1st December

Today I feel quite good , I set to work and cleaned downstairs. Even at the end of the day although very tired pain levels were good.

After yesterday good day I have decided to make the most of this better time I am having, as I never know how long it will last, and clean up stairs. The snow is still very deep Summer is having a good time in the snow. As we have bean having severe frosts, a lot of the paths are bad to walk on. Wietse is quite worried that I will fall, he is not the only one - so am I. With having osteoporosis there is a very strong chance I will break a bone. He said I would shatter like a china doll

Managed ten minutes biking and five minutes standing on strider. This is definitely easier than when I first began. I shall do this till it is safe to run again so my legs keep flexible for running again soon I hope. Pain levels still good.

A very rough night with pain even after taking 800MG of IBRUES the pain still persisted I did not really want to take MORPHINE as I have gone a few weeks with out it.
Another very cold day, -14C, over night, but it was very sunny during the day. Today I made another Christmas cake which will give as little presents, when cut into four pieces iced, and decorated. More tired than the last few days probably because of pain.

Helped Lindsay my daughter out, cleaning the old house up. At last she is able to move. The weather has held her up so have the builders with so many things going wrong but at last she and the house are ready. Tommy Lee had come home from nursery which he has now gone back to after having time off with his broken arm. We shared some sausage and chips.
After the cleaning was done it was time to go home. Next time I see them they should be in there new house.The walk home seemed a long way as I was very tired, when I am doing well with the pain I want to get on with things and a lot of the time do too much.

A very bad night with a lot of pain and burning in my legs,very sensitive a lot of spasms as well. not much rest at all. Tonight I will put the leg guard back on that might help. Physio I missed the bus because it broke down down and the ten o'clock one became the eleven o'clock one but it came early and I missed it,(it can be late a lot in the winter) as the buses only go every hour to Physio I had to get a taxi and was late, Wietse did not mind and I still got my treatment the usual needles plus this time some gentle stretching of my foot as it is very tight probably after walking in the snow, and the usual talk. After I went into town and did some shopping.

Today its the Santa run. A local 3KM run where every one dress up as Santa and runs round. A good glug of MORPHINE/ ORAMORPH before we left so I would not be in too much pain. So I was running on MORPHINE. Lindsay and the boys entered on the day so they are very excited. They look so cute in there little suits.

Paul entered the same time I did, he was going to walk round with Lindsay and the boys, I am running it, its about the same distance Pete and I have bean covering so I don't think I will have any trouble I hope not I have bean looking forward to this for a long time. The run went very well no trouble at all. I lapped the others and Tommy Lee shouted, go on win it. He was convinced that I could win the race. I knocked nearly five minutes off last years time finishing in 22.48 minutes. I received my medal very well earned. I did not win it. I was so pleased, all the work with Pete has certainly bean worth it. Thank you Pete.

During the night I had quite a bad nose bleed it has not bean right since my stay in hospital earlier in the year. My head hurts a bit but on the whole I feel quite good. My foot is not as sensitive with the leg guard on, but pain much the same.

Pilates today. A good session. My hips were quite stiff the moves helped. After a bit of lunch then home. I am quite tired but a good feeling after the run. People who do not run or have a sport will not understand how it can be missed, as at one time there was little hope of running gain.

Physio - Usual needles. I made them Wietse and Michelle a cake each. Rolfe, trainee Physio was there. Also I took mince pies to share. Rolfe had not had them be for, he said they were good. Wietse said I can come next week as usual, then hopefully it will help me over the Christmas break. I have bean having a better time with pain but a lot of spasms during the night. Russ and his Mum was at my house when I got back so that was nice. We exchanged presents and cards. I caught up with what he had bean up to. He now lives in Nottingham so I do not see as much of him like I did be for. A nice afternoon.

In town with Paul to get a few Christmas gifts. Paul hurt his back a few days ago I told him to move as much as he could so he did not get stiff, but he did not, so now his back is very tight and stiff. Lindsay and the boys came round, we made cakes they really enjoyed it. I made a spiced tea cake as well so a busy afternoon. Very tired later on.

