December 2nd.

A very cold frosty morning, white over on the common so everywhere frozen. Summer came back quite clean for a change.

Full body pain today- spasms everywhere- cold again so that always makes my RSD and FIBRO worse.


Not a good night a lot of pain and spasms. I have taken more tablets but still the pain wins.

I rung up PIPS again and they said it should have been sorted my now and will be sent to the higher office. I should hear with in a few days. I said that's what the last person said. What I don't understand is why other people have been heard, and they put their claims in a long time after me. I think it's the RSD as they know nothing about it. Look it up-- before I got it, I had never heard of it either. Any way I can't do anymore so just wait. I will be surprised if I hear this year.


Went to Asda Living, to get a few Christmas presents with Paul. We did quite well too.

Lindsay kicked a chair as she walked past and has broke her little toe very painful. I broke mine years ago.

Paul is at the Nurse to check his back, everything OK.

Cleaned up down stairs. Not as much pain today and spasms are less, so that's good.


Age UK- this is the first time Jenny and I have worked together since November 15th.
There was a Craft Fair on so it was very busy with all the stall holders having food, or at least a drink.
At 2pm Polly said NO more meals, only cakes and Christmas bits that were on the counter.

Poor Tommy-Lee had an accident today, he got off the bus and was hit by a car. He was not badly hurt just shock, scrapes and bruised. He phoned Lindsay and she rushed down there getting a lift with a neighbour, as she still has a very swollen toe. He was in the back of an Ambulance for an hour. They checked him over and said he was alright to go home without going to Hospital. If he feels strange or any thing not right he is to go to A and E straight away. He was so lucky not to have bean badly hurt or worse. I think someone was watching over him.


Would have bean my Dad's Birthday today 98 years old.

Rung Lindsay up, she said Tommy-Lee was very sore and was a bit tearful last night, but he had gone out to his friends today. He said he will ring her if things are not right.

Lindsay came round for the day with Jamie-Lee. She was very quiet and watched some things on YouTube for quite a while.


Walked to the Crematorium to put some flowers on the memory headstone for Mum, Dad and Phillip my Brother. Also my past next door neighbours, Mr and Mrs Lambert. Very cold today and bitter wind. I was going on my bike, but too much wind. I have not been on it since May.


Christmas shopping with Paul in town. Got quite a lot more done. Had dinner in town so no cooking tonight. Not been back long when Angela called round. She also had been out for dinner.
Another windy, sunny day so all the washing dried makes a change so just the ironing to do tomorrow.

Went to Joy's later as its her Birthday tomorrow. Walked there and Paul picked me up later, nice to see her.


Lindsay said Tommy-Lee was a bit upset as his shoes had been damaged by the bus accident on Friday. I bought them for him, and they were expensive, as men's price Clarks shoes not boys.
I told Lindsay to tell him not to worry and we will sort it out. He is a very thoughtful boy and very caring.


Jenny came round after having her hair cut, looks very nice (a new place for her)

I am not at Age UK on Friday as the oldies party is on, the last of three. Last year I found it hard to cope with the noise and music being very loud and the speakers being set up wrong. A lot of vibration from them and just so many people in one place. So this year I told Polly I would not be there to help. She said she was not responsible for it, this years organising is by the staff, but as far as she knew they were plenty of helpers. Anyway Jenny will tell me how it all went after.


My haircut today, as usual it looks good.


Well what a night-- Andrew was attacked coming home early hours of the morning. Police came to the door around 4AM. When Paul and I got to A and E we were told that Andrew had a fractured skull, 2 fractured bones in his neck a bleed on the brain and a very large gash to his forehead. He had head blocks on and a collar. The police were there too. They said that this could be a murder enquiry. I dropped to the floor and started shaking. Paul and the people around thought I was going to have a seizure. An Ambulance lady sat with me outside. Andrew was very restless and would not believe he had been attacked. Paul showed him his head gash on his phone and he just about passed out.

As time went on and another scan showed it was not as bad as they thought. Still the same injuries but not as life threatening. The gash in his head was bleeding a lot when he moved, something he had been told not to do. He thought he was in prison and bean held down. His mind was all over the place. He calmed down after having pain relief and fluid plus something to calm him a bit. His clothes were taken for any evidence. His head was stitched up- this took ages around twenty minutes or more. While he was being treated, the news came on and he was mentioned. A man had been attacked and was receiving treatment at the Hospital. Stitches out in 7 days.

The hospital wanted to keep Andrew in, but he would have gone crazy. He came home with us with instructions for any signs to look for regarding his head injury. Andrew went to rest and we kept checking up on him. We just was so pleased the injuries were not as bad as first thought.

The police are following this up and will be in touch. There are witnesses, we could not have the names as the enquiry is still ongoing. At a later date if we can we all would like to thank them also the person who phoned the Ambulance.


Andrew has now got black eyes and does not feel as good as the 12th. A lot of pain in his head and neck- where the head fractures are he said it's very numb. I think if he had stayed in hospital he would still be there. We have kept a very close eye on him.

I am still quite shook up as well but slowly getting over it, a big shock, after all it's only bean a few days since Tommy-Lee was hit by a car.


In town today to get a few things not really in the mood though. Not feeling the Christmas Spirit,
 far from it.

The common is like a mud bath, so we have stopped going on it even the clean bit is no longer.
We now play ball in the area just near the park. She still just gets mucky and wet, but a lot better than the common. She still enjoys it so we are both happy.

The police came to see Andrew and took a statement. He could not remember hardly anything. The police have got a lot of of coverage on camera and are putting it all together. Hopefully this will turn into something and someone will be prosecuted for it. Andrew is very up much up and down with a lot of pain and discomfort. His mood is up and down which is normal for head injuries. Me well-- just so pleased he is still here.


