August-Summer fun (mostly).

August 1st

Heading off to see Wayne today, and stopping over night, (Summer has gone to Lindsay's) we have presents and a cake plus things from Lindsay and family.
Left home about 11am got stuck in traffic so did not arrived till about 2pm. I hurt quite a bit as well. Seeing we were taking longer to get there, we did not want to risk getting stuck in more traffic so we slowly went on as fast as the jam allowed. After we rested Wayne cooked us some chips, good they were too, we then sat down and chatted for the rest of the afternoon. For Wayne's birthday treat we went to a place in Halifax called "Ziggy's" a family run Indian buffet restaurant.
Very good it was too I am not a big fan of Indian, but this was very good, not greasy or too strong at all, very enjoyable for all of us.

When we had eaten more than we should have we waddled back to the car. Once home we watched the new Jurassic Park film "Jurassic World". This I enjoyed too. Paul went to bed and Wayne and I talked and watched TV.


Did a bit of gardening for Wayne, looks nice again. Warm and no rain today, yesterday it rained most of it. I was still feeling the effects of last nights pig out and felt very bloated. All too soon it was time to head back to Lincoln. A straight journey home getting back to Lincoln about 9pm. We picked up Summer, the children did not want her to go. Jamie-Lee was in bed but Lindsay let her down for a while so long as she went back to bed with no fuss. She did I was told the next day.

I feel ok but very tired and some pain as well. Hopefully my bath will help that.


Not a good night, awake a lot and up before 8am. I have a lot of pain for some unknown reason, in my left knee above the knee cap. Not had this before, its usually the other knee and then below the knee. There is quite a bit of what seems like  fluid around it.

My friend Bev is here today. Russ is also here a bit later on. They are both well. Good to see them looking so good.

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are staying the night, so fun all around. Lindsay's here some of the day with Jamie-Lee. The boys were good and mostly did as they were asked to do.

I have bean bitten in various places and they hurt and are itchy. A big bite on my left foot hurts just as much on my right one. White Tiger Balm helps insect bites by calming them down and revealing the pain as well.


The boys had a good night, not so good for me. They came with me on the common and played with Summer and her ball. They enjoyed it and I know Summer did.
Later we gave Summer a bath all snowy white now and so soft.
 Summer all clean and pretty.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came to get the boys and everyone headed off home. A nice two days I think we all enjoyed it.


Up early as going to Sheffield Hospital for CODE STUDY appointment, the Doctor was a very under standing man. Asked lots of questions as well. I have not had a seizure for over 8 weeks. Hope this is the last of them. Because of this, the CODE STUDY has ended because without seizures there is nothing to study. I am to go back in December. Dinner at Morrison's then home.


Age Uk-- I have bean promoted to serving up the dinners, quite hot as you are standing near red hot ovens and hotplates. Also the food is kept hot by baymeries, more heat. I still enjoyed it though.

I did some shopping for Lindsay and family, I got them some bits for the Holiday. A long day but enjoyable all the same.


Sorting out things for the Holiday. On Monday we are going to Hopton on Sea near Great Yarmouth.
Summer as well. We have a big secret as well. That will be told tomorrow.

My left hip is not good also my back is hurting more than usual. Went to see Ben next door he is doing good and wished us all a good Holiday. This is the first week away for awhile.. Two years ago we went to see Andrew in Amsterdam. Last year nothing We should have gone away for a week but I ended up in Hospital. This year York for my Birthday. I am really looking forward to this week. The travelling will not be good as its a long journey. A lot of stops will be called for. Some for Summer as well, a big day for her too as she does not go in the car too much.

Phone call from Lindsay--- three other boys have set about Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee. Jay-Jays Aikido came in to being as he got one in a head lock. Unfortunately this left the others to get Tommy-Lee he got punched in the face. Lindsay said it will be a right shiner. Poor Tom.


Everything sorted and just about ready to set off when we feel its right. Summer is quite calm, she is not too sure what is going on. Her basket is packed with her toys and bits.  She thinks she is going to Lindsay's I would say.