Club common run, a run the club puts on every year on the local common usually a toy or selection box to enter. The proceeds are given to a local charity for helping poor and less fortunate people than us. I went to watch as as yet I can not run on uneven ground. (AS YET!) The weather was very cold. I met a few runners I had not seen for a while so that was nice. After there were mince pies and hot drinks. The prizes were given out for the winners of the races.
Later in the day I went to get Paul's tablets from the chemist in town. He had the Doctor earlier and was given some tablets for the pain. With the run in the morning as well I was worn out and had a bad headache. Later on I lost a large filling from a tooth.Lucky it does not hurt I will ring the dentist tomorrow. The night did not get any better bad pain in my legs ultra sensitive I took MORPHINE be for I went to bed may be a bit too much as I itched a lot and had a very dry mouth. The MORPHINE did not help at all. I spent a long night mostly listening to my Ipod
Up at 8.30, after no real sleep. I have quite a few things to do. Paul is off work. I rung the dentist as I have no pain in my tooth I can leave it till after Christmas to see them, if it get worse I can ring a emergency number and they will help.


Cleaned up down stairs. Later on Paul, Andrew and I all went shopping to Morrison's for the Christmas food shopping. Later I had a severe RAYNARD'S attack on my hands which lasted for over two hours, very pain full. White fingers very dead and later turning blue, finally red, then normal. I think its because we spent a long time around the freezer and chiller sections. My temperature is not the best even on a good day. A painful day all round. Although extremely tired, sleep would not come for more than a few minutes at a time.

Physio - last one this year usual needles. Went into town to get the last few bits of shopping. When I got back, about 3.30 my friend Tracy was there. I had not had any dinner preferring to finish my shopping.When I arrived home was quite hungry. There were nuts on the table so I had just a few, even saying to Tracy that they can upset my IBS. She said you only have had a few so it should be alright.
Later on Wayne and Will arrived for Christmas. We had a Chinese for tea/supper. After tea I did the veg for tomorrows dinner and Will helped me make mince pies. I also cooked the gammon. Every one went to bed I had a bath and went about 4.30.

During the night I had violent stomach pains and spasms. When I got up I was vary sick, with chronic diarrhoea. I did not really eat much dinner. Slept a bit in the after noon The pain did not go away at all. I regret eating the nuts, but the few I had certainly caused me a lot of pain.

I feel a bit better than I did but not eating much, when I do I get a lot of pain. My head hurts, probably dehydration. Temperature is all over the place. My legs are burning and jumping. I can not rest. Still got the sick feeling and feel very weak.

Walked down to get Paul's tablets for his back. I feel tired and still weak, a lot of pain in my joints and bad spasms. I have taken ORAMORPH for the pain - very tired and weak.


Today I am in town to look at the sales. I don't feel right yet but need to get out for a while as I feel caged in after a time inside the house. I bought some nighties, a pair of cords and a shirt. In pain when I got back took more ORAMORPH for the pain.
Later on my eyes were weird and people looked like they were far away. I felt very dizzy, slightly sick not too sure if its the OROMORPH or low blood sugar.

1st Jan 20011

Well another year here what will this one bring?
I hope you all have a good as year as you can and have less pain full days. I will be more than pleased if I can keep up the running and also have less pain.
Bye for now love Gill


1st November

I am at the doctors today to renew tablets and bring him up to date what has bean happening this last month. Tablets are to stop the same, because of increased pain levels. I asked him about my collapse on Saturday and he thinks its a virus of some type. My sore throat and blocked up feeling is down to my sinus, I am to keep up with the steaming. We talked about having the flu jab he thinks if I get flu I will end up in hospital but having it might all so make me ill if my immune system is not up to it. Its a decision I will have to make I think I will ask Wietse about what he thinks.I feel a lot better than I did if not a little weak.
I have bean apply the hot and cold compresses to my knee it helps but only for a short while.

Summer has now had her injections so she can go out in a few days. As we were getting ready to go to the vets I bumped my head on the door handle holder a very big bump came up instantly very sore it made me feel quite dizzy.


I am getting a lot of pain in my knee like some one hammering nail straight in to it also shooting pains from my foot. My knee is very tender, swollen and sensitive to touch.


I had a word with Weitse about vitamin B12 as I have found out , my B12 levels have bean low for a long time maybe going back to my teens. I just wondered if that's why RSD set in when it did as my body was at a all time low time. He thinks I might have some thing and is going to look into it for me.