Marzipanned all the cakes, I know its a bit later than usual but the icing will get done over the next few days.

Jenny came round after having her hair highlighted looks very nice, better than her usual hairdresser.  Angela also came round both of them exchanged presents with me.

I hurt a lot today in most places. I think after the last few days I am more noticing the pain. Never mind it will settle hopefully or at least lessen a bit.

Went to Argos late as I put an item on reserve thinking it was three day holding and not two. I could have chanced it or reorder, but decided to fetch it today, I got very wet as it chucked it down. Any way at least I've got it now.

A lot of places are flooded again, not so much around here. Hopefully there will not be much more rain so the people can get on with their normal life.

Age UK not too busy but steady so that was good for me as my mind was still not focusing on things right. Paul is in with Andrew so he will be fine. Joy came in to see me and I gave her Christmas presents. She is not doing too bad. 

Bit of shopping then home. Tired but Happy.


Andrew had out his stitches ten in all, lots more that dissolved underneath- He was brave.


Iced all the cakes so caught up again.
Pain wise today is not good- more pain when I am sat, than doing things. Getting a jacket or coat on is bad. Really gets to me at times, but there is very little I can do about it other than send myself in to ZOMBIE MODE with extra tablets is there? 


Windy and dry, a good wash day. Washed Andrew's backpack after all the blood that was on it. All came off after two washes so I was pleased. I was not sure how well it would wash- so I said if the worst happens it will have to be a new one.

My friend John came to pick up his cake so that's them all gone apart from my friends who are still on Holiday. Plus ours of course hopefully they will be good but you never know. Over cooked, under cooked, or just right.


Baking mince pies and small sponge cakes plus a fruit loaf all turned out good= not tasted yet though.
Paul's cleaning up. He is going to pick Wayne up from the station later as he is here over Christmas.
Kayleigh is here on Friday. Later we all had the usual Christmas Eve Chinese tea very nice too.


Happy Christmas to you all. Hope you have a good day. We did, quite noisy at times and the turkey took longer to cook, but all OK in the end. A long day but good. Summer was excited but so tired all day.
A merry Christmas from me PUP (Summer).

Well another year nearly over what will next year bring, better worse whatever it is we will all just have to except it. Hope all's good with you all and you are getting some good days.
Next Blog will be January 2020 so see you there. All the best Gill.




November 1st

I feel like this sore throat I have had for the last week is beginning to come out now. I feel very hot today.
At Age UK I was on my own a lot of the time. Polly kept disappearing leaving me to cope. When she first went it was not very busy. All this changed when a load of people came in.
One lady customer is always a problem- she says what she wants then- when you start ordering and putting it through the till. She changes it, or adds things which is not good. The last time I went on the till was over six months ago. I did not go on last week at all as they are trying a new system where only one person goes on the till. This can holds things up and the que can get bigger. The system did not work today as the person, Polly, was not there much of the time like I said earlier. The lady customer in question, changed her mind after it was rung in the till. This held up the other customers as well as I had to start again. With me being the only one there, and my head feeling like it was going to explode, the lady then said, oh I always seem to mess things up. I did not reply. When Polly came back she sorted out the till. Other volunteers have said they do not like the new system either. They are trying to make more money and making sure everything is put through the till correctly, and they sell them as much as they can, like a cake with their drink. I know the people who work there every day and get paid are more used to the till and system but it does not take much to ask customers if they want any extras does it? There is a new boss so he is trying out new ways but in a cafe like this one- things do not always go the same way every day. Through out the day three people used the till may be more.

Wayne and his new girlfriend Kayleigh are coming to stay the weekend so we are all looking forward to this. This will be the first time I will have met her. Paul met her when he stopped at Wayne's.
Paul picked them up from Newark train station and brought back chips for tea. We sat and talked and found out about each other. I felt I had known her a long time, not just met.


Another day of talking and games as well. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and we all played a card game that lasted over an hour. Jamie-Lee taught us the game and the rules changed all the time. Kayleigh got accused of cheating when she was not. Funny to start with but after a while got boring.

Kayleigh got Jamie-Lee approval- she said to Wayne she is a good girl keep her. Jamie-Lee had a good day but I think it was very tiring for Wayne and Kayleigh.

Lindsay did cook us all dinner chips with various things. Very nice but LARGE PORTIONS.

I have a headache and every time I cough it feels like my head will drop off. Just hope they do not get this virus thing I have that is going round.

Night time Paul got a Chinese for all of us. I was still quite full from dinner as not used to a big meal at dinner time. I had some though good too- from the usual one across the road.

Wayne had a go at my TV and got it going by down loading an update and putting it through the DMI port. This now will turn on when the plug is pulled- so BIG THANK YOU WAYNE. You have saved me a lot of money, you bought me the TV so I am pleased I can keep it. Wayne said I wonder how many TV's have bean scrapped because of this fault. The down load was three years old so Sharp the TV manufacturer knew all about it.  Wayne also did Lindsay's TV as well as there was no sound.


Talking to Wayne and Kayleigh, and she said she felt very much at home here. I said I was pleased and I felt very comfortable with her being here.

I cooked dinner before they headed for home. Chicken with all the trimmings. We all enjoyed it.
All too soon it was time for them to head to the station and get their train. Paul took them to the station. I said to them both hope to see you all very soon. They are back to work tomorrow and Wayne starts a new job as higher manger. Good luck Wayne I don't think you will need it as everyone said you were perfect for the job as mentioned at beginning of last months Blog.
A lovely weekend with them both and a new friend for me.


