22nd April

Today Paul and I are heading to Halifax to spend the night at my sons house before we travel to East Midlands Airport to fly to Amsterdam for a few days. Andrew my youngest son moved there in January. We are taking a lot of the things he could not take himself. Packing the bags is not easy as the weight soon creeps up to the limit. We pack the bag weigh it and adjust it if it needs it. Wayne is also going, Andrew does not know he is coming, or I don't think he does but he, might have guessed. Wayne is also taking some of Andrews things.

I am feeling very bloated my ankles are swollen and my fingers also. I think I may have fluid retention again as I have felt like this for a few days. My weight is up again like it was last time, I have not eaten anymore than usual if anything, less. I also have Summer now so doing a bit more walking when I can. I hope I am wrong as the flying will not help.


After a night at Wayne's we set off for the Airport its quite near. The weather is hot again, I hope it is still hot there, like it has bean for the past few days. We arrived at the Airport.

Arriving at the Airport.

We booked in, the cases were fine actually under weight, so were the flight bags.

Waiting for the flight.

After a while our flight was called it was delayed by 15 minutes.

The plane we are flying on.

Getting on the plane.

We settled in our seats and was off. This is only the second time I have flown, the last time Spain in 2005.

Wayne enjoying the flight.

Paul and I also enjoying the flight.

The flight out was very good. Coming in to Holland it looked like a patch work quilt and very flat so beautiful. Just like Wietse said it would.

Hollands coast line nearly there.

View from the plane, getting nearer.

All the colours it looked very pretty as the sun was shining.

You can see the fields of tulips.

A few spasms and a bit of pain but not too much. At the moment I am only able to fly for short distances because of my nose bleeds and circulation problems and the pain from the RSD.

Just landed.

This Airport is so big if I was on my own I would soon be lost
it is still very hot.

Having a rest while Paul and Wayne sorts out the train.

We now needed to get on a train which was next to the Airport - very clever.

At the train station.

The trains are double decker ones like our buses.

Andrew met us at the station. Wayne hid so he would not be seen straight away, but Andrew had an idea he was coming with us.

On the way to the hotel Andrew took us to his shop where he works.

Inside the shop.

Andrew at work.

Wayne, Andrew and me.

Then it was on to the Hotel Sebastians.

The Hotel.

It looked very nice and was opposite one of the many canals. Once inside we had a rest and drink. The hotel rooms were small but nice.

Inside the hotel room.

Andrew inside the room. Peace and pot.

After the rest Andrew showed us round a bit, if it was left to me to find the way I would still be there now.

The crossing did a count down so you knew how long it would be before you could cross.

Just about everyone gets about on bikes more than one on some, very often sitting on the parcel rack side ways. Children sitting in carts, seats or even just boxes on the front or back.
There are trams as well plus a few cars and scooters. To start with it was hard to get across the road with so many wheels sharing the same road. The bikers rung there bells to tell you to get out of the way. Most people did, all the time we were there I did not see any accidents of any type a few near misses with bikes and people, mostly tourists. Also we had to get used to looking a different way as they travel on the opposite side to us.

One of the family bikes.

Even the dog went by bike.

Bike park at central station.

We had a meal out and then back to the hotel it had bean a long day and the pain was building up. Bed at my usual time early morning about 4am.


We get up to another hot day. Andrew is working a long shift 10-10. He will meet us later. So we are trying to find the way round on are own, not easy as everywhere looks the same.

We have decided to go on a canal trip. .

Here are some of the pictures taken from the boat.

In the afternoon a trip to The Heineken Experience.

This was very interesting it showed how the beer was made and bottled.

The first ever bottle of Heineken ever made.

Showing what goes into the beer.

Some of the very large vats.

Inside one of them.

A horse drawn cart that used to deliver the beer---

and of course the horse.

At the end of you could buy a bottle of Heineken with your name on it.

Probably the biggest football table ever-----

I had my first ever taste of Heineken you got a glass of it at the end. I am not a drinker but it was very nice

Wayne and Paul enjoying the Heineken.

I look if I am enjoying it also.

We had walked there, it was a long way and I was hurting. We got a tram back very smooth better than a bus.

After a good rest, we met Andrew from work. He had bean recommended a Tibeten restaurant. The food was very good.

Enjoying the food..

I was in a lot of pain too much walking . On the way back Andrew took us to Dam Square. Very pretty with so many people around even at midnight.

Then through the Red light District it was all right not at all like I thought it would be. Just ladies in windows. When we got back to the hotel I laid flat and took some OROMORPTH. I was pleased to be back.


Today we are taking Andrews things to his place. He lives on the north side. We go on a free ferry, a short ride and we are there. Its a lot quieter there, more residential but there is a lot of building work going on.

Some of the art work.

Its quite a walk to Andrews house and it was hot. He has a room at the top it was a good size and he shares a kitchen and bathroom - all in all very nice. We walked back to the ferry.

Back in the city, we looked around a bit more then Andrew had to go to work. We went back to the hotel for a rest. Later we looked around a bit more and popped into Andrews shop. As we were all tired, we decided to not look around any more tonight.


Andrew met us at the hotel we are checking out today but are able to leave the cases there to pick up later.
Cake for breakfast.A little place where we had breakfast one day very colourful.


After breakfast we got a few presents to take back. We went back to Dam Square where there was a fair and various stalls. Its Queens day at the weekend and that's a big celebration and some of the stalls were there for that.
A little russian shop that was full to bursting, so small that only a few people could get in at one time.

After getting what we needed we went for lunch at a wok place where you choose what you want and its cooked for you very nice and soon filled me up.

A few more pictures around Amsterdam.

Wayne and I.
Paul and me.

A peddle pub.

Amsterdam has lots of cats they help to keep the rats and mice down. A lot of them live in the shops.
Hidding cat.
Swinging cat.
Sleepy cat.

Too soon it was time to get the cases and leave Amsterdam. Andrew took us to the station and we said our goodbyes. We had a lot less luggage going back as most of it was Andrews things, so we had two bags less to take back. The train arrived at the Airport and we waited for our flight. The flight was called and we all got on the plane as before the plane was little. We were sat at the back this time so the view was not as good as when we came.

After about an hour we were back in Leeds with the time difference an hour, we only loose about fifteen minutes. We got off the plane it was a lot colder here. I was shuddering as my jacket was in the case. The walk to the check in was very long. We went through and headed for the car. Back to Wayne's for the night to break the journey. Home tomorrow.

The few days break have bean very good, but painful and tiring. I can see why the Dutch people are so fit with all the walking and biking they do.

To finish with Tulips From Amsterdam

Well I hope you have enjoyed my trip to Amsterdam I certainly did. Bye till next time love Gill

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