Poor little Tommy- Lee fell off a chair and has badly broken his arm in two places he is in hospital and in a lot of pain. He will go to theatre tomorrow to have it pulled back into place hopefully this will work if not he will have to have it pinned and plated He is very brave and more worried about his food than any thing else.


Tommy has had his arm fixed he got away without pins but it was a close thing he needs to go back next week to see if it has set right. He had not eaten or drank any thing since early afternoon on the 5th. The nurses asked him how he felt he said I am hungry and thirsty and my bloody arm hurts how do you think I feel. The joys of a four year old.
He was able to have food and drink later in the day. One happy Tommy-Lee.
In the afternoon I went to see him in Hospital his arm is in plaster from his shoulder to the wrist with a neck sling. We played with all the good things in the play room. He needs to be very careful he does not fall on it. That is going to be hard as he is a typical boy always running every wear and jumping off things hence the broken arm. I am quite surprised that he has got to four years old without breaking any thing.

We (Paul and I) went to a fire work display and bonfire at village one of my friends lives in. The night was not too cold and the fireworks were very good. After we went back to her house for food and drink. A very nice night. There was a lot of standing and walking on rough ground and by the end of the night I was in a lot of pain.


I have got Jay-Jay for the day older brother (6) of Tommy-Lee. We played with Lego and made all sorts of things, he enjoyed him self a lot he has bean worried about his brother a lot. Later on in the day Tommy-Lee came home from hospital he looked very pale but sounded much as normal. They all stopped for tea Tommy-Lee ate just the same as always, a lot.
I feel very light headed my knee is very painful and sensitive.
Jay-Jay accidentally knocked my ramp for my scooter on my foot. I tried to not show how much it hurt, as it would upset him but it made me feel very sick for a long time. He said you can swear if you want.


A better day with my knee pain, a lot of the swelling has gone down, but now my shoulders are really bad. Pilate's I did quite well considering the pain, my joints kept clicking out of place. My whole body aches and I feel very tired. This is where a good nights sleep would help.
Later on in the day tea time I had pain in my stomach. I think all the extra tablets I have taken causes this.


A rough night with spasms. A lot of pain in my left foot as well as right (RSD foot). When I looked at my left one it was swollen and a lot of red blood vessels very raised, so that why it hurt so much. One foot is enough with out the other one joining in.
Later in the day I went for a run with Pete. The difference my knee made was remarkable Pete noticed that I ran a lot easier. I still had pain in my shoulders but it was a lot easier and more enjoyable.


Summer has bean for her second walk this one she enjoyed more, She went up to everyone she met and said hello, looked and barked at the ducks. She looks so small out the house but not timmed at all.
I have had a back ground head ache for a few days now, on and off since 30th Oct. Pain levels are fair but not as good as they were very sensitive most of right side. My left foot has gone down a bit so not as pain full.


I am at pilates today my right hip joint is very loose and had to hold it to stop it from popping out. Shoulder also very loose. All my joints are painful and sore. My left ankle is black now with bruising but not as painful.


Little Tommy-Lee has to go back in hospital, his arm is not healing right. He will go to theatre to morrow morning to have it pinned, and possibly platted the surgeon will try to avoid this if possible. Tommy-Lee is more worried about his food and how long he will be without it, than the operation its self bless him. His mum explained to him that his arm is not better and he said its no good broken, so they will have to mend it again. That's four year old logic for you.
I made my first Christmas cake. I am not too sure how many I am making this year as people ask for them. It did not finish cooking till 4am. I slipped with the Brandy so it will be very strong no driving after it.


Tommy -Lee is having his arm operated on today. Lindsay my daughter his mum asked me to go to Jay-Jays school as they were doing a tea party for Children In Need. As I do not finish physio till about 12.30 getting into town about 1. I said it would be a rush as I would have to go home first to feed Summer, but Andrew fed Summer for me so it was all right. The tea was very good with cakes they had made though out the week themselves, and sandwiches and tea. Jay-Jay looked so proud. He showed me what he had bean doing on the computer.

Physio went well I was introduced to another physio also from Holland like Wietse. He was very interested in my RSD as he had not seen it be for or really heard of it. I went on to tell him how it all began and the weird symptoms, Wietse filled in any medical gaps. Later on in the day Lindsay phoned and said Tommy-Lee was out of theatre his arm was pined both sides of the broken bones. He is in a lot of pain. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow night.