Not a good day cough- cough all the time gunk coming up as well. If I just keep still its better but I keep having these coughing fits where I can not stop. I get out of breath as well piddle myself at times too.
I gave up doing any more than taking Summer out and did some of my Lion rug. Getting very close to the top now and finishing it. Even then I still coughed a lot. I hurt in all my joints and my body feels very on edge and at times very shaky. So I hope the RSD does not get angry and fires up.

Wayne phoned and said his job went very well he was in a lot of meetings and enjoyed his day. He was home a lot earlier than he usually is too. Timmy his cat was pleased he was early.


Making Christmas cake number four so the last one going OK apart from getting shell in egg mix. Poured it over the sieve but it was up side down so went all over work top. Had to use another egg.

My Sister in law and nephew came round just as I was starting to bake so had to hold off a bit.

Every one went to the fireworks later and had a good time. Me and Pup was here listening to the bangs going off. She is not scared of them just wants to chase them. I could not really go as the noise/crowds and bangs are not good for me. Shame as I miss out on so much now thanks to the RSD and SEIZURES.


                                                 Baby things for Helen and Poppy.

Mother Helen is home- baby Poppy still in hospital for a bit longer, having a few problems but hopefully will soon be home with her.


Cough not good and still what I call a bucket head- a very tight headache and like you have a tight hat on. I have had a blocked sinus for years around 16-17 years old. This is not too bad till I get a cold or infection. Playing up a lot now with cheek pain and eye socket pain.


River high again as a lot of rain has come down. In a lot of places flooding as well.

Left knee (opp one) is giving me a lot of pain today. Whether it's part of the virus or just the RSD getting in on the act I am not sure. Still misshaped, I will see Mr Joby John some time this year so it will be checked out.


Quite a frost this morning so a lot of the plants will be killed off. When I went to bed early this morning the sky was so bright with stars. I stood there looking up, but it was so cold so not out there long. I love looking up at the night sky when its this bright.

I feel very drained today so not doing too much. Cough is much improved but keep having bad coughing fits, like its going out in style. Hope it stops away as well.


Cold wet start, I thought it would be frosty as it was when I went to bed.

Went out with Jenny to help her get a coat. At "Go Outdoors" where I got mine from. They did not have what she wanted, so we came back to mine and ordered one off the Internet. So hopefully every thing will be good and she will have a good winter coat to keep her warm and dry.

In the afternoon I went to see my friend Lyn as it's her birthday tomorrow. Paul took me, she has had a new kitchen since I last went. Very nice too, similar colour units to ours. Had a good chat with her and husband Mo. Came home on the bus kept my feet up so the vibrations did not affect me. Not a long ride 15 minutes about so it was alright.


Took these pictures on and around the common, quite misty. Winter is definitely here as very cold raw wind.
 Lincoln Cathedral in the morning mist.

Paul's going to Sheffield for his back opp in the morning. A friend is taking him and Paul is staying at a nearby hotel over night. He left Andrew and I some money for a Chinese which we had for tea/ supper. Very good it was too. Summer loves the noddles so she had some after we had finished. One happy dog.


Paul phoned up he thinks his opp is not going to be this morning as an emergency came in. Whether it will be later today they are not sure. he will just have to wait and see.

Rained all day cold as well.

Cleaned up all upstairs so everywhere is clean and tidy for a few days as did downstairs a few days ago. Just went over again with the vacuum downstairs. On my own all day apart from Pup that is.
Andrew at work till around six ish.


Paul rang and said his operation is on for today.

Age Uk my mate Jenny is back so that's good- whether she will be on the till or not we will soon find out. As there are only three in the kitchen today. So they can not spare any one on the counter. Jenny and I were the same as we usually are before the rule of the till. We are quite capable of doing the work with out any one else.

Paul phoned up around four thirty after his operation to say he was OK. He had his tea soon after.
Later my virus thing I thought had gone, seems to have come back head ache and very sore throat and tight chest. 


Having a bit of rest day as not feeling the best just me and Summer here. Andrew is at the Newark shop so it will be nearer seven before he gets home. I did do the ironing later.


What a frosty start to the day white over not too cold as sun out. Summer had a good run round on the common chasing her ball. Looked very pretty with all the frost more like a snowfall.

Paul phoned up and said he is home today so that will be good. Hospitals are good when you need them but the sooner you can get home the better.


Fifteen years since my lovely Mum passed. Some people say time heals. Not for me.

Age UK, Jenny not here as not well again. Things did not go well to start with as `an office staff lady was on the till. She does know nothing about prices or meal combination. Not a good start- so then there were four of us behind the counter. I said to Polly too many people behind here. My brain could not cope. After a short while thankfully there was two of us. Things were testing I would say. I was just pleased that we were not mega busy. Come back soon Jenny please.


Quite mild start to the day. I hurt a lot the ache that does not go away despite what I do or take. I think its the FIBROMYALGIA  plus the RSD playing up with nasty spasms.

The common is like a giant mud bath. You think you have found a clean bit, then mud and water.
At least we have not bean like a lot of people in and around the river Don as they have been evicted from their homes, as the river burst its banks. Not just there either a lot of flooding across the  UK. Too much concrete not enough green land.


I'm knitting a cardigan for Jamie-Lee, not going too well. Finished the back- but did not look right. So I started again on smaller needles. I did the tension first, but some how it was off when finished. Any way I think this one is better and has the same measurements as the pattern. The original pattern is plain but I am adding a lace type one to it, so it takes a bit of working  out. Jamie-Lee said she liked the pattern from the baby things for Helen and Poppy. So I thought I would make her this.