Well loaded up some of Lindsay stuff as well. Yes Lindsay and family plus Tracy are going to the same place. The boys do not know this at all. That was the secret I said earlier.

The journey was good, Summer settled down well. She spent some time on my knee though.

We arrived about five, Lindsay was already there. She told the children they were going for a look around the park and came to us. They were so surprised, their faces were a picture. Jamie had said for weeks that she wanted Summer to go on Holiday with them.

Jay-Jay liked our caravan better than there's. They were both very nice lots of room, its the best one we have had, it even had an en suite to our bedroom,  but we have not had a caravan holiday for about ten years. So much  better now. Tommy-Lee is bruised and has a start of a black eye.

 Our home for the week.
 Summer wondering whats going on.
She soon made her self at home. 

Inside was very nice.
 Inside Lindsay van.

I went to bed usual time about 2.30am. Summer got in her basket after being told it was bed time. I got into bed, I left the door open. Soon I heard a Pitter patter on the kitchen floor, Summer's looking for me.. I said bedtime Summer and she went back to her basket. A few minutes later the same again I said bedtime Summer, she went back to bed. That was the last I heard from her. She was very tired though.


I slept quite well I was a bit worried that it would be too hot but it was ok. I did have the window wide open though.
Summer came on the bed with me.

We had the boys while Lindsay and Tracy went shopping. In the afternoon we tried out the outside pool not bad a little chilly but ok for me. My legs and feet did spasm up a few times.
A nice pool, there is a very warm inside pool as well but its quite noisy. A nice splash around with everyone.

Later it was all back to our van for tea. I cooked sausage and veg for use all. Good too- after all that swimming. Everyone was hungry and ate well. Summer has settled in and liked her walk around the park. A very warm day, I can take all this- better for the RSD.

Night time we went to the amusements Summer too she got lots of attention.

Summer did the same as last night looking for me. She went back to bed as soon as she knew I was close by. She is a good Girl.


Woke to early rain, but not for long, the sun came shining though and looked like being very warm again.

  Jamie-Lee before the accident.

In the afternoon disaster struck,Jamie-Lee had diclocated her arm and was in a lot of pain.

Paul took Lindsay and her to the hospital. I had the boys and were in the pool inside and out, it is quite noisy in the inside one. Jamie and Lindsay came back her arm all fixed.  The hospital said its a" pulled elbow" more than a dislocation. She was pain free now and feeling a lot better. Poor Jamie-Lee she dislocated her shoulder earlier this year. As she gets older this will stop.

 All better a very brave girl.


Sunny again- took Summer on a walk around the park we found a patch of grass where we could play football and rounders, with out the risk of breaking any windows.

 On the beach today, its a lovely beach all done for this year.


In the afternoon we played on the grass we saw earlier, having fun running around.

Most of the games were made up or a mixture of football rounder and anything else we could think of. A good time even Summer joined in and loved it running around without her lead on.

After tea we went to the amusements again. I won a Lego keyring with the two pence drop. I know what you are all thinking. I put loads in. NO I had a pound I came back with  ninety pence.

Lego man- plus other bits we won or had won for us throughout the week..

Jamie-Lee having a ride.
Summer too.

The children on the mini go Karts.
 A duck, Tracy won for Paul.

Rain just as we were going back to the van. A lovely day it has bean warm but a bit humid storms somewhere close I think, may be us soon.

I bashed my foot on the bedroom door. the pain sheared through my body like I was being electrocuted. This took a long time to go down to a manageable level. I did my breathing and just about coped.

Hours later it still hurt and all there was to see was a tiny mark where my foot had hit the door. DAM this RSD you are not going to ruin another holiday.

Summer settled straight down and went to sleep no Pitter pattering, to see me. I was pleased about this as it shows she is content and happy.


An unsettled night a lot of pain no doubt from the bashed foot. Summer and I found a track going to Gorleston she was off her lead most of the time. That must have bean as nice for her as it was for me, as she did not pull my arms when she spotted something to sniff, about every few feet. She is a very sniffy dog, I think all Terriers are.