I had Jay-Jay to stay we played all day with Lego and the car track. Summer loves children and played racing up and down with him. When bed time came he and Summer were very tired.
He had a good nights sleep I did not, spasms and pain hot and cold. Lindsay called round with Tommy-Lee home again from hospital, he said his arm was mended now. Hopefully it will be. but Tommy-Lee heals slowly he has strange blood. He might need another operation if the pins do not work. It was a very bad break the surgeon told her he was very lucky that the bones did not come through the skin. Poor Tommy-Lee.


Another rough night so much pain spasms and ice cold legs but burning hot at the same time. I some times wonder if its worth going to bed at all. I went to the crematorium to see my parents and brother. Six years today since Mum passed a way just a bit less time than I have had RSD.


Today I am out with my next door neighbour Cilla she is a member of a breathing group, she has emphysema and it was there meeting. There was a talk about homemade chocolates with samples - my heaven. So many different flavours like Cherry, Chili, Rum and Raisin plus the usual ones. The chocolates were good so much different to the shop bought ones. They told us all about how its made and the history of chocolate. A very good day I also bought some chocolate to give to Paul and Andrew.

I missed Pilate's because I looked at the clock wrong. I went for a run on my own Petes back is still bad it felt good I ran very easy no problems. A cold day snow is coming. I did the run in just under 26minutes, when I first started the same route took 32 minutes. I wish I could be like this all the time but with RSD its very much up and mostly down. But saying that I think my good times are here for a while I am still in pain but I am coping better may be my body is more used to it now.


I feel very unsteady on my feet I feel tired and my joints hurt not too sure if I am getting something or just doing too much. Time will tell. I have bean getting a lot of nose bleeds my nose is still not right from the time I spent in hospital earlier in the year.

2.30am I thought I would just go on the computer to order summer some food, a special offer on line buy one get one free as her food is £15 a bag its a good saving. A five minute job lasted two hours as things went wrong as the site was playing up. Bed at 4.30.


Physio - Wietse did his usual magic I told him about my run he was very pleased and told me to push through the pain to make the RSD realise that the limbs are still there. Wietse laid down the rules I am not to run in snow or ice or on rough ground or hills. I ran without my ACTIVE ANKLE support, I just forgot to put it on. It helps to keeps my foot in the right place so I do not go over on it. My foot reacted to start with, but then was fine the next day. The more normal things I do the better my body hopefully will become. I will fight this RSD to the end.


First snow of the winter at just gone midnight. Summer was not too sure what had happened but she rolled in it and jumped around she loved it and did not mind the cold one bit in fact I had a job to get her to come inside. There is a lot of snow still to come so its a good job she likes it.
My joints hurt more than they did specially when I am sat.


We have had a lot more snow its looks very white and clean it lights up the garden at night very pretty. Summer is still running round like a mad dog and prefers to be out side but she does get very mucky. She looks cream coloured against the snow. Last nights sleep was in very short bursts.


I am at the Doctors again to update tablets and speak about any problems I have. I told him about my nose bleeds. I am to use some antibiotic cream. My nose inside is very sore and bleeds a lot. I have had a few problems after forgetting to take my tablets at night, very very cold shaking sick feeling,bad head and seeing things. I have bean taking a lot of other tablets so I am not in as much pain, and my body did not ask for them. The Doctor said its addiction to the morphine. There might be a problem with withdrawal when I come off it. I am not too worried as I have done it be for but had to restart them because of the extra pain.
Tommy-Lee arm is set in the right place he has had a new lighter weight plaster put on his arm now it is straight. with no sling. He is a very brave boy.

The snow is now very deep and a lot of the town is shutting down. School are closing. Britain can not cope with snow at all. Its a good job we do not get as much as some other countries.

Well that about it I will finish with some pictures of Summer.

Hello its me

My new Tshirt.

The back view- very smart.

I love my food.

Can I have a lick?

Her teeth are very sharp.

Could I get a job as a secretary?

Toilet training going well.

I am not called Summer Snow for no reason - I love the snow.

If it gets any deeper I will be in trouble.