Made some little sponge cakes with jam and lemon curd in them turned out quite tasty.


Still more pain than usual but not as many spasms thank goodness. My virus still hanging on by its nails but nowhere near as bad now just the yucky throat and cough now and again.

Sincil Bank river is up and down all the time but not as high still as last month.


Age UK Jenny not here as food poisoning- poor Jenny. Since I came back she has hardly bean there. I said to Bob her Husband that I think she has gone off me. Only joking Jenny, hope to see you next time.

Steady day, one of the office staff on the till so a bit different again but it all went well. Joy came in later and I sat with her to have my dinner a chip butty as usual.

Got home quite tired and hurting a lot. Got Tommy-Lee tonight as Lindsay and Ben are going to watch Al Murray live. All good with Tommy he was very tired as well and went to sleep early. So I did not see a lot of him.


A well frosty start but at least the sun has come back again after all the rain. The common was frozen so Summer stopped quite clean. A nice walk in the sunshine not too cold. Summer played with her ball as usual.

Tommy had a good night, he said he intended to come down, but fell asleep. Paul made him a bacon butty for his breakfast. Later on he headed out to see his friends. Lindsay will pick his things up later.

Lindsay rang up and said All Murry was very funny and brilliant live.  

Nearly the end of this year-- A mixed month this time. Still too much pain but I doubt that will change much. At least I am still walking about so that's an  achievement I suppose. Pips have still got to get in touch. Not sure why its taking so long as they said around two weeks in August!!!!
Have to ring them yet again, I am sure they want you to give up with the claim.

I have added a new link Do Doctors torture patients - as this sort of thing happened to me while in Hospital I was accursed of faking my seizures. Link below and side bar at top other useful links there as well..

Any way all the best to every one reading my Blogs. Love Gill




Glad I am feeling a bit better now. Still a rash on my body but I don't think that is anything much to bother about. Sort of lost two days but that's OK.

Took Summer for her walk with Paul, not on the common as we have had a lot of rain so the common is all puddles. We went down Sincil Bank, the river is very high and flowing fast. The ducks and moorhens are keeping close to the side.

Tired when I got back and week too. Now I need to have a clear month from any sort of illness to build myself and my immunity back up.

I can remember when I first got RSD and was ill a lot more, Doctor Metha said you need a good few weeks to build yourself up again. Then and only then, will you stop picking up infections and improve.

Wayne phoned up and said he had got the job- he was so pleased everyone said to him he was definitely the right choice and will be an asset to the team. He will still see his friends and other team workers, as just going round the corner in the office. Well done Wayne the only way is up now. All the hard work you have put in- now pays you back..


Rash does not seem to be going away- getting redder and more raised. Paul got me an appointment to see the Nurse Practitioner later today.

Took Summer on my own, legs felt like jelly but a nice Autumn walk quite a cold north wind, snow  may be on the way- Hope so.

Saw the Nurse she thinks the infection I had last week was a bad one and affected more than my bladder and water works. The collapse I had being part of it, also the rash. She said Paul should have taken me to the hospital, or at least rung the Doctor. I said I am often in pain, and have bad days. So just a more worse day than usual. She said I might even need more ANTIBIOTICS. Given cream for the rash- XEMACORT 20mg a STEROID cream- to be used twice a day. If no improvement in two days I must go back to see her, making sure I am not put off by the receptionist.


Cold on the common still on light weight summer jacket, so will add the fleece (3 in 1 jacket) then will be a lot warmer. Did not seem to bother Summer though. She always has a good coat, and is getting her Winter one now. With her being a white dog she soon gets mucky but it's good on the common for both of us. A lot of people have said to me they find the common peaceful and almost magical. I feel the same, very soothing if you are a bit down or just fed up with your life.

I have felt cold a lot of today but at times very hot. Think the infection is still trying to get more hold. BACK OFF--- I have had enough of you.

I don't usually watch this type of program but just most out of curiosity, I did and was hooked. "The Circle"--- a group of people are in separate rooms not able to see each other or talk to each other. Can text though the Circles communication system. (Very much like true life.) Some are Cat fishing-- not saying who they really are, some are truthful. Everyone has a profile they add to the circle, plus pictures and a bit of information with more added as the game goes on.
The game is to suss out the fakers by voting them out and get them blocked leading to leaving the game. There is a prize of £7,000 for the winner. After ten minutes I was hooked. Zowie Ball's and Fat boy Slim's son, is playing a good game. He is the youngest at eighteen. Tim being the oldest at 58. Not like big Brother as only on around an hour a night.
Wayne said it was on last year too but I did not know. I think as with a lot of reality programs it depends on the people taking part. 


Awake early, so hot- up at 7-45am. Not raining and does not feel too cold.
Very wet on the common, Summer and I play ball in a different part of the common, as where we usually go is big puddles from the underground spring and rain. No difference to her so long as she gets to play she is happy.

Started off with just my knee hurting a lot more than yesterday. By the end of the day everywhere hurt a lot more than usual. Extra tablets again so IBS playing up.

Ben is 12 today Happy birthday Ben (2 doors away) took him his present-  Lynx shower gel and deodorant spray. More grown up present I told him. He was very pleased as he likes Lynx. His Dad says he always borrows his, now he said he can use Ben's. I said no- he can use yours but, not the other way round. Ben agreed with me.


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round. Lindsay has not bean too well so it was good to see her. She has a lot of falls like I do, well more than me. She has a black eye where she passed out in the bathroom.


A wet cold start- bit chilly on the common. Summer was fun running around with her ball.

Head and face pain shooting from neck to my cheek. I think the cold air has got to my face making it worse. RSD is never far away just waiting to jump in and make things hell.

