April 1st

I can hardly believe we are already in April. The trees have got buds just waiting to open up at the first a bit of warm sunshine.

Back at Pilate's all went well a bit stiff though.


I had the boys while Lindsay popped into town they both have now got glasses. Jay-Jay's are very similar to mine.

Very smart.

They had a good time with me and Jay-Jay showed me how to delete a memory stick.
When Lindsay came back she dressed Summer up.

Does my bum look big in this.
 Yes it does!!, said Jamie-Lee.
Oh the shame--- maybe if I shut my eyes it will go away.

A good day but very tired later. Having the children here always tires me.


I am having a quite day, popped in to see Ben and a neighbour who's cat has three kittens. Very sweet.

Are they cute or what?

I am looking in on them later as the cat's owner is away over night, just to make sure they have not got trapped or something as they are into everything at the moment.
The father of the kittens, or so they thought turned out to be a girl!! so not guilty. 

Sat and watched some of  Prison Break, (box set) very good. I got this soon after Christmas as a replacement from Wayne for a DVD he got me which I already had.

I had a seizure during the night. I could not move my left leg at all. A frightening time as the right side seems to be the one that is usually affected by everything going. I finally went to sleep, when I woke a few hours later everything was back to normal again. I ache a lot but feel alright.
Popped to see the kittens and mum cat of course they are all fine.
Lindsay and family plus Suey dog, are here for a BBQ. After a short time the BBQ stopped working its a gas one and the gas bottle we think was empty. Everything was put in the oven or grill. Tasted good though. Lindsay arranged an egg hunt for the children, mostly Jamie-Lee. They all enjoyed it. A good day, I felt far away and had a bad head, but still enjoyed the day.


A nice day, spent a lot of it in the garden tidying and odd jobs that needed doing. Always something to do out there. I love to be outside better than being in. Is spring finally coming?

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are stopping the night, So that will be good. They sleep in what was Andrew's bedroom. One in the bed, usually Tommy-Lee, and Jay-Jay on the sofa bed. At one time they thought this room was so scary and they would not sleep in it. At times the wind would whistle through the tile vents, also you could hear the birds on the roof. Once when they stopped when they were younger, I had brought the mattress down from Andrews room and placed it in the spare bedroom. They each had a separate bed then. When I went up to check on them a lot later they were both in the same bed.


A fair night. The boys slept well. We all went on the common with Summer, then into town. A good day. The boys are stopping tonight as well. While carry the bedding back up stairs about 11 ish (This was taken down as we thought they were only stopping one night.) I fell backwards bashing my arm badly on the door frame. I managed to save my head though. My arm is very swollen- any other night I would have probably gone to the hospital. Not as easy with two young boys here. I will be alright, tell you what my foot hurts just as much as my arm. The RSD is upset.


My arm is very painful and fingers swollen, we are out today and I don't want to ruin it for the children. Paul took summer for her walk. Just lately I have messed up a few Birthdays and nearly my own Birthday surprise. So this one will not get ruined as well. Anyway I have got loads of MORPHINE.        



A good day despite the pain, very sunny warm. Everyone enjoyed themselves. We went to the Falconry Park near Langworth- Lincoln. We have bean before, about half an hour ride from us. 
Lindsay and Jamie-Lee plus Tracy and her Mum and Dad and their Grandchildren joined us. They all got on well. Also this time the chickens did not escape. I did not go in the bird house, well I did for a few minutes till I realised they were free flying. I have a thing about feathers and birds. I sat outside and rested as I was high on MORPHINE-- flying. This helped the pain though and helped  me to get through the day..As without it I would be in intense pain.


Not a good night, awake a lot in pain, at least my arm is not as swollen. The bruising has come out and swelling has gone down slightly.

I went with Paul to take Summer for her walk, he has taken her the last few days. I don't think I need  to have my arm checked up at the hospital now. With being on a lot of pain relief I am never sure how much pain I am actually in. My knees are swollen as well right one more so.


Took Summer for her walk on my own today. Very nice but a lot colder than the last few days. I can not use my right arm to hold Summer's lead. But guess what I have another hand. That what Wietse would have said to me. I enjoyed the walk a lot as most of you know I am an outdoor person.

Went out for dinner today, very good it was too, nice company and good food as well.


Acupuncture, I saw Katie today she had a bit of a cold. A lot of needles today 31 in all. A mixed reaction some very painful, some shooting weird sensations all over. Katie put a few extra ones in my arm to help with the pain and bruising of my arm.


A better night Acupuncture or ? I have had a lot of extra pain over the last few days but today I feel like I actually slept, and the pain has backed off a bit. My sinuses were very choked up first thing but felt a lot clearer later and remained clear. this was one of the treatment areas from yesterday. 