She has grown a lot and is a hand full at times. She is just about house trained and does a few commands like sit and drop. She does high fives. Andrew taught her to do that

All the best I hope every one is as good as they can be.
Love Gill.


October 1st

Physio Wietse is back to his usual mad self and feeling a lot better. He put needles in difference places this time. Side of my neck and centre of my head. I asked him about what the dentist mentioned about my teeth and gums hurting and was there a link to RSD. He said he had not heard of any facts but he would look into it.Wietse removed the needles. I showed him pictures of Summer he loved her.

Lindsay and the boys have a colds so I have the weekend to my self.


A lot of pain and spasms in the night my legs and right my right knee is hot and swollen my foot burnt like fire. I also have a lot of pain in my RSD foot. I am putting the bed cradle back on tonight to see if that helps. As you can imagine I'm getting a lot less sleep.


The bed cradle helped a little. My knee does not hurt as much as it did. At Pilates I did a lot of difference moves, a few on the roller which I quite like. This session went very well. I am pleased. I feel that my balance has improved also I think I am beginning to tone up a bit, but as some days its too painful to do much exercise.


I had a bit of a fall, Summer got under my feet, I have hurt my ankle its very swollen and bruised. I think I might have sprained it. The pain is bad, its physio tomorrow so I will ask Wietse to have a look at it unless it gets worse then I will go to the hospital to have it checked out.


I have bean waking up very cold with pain from my knees down.
Physio -Wietse had to put in longer needles, its all he had, they hurt a lot more especially the ones in my neck he tweaked them a bit so they calmed down. He looked at my ankle he said its a sprain but only a slight one after a gentle massage it felt a lot better. As I was leaving Michelle spotted a needle Wietse had missed she said it looked like an aerial. They both laughed.


Today is the running clubs Ducks and Drakes run a ten mile one well all most and a five mile race. I went with Paul to marshal, I was going to do the drinks but my hands were not too good I did not know if I could do it without dropping the cups, so I told them which way to run. A lot of people would have said that was not a good idea but no one went the wrong way. When I was a committed runner I used to get lost a lot. The race went very well but the numbers were down on last years figures. The ones that did take part seemed to enjoy it. The chairman had a small stroke a few weeks ago, so Roz took over his job and did it very well with help of course from the other members. Well done to everyone.


Paul and I are going into town to get some posh clothes for a British Gas awards dinner for forty years service. Paul got a dress suit plus shirt and tie. I got a dress and shoes , shoes with a heel these will not be on very long I usually where trainers or wedge heels as these do not hurt me. I can walk in them and so long as my foot does not swell up I will be fine.
Today I am very tired with a lot of pain . My daughter Lindsay and her boys are coming for tea she will help me though. Tea went very well and the boys were very good. They played a lot with Summer as they did not see her last week, they all thought she had grown a lot.
At the end of the day I was exhausted. You think I would sleep better but no.


B12 injection today this one was not too bad, my arm is a little sore.
Helen my hair dresser is cutting and colouring my hair so I will be able to catch up on all her news. I feel very worn out and in a bit of pain. For a few days I have had a sore gunky throat at times very dry and raspy. My temperature changes are still erratic and uncontrollable. No run this week as Pete has hurt his toe, I will probably go on my own at the end of the week if I feel able.


Physio-Much the same as last week with the needles. Wietse massaged my sprained foot and said it felt a lot better, I agreed with him it did to me. Not as much pain, he told me I had still to be very careful when I run on it as I could easily go over on it as its still unstable. He went on to massage my RSD foot which surprisingly was very painful around the ankle I think because my knee has bean so bad that it went unnoticed, but it did quite well about five minutes before it went into spasm. Wietse said when I want I can add a further run, the same as I do now about thirty minutes. That's good news. My knee is not really any better very swollen.
On the way home on the bus I had a sort of a black out, one minute I was at a certain point on the route then I had missed my stop I could not remember any thing from that point. I could have fallen asleep but it did not feel like that.


Today Paul and I are going to a place near Windsor called Thatcham we are staying at the Regency Park Hotel, its a very long way so I do not know how I will cope with the traveling. We are heading there for Paul's award dinner as mentioned earlier. The journey was not good a lot of pain and discomfort. By the time we arrived I was in a lot of pain even though we had two stops.
The hotel was very nice and we got a very large room. There was a box of chocolates on the table, very nice. After a lay down I felt a bit better but still in pain. I had taken IBRUPROFEN and DIHYDROCODEINE to help but it had not done much good. I decided to take OROMORPH this usually works. Time went and it was time to go down for the meal, and to meet the others, about sixty all getting twenty five years service awards or like Paul forty years.

