February 2.

February 17th

Woke this morning and no SPASMS not hot or ice cold either so I thought this is a good start.
Jay-Jay's friend, who cut his hand very badly needs an operation to fix it. Hopefully it will be the same as before, but there is a lot of damage done. Jay-Jay said he fell but I am not sure as there are a lot of of stupid crazes and dares going on. Jay-Jay hurt his hand a few day ago as well.


Not too bad a day for pain I think it has settled down now after its painful last few days. This is what people don't understand about RSD-- how can it hurt like hell, then not hurt, then hurt again. I know it can be hard for everyone to understand. I try to explain but, even I don't get it a lot of the time either. All I know its makes my life hell.

Sorting out the big cupboards that holds a lot of kitchen things plus many other bits, all Summer food and chews. A lot of things went so a lot tidier now. When Andrew came back from Amsterdam a lot of his stuff went in there.


A beautiful Spring like day, so different from yesterday. Cleaning kitchen and bathroom. Still doing well with pain, dropped down to normal amount of tablets now. Watched a Star Trek movie made by the fans, no further ones made, as stopped by copy rights or some red tape thing, shame as it was good. Some of the original actors from the very first Star Trek were in it looking a bit older though.


Pilates, no trouble with the roads today all back to normal. Pilates went well but so much pain. Knees arms and all joints.

Banged my head late night on stereo cupboard, a big bump and a headache, saw stars and knocked me back and off my feet. Andrew was there so that was good. As a few minutes before I was feeling with it again. The pain upset the RSD.

Watched the Brit Awards very good not too many surprises though.


Bump on head not to bad, quite small but very tender. Joy is here today she is not doing quite well but still in pain, but I keep telling her its still early day. She only had her new shoulder joint done in December. I know myself pain can be very annoying and very draining.

Sorting things out for car boot we are hopefully having on Sunday. Weather reports say a lot of very cold weather is on the way and snow too all week.


A cold day, very windy direct from Russia with love, or not.

Age UK went well but the moaney ones were at it again. I am sure that's all they have to do. Complaining that we were not serving them in turn. They are very rude not just to us at the counter  but all the staff. Polly had a word with them, they said they did not think they were rude.!!!
A very busy day. Quite tired going home and cold face as head wind.


Car boot only two cars turned up, even though eight booked for a spot. Any way we stayed to nearly full time (9-12) and took fifteen pounds. We did not pay the five pound for the pitch as she said not really any customers much. Anyway it  made a change even though it was cold, I was dressed for it so was OK. Hopefully the next one will be better.


Snow over night about an inch or so. Does not feel as cold today either. More snow is on its way up to six to eight inches. Felt colder on the common, not enough snow for the sledgers yet so almost deserted.
Summer enjoyed it anyway, but she always does.

Pictures along the common route.


Snowdrops poking through the snow.


More snow over night so its quite deep now. The sun comes out and the snow goes but its bean snowing most of the day. I think if it keeps up there will be trouble tomorrow with the roads.
 Snow coming down.
                 Summer on the common she loves the snow so much and makes snow angels.
 more than yesterdays snow.
  Summer burrowing in the snow.
 bum shot.

 Foot prints in the snow.
All the snow sticks to Summer feet and body, I had to put her in a bowl of warm water to get them off.
Doctors today-- saw my own so I brought him up to date with all the PAIN and SPASMS. He has suggested keeping the GABAPENTIN to full dose or higher (6 x 300mg) if needs be for more than a few weeks.. This works on the nervous system so hopefully it will help. I have tried it for a week or so than gone back to my lower dose. Hopefully I will be in less pain soon. He has also given me DIAZEPAM to take 2MG, one a day. He said this should help with the spasms also. I am to go back if no better. I am not to take BACLONFEN as he thinks my body is having bad reaction to it. Probably the paralysis thing I had on the 16th February was something to do with it. When I was in Hospital 4.10.2011. I had a very bad reaction to it and was paralysed for over 24 hours. This was after the doctor increased the dose from 2 to 6 in one day.

Andrew also has had a change of medication so hopefully we will be both a lot better soon. This is the first time he has seen Dr Mehta and agreed he was better at understanding his problems.

More snow is expected over night so what will tomorrow bring?


