November 1st

I feel like this sore throat I have had for the last week is beginning to come out now. I feel very hot today.
At Age UK I was on my own a lot of the time. Polly kept disappearing leaving me to cope. When she first went it was not very busy. All this changed when a load of people came in.
One lady customer is always a problem- she says what she wants then- when you start ordering and putting it through the till. She changes it, or adds things which is not good. The last time I went on the till was over six months ago. I did not go on last week at all as they are trying a new system where only one person goes on the till. This can holds things up and the que can get bigger. The system did not work today as the person, Polly, was not there much of the time like I said earlier. The lady customer in question, changed her mind after it was rung in the till. This held up the other customers as well as I had to start again. With me being the only one there, and my head feeling like it was going to explode, the lady then said, oh I always seem to mess things up. I did not reply. When Polly came back she sorted out the till. Other volunteers have said they do not like the new system either. They are trying to make more money and making sure everything is put through the till correctly, and they sell them as much as they can, like a cake with their drink. I know the people who work there every day and get paid are more used to the till and system but it does not take much to ask customers if they want any extras does it? There is a new boss so he is trying out new ways but in a cafe like this one- things do not always go the same way every day. Through out the day three people used the till may be more.

Wayne and his new girlfriend Kayleigh are coming to stay the weekend so we are all looking forward to this. This will be the first time I will have met her. Paul met her when he stopped at Wayne's.
Paul picked them up from Newark train station and brought back chips for tea. We sat and talked and found out about each other. I felt I had known her a long time, not just met.


Another day of talking and games as well. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and we all played a card game that lasted over an hour. Jamie-Lee taught us the game and the rules changed all the time. Kayleigh got accused of cheating when she was not. Funny to start with but after a while got boring.

Kayleigh got Jamie-Lee approval- she said to Wayne she is a good girl keep her. Jamie-Lee had a good day but I think it was very tiring for Wayne and Kayleigh.

Lindsay did cook us all dinner chips with various things. Very nice but LARGE PORTIONS.

I have a headache and every time I cough it feels like my head will drop off. Just hope they do not get this virus thing I have that is going round.

Night time Paul got a Chinese for all of us. I was still quite full from dinner as not used to a big meal at dinner time. I had some though good too- from the usual one across the road.

Wayne had a go at my TV and got it going by down loading an update and putting it through the DMI port. This now will turn on when the plug is pulled- so BIG THANK YOU WAYNE. You have saved me a lot of money, you bought me the TV so I am pleased I can keep it. Wayne said I wonder how many TV's have bean scrapped because of this fault. The down load was three years old so Sharp the TV manufacturer knew all about it.  Wayne also did Lindsay's TV as well as there was no sound.


Talking to Wayne and Kayleigh, and she said she felt very much at home here. I said I was pleased and I felt very comfortable with her being here.

I cooked dinner before they headed for home. Chicken with all the trimmings. We all enjoyed it.
All too soon it was time for them to head to the station and get their train. Paul took them to the station. I said to them both hope to see you all very soon. They are back to work tomorrow and Wayne starts a new job as higher manger. Good luck Wayne I don't think you will need it as everyone said you were perfect for the job as mentioned at beginning of last months Blog.
A lovely weekend with them both and a new friend for me.


Not a good day cough- cough all the time gunk coming up as well. If I just keep still its better but I keep having these coughing fits where I can not stop. I get out of breath as well piddle myself at times too.
I gave up doing any more than taking Summer out and did some of my Lion rug. Getting very close to the top now and finishing it. Even then I still coughed a lot. I hurt in all my joints and my body feels very on edge and at times very shaky. So I hope the RSD does not get angry and fires up.

Wayne phoned and said his job went very well he was in a lot of meetings and enjoyed his day. He was home a lot earlier than he usually is too. Timmy his cat was pleased he was early.


Making Christmas cake number four so the last one going OK apart from getting shell in egg mix. Poured it over the sieve but it was up side down so went all over work top. Had to use another egg.

My Sister in law and nephew came round just as I was starting to bake so had to hold off a bit.

Every one went to the fireworks later and had a good time. Me and Pup was here listening to the bangs going off. She is not scared of them just wants to chase them. I could not really go as the noise/crowds and bangs are not good for me. Shame as I miss out on so much now thanks to the RSD and SEIZURES.


                                                 Baby things for Helen and Poppy.

Mother Helen is home- baby Poppy still in hospital for a bit longer, having a few problems but hopefully will soon be home with her.


Cough not good and still what I call a bucket head- a very tight headache and like you have a tight hat on. I have had a blocked sinus for years around 16-17 years old. This is not too bad till I get a cold or infection. Playing up a lot now with cheek pain and eye socket pain.


River high again as a lot of rain has come down. In a lot of places flooding as well.

Left knee (opp one) is giving me a lot of pain today. Whether it's part of the virus or just the RSD getting in on the act I am not sure. Still misshaped, I will see Mr Joby John some time this year so it will be checked out.


Quite a frost this morning so a lot of the plants will be killed off. When I went to bed early this morning the sky was so bright with stars. I stood there looking up, but it was so cold so not out there long. I love looking up at the night sky when its this bright.

I feel very drained today so not doing too much. Cough is much improved but keep having bad coughing fits, like its going out in style. Hope it stops away as well.