All the award receivers got a bottle of good champagne and the ladies got a flower arrangement. The night was very good we had our picture drawn by a very nice man who was asking me about what condition I had got as he could see I was in pain. That night I took a lot of tablets and OROMORPH. The pain did not want to go. The RSD had got upset. Paul played on the roulette table he used my money as well as his own. I was very high by now. We had bean given some play money. Not before time, for me anyway, it was over and time to go back to the room, a shame as RSD spoilt a good night but I did enjoy most of it.

The journey home was not as bad. We had a stop at a car museum with old cars and famous ones like James Bond Cars, Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds. A Rolls Royce just to mention a few. I enjoyed it a lot I saw lots of old cars that my Dad used to have, he had lots of cars in his time. Another stop later on, then we were home I felt very stiff and in some pain not as much as be for though. I had taken probably four times more tablets I than normally do.


Today I went for a run on my own the same route as be for. I struggled a bit going there it was very cold and windy I think the cold air got to me. Once I got over this I was fine the run back was a lot better. I think I did very well.


A lot of pain in my arms today, the pain in my knee is worse than it was.
I went to the Crematorium. to see my Mum ,Dad and brothers plots. Six years have passed since my parents died they say time heals but at this moment that is not happening I miss them more than I did. Little things like telling them about my day or what the grandchildren have done, silly things a lot of the time, things that made my Mum laugh.I miss Sandy my little dog so much, Summer has helped but she is not Sandy.

Tonight I used a cushion specially for veins in the legs I think it helped or may be I just had a good night.


Pilates went well to a point, my hip and shoulder joints kept coming out there place.
This not a good week regarding pain its out to get me. Everywhere very sensitive,when people touch me I nearly jump out my skin. I have taken a lot of extra tablets and MORPHINE.


Physio- Wietse will have to do magic today I think. Usual needles no massage. He said try cold and hot compresses to my knee to see if that will help. I told him how I had bean feeling very down and negative towards the RSD he said its only natural to feel like this, he said I am doing very well. Try not to let it get to you. I asked him about running keep it up as much as you can beat the RSD in to giving up. The more RSD is reminded that there is a limb there, the more natural the brain will act or that is the theory.


Wayne is here for the weekend, but today I have a violent headache with shooting pain from my neck, I think all the extra tablets etc I have taken have not helped. Its a real killer. My knee is still playing up as well. Lindsay and her boys are also here so there's no chance of much quite time. I have bean using a lot of BIOFREZZE, IBUPROFEN GEL AND DIFFLAM cream. In fact any thing that will help a little and give me a bit of pain relief, still taking a lot of extra tablets.


My head pain is a lot better. I am cooking tea for seven of us tonight. Lindsay will help. Wayne loves my roast dinners. The meal went very good and every body enjoyed it.My knee is very swollen and the typical RSD colour from my foot to the knee. This verifies the RSD has spread, not that I needed much telling. Even Summer touching my knee is painful. The day was good despite the extra pain.


Wayne is going back home to day its bean so nice to have him here a gain. I have bought a laptop off him this is what I am doing my blog on. I can stay down stairs with Summer in stead of using the computer up stairs. I am catching up with some gardening as a lot of things have bean affected by frost.

Summer is doing very well she has settled in like she has always bean here. She has started digging the lawn and is mostly covered in soil. a very white dog is now very black but does she care, not a bit. She prefers to be outside even if its raining. Anything that is at her level becomes hers and you have to chase her to get it back. She has grown a lot and is doing well with her toilet training. She has had her first health check and her first injections. Every thing was fine, another few weeks and she will be able to go out on walks.


Pilates- Today we did a lot of work on the rollers and balls, sitting and rolling, balance and coordination work, it was quite hard to get it all to work but I did. Quite a good session.
A run with Pete that was a good run no problem with breathing a lot of pain in my knee. Pete was worried as I was limping more but I said ignore it and it might go a way.

