM. This did not do a lot to help. Paul bought me a Swarovski  necklace very pretty.

The one Paul bought me is on the right, the other necklace Andrew got me for my Birthday- its a silver sixpence with my birth year on it and engraved on the back. The bracelet was a Birthday present from my Brother and Sister in law. All very nice.  

Spasms and pain walking back to the hotel was not good. We walked back very slowly as every step hurt. Spasms shooting from my hip into my back. Taking it slow helped.
Once back at the hotel I had a lay down and more tablets, I managed a few minutes sleep. Paul said I started shaking like I was going to have a seizure.

We are out tonight at a Indian Restaurant so looking forward to that. The meal was very good, as good as our own Indian.

 What a lot of food we had .

Back to the Hotel for the last night. Very tired but the pain has settled a bit.

 The fire was a bit warm.

  Pictures taken in the lounge.


A fair sleep, legs going a bit. A thick sore raspy throat. Into the centre for Paul's breakfast. We decided not to stop in York or go anywhere else today. Just home James- All packed up and ready to go we checked out and said our good byes to the staff. We took a few pictures and we were off.

Me outside the Hotel.
and Paul.
This is just outside our room.

One stop on the way home, good going for traffic and pain. We called at Lindsay's to pick Summer up, Jamie Lee was not very keen on letting her go. I think Summer had a good time as usual. Also Jamie-Lee kept calling her Autumn, said that was her new name.

Home unpacked, a bit of toast then a lay down. I went to sleep for a while as well. Still raspy throat.
Chinese for tea, had a bath, bit of television then bed about one.


Fair night, awake a few times, up about 8-30am. Still raspy and coughing up a bit of stuff if no better a doctors visit will be needed. I will see how this goes. Going out with Summer on the common raining a bit, I know she will enjoy this. Lindsay and children did take her out as well. I know how much she loves the common and so do I.


Not really done much over the past few days just bean resting and a bit of knitting. I have bean having a sleep in the afternoons as well. Chest a bit better still coughing up gunk and raspy voice. A bit of pain in my chest. I think I can get away without a Doctors appointment.

Lindsay and family are here later for the day. They have all bean ill as well, colds, virus I think they have had the lot. 


Acupuncture today- I saw Bel this time. He more or less did the same treatment as last appointment. Twenty two needles in all. Five in each leg, two in each arm, one in each hand, two needles in each side of my neck/head and finally one in top of my head and one in forehead. These hopefully will carry on helping the sweating and the joint pain. Also help my chest get rid of some of the congestion. Hopefully have a calming affect on me.

A bit of shopping then home. Very cold icy wind has given me a head ache.


The last two nights have bean bad for sleep, just not bean able to settle, not really that much pain or discomfort. I feel very tired all the time.  Headache for the past two days.
Went into town with Paul to take a lot of things to the Charity Shop. We had dinner in town and did a bit of shopping. Cold in town and still the icy wind.  I was quite pleased to get home.


No Pilate's today as Jo is ill, sounds like the same thing I had. Cleaning up the bedrooms and changing the beds.
I watched the Brit Awards at night I picked out my winners and was right everytime. Madonna fell off the stage, she was unhurt though. It looked like she was pulled by her cape. When I watching it, she seemed to have trouble unfastening it. I wondered if it was supposed to be pulled off by one of the dancers. but because it was not unfasten- she got pulled as well. She carried on though like the true professional she is. I enjoy the pop scene. I still listen to Radio 1.

My throat is better than it was but still very sticky and a cough, but I am fighting back.


A better night for me but I still feel not right. Heavy head and tender cheeks. A wet walk today as the rain fell down. Summer had her coat on. This keeps her back dry but she gets very wet on her legs and belly. We both enjoy the walks wet or dry.


Awoke about six thirty to a terrible headache. Top of head and forehead and behind the eyes. Took some IBUES and tried to get back to sleep. When I awoke the pain was still there. hopefully a walk will sort it out. Not this time the wind was cold and made it worse.

Decided to have a lay down. Things did not get any better, the next time I came downstairs was Sunday night.


Most of today I was asleep. I think I have got another virus!!!  Everwhere hurts and my head feels like someone is sticking a knife in. I am very hot and sweating buckets. Night time I woke and was too hot. I tried to pull the quilt off me but I could not move my arms. I tried moving my legs but they would not move either. I could move my head only. I shouted Paul and after a while he came and moved my limbs. He thinks they had gone into spasm because I was dehydrated. Very scary.

1st March

Much the same as yesterday. Still dreaded head ache. I had a seizure later in the afternoon but not a bad one. Later I tried to get up and walk but was too dizzy. Went back to bed and slept. Later I managed to walk and go downstairs with three stops. Summer was there to meet me. I still feel very wobbly but a little better than I was.
I had a bath later with the help of Paul I really did STINK even Summer turned her nose up at me.

Well not the best of months for me but the only way now is UP. Paul said there is always another virus waiting round the corner to strike the weak. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and things are a bit better for you      Love Gill.

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