November 1st

Awake a lot during the night with pain in my back and hips.. The worst was yet to come. When I got up my neck was very tight and painful. As most RSD suffers know moving usually helps with most pain. I took Summer for her walk, not a pleasant walk I must say. I started to clean up hoping the movement would help loosen everything up. NO this did not happen at all, the pain got worse, and full very painful spasms started. Every time moved my neck forward or back the pain was off any scale. Macing me shout out with all the pain that was going on. This started to go into my hips and back ending up with full-body spasms and PAIN. I took throughout the day, six 400mg IBUPROFEN and four 30mg DIHYDROCODEINE plus four BACLOFEN and liquid MORPHINE ORAMORPH.  This did little to help, spending the rest of the sat down trying very hard not to move. 

By the end of the day the RSD had kicked in and the pain was intense. Not really able to take any more pain killer I tried TIGER BALM, but just rubbing this in was so painful. The tablets had made me a bit unsteady on my feet. 


The night was very broken with a lot of pain and spasms. My brain was fried and I felt very sick most of the day. Andrew took Summer for her walk today which she enjoyed.  This day was a painful blur.


Not a great night but better than the last two. A bit better today the RSD still going mad, but pain wise a bit less. So long as I do not make any quick moves my neck is not as bad as the last two days, it could not have gotten much worse. Andrew went with me for Summer's walk, not a long walk but still very nice. I hate being inside any day, especially when you can hardly move and not do much. I know the flair-up is not as bad as some I have had in the past but the pain is extreme.


Paul and Lindsay plus Summer were going to the fireworks at the football ground. Jamie-Lee was ill so Paul went with his sister and her boyfriend instead. I wish I could have gone but it as I know makes my RSD very much worse. They said they were very good and Paul filmed it on his phone for me.


A sharp frost this morning the first of this winter. Andrew came with Summer on walk today. A nice fresh one it was, with frost still on the common.

The river people are getting on well with work. 


Bottom of the garden very close now.
Garden again.
View from the bridge, the platform they built has now bean removed.


I feel a bit better today but spasms are still there, so long as I am careful the pain is manageable with extra pain tablets.

Going to sort out the so-called toy cupboard getting rid of the ones that Jamie-Lee has grown out of.

Started knitting Miss Piggy to go with two Kermits that I made.

Chinese for tea which was nice as not eaten much the last few days.  


Redoing Octobers blog as messed up by computer blip. Going well this time as nearly finished. The pictures take a lot of time to do. Paul cooked tea chicken and veg tatties, good it was too. 

My neck is a bit better but still a bit tight and sore, not taking many extra tablets now so my stomach feels better for it. A better day all around, even the RSD flare-up has backed down a bit.


Summer is having a bath today, I think she will feel a lot better after as a lot of bits were in the water from the common plants. These had bean irritating her for a few days. Cleaning up downstairs today this made me feel a bit lightheaded at times, Got it done so that's good. Sit downtime and a bit more knitting of Miss Piggy. 


B12 at last, twenty weeks since the last one. This was painful, the nurse took blood as well for my heart testing. I had an ECG as well. This was clear so that's good just wait for my scan next week. This is a heart scan to check up on the workings of my heart. I had one when I broke my wrist in  January 2020. This was supposed to be followed up, but was not,  things were not right with my heart then. Know more after next week. I am not worried as I feel alright most of the time, apart from the RSD that is.

More pictures from the river people. The platform that was removed, has now bean replaced with a plank type one.

The work seems to be going very well.


Not cold at all today, most people on the common had taken off their coats. My friend Angela is going to york for a few days and leaving her car in the street.

Visit to my friends today her husband is very ill with cancer. She needed someone just to talk to. We had a sandwich and just sat with each other I hope I did some good. I think I did. Why does this happen to the really nice people?

My arm is very tender more than normal. A lot of nerve pain shooting from my neck and shoulder. Was a nerve pinched or hit?


Nice walk with Summer, we saw some of Summers friends not cold again either. Doing this month's blog going well nearly up to date.

After dinner going to see my friend Lyn as it's her birthday tomorrow. I was going on my bike but it will be dark when I come back so that, and it's very windy- I will be going on the bus. Had to wait for ages for one. The drivers are either ill or on holiday. Nice catch-up with Lyn, I have not seen her for ages. Coming back there was a bus straight away.

The common is looking very beautiful at the moment with all the colours of the trees. Some have lost their leaves others are still well leafed.


Summer near the park.

The common any time of the year is so calming and colourful but in Autumn, winter it's even more so. What a lovely place to have so close.

Emmie (Neighbours Daughter) came round later to see Summer and play with the Barbies She loves coming round to play. Her Dad was cooking tea so she was not here for long. 