Cold wet start, I thought it would be frosty as it was when I went to bed.

Went out with Jenny to help her get a coat. At "Go Outdoors" where I got mine from. They did not have what she wanted, so we came back to mine and ordered one off the Internet. So hopefully every thing will be good and she will have a good winter coat to keep her warm and dry.

In the afternoon I went to see my friend Lyn as it's her birthday tomorrow. Paul took me, she has had a new kitchen since I last went. Very nice too, similar colour units to ours. Had a good chat with her and husband Mo. Came home on the bus kept my feet up so the vibrations did not affect me. Not a long ride 15 minutes about so it was alright.


Took these pictures on and around the common, quite misty. Winter is definitely here as very cold raw wind.
 Lincoln Cathedral in the morning mist.

Paul's going to Sheffield for his back opp in the morning. A friend is taking him and Paul is staying at a nearby hotel over night. He left Andrew and I some money for a Chinese which we had for tea/ supper. Very good it was too. Summer loves the noddles so she had some after we had finished. One happy dog.


Paul phoned up he thinks his opp is not going to be this morning as an emergency came in. Whether it will be later today they are not sure. he will just have to wait and see.

Rained all day cold as well.

Cleaned up all upstairs so everywhere is clean and tidy for a few days as did downstairs a few days ago. Just went over again with the vacuum downstairs. On my own all day apart from Pup that is.
Andrew at work till around six ish.


Paul rang and said his operation is on for today.

Age Uk my mate Jenny is back so that's good- whether she will be on the till or not we will soon find out. As there are only three in the kitchen today. So they can not spare any one on the counter. Jenny and I were the same as we usually are before the rule of the till. We are quite capable of doing the work with out any one else.

Paul phoned up around four thirty after his operation to say he was OK. He had his tea soon after.
Later my virus thing I thought had gone, seems to have come back head ache and very sore throat and tight chest. 


Having a bit of rest day as not feeling the best just me and Summer here. Andrew is at the Newark shop so it will be nearer seven before he gets home. I did do the ironing later.


What a frosty start to the day white over not too cold as sun out. Summer had a good run round on the common chasing her ball. Looked very pretty with all the frost more like a snowfall.

Paul phoned up and said he is home today so that will be good. Hospitals are good when you need them but the sooner you can get home the better.


Fifteen years since my lovely Mum passed. Some people say time heals. Not for me.

Age UK, Jenny not here as not well again. Things did not go well to start with as `an office staff lady was on the till. She does know nothing about prices or meal combination. Not a good start- so then there were four of us behind the counter. I said to Polly too many people behind here. My brain could not cope. After a short while thankfully there was two of us. Things were testing I would say. I was just pleased that we were not mega busy. Come back soon Jenny please.


Quite mild start to the day. I hurt a lot the ache that does not go away despite what I do or take. I think its the FIBROMYALGIA  plus the RSD playing up with nasty spasms.

The common is like a giant mud bath. You think you have found a clean bit, then mud and water.
At least we have not bean like a lot of people in and around the river Don as they have been evicted from their homes, as the river burst its banks. Not just there either a lot of flooding across the  UK. Too much concrete not enough green land.


I'm knitting a cardigan for Jamie-Lee, not going too well. Finished the back- but did not look right. So I started again on smaller needles. I did the tension first, but some how it was off when finished. Any way I think this one is better and has the same measurements as the pattern. The original pattern is plain but I am adding a lace type one to it, so it takes a bit of working  out. Jamie-Lee said she liked the pattern from the baby things for Helen and Poppy. So I thought I would make her this.

Made some little sponge cakes with jam and lemon curd in them turned out quite tasty.


Still more pain than usual but not as many spasms thank goodness. My virus still hanging on by its nails but nowhere near as bad now just the yucky throat and cough now and again.

Sincil Bank river is up and down all the time but not as high still as last month.


Age UK Jenny not here as food poisoning- poor Jenny. Since I came back she has hardly bean there. I said to Bob her Husband that I think she has gone off me. Only joking Jenny, hope to see you next time.

Steady day, one of the office staff on the till so a bit different again but it all went well. Joy came in later and I sat with her to have my dinner a chip butty as usual.

Got home quite tired and hurting a lot. Got Tommy-Lee tonight as Lindsay and Ben are going to watch Al Murray live. All good with Tommy he was very tired as well and went to sleep early. So I did not see a lot of him.


A well frosty start but at least the sun has come back again after all the rain. The common was frozen so Summer stopped quite clean. A nice walk in the sunshine not too cold. Summer played with her ball as usual.

Tommy had a good night, he said he intended to come down, but fell asleep. Paul made him a bacon butty for his breakfast. Later on he headed out to see his friends. Lindsay will pick his things up later.

Lindsay rang up and said All Murry was very funny and brilliant live.  

Nearly the end of this year-- A mixed month this time. Still too much pain but I doubt that will change much. At least I am still walking about so that's an  achievement I suppose. Pips have still got to get in touch. Not sure why its taking so long as they said around two weeks in August!!!!
Have to ring them yet again, I am sure they want you to give up with the claim.

I have added a new link Do Doctors torture patients - as this sort of thing happened to me while in Hospital I was accursed of faking my seizures. Link below and side bar at top other useful links there as well..

Any way all the best to every one reading my Blogs. Love Gill


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