All in all a better day but still pain. Mark at the running club used to say NO PAIN NO GAIN may be this works with RSD. I certainly have put the work in. I think this is why I am still doing a lot of the things I used to do. I have not let the RSD win. I certainly hope I never will.


Today I have gone with Lindsay, my daughter, to look at a house she is moving into. Andrew my son and Lindsays boys went as well. The house is very nice a lot bigger than her current house. The kitchen it is being done up at the moment but will be ready soon. The boys were very excited as it has got a loft room which may become there play room. The garden backs on to the park they go to as well. I am very pleased for her. All being well they will move in three weeks time.


Physio- I told Wietse what a bad week I had, he asked me about my running I told him Pete was a bit worried as I was limping badly I said I told him not to worry as I was high on MORPHINE plus other tablets which I had taken just to get though the day. Pete was worried to say the least but I told him it was fine as I have taken a lot more in the past. I told Wietse I am convinced that my knee has RSD as all the signs are there such as going purple, shiny, sensitive a lot of the time and did I mention the PAIN. Wietse said keep up the good work and may be it will calm down a little with time.


Not a good day I had bean up a lot of the night with stomach pain and woke to a blinding headache and very dizzy. I was unable to stand so had to go back to bed where I spent most of the day. My head throbed and I had a weird feeling in my stomach, not really sick but strange. Everywhere hurts. Not a good day.

Well thats my month gone again. Quite a mixed up one, some good some not as good but I am still writing so my brain must still work alright - well most of the time.
Hope things are better for you all.
Love Gill.

SEPEMBER-Autumn and Summer

1st September

Today I am at a different Pilate's group run by the same teacher as I lost my place at the other one as was ill for so long. This one is a mixed ability group like I was in before and I enjoyed it a lot. I had forgotten how to a few moves do but with Joannes guidance I was soon doing them right, it was nice to be back to some normality again if that's possible.


Physio - The usual needles, Wietse felt my neck and shoulders and said they felt looser than as they have bean. I agreed that they have bean a lot better. He felt my knee which has not bean too good he said there is some deep muscle damage behind the knee. When he pressed it it really hurt he went on to give it a good massage which was very pain full. He said that should improve things I said I do hope so as it has bean bad.
On the way home it felt worse and kept throbbing but Wietse usually makes it better so I had good faith in him.


Today we are going to look at some Westie pups. We have decided to get another dog as the house seems empty with out little Sandy; a decision I am still not sure is right but I feel so lost. A hard day with lots of tears. When I looked into the mothers eyes, she just gave me a look just like Sandy used to.
The pups are lovely so cute. We have decided to get a puppy a little girl, which will be ready at the end of the month.

Our choice of puppy

Puppy's mum, Snow Badger of Hempdyke.


I am having a LOT of pain today knees wrists. The pain is worst when I am sat if I keep moving it hurts less. I gave in and took a lot of OROMORPH it took the edge off, but still bothered me a lot.


Pilates again I did a lot better this time even managing one called windmills, where your arms and legs go in opposite directions. It is hard to do when my body is not in sync with its self. I was pleased with myself for the first time in ages I feel I am getting some where. Where that is nobody knows.

My grandsons fourth Birthday Tommy-Lee. Paul, Andrew and I went to take his presents we got him a Ben Ten quilt, blanket/fleece, Peppa Pig sticker book and DVDs and some sweets. We also got Jay-Jay his older brother a blanket/fleece so they did not fall out over it. They both loved them.


Physio again. This time my neck and shoulders are very tight and painful I have bean getting head aches this is where he thinks they are coming from. He looked again at my knee again which is not any better. He suggests I go to see my Doctor which hopefully I will do tomorrow.
I do not feel right today more tired than usual and hot and cold may be I have got a bug or some thing .


A rough night with pain, a lot of pain relief taken, too much. Went to see Doctor he thinks my knee is RSD spreading again. I think I already knew this but was hoping it was something else not RSD related. He has given me cream to help with the pain DIFFLAM. This was not a good day. Another set back but I can overcome it. I still feel not right my doctor thinks it might be sleep deprevation and exhaustion it is not helped by all the extra pain relief I have taken just to get thought the day. There are also a lot of bugs going round as well. I could have picked up one of them. I went home to bed as I felt so bad I did manage to sleep a bit as well. spent the rest of the day there.