What a difference a day makes around six inches of snow has fallen. 

 In the garden.
 Summer on her walk.
 Deep snow covering my boots.

 Summer loving it.
 Snow- snow- snow.

Lots of people and dogs going on the common to sledge and play as most schools are shut. Probably all week too.
 In the garden after our walk.

Clearing the snow and bird frame, the birds sit on the top waiting their turn because of the snow they were not able to. Also for Summer to get on the grass for her needs.  More snow in on the way too so what will it be tomorrow.

Not feeling too bad today still in a lot of pain but most I can block off.  The sun is out and it looks so beautiful out there as I sit and do this blog.

Two pictures- one in the garden, one in the street both from the bedroom windows.


I hope you are enjoying the snow I know some of you will not be, but I think its lovely. Make the most of it as we don't get it much. Stay warm and safe. All the very best to you all love Gill.

What do you think of the split blogs? A few comments please if you have any views on them. Thank you love Gill.

Febuary (1)

February 1st

Not a good night a lot of spasms and the dreaded pain. Nerve pain and muscle pain plus the hot/cold thing. Trying not to take too many extra tablets as they affect my IBS.

Had Jamie-Lee later while Lindsay went to football training. I asked Jamie-Lee if Tommy-Lee had gone to train and she was not sure, was he in the car I asked-- again not sure. Surely you would have seen him. He could have bean in the boot came back the reply from her.

Andrew mostly played with her again running around and shooting each other with arrows. Very noisy but I think they both enjoyed the night. When Lindsay came to pick her up she was not keen on going home. Lindsay said she slept well that night.

Later on some of my pain settled and I was able to sit and relax more comfortably.


Woke to extreme pain in left leg calf, I managed to stop them going up my leg.The best way is to stop them is to stand up but I could not do that as leg was so tight.

Age UK-- not as busy today but steady all the same. A bit of excitement too, a man had a large blade. This went on just under the windows of Age UK. We were told to lock the place down no one in or out. After around half an hour all finished and the man carted off. One of the girls saw the blade and said it was a big one around eight to ten inches in length. Some of the old folk said they had not had as much excitement since they watched NCIS a TV program.

Left there to go to physio. I told him about the pain and spasms I have bean getting and this restricted the amount I could do. Some of them not at all. He thinks they are not helping and suggested a HYDRO POOL. This will be at my own cost. He will keep me on the records for the next month giving me time to try again if things alter. I have an appointment with my Doctor on the 27th Feb so can discuss things with him. The physio suggested a place quite close for HYDRO work. I will ring them and see what they have to offer me.

I am a little bothered about starting up the SEIZURES again as PAIN is a main factor. My poor body has taken a lot of extra pain over the last few weeks.


Legs very tight and quite sore today.

Going to Curry's to see about a new vacuum cleaner. The one I use has got very noisy and the pole is short so makes my back ache. Noise can make RSD pain a lot worse. This new one is very quite and the poles a lot longer. Hopefully it will be a lot better.

Little bit of snow, not settled though, phoned Wayne he has snow as well his has settled a lot more. Very cold here too, but colder in Halifax.


Legs a bit better but sore and tight to begin with. Very cold on the common today. When Sumner and I got back and after a rest for both of us, I brushed her. Afterwards she gets a chew for being good.  Summer started crying and seemed to have trouble breathing. Her stomach swelled up. I massaged her chest and stomach. After a long time she gave a borking sound and a vary large piece of chew came up. Summer instantly felt better had a drink and a cuddle and went to sleep. I was so worried about her.  What a day I thought she was going to die in front of me..

Made my friend John a cake. Did not turn out too good. I think I might try again to see if I can better it. 


No Pilate's today I do not think my body would cope with it all. Violent spasms and pain in my calves. At one point I had to hold my feet to stop the spasms from going up my leg. So strong are the bad muscles.
Made another cake this one turned out a lot better, took it to John but he was away for a few days so had to leave it with someone else. He will get it though as I have left things before so no problem there.

Watched TV with Andrew a weird thing about a hundred people in a ring can not move or touch their partner, have to say who dies and keep going till only one left. This was called the Circle, quite good is was. This was something to do with an Alien experiment.