I have a bad nerve rash on my shoulder back, not nice at all. This feels like nettle rash and bee/wasp stings very nasty. I try not to touch the area as that makes it worse, but its not easy. Getting hot can fire it up all so. 


One of the smoke alarms started beeping early morning, this scares Summer and she tries to get out. She can not do this as its night time. Last time she ruined the dining room curtains. This time she pulled down the front room ones. I went to bed around four AM so it was after this. Paul came down and let her out for a while, she was hiding under the stairs. Poor little Summer, I think when she was a puppy at the birthplace, something must have happened with a smoke alarm. She calmed down and was alright later.  


Summer had her hair cut today and looks a lot better you can see her face now. With the appointment at ten am, we waited till after her cut, to go for a walk. Everyone we met, said she looked very smart. She was asleep on my chair for most of the remaining day.

So tired now.
Just leave me alone till snack time or, tea time, please.

Took down the mini-greenhouses that have bean in use over the Summer months. Washed the covers and poles. Will put away tomorrow as covers need time to dry.   

Little Snowy cat has disappeared, we have not seen him for a few weeks. His owner has not seen him either. Sometimes cats do go walkabout for a few weeks then come back. Mr ginge used to a lot. Summer is missing Snowy and does not understand where he is. She looks for him every day and checks his little bed and looks so sad when he is not there. I do hope he will come back. One of the cats nearby is bulling him and he was very scared of him.


Heart test today ECHOCARDIOGRAM to see if there is anything wrong with my heart. I had one of these when I broke my wrist in January 2020. Somehow everything got lost and nothing went to my doctor. Everything went well no problems. Bit tender bit on my chest when the probe was being pressed. At one point my legs started to spasm up. I asked the young lady that was doing the scan if she had records of the other scan I had. She said yes it's here. She did not know why the transfer to my doctor did not happen. This took around half an hour. Andrew is having his 2nd Covid jab today. He said his arm was a bit tender and stiff.


Watched a rocket take off not from Space X this time but from Astra. The fourth time for them and everything went well. Straight up into the sky not sideways or blown, up brilliant. Space X took four attempts also. Andrew's arm is very sore and stiff having trouble moving it without pain. Also, he is very tired.

Headache and neck pain later, and nerve pain in my arm, which spread to my right foot, where the RSD first started, not a nice thing to have. Took extra tablets, did not do a lot to ease the pain.


Very cold start to the day frost white over. I was in the garden early hours and there was no frost. Very cold clear sky temperature must have dropped later. 

More pictures of the Autumn changes near the common and park, taken in the afternoon after all the frost had gone.


Nurse today to see what's going on. When I got there the receptionist said this was a phone call appointment. News to me I said, after a long wait I saw the nurse. This was about my cholesterol as I thought.  This has gone down so she said it was ok, but try to get it down further. I said doctor Hindocha was not worried about it at all. She looked through my notes and saw what he had said. She said it could be hereditary as my diet is excellent. The nurse said try Benacoll as research has shown it works for lowering cholesterol. I walked home, very cold, pleased I had on my big coat. Checked on the log in doctors site and it was like I thought, an appointment at the doctors,  not a phone call like they said. Chips for tea, very nice too. 


Not as cold today but damp cold. Mum and Dad used to say when it was like this, it was raw cold and it went straight through your bones. Summer and I walked around the common with Mary and Rory her cute dog. Mary gives Summer treats, but she thinks she never has had enough and begs for more.

I hurt a lot today top of my hips, shoulders, and neck. Not a good day for me.


A cold start today sharp frost. Trying to finish off Miss Piggy, but not going too well. The features I can not get right. The hair I cut too short and had to do it again. Headache later probably from the knitting and not getting things right. I will try again tomorrow to see how things go.


Got Miss piggy right now and I am quite pleased with her. She is sitting with the two Kermits so I think will be very happy. 

I think she looks happy now.

I am making Christmas cakes again this year, just for friends and family. I use a big Kenwood mixer so it does all the hard work for me. The kitchen smelt lovely later. One done four to go, well five really but two are small ones.  


Very cold a sharp frost white over. On the common with Summer, it did not feel that cold. No wind though so that makes a difference. Saw quite a few cars with snow on the roofs. Did not really get a lot warmer either. Some places have had snow we had a tiny bit but did not settle. Wayne has snow and quite a bit. Spoke to my sister in law and she said they had snow. They only live around five miles away. 

Making the small cakes today and another big one too. Going well and again the kitchen smells like a cake shop. 

Not a good month for me this time. Too much pain and discomfort. Hope you are having a better month. As usual all the very best to everyone love gill. 

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