Started doing another puzzle, this one is not the picture on the box what happens next type. Very bright and colourful.

Later started watching a good series about a girl that has died but is still here just as she was before she died. Only a few people can see and speak to her. These are people that were there on the night she died and some how involved. "Hotel Beau Sejour" in French with subtitles. I don't usually like these but there is not a lot of conversation so I can follow OK. Looks like being very good.


Chilly bright start so bedding changed, washed and on the line.

I am still waiting on a dissension from PIPS, its bean over a year since it started proceeding to go to the court. Nearly 2 years since it all started. If I win the case the money is back dated if not I have bean advised to try again. The paper work is often baffling and hard to fill in. I have NO specialist Doctors as there are none here. They say they need evidence that I am as bad as I say. I only have my Doctor and recently my NEUROLOGIST for the SEIZURES. I can not send them what I don't have.
If the case come up not in my favour. I am not sure if I can go through this all this again. Just a waiting game.

Hair cut in the afternoon looks nice as usual.


Walked into town first time since April, Paul walked with me as he was going into town. Got all I wanted plus some tops for Winter and a zip up hoodie. Enjoyed the walk nice to be able to do things a lot easier now. Later on I did hurt a lot, but it was worth it.

Very bad accident nearby, close to 2 schools. A girl was killed and a boy fighting for his life.
Makes you feel very bad, I lost a brother who was 17. So I know how the family must feel. I could not get it out of my head and it made me feel very sick. Tommy-Lee knew them both so he was very upset.


Power cut- so when this happens my TV will go off, and does not come back on. You have to put in certain codes by pressing the buttons. Last time I could do it but not this time. Andrew will help me at a later date and am not too bothered as I have music. I put a CD on, "REM"  and did some more of the puzzle, got a lot done too.


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and brought a lot of washing. Her machine has gone wrong. While it was washing Jamie-Lee and I played with the little dolls. She said the horses needed dresses too. So the Barbie dolls came out and we used their clothes. Strange to see horses dressed up but she was happy.

Finished off the puzzle not too hard this one- looks good, all the bits there too (charity shop buy) Summer was peering round the corner watching me.


Summer peaking round the corner.

Had a small SEIZURE in the early morning. Maybe not a big one but it affects me with a very strange head ache- sort of not here feeling. I had no more SEIZURES for the rest of the day.

Had a Chinese for tea very nice it was too I was quite hungry as I had not had too much to eat all day. As I felt a bit off it after the SEIZURE this affects me everytime the more SEIZURES have, the worst it is. 


Still a bit of a weird head.
The river is so high with all the rain we have had. The ducks are sitting on the side as the flow is very fast.

The circus is on the Fairground common, but with it being so wet the big trucks that carry the tent and equipment have made big grooves and channels in the grass. Not good- as they now have filled up with water. Everywhere is muddy and wet on the main common, the horses have churned it up more.
With Summer only having little legs she gets very wet. She is also ready for a hair cut.

I have started another puzzle- A South Park one, this is a bit bigger and will not fit on the usual board. Lucky I have a bigger one, this puzzle looks quite hard as its edged in blue bits that all look all the same.
We will see how it goes- not had one yet that has beat me.


I went into Age UK to see them all and told them I was starting back on October 25th.
They were happy I was coming back. Polly said you will take it easy and have a rest when you need one. I know it will be hard to start with but I will enjoy it and I have missed them all. This means I am just about back to where I was before the knee opp. Taken long enough but the RSD had a lot to do with it, its EVIL. Walked there and back so I was in a bit of pain later.  Hopefully the RSD will  back off a bit now.

Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee here with us for tea, Tommy has not bean well so Lindsay brought him with Jamie so I could keep an eye on him. He went upstairs after tea and laid on the bed. He seems to be coping fairly well with the accident of his friends. 


Watered the green house- still getting tomatoes. The outdoor ones have not bean too good as the rain
rotted a lot of them. But like Paul says we have had a lot from them both.

Watched the final of the Circle and the one I wanted to win won. His name is Paddy and he has
CEREBRAL PALSY. This helped him win but I think it was his personality that did it more. He was so lovely. A good program and like I said- not the usual sort I watch.


Got Jamie-Lee for a few hours around two I think!!! So play time all the way. We played with the dolls, Sylvainians and puzzles. She was on her DS game as well. She ended up staying eight hours in the end, some of the time Lindsay was here though.

Posing with Summer who looks ready for Winter.


Bit of a rest day as quite draining looking after Jamie-Lee. She never stops. I still did the washing, ironing and cooked tea.

Going through the park I noticed someone had put a sofa there- why not sit in comfort, not good though when it gets wet.

  Also these fungi growing.
  Flying tonight.!!!!!


 My knee is not as painful now, but looks a bit strange on the left side like it has collapsed.

Taken from the left side of knee.
 Right knee and left strange one..

I am going back to see him soon, probably around December. The knee is still very numb all down the shin and side of the calf.

I am making 4 Christmas cakes this year, one for us and the rest for presents, started the first one today, put brandy in so should taste good. The kitchen smelt very nice.


Cold on the common had my hat on, actually it was Andrews, as mine was upstairs and I already had my boots on. Summer gets a bit inpatient. Now its colder, I have a lot more to put on so it takes longer. I tell her I am not shake and go like her.

At last finished the South Park puzzle I know it's not taken as long as some but its bean a hard one
all the blue edging looked the same. I would say just the edge in total took around 5-6 hours. I nearly gave up at one point. This is something I have never done before, I was so pleased to have got there in the end. I think this was one of the hardest ones to date, You never know what the next one will be.