I sprayed the garden, must be Spring the greenfly are back. General tidy up as well.


My friend Bev is here today for a visit. I have not seen her since January. A good day caught up. Paul made us all a nice dinner of wraps, very tasty we all enjoyed it.

Later that night we had a phone call from my daughter Lindsay, saying that she had stopped a car from rolling into Newark road (a very busy fast road). She went on to tell us the story. She jumped in a car with a dog and an eleven year old child in it. She knew this was so as she had just bean talking to the driver of the car in Tesco's. She was not sure which peddle was the foot brake as she does not drive herself. She could not move the hand brake. The lady came out of Tescos just in time to see her car, dog and child heading to the road. Lindsay stopped the car just before it hit the road. Very lucky she was there or it could have bean a very sad story. Well done Lindsay. 


Today Paul goes to Chester for the weekend so just me and Pup.

For a while now I have bean saying I want to help other people less able than me. Today was that day I have volunteered for a day a week at AGE UK helping out doing the drinks in the kitchen at dinner. They get very busy as a lot of older people go and get a good lunch and its cheap. I think I did good, they want me back next week so I must have done alright. I enjoyed it as well- this is for me as much as for them to make new friends and have challenges as well.


Lindsay here today with her family. She took the boys into town to get new school shoes and trainers. She only managed to get trainers as it was so busy everywhere. I looked after Jamie-Lee, playing outside on the cars and inside as well with her babies. She kept telling me to sit in this car or go down the slide. I said Nanny too big -she said No your not. I think she thinks my bum is the same size as hers.
A good day. My arm still hurts and is still bruised but I think it will be all right now and improve as time goes on.


First babies of the year eight in all. Hard to picture them all together I got six..
  These are on Sincil Bank.

  Looked after the kittens and mum cat over the weekend. They have grown so much and are right little characters now. Very daring and jumping onto things a lot of time getting stuck and calling mum. They will be going to their new homes very soon. They are lovely little kittens.

Proud Mum.
As you can see they have grown a lot.


Not the best of nights I kept waking up cold especially my legs. I had socks on as well. RSD you could not make up these weird things that continue to upset my body. Nice walk on the common with Summer, a warm day.

I am going to see Lindsay at her house for a change. Jamie was a bit whinney she has a cold and cough so not at her best. Lindsay said she hardly slept last night.
I took Summer with me so Suey, I think, was pleased, Its hard to tell with her. When things get too much she will just disappear upstairs. A nice day I enjoyed the change so did Summer but she was so tired when we got back.


Last night my feet were like ice even though I kept my socks on. This is very common with RSD as the body cannot regulate body temperature properly. This also causes the dreaded sweats. My sweating is not as bad now, I don't take the DULOXETINE. I am so pleased as well, its not nice.

Pilate's was good Jo has added a few more things so more enjoyable for me. A cross between the two classes. Still no places in my original class yet.


Acue session today with Beth. A lot of needles, 29 in all placed as so, 7 in each leg, 4 in each arm, 1 in each side of head, 2 in right shoulder, 1 in each wrist, 1 in my forehead. Some of these are to TRY and help me sleep. I was very tired later, but did not find sleep any easier.


I am at Age UK again today I am looking forward to helping again. I dropped the bag of ground coffee as I was putting it in the machine and it went all over the counter. My hands loose grip with no warning. Not much was lost but it went in all the nooks and crannies and under the coffee machine. I was told I had the sack. I asked for redundancy money they all laughed. On the whole a good and enjoyable day. I am back next week as well.


Lindsay and family are here for dinner, roast beef with all the trimmings. Things went quite well apart from the roast potatoes, they somehow got pushed to the back of the oven shelf and tipped up landing in the flames. Char grilled roast tates they tasted good, all the dinner was good and everyone enjoyed the meal. Jamie-Lee ate very little, but she has an ear infection so not at her best. The boys ate very well.
The day was very warm so we sat in the garden most of the afternoon. Jamie-Lee was playing on her bike peddling up and down. The boys were mostly upstairs on the computer playing games and watching videos 


Out walking today I took a few picture. The common I think is at its best now very green and colourful. Most of the trees are in full bud. Look at the blue sky. A beautiful Spring day.

 What a lovely place to sit.
These are in the play park we go through everyday to the common." Queens Park."
 Makes me want to go and explore. What do you think???
 Some are a bit slower to come out of winter mode.
 So green.
 The last two have yet to start.

 Beginning to wake up.
 Two more yet to come out of winter mode.
 This was someones garden.
Waking up.

A very pretty place to walk do you agree? I love the common, you just relax there its almost magical.


What a difference a day makes, very cold, hat and gloves on. Where's Spring gone, more like winter.