Age UK again we were told a new coffee machine would be here today. Less to do on it as all automatic, saves a lot of time or it would have bean if Wendy had seen to it. No new machine we were told it was too expensive, so on with the old one. Steady again so good for me as tired.

My Daughters washing machine and boiler has broken down. No new boiler till 17th and no hot water or central heating. Poor Lindsay and the weather is not that warm either.


My friend Lyn is here today to bring me my Birthday card and presents, and she has brought a large dolls house for Jamie-Lee.

Lindsay and Jamie called round with a lot of washing to be done. Jamie loved the dolls house.

Not quite as much pain today joints feel a bit less tender and looser.


Happy Birthday to me. Paul, Andrew and I are going to Skegness for the day. We walked on the beach top very cold and windy like ice as the picture shows. the sand was whipping up and blowing along, only two people on the beach.


We on to the Natureland Seal Sanctuary saw the babies and the bigger seals. Also crocodiles and other things like the tropical house. A good day looked at the shops that were open and had fish and chips well stuffed now.


The last four pictures are the seals that get rescued from the beach around Skegness they recover and get moved on to the next stage..
These are the seals that have recovered and are doing well. Soon they will be in the main pool then back to the sea.
 All pictures taken by Paul in the Natureland Seal Sanctuary.

 Fish and chips so good Andrew had Curry and Chips.


Paul dropped Andrew and I off and went on to get Lindsay, Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee to have tea with us. Chinese. I was still full from dinner but managed some. My Birthday cheese cake which was very good. Lindsay brought some more washing as well. 

Cards and presents I received.

A good day even the pain relented a bit.

I phoned up the Hydro place and asked about cost, £45.00 for half an hour. I don't think I will be going there. The college has a spar pool and I will try that £7.00 for as long as you like. Discount for disabled too and I can bring a friend to help me or keep an eye on me, as the last time I was in a pool I had a lot of SEIZURES on holiday in 2016. So they will be happier if someone is with me. I go there for physio so they know me quite well.


Pilate's today first time this month, It looked like even this was not to be, as the main road was closed. Luckily the work men let me through as I was classed as a pedestrian. Peddled along till I got to Heighington then that road was closed as well. I managed to get past on the path, but this was covered with a lot of mud and tar from the road laying.

Pilates at last-- a lot was painful and sore for my body. Anyway as usual I did my best. Had a word with Jo and she showed me a way avoiding the road closure. She went slow in the car and I followed her. Homeward bound, the road worker let me though the main road again. I was pleased when I got there as it was very cold and icy rain.
All the work should be done by next week so hopefully no problems for me.


Sorting out the dolls house for Jamie-Lee, it just needs a tidy up and vacuum. Some of the furniture needed mending as well. As you can see its double sided so more play area.

According to Jamie-Lee these are the family pets living in the attic.

Lindsay rang up and asked if I would have Jamie while she went football training with Tommy-Lee. So she was able to play with it and was pleased I had sorted it out.  We stuck some pink fur on the kitchen seats and she was happy. In fact when Lindsay came back she did not want to go home. She said I have only bean here ten minutes more like two hours. Lindsay's was not feeling well either. Home to bed I think for both of them.


Woke to sweating and not able to move, SLEEP PARALYSES again. I am going to have a lot of thing to sort out with my Doctor on the 27th February. Most days I am going through either very hot or very cold or both together. No wonder my body is so confused.  All the extra tablets I have taken have upset my IBS as well so bloated with it. Feeling so fat as well not nice.

On mine and Summer's walk we saw two Robins, two Blue Tits, two Wrens, loads of Magpies and to top it off the Red Arrows. Where can you get all that in one walk. Lincoln's South Common that's where.

Age UK, so busy you would think we were giving the food away. Short staffed in the kitchen as well. One on holiday, one off sick. We coped though as we always do, a long day. We sold out of just about all the food even the bread.

Looking after Ben and Emmie later so that will be good.Jay-jay called round and said his friend had cut his hand very badly and was at the hospital. I hope things go well for him. according to Jay-Jay there was glass involved.

Well that's the first part of February's Blog. Not the best again a lot of pain and spasms. Also hot and cold, things can only get better. All the best to everyone. Love  Gill.

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