February 1st

Jenny here after her hair appointment she is well. I feel quite tired today, Luna jumped on the bed at 6am so a very short night as I did not get to bed till around 3am. I did get back to sleep for a bit but not long as Luna wanted to go out for a wee. No Pilates today as the dentist said take it easy after my tooth out. The headache is still there as well.


Nice walk on the common with Luna but very windy,  at least it will dry the washing. Today we are taking Luna to the vets as she has a few problems I want them to check out. Her back leg goes into spasms at times. She is very itchy as well, also she has extra teeth top and bottom that should have fallen out but did not. Suggestions were made about her food for her itchiness. They checked her leg nothing was found, and her teeth did not worry the vet. We came away with a bill around £40.00, and four tablets PIRITON, for her itching at half a tablet a day. 

Luna waiting for the vet.


Put some more stuffing in Luna's basket cushion as a bit thin feels very soft now for her to snuggle in. Two of the tops I got last month are a bit tight for me so going to swop them over in town later. Andrew and I took Luna for another walk on the common. Still very windy and quite cold too, it did not affect Luna though as she loves the common. 

My mouth is quite painful today where my tooth was pulled out. The roof of my mouth is sore where probably where the instruments pressed . I put on some ANBESOL that helped a bit but stung for a while. The cold wind on the common did not help though.


Quite a mild day 13C at 7.30am still windy.  Changing the beds to wash tomorrow as going to be windy as well. I am making a toad in the hole for tea in a new non stick pan. Hopefully it will not stick. Mouth still quite sore but improving a bit. Toad in the hole was lovely and no it did not stick.


Cleaning up downstairs took most of the day. A bit of knitting later, Poppy's cardigan in poppy red. I love knitting in red, and the wool is so nice to use. My jaw aches today but the roof of my mouth is not as sore. Angela came round in the afternoon, coming back tomorrow as she needs Paul's help with some paperwork. She is doing well otherwise. 


An easy day for me as bean busy lately extra walks and in town a few times. A bit of knitting as Sheila would say a youtuber I follow. I think it will snow soon, and the weather actually agrees with me this time.


Happy Birthday to my friend John and Paul's Mum. And guess what it's snowing fast and thick flakes too.  I do not think it will settle much as ground is wet. No Pilates today either because of the snow. (I  go on my bike) I have not bean out with Luna yet but it will not hurt her to miss a day.  

Luna thinking.

She looks like a cartoon character in this picture.

Cleaning up stairs today and I have a helper too, Luna. This took me most of the day but it was fun with her running around.


Easy day today as cleaning yesterday made me have extra pain. I did do the ironing not to much though. So a bit more knitting, poppy's cardigan is done I just need to put the buttons on. I have started back doing the baby blanket for Heather Poppy's new baby sister. Got quite a bit of the blanket done. Though it's dragging now and I would like it finished. Pictures when all done.


Fog to start the day, misty and sunny later. I have bean awake since 5am. I forgot to take my tablets and went into MORPHINE withdrawal. Pain, hot/cold sweating, bad head, itching, very anxious too. As soon as I take my tablets the effects start to wear off, the pain lasted a while. I thought I had taken them at 10pm as usual, my tiredness is to blame I think. CHRONIC FATIGUE is not the same as just being tired, you are literally exhausted and I am in pain too. This can last days in some form or other.

The geese that had chicks last year are back hopefully to have more chicks. After the snow I think it's going to be wet on the common. The common never really dried out in the Summer, so it is wet to start with going into the Winter. 


Common was so wet as the snow mostly melted and then rain followed. Someone climbed up the big crane ladder at the back of us this afternoon. It's very high up, must have bean brave and not frightened of heights. I would climb up but only with a safety harness.


Cleaning up down stairs. Two lots of washing out as it's very windy. My friend Lyn is here later with a Birthday gift for me. I have not finished cleaning, but it can be done later, just the floors to wash. Lyn and her husband Mo are both well. Lyn did bring me a card and present. Good to see her and catch up.


Happy Birthday to me 69. It's also Paul's Dad birthday. Some days I feel my age, others I feel a lot younger. Before RSD, I looked a lot younger than I was. The RSD has aged me a lot. Even so I do not think I look too bad. A man I know on the common asked me how old I was. I said guess- be kind I said, he said 45 I said not that kind. He guessed again and said 63. Ok I said, and I told him how old I was, he said I looked good. Common air I said, and lots of walks. 

My friend Jenny came to see me with a present of chocs and money in my card. She had bean out for dinner at Scothern Nursery and enjoyed it very much. Scothern that is where my Brother and family live about a mile from the nursery. A lot of my garden plants have come from there as presents. My Brother came to see me as well today with some lovely primulas for the garden. Paul cooked tea of steak plus all the bits. Very nice it was too makes a change to have my tea cooked for me. I got some lovely presents plus £60 in money. A good day I will hopefully get the plants in the garden tomorrow. 

From Ness and Squidgy Emmie and Ben.
Flowers from Michelle, Paul's Sister and Sam her boyfriend.

Plants from my Brother David Wife Bev and Nephew Garry.

Jamie-Lee made this for me.

From Wayne and Kayleigh Disneyland Florida.

From Tracy.

Books from Debbie.

Money from His Mum and Dad, Angela, Jenny, Joy.

Tops from Paul.

From Lyn.

From Debbie as well.

Also from Debbie, four in total.

From Paul.

From Lindsay, Jamie-Lee, Tommy-Lee, Jay-Jay, And Kira.

Posh chocs from Pilates John, and Sweets from Luna (right front).

Pen from David Bev and family.

From Jenny.

From Pilates John.

My cake Black Forest gateau.

Very nice too.