Today we are going to Hemsby Megamaze.

This is a maze made out of maize a big thing in America. Plus other play things like football Practice, trampoline, tractors, go karts and more.
Tracy and I tried out the go-karts. Not easy, we had a double one, but just one peddling, this kart we had only had one peddle. Very hard to get going. I think we only managed it going down hill.

 Tracy and I on the go karts making it look hard..
The children played on the other thing, Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee did have a go on the karts and found it easier than us. A very good day and cheap I think. Oh we did have a burger each as well. They farm and rear there own produce.

 We had dinner then went in the Maze 
The idea is to collect stamps to get a message at the end. 
Easier said than done there were ten to collect. Everywhere looked the same, we were going round in circles at times. We did it though. Very tired and hot, we sat a while and had  drinks and snacks.

Rain late at night, the boys said how noisy it was. We used to live in a caravan when we were first married and the noise would wake use up. so yes boy, it is noisy


Paul came with me for Summers walk this time. we went a different way today, Summer went on the beach she thought it was good. Running around and dodging the waves. There is only a small bit of beach as the tide was in. As you can see in this picture.


When the sea got near Summer, she went near the rocks, I don't think she wanted to get her feet wet.
This is a video of Summer making sand Angels and having fun..

We saw some sandpipers in there nests too, in the cliffs.

In the afternoon we went swimming, outdoor pool for me and the boys. Indoor for everyone else.




After swimming we had a BBQ at Lindsay's, we all enjoyed the food.Summer had a sausage.



Paul came with me to take Summer. We all went on the track I first found on the 14th. These are the pictures of what I think looks like a dinosaurs head.


What do you think?

After more swimming. The boys taught me how to swim under water. My bum kept popping up. I earned the name Nana Big BUM. Tommy-Lee learnt to swim a lot better too. The trouble with Tommy-Lee was he kept going under the water and found it hard to float. He did very well.

A good day but not with out PAIN.

Night time Paul took us all out for a Toby Carvery. Very nice- I ate too much. Arcades later and I put a two pence in and got a Minions key ring. He just dropped out, lucky or what eh. The whole time I have bean here I think I have spent no more than three pound on the slot machines. Well Paul has!
Well last night here and its bean a good week. Cold night I woke a few times cold but then hot as well.

 Paul and Jay-Jay.

Near by there was a British Gas sign Paul used to work for them so he though it was right to have a picture.

Around the park.
 So good!!!
 No not so good.
 Lindsay and Tracy.
 The young uns.
 A lake with a wrap around golf course.
Very posh.


Jamie-Lees favourite.
Fast asleep with Anxious.
Tommy and I look very tired.
 Is he asleep?
Now Jamie-Lee.
The boys got temporary tattoos
 She looks so tiny in this picture.


 Pig down.



Homeward bound today. Summer is not too sure what is happening. Everything loaded and we set off. Summer and I are in the back. This is better for her as she has her basket so she can go to sleep in it when she wants. Most of the time though, she sat on my knee. The journey home was good no extra pain.

We arrived home round about two pm. Got the bags sorted and also the washing to do later, about six loads to do. Lindsay will have loads more. I am very tired and ache a lot hopefully after a sleep I will feel better.

I had a phone call from Age UK asking me to go in earlier on Friday. No problem with this. Also I was asked if I could do more hours. No I am doing well at the moment so I don't want to push it. Seizure free since 25th May. I feel quite good most of the time too.


Rain most of the day.

Today I have got ACUE, being administered by Amy. Things went well. Needles in my head, neck and shoulders. Arms, feet and legs. Also GLIDING CUPPING to my shoulders and back. The college where I go for treatment has a gym and a HYDRO POOL I can use this so next time so I will give it a try. The warm water pool helped on holiday and this is a lot warmer. Fingers crossed, I will let you all know how it goes. Walking home I hurt and had a bad head, a storm was brewing I think.