Physio today again a lot of needles 31+ *3 extra, 34 in all. Legs, arms, wrists, neck and right shoulder. After  they were taken out another *3 were added in my right hip. I have had quite a bit of pain there. Hopefully this will help. Todays session was very painful, especially the ones in my neck/shoulder. Also the ones in my right knee. I think my right side is a lot worse this week. The ones around the right knee really hurt. I have a few bruises as well.  Sometimes small bruises will come up usually when it hurts a lot, like today. At times I felt very floaty. Walking home my knees were painful and I had an headache.Very tired later even went to bed earlier at 12-45.

I have bean taken on by the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for a study into my seizures. I am to write down and record them. After two weeks I will get a phone call, I will relay how things have bean.


Another cold day rain as well.
Even though I went to bed early, for me anyway. I did not sleep any better.
Pilate's today, this was painful, very stiff. I felt far away not sure if its tiredness or what. I know the weather has changed and its a lot colder. This can also make me feel different.


Not a good night awake every few hours. Even though I got very little sleep I feel quite good. Fair bit of pain in right shoulder. I think the colder weather change has something to do with it. As many of you know, the cold and RSD are not friends.

Well what a mixed blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Also that you are all well, and had some of this warm weather we have just lost. All the best to you all love Gill.. 

Best wishes from a very sleepy Summer.

Wildlife and Falconry Park. A day out.

This an extra blog, Aprils will be along very soon.

8th April

A day out.

Last night I fell backwards hitting my arm on the door frame. I did this so it was not my head. My arm swelled up and was very painful. I did not go to the hospital, because the boys were here and it would have bean awkward. Anyway I did not think it was too bad.

My arm is very painful and fingers swollen we are out today and I don't want to ruin it for the children. Paul took summer for her walk. Just lately I have messed up a few Birthdays and nearly my own Birthday surprise. So this one day out will not get ruined as well. Anyway I have got loads of MORPHINE

We  went to the Falconry Park near Langworth, Lincoln. We have bean before, about half an hour ride from us. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee plus Tracy and her mum Margaret and Dad Alan plus their grandchildren Max and Daisy joined us. Everyone got on well. Also this time the chicken did not escape. I did not go in the bird house, well I did for a few minutes till I realised they were free flying. I have a thing about feathers and birds. I sat outside and rested as I was high on MORPHINE-- flying my self. This helped the pain though and helped me to get through the day..As without it I would be in intense pain.

Paul and Tracy took all the pictures.

Here are a lot of the birds and animals we saw.

This little frog had her baby on her back, Alan spotted it hopping along the road even before we got to the park..

You looking at me?
 Where's the Bat Mobile.
There were some very pretty butterfly's. I did not go in the house as it was very hot.
Wheres my mate?
There was a flying demonstration but Paul and I did not see it. Alan watched it and said it was good.
 This peacock surprised use all later.?????
Lindsay and Jamie-Lee.
 The storks had built a massive nest.

No I am not stuck up-- I always look like this.
 Wheres my next meal?

Not me I hope.!!!

Don't worry-- I am on the look out.
 I don't give two hoots, I am happy. Smile.
 This little raccoon was fast asleep.
 Lindsay keeping her eye on the children.
 Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.
 Lindsay, Jamie-Lee, Max and Tommy-Lee.
 Having a rest, me Tracy, Alan, and Margaret.
 Pucker up.
 My arm was hurting a lot.
Daisy and Lindsay.
 Jay-Jay holding on tight.

 Max and Daisy morphed.
Anything they can do I can do better.
 Tommy-Lee, Max and Daisy
 Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay.
 Tracy and Jamie-Lee. BUT I can't walk along there can I??
 Yes I can-- yeah.
 The three wise monkeys. Tracy, Alan, and Margaret.
 I have bean looking for you.

 I think they look like they are smiling. I think so or may be its the MORPHINE. 

 Everyone was looking tired.

 Cuddle from Jay-Jay.

I am very tired and in pain and no more MORPHINE left.
 Jamie-Lee going to get a monkey.
She was fascinated by her stamp.

These are Tracy's pictures.

 All the young- uns together.


Not sharing with no one


Jamie-Lee did not mind the peacock one bit. I kept my distance.

Where are you Margaret??
Oh there you are, hidding?
Back to Pauls Pictures..  Tommy-Lee in deep thought.
I got my monkey.

All the children got one, or a teddy
 Heading home after a really lovely day.
The peacock surprise, lovely is it not.

 A good day despite the pain, very sunny and warm. Everyone enjoyed themselves

Come back and see us again soon please.

Yes please do.

I hope you enjoyed our day out, I did, this is a nice place to go as the children are not restricted and there is a good play park as you saw for when they get bored of the animals.

Love as always Gill.

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