Apart from a few bits I am having a rest day. Doing a bit of knitting trying to finish baby blanket not much to do now. After that its the baby cardigan for Heather then I have a few more things to do. Of course I did take Luna for her walk on the common very wet and soggy. She loves jumping over the puddles and chasing the birds too.

Luna's paw print in the mud.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came with a card and present of some Dahlia tubers for my garden, but it too wet to plant them yet. I love Dahlia and they are pom pom ones that last ages. The Nursery where I used to work from 15-20 years of age grew them in the hundreds they looked so lovely all colours.


I did get to Pilates today on my bike it was a lovely ride as quite mild and not windy like it has bean. I really enjoyed my bike ride. A good session, quite a gentle one this week. I was pleased as it's bean four weeks since I last went, 11th January. Took Jo a card as her Birthday next week she wished me belated Happy Birthday. There is no Pilates next week.  Back home and after kisses and cuddles from Luna a bit more knitting,

I will get this blanket finished. Quite tired later but a walk, a car ride, (to pick up a free chair) and a ten mile round trip bike ride. I know my bike is electric and pedal assisted but I still do pedal most the time, it's just a lot easier. You need it going up Canwick hill, as it a tough one. I have ran up and down it many times.


I have finished off the blanket at last I am so pleased, this has taken longer than the last baby blanket I did for Willow. I have started the cardigan for Heather this will not take long as only 3-6 months size.


Cleaned up downstairs apart from the front room as Paul was in there. I did put the primulas in the garden they look very pretty. Rained later so that would have bean good for them. Did not take a picture as all over the garden.


Cleaned up front room as Paul was not in for a while. Bit more knitting, cooked tea, Luna had two walks one with Andrew. She was very pleased and has so much energy even after running around.


A sunny day to day but windy as well. Nice walk on the common with Luna. Another one later with Andrew. When we got back Luna did not seem right she kept pacing back and forward and a bit wobbly on her feet. A bit worrying as this is how she went before when she was ill. I think she was over tired as after a good long sleep she was a lot better. After Summer and Luna's scare I soon get worried about her. Her hip and leg has not bean going into spasm much. She has bean having CBD oil and I am sure this has helped her. Also I have bean giving licorice root tincture, as this has good effects from itching according to Doctor Jones a retired vet I follow online. I am willing to give this a good try, as it's natural not like the tablets I got from the vet. 


Rain and lots of it the common was a mud bath but there is not really anywhere else nearby I can take her and let her off the lead safely. An older dog would probably be quite happy, just to have a walk on their lead, not Luna as she needs a good run around to get rid of her puppy energy. I gave her a little bit of the licorice root she licked it off my finger and seemed to like it. We will soon see if it helps her itching. Later she did not seem to itch as much or may be that's just me hoping it works. Time will tell. Cheaper than a vet if it helps her; £16 for a 30ml bottle that will last ages. She only has a tiny bit a day. 

Later Andrew and I took Luna out on the common again. She saw a pheasant and ran after it, trouble was, it went one way and she went the other. I think it's because she chased it yesterday, and it went towards the lake. This time it went the other way just strolling along. This was so funny as Luna could not understand where it had gone. Bean giving Luna the licorice root, she did not seem as itchy at bedtime and settled down straight away. Usually she has a bit of a tidy up be for bed. Still a bit too soon to tell if it working.


Cold wet day. Luna did not go out till the afternoon. No Pilates today either so I was pleased about that, not having to go along country roads I go on as the rain was beating down and the wind at times was strong. Andrew came for a walk with us today, not on the common but along a cycle track next to the river bank. She was off her lead but we had to keep a look out for bikes. At least she had a walk and seemed tired out.  


Indian for tea it was not nice and that's being polite. Paul wanted to try a new one that had just opened bad mistake. He ate his mine was ok but I did not finish it Andrew ate some of his and threw away most of it. It was dripping in grease, the courgette dish he ordered and the potato one was the worst. Even the poppadoms were soggy.  Not good as its quite costly Paul left a review but did not contact the restaurant to complain. My stomach later was not happy.  


Stomach not good very bloated and sore. The common is very sticky and you have to be careful to not slip. Andrew and I had a walk later with Luna. Paul has asked me to knit a cardigan for a friend of his whose Daughter has just had a baby girl. This one I am doing is a favorite one of mine. I first made it for Jamie-Lee when she was born but a lot smaller as she was so little. 


Bean sorting out my clothes for giving to the Charity Shop got a few bits for them. Still more to go through another day. Luna was looking for the pheasant but did not see it. I think with it bean windy yesterday it got blown around around a bit and was resting be for flying off. There are many pheasants on the common. The geese are still there as well so hopefully they will have chicks like last year. 


I weighed Luna she has put on weight, first time in two months. She now weighs 5.1kg from 4.8kg. Not a lot but it's a start she is not going to be a big dog, smaller than my little Summer. Luna is not a big eater and when food is put out for her she often just ignores it. 


Very cold wind today pleased to get back from the common, in fact I think we both were. Luna has her coat on but the wind was cruel. Bit more of the baby knitting lot done now. Pictures later. 

My hip and back are quite sore today and I have taken extra tablets for it. Hopefully Pilates will help tomorrow. 


Pilates looking forward to it as none last week, Paul took me in the car and picked me up. Good session quite a tough one. Not on again next week, so I think Jo gave us a harder one this week. I enjoyed it but a few said it was a bit too hard for them. Now jut rest for me today apart from tea cooking. Andrew and I watched a few video's online that we both like, "Sorted Food". A nice relaxing afternoon with Luna mostly sat on my knee. 

Well February gone very quick too I thought. Busy knitting a lot of the time, cleaning and cooking the rest - and of course looking after Luna. Fairly good pain wise but with RSD the pain never leaves you. 

All the very best to everyone love Gill. 

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