I have bruising to my shoulder and back where the cupping was done, but only on the left side. The right side where all this RSD started has not bruised up.

Jay-Jay has hit his head on the mantle piece he got a bit over enthusiastic playing a video game. a small cut more not too deep. First Tommy-lee with his beating up. Then Jamie-Lee with her pulled elbow, then Jay-Jay with his head. Whats going on are they taking it in turns???

I am looking after the cats over the weekend again for Andy, the same cats I looked after with the kittens. The kittens have long gone so just the two of them.


Not a good night hot/cold sweating pain spasms, everything possible I think. Not much sleep either.
I think the cupping is not as effective for my shoulders as ACUE PRESSURE.
Age Uk as I said a little earlier today. A very busy day and so humid. I felt very drained when I came home.


Again not a good night. Lindsay is here on her own as the gang are at there dads. Nice to have the piece for a change. Not to be, she started a water fight with the children (4 and 9) next door. They loved it and Lindsay got very wet. They are Polish and the older one speaks good English but the young one does not. Somehow we communicate with him.

Night time I was working on my blog upstairs, and I looked down and saw a cat next to me. I thought time to lower my morphine, (if you have too much you can hallucinate). I looked again the cat was very real. He was scared and crying, he ran in to the next room and shot up the curtains and ran along the shelf.  I managed to catch him, at cost to me he dug his claws in and cried a lot. I held on to him and tried to calm him down. I shouted to Paul to get Summer away and took him downstairs. Claws still dug deep in my arm. I released him outside and he jumped over the wall. Blood poured from my arm and it was very painful.  I think the cat somehow just got the wrong house.
I think it lived further down the street, I hope it did not hurt itself and calmed down a bit.

Later I was in a lot of pain from my arm as well as RSD pain. Electric shock type.


Going to see Tommy-Lee play football, it's his first proper match. The team have not bean together long and they are the Hykeham Tigers under tens. .

They did good playing Welton's under thirteen's A team- and some were a lot bigger than them. They did not win but gave them a run for there money. I think Tommy-Lee was pleased with himself. He should be.

In action-- number 10.

They came to our house for dinner. They played outside till the rain started. Soon after they went home-- peace for me.


Today Paul and I are going on the Lincoln Barons Charter Trail
We started uphill at the Lincolnshire Life Museum and worked our way around and down, ending up off the High Street in St. Marks Square. A good day. Tired and a lot of pain other wise good.


Here are 6 of the Barons you can learn more by clicking on the link.

We ended up having tea at Yo-Yo's of Beijing, a Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Very good too.


Had 2 of the children for a while last night  while Tommy-Lee was at football training.
Later I did some machining as I am making 6 head cushions for Jo for Pilates. Went quite good and got them all done.


The boys slept here last night.

Busy day ahead. Age UK then heading to Nottingham to get a dolls house for Jamie-Lee's Birthday from Lindsay. Also going to see my Sister in law Pam and Brother in law Malc. Its Pam's Birthday today.

 Flowers that Paul bought me.

Quite a lot of pain in my left hip, right foot and both knees.

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee played on the Wii its a while since it was used so they enjoyed it. They have a X box and Playstation 3. Lindsay has a Wii. A good night, nice to have someone here to talk to.


The boys spent last night here as well. Jay-Jay fell and hurt his knee, looks very sore, he was brave though. Lindsay and Jamie joined us later. The boys had their hair cut ready for School next week. I am still getting used to it being short.

The children went to their Dads- just leaving Lindsay and I. Paul was watching Lincoln City play. A quite afternoon. Lindsay was pleased with the Dolls house.


Sad day--- my proper running trainers have finally died. They are at least 15 years old so they have done very well. Since getting RSD I have used them for leisure. Run loads of miles in them, races and training, wish I could now. Good memories though.

Bye Bye you did me proud.

A full month this time lots going on. Hope you have had a good Summer and hopefully still more sun and warm days to come.
All the best to you all Love Gill.

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