I know I did take that long. Most nights I was doing a bit as not watching TV as much as mine still not working. Looks like its going to be a new one. Over two weeks now.

Lindsay plus Tommy-Lee and Jamie Lee here today. Lindsay had bean to the Doctors as she was quite badly bitten by her friends dog. Her fault she said, she went in her friends garden to see him, her friend went inside. The dog came out and knew she should not be there and bite her back. Her friend called him off she was OK- a bit shaken and sore. She has bean given ANTIBIOTICS by the Doctor and needs to have a TETANUS INJECTION tomorrow, it looks quite sore too.

Lindsay cooked us all dinner, chips and chicken nuggets plus curry, gravy for Jamie-Lee. Very nice filled me right up no cooking tea tonight. Paul has his dinner out on a Wednesday so he has had a cooked meal. I would usually cook for us again but not after my dinner. The river is back to its normal level now- so the ducks and moorhens are pleased to be swimming in the middle again.


Angela came round for me to put some CD's on to a memory stick. To start with I was not sure what to do. Andrew had gone over some of it the night before but we did not have the stick so not all the stages were covered. In the end I managed to put four CD's on for her. I now know what to do.

My friend Jenny is not well so will not be at Age UK tomorrow I will miss her. My first time back in six months. All the best Jenny get better soon. Will not be the same without you


Well here goes, back at Age UK so how will this go? everyone was pleased to see me, staff and customers. A good day, Joss was on the counter and Polly on the till so it was an easy day for me, just what I needed. I did managed to cut my finger on a glass, and gave someone a one cup tea pot instead of two cup. I sorted it out and everything was fine everyone happy, just gave them another pot of tea. Apart from that the day went well. Nice to be back involved in something. Very tired later but I thought I would be.


More rain most of the day river up again higher this time.. Highest it has bean this year.


This is just down from our house. On the bridge I cross to go to the common every day..

Joy was coming today but she is not too well. I said I would see her next weak instead. All the best Joy get well soon.

Made Christmas cake number three so only one more to go.


Lindsay here with Jamie-Lee, she played in the morning and later we went for a walk. She wanted to see how high the river was further down. We walked up the river and saw it was very high as well, the highest it has bean for a long time. Some places it has come over.

               These are the sluice gates or flood gates that are opened and shut to alter the flow.
 The bridge arch is hardly in view.

On the way back I showed her where her Mum (Lindsay) went to school (now flats).
The play ground is still there and a nice man who lived there let us have a look. The hop scotch and the snake are both still plain to see.

Bit further along, we saw this strange fruit/seed on a wall. I showed Andrew and he said it was a passion fruit. It got a bit squashed in my pocket so not as good as when first picked.


We came back a different way so she could see the part of the river from the bridge near us..

Jamie-Lee on the bridge.
She decided to run up the cobbles, quite steep. On your marks get set GO.

Later Paul and I went round to Lindsay's as it was Tracy's Birthday, and she was there after work.
Gave her presents and card. We did not stay long as a stew was cooking in the slow cooker and before we went it smelt so good. Got back and had tea and the stew was very tasty.


First frost of the winter so quite cold but not raining so that's good.

The river has gone down a bit, so long as we do not get any more rain like we have just had, it will soon be back to its normal level.
 You can now see the wall.
 The duck are now in the water not as fast flowing.

Summer had her hair cut today- when I told her it was Maxine (her groomer) at the door she got very excited.
Before- quite scruffy but still adorable.
After- so sweet -but so very tired.
How cute can she get

Did a bit in the garden moving some of the plants into the green house and some nearer to the house. Just in case there are more frosts. Another few weeks and the tomatoes will be finished. Not the best crop but they were in very late.


Went to see Joy she is feeling a little better so that's good. We had a good chat so I think I cheered her up a bit. I hope she will soon be back to her normal self.

Did a bit of shopping then headed home. Later I did some more knitting, making Andrew a pair of fingerless gloves now as the baby things are just about done. Pictures next month.

Well that's this months Blog quite a varied one. Health wise not too bad so a fair one I think.
Hope you are all coping and not having too bad a time. Getting very near to the end of 2019.

All the very best to everyone of you. See you next Blog. Love Gill


September 1st

Wow in September. Leaves are beginning to fall getting dark a lot earlier and its getting colder at night and early morning. In between weather has bean quite nice.

ANTIBIOTICS are doing their job, and the redness and swelling is calming down. So is the pain.
As with most ANTIBIOTICS they have affected my stomach. Taking MINTEC- I find that for me it's better than stomach remedies.


Went to see Lindsay after her pain block treatment. She is not doing too bad spent the last few days in bed mostly asleep. The children have bean good and Tracy has bean coming in to help where she can. The children's Dad has also bean a big help.

Hip is a pain at the moment I think with being on crutch's a lot longer than I thought my body has got used to them. Now complaining one has gone. Hopefully by the middle of this month I will be free of them for good. Still the thought of them and a wheel chair, still scares me. I know the crutch's were after my knee operation but your mind and body can get very used to them. When I was on them at the very beginning of RSD (2004) for over three years. I got so used to them, when Wietse told me they had to go --- my legs could hardly take the weight, and I struggled to start with. I was taken off them because the RSD had spread to my shoulders causing me great pain. I can still remember the day when Wietse took them away. I said how will I walk without them????? He said you will learn, and learn I did--but very painfully. He explained at a later session that the RSD would have gone on to spread its evil so bitter sweet. Worked out in the end though-- I  am still here. Thanks to you Wieste.  

Chinese for tea very good this time I think Chinese can be a bit hit and miss- even from the same place. This is just across the road so very handy. "The New Taste."


Scraped my face on the shed wall yesterday, sort of walked into it-- my face is a bit sore and red not too much pain. Funny as one thing gets better I start on another problem.

Was hoping to go into town today but rain is meant to be here all day so another day I think. I would have gone on my scooter. Not able to walk that far yet, soon though. Hoping to be back at Age UK next month. I have missed it. I know quite a lot of people there and they are mostly all friendly. Apart from Summer walk and in side the house stuff there is little else I can do.

Coming back from mine and Summers walk we saw "Eight swans a swimming" . There are not usually that many so I think they must have come from the Brayford. Building work or something going on there. Lovely to see them so graceful and bright white.


Walked around with a friend and her dog called Milo. Summer and him had great fun running around.

In to town at last on my scooter. Quite a few changes as well, a lot of the town is being renovated big time. This is the first time since 26th of April I have seen it all.. Got most of what I wanted did not look in the new shops but there is always another time. I did enjoy my trip- very tired after. A lot of people asked me what happened to my face. Usual story, walked into a wall I said-- a few funny looks as well but it's the the truth.


Well today- did the whole of the walk without any crutch's at all this time. I did not even take one like I have bean doing. Knee not too bad, hip not liking it or shoulders. You would think they would be pleased. I was happy at last walking as I was before the knee operation, bit better or it would have not bean worth it. Felt quite strange without it, I have got both hands free now.

Leg has improved very well and hardly any redness left as you can see, last ANTIBIOTICS to day.

Healed very well as it was a bit of a mess.


Paul is at Wayne's for a week looking after his cat Timmy. This will be like a holiday as I'm not intending to do much cooking. Andrew mostly gets his own food so just me to think about and Summer of course- she will not let you forget her. Andrew and I had a small Chinese for tea/supper.


Happy Birthday to Tommy-Lee 13 today and Jamie-Lee 7 today hope you both have a great day.
Jamie-Lee has a party tomorrow at Play Zone I said I would go, if only for a little while. Not bean to that one but others have bean too noisy for me.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and she had her presents here. I got her Sylvians house plus furniture and little people. We sat and played for at least two hours. She loved them. Got Tommy-Lee shower stuff sweets and money.

OUCH!! as Wayne said.

Got a bit worse but I do not think it's infected. Just the RSD not helping it. Knee quite sore today probably not liking no crutch to lean on.


Well Wayne and a friend from his office are off to Florida for two weeks. Paul took them to the Airport they got stuck in traffic, but still got there in plenty of time. A long flight around 12 hours, no vapping either Wayne

Cleaned all down stairs. In the afternoon went to Play zone. Not too bad the tables away from the play area, so a lot quieter and not too hot either. Tommy-Lee came after he had bean shopping with his Birthday money. He got some very nice Nike trainers. Well they are the best. Stayed for a while then, Tracy brought me home when they were going to have their tea. Pleased you had good time Jamie-Lee.


Face not quite as raw today I think the swelling is going down now.

My friend Jenny came to see me. Always nice to see her. Good chat and catch up from Age UK Jenny goes there as well, she volunteers the same as me, or will be soon again I hope. Missed it a lot, can be a lot of fun. A lot of things go wrong, or that might be just while I am there.

Jenny bought me some Celebrations chocolates for doing some sewing for her. Thank you Jenny- a good day, and now some treats to eat.


Nice walk but my right knee is giving me some pain, not the operation one.

Bean watching Wentworth, a Lady's prison-- on series six. Bean very good, edge of seat stuff, recorded it ages ago and saved it to watch in one go. Well three nights for me as have to move after so long or pain and discomfort gets too bad.


Looking after Ben and Emmie tonight. Squidge came round yesterday and asked me. I thought it was that day. Some how between us I got it wrong- its tonight.
The children were very good as aways Emmie was dancing and singing. Watched young girls doing dancing on TV. She likes movement and does gymnastics and is very bendy like most children, also very skinny.


Paul's at football, first game since their Managers Danny and Nicky Cowley left so will this dishearten the players and watchers?

Normal day for me doing this Blog, washing out blowing well. Warmed up a bit, as chilly this morning on the common.

Finished off the Doctor Who puzzle I started and there was no fires this time.

Went into the garden and saw this lovely scene for the end of the day.

Beautiful sunset.


Up a bit later than normal. I have bean so tired just lately. Even if I am in bed for more than four hours its still broken sleep. I can not even remember the last time I slept a whole night. Probably when sedated in hospital. I think this is my CHRONIC FATIGUE/ME causing this. Makes you feel like you have FLU the whole time, a dull ache for days at a time. I also think because I have not bean to Pilate's since last November my muscles are slacker and weaker.


Fair lot of pain today back and hips plus right side, Knee locking up too operation side.

Angela called round for a chat and coffee, tea for me.

My friend John also came round and brought me a present a Crystal Angel.

This is for doing all the mending/sewing for him. I must have saved him a lot of money, as where he used to take his mending to the market they charged quite a bit. Probably a bit neater and better job but I do my best. If I do not think I can do anything he brings or anyone elses mending. I just say that is beyond me. I don't do zips either.

I asked John if he wanted to stay for tea and he said yes. Beef in buns, fried potatoes rings and onion rings. John had sausage as well as not much beef. Very nice it was too I enjoyed it very much.

I suppose a lot of you readers of this blog are the same as me loose their appetite when in more pain than usual. Mine goes down hill very quickly, but up again when feeling less pain.

Checked my emails and I had nearly 3000 yes-- three thousand plus 300 junk emails. I usually get about 30 over 2-3 days. Looks like someone had hacked into my account. Also my Pay-pal account had bean got at. Sorted that out and no money had bean spent or taken out.
The emails Andrew is sorting out later today. Nothing is safe these days.

Had a nice bath later that helped with my pain, spent the rest of the night knitting and TV. A lot of the time I can't do my knitting or sewing because my hands loose their grip. Also this BRAIN FOG that most of us get. Very annoying counting my stitches and I get say 30 not right as only 20 on the needle try again get another number. Same when doing cooking or anything that needs my brain it just goes to mush.Not able to hold my knife or fork like I used too or cut things the same. Hitting the wrong keys while doing this blog. But I struggle on-- and I am still walking so that really good but a lot of time it hard.
People look at you and see a very different view to the real struggle that's really going on.


Paul is cleaning the carpets downstairs today, as they are a bit grubby. We bought a carpet cleaner last year and its really good, a BISSELL one- cleans very well. I think they will dry too as warm and windy today.
All carpets were about dry at night time. I will vacuum over them tomorrow and put the stuff back in place.


Upstairs carpets turn today, I am like I said vacuuming downstairs. They all look a lot better upstairs too. They will be vacuumed tomorrow if dry.

Tidied up the greenhouse and watered it. Sorted out the flower boxes by removing the dead flowers  and any weeds. Picked quite a few red tomatoes, cucumbers are ready too so everything is looking good outside.

I did not go to bed till 3.30am as I did not feel tired at all, but my body hurts so much. I have an almost lay flat recliner chair so if I do fall asleep I am in a better position than an upright chair.


Awake at 6.30am no sleep after that, so I got up just before 8-00am.

Quite a busy day, vacuumed all the upstairs carpets and put thing back as downstairs. Just Andrews room to do another day as it was only cleaned today. He will do that-- maybe.

Watered the greenhouse with Summer almost attached to the hosepipe. She loves water and I let her play with the hose after. She gets very wet as she gets hold of the hose and sprays herself. Must be nice on a warm day.

Bean looking after Tabby cat for the weekend- so went and fed him. He has bean left some cat treat sticks and he loves them. I go round a least 3 times a day. They will be back on Sunday (22nd) so not long Tabby. He sat on my knee for a while purring away and did not want to get off. I will come back later to see you Tabby.


A lot of people out on the common today a heavy almost stormy day.

Pain has eased quite a bit so that's good. I am able to type this blog without so many mistakes, apart from spelling that is. Spell checker takes care of that later. Other wise you probably wont be able to understand it- not too good at spelling. I can tell if it is spelt wrong and a lot of time put it right myself.


My son Wayne just came back from his holiday in Florida. On the very LAST Thomas Cook flight. He said it was awful as the staff found out mid flight that the company had gone bust. Wayne said they were very brave but you could see that the pressure was getting to them. Some were in tears the rest very close. When they landed the passengers gave them a round of applause. Wayne said there were loads of Thomas Cook planes on the tarmac-- something you never see.

A very tired Wayne headed home to see Timmy his cat who fussed round him.

Paul put a bit on facebook and it was seen by the Lincolnshire Echo group. They contacted Wayne the next day. He was asked to give his view. He said he was very tired (12 hour flight.) but he would do his best. The write up got in the local paper complete with a picture of him not looking his best. What a journey for all the staff a big Airline like that, who would expect it?

I thought the article was very well written--Very well done under a lot of pressure and less brain power too from jet lag. Another note he was on page 3 !!- never thought he would ever be on page 3.

        Wayne's story.


Last night I was in bed around four hours, not asleep all the time though.

My friend Joy came round for a visit, she is not bad. We had a good chat so that's always nice I think plus tea of course. I have not seen her for a while.

 Face a lot better now just very dry skin hopefully I won't do that again- (Scraped on the Wall)

 Loads better.


Happy 65th Birthday Paul. He was out all morning so had his presents and cards later.
We are out for a meal later at MaCh Indian Restaurant not far away. Six are going Andrew, Lindsay, Ben, Tracy, and of course Paul and I. A good meal it was too. Not too noisy, so a lot better for me very relaxed atmosphere.

 All looking good.


B12 today also I hope I can get some ANTIBIOTICS I have CYSTITIS/ WATER INFECTION so the earlier the better. 
The Nurse sorted out a prescription- MacroBID 100MG  NITROFURANTOIN 2 a day for a week,   for me via the Nurse Practitioner so I was pleased. I thanked them both. My arm after the injection did not hurt too much either.


Went to bed earlier than usual, felt a bit off it. CYSTITIS always hits me bad, back and over bladder area. So not unusual at all. Very unsettled night, awake most of it hot- cold- pain just very uncomfortable.

I got up, felt a bit wobbly still nothing unusual. Half way down the stairs I felt very sick wrenched but was not sick, shouted Paul and he got a bowl I think, in case I was. Helped to my chair and just sort of collapsed. Violent head pain, back, in fact pain everywhere- head was the worst. Light hurt my eyes I had trouble walking. I laid on my recliner all day in the dark and quiet, barely with it at all. Was it a virus or reaction to the ANTIBIOTICS. I had these before though. Time will tell.


I feel a bit more with it today still weak as I've not eaten a lot over the last few days. Paul took Summer for her walk. When he came back I had a bath. I thought I smelt as I had bean very hot and sweating. This was nice but tired me out for quite a while.

A nice day, so washing out and hopefully drying too.

I have a rash on most of my body now. I think it must be reaction to the ANTIBIOTICS so not worried, would have bean if a few days ago.

Well not a good end to the Month- If fact not really a good one at all, hope you are doing better.
All the best Love Gill.

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