I now feel a lot better if not a bit week. I feel very down I can not seem to shake the feeling off.
Pilates again I am really getting good at this, I've managed most of the moves but my knee was very sore.


Physio - talked with Wietse about my knee he was thinking the same as the doctor, but not to take it too hard as with all the rest of my RSD it flares up and goes down again and it will do its own thing, good and bad days.


Wayne is here for the weekend to give Tommy-Lee his Birthday present from Florida a tea shirt with his name on it wishing him happy birthday. He loved it as not to be left out he got Jay-Jay his brother a towel. A Micky mouse figure for both of them. Its nice to see Wayne again.

I watched the great North run the best bits and cried all the way through it. I have run it twice so I was running with them. Maybe one day it might happen. This time last year I was not running at all now I can manage a very short one of half an hour on a good day so all is not lost yet.


In town today I slipped off a kerb and started my foot hurting a lot. Later on that day I dropped my Jelly Baby mug that Andrew got me as a present and it broke. I cried. I loved that mug. My hand just gave way. Not a good day.


My hand is swollen and bruised I think I may have sprained it as it hurts a lot. I some times wonder how much pain I would be in if I did not take all the pain killers I do, its a thought that bothers me. Today I got Paul a reclining chair for his birthday on Sunday. An electric one its very nice I hope he likes it.


Pilate's went well. Another good run with Pete a very warm one my knee was painful to start with then settled down a bit a good day.


No physio Wietse is ill, get better soon. I cleaned up down stairs and was very tired so in the afternoon had a lay down in my chair (recliner). I felt much better after wards. My hand is not as sore now and I am able to move it more.



Car journey home.

First time on grass.

Her new little basket.

In the Action man tent I made for Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.

We picked up are little pup. We are calling her Summer, her pedigree name is Helmictican Summer Snow. She is very cute and has grown a little bit since last time we saw her.
The ride home was good, she is very at home in the car. She sat on Andrews knee and kept giving him kisses. When we got her home she ate her food and seemed very settled. The night was also good. I feel a bit better about her now she is here. I think she will help me a lot. I can not replace Sandy or the love I had for her but I think I have more love to give to this little one


I fell down the stairs and hurt my elbows, wrist again and back. I just lost my balance I think, it shook me up a lot but it could have bean worse. Paul's Birthday He had already got his chair which he loves I made him a cake plus he got other presents from the family a good day.


I ache a lot with the fall and I am bruised and grazed on my elbows and back. Summer is a little live wire, gaining more confidence every day. She is eating and sleeping well.


Pilates went well. I am having a lot of spasms all over my body and my muscles are tight. I have had a head ache for a few days may be its lack of physio. My temperature is all over the place, hot and sweating, then changing to ice cold. This did improve but has started again. A lot of joint pain late at night not able to get free of pain.


Dentist I was suppose to have a filling but the dentist took an x-ray and said the tooth was not as bad as she thought so I got a way without one its a bit inflamed. I have bean using sensodyne tooth paste I sure it has helped. I dropped my other Jelly Baby mug the one my daughter got me the same as be for it just dropped out my hand.

My run with Pete went well I got round the route with out stopping again about half an hour may be less this . I was pleased with the way I ran. I will fight this RSD with all I have got even though it has more than likely spread.

Well that's about all for now its bean a mixed month. The best was getting Summer.
Hope you are all as well as you can be and fighting the dreaded RSD.
Good luck and best wishes Gill.

AUGUST-Hunstanton and Halifax

August 2nd

Paul and I are going away for a few days. We intended to go to Wales, but as I have not bean too good, we decided to go to Hunsanton we went there once to look at a electric three wheeler bike, and I liked what I saw. It is so quiet and peaceful not commercial like a lot of seaside towns.
When we arrived we had not booked anywhere as we did not know where we were going till that morning. The bed and breakfast we chose was very nice, the owners very friendly and the place very comfortable.

They even let me watch DVDs in the lounge late at night and early morning, the breakfast was cooked to our liking, very nice, it just about filled me up most of the day with only a light snack at dinner.

The bed and breakfast where we stayed.

One day was spent looking round Hunstaton and the close by villages. A lot were very pretty and so quite. These are some of the pictures we took along the beach.

We visited a lavender farm I got a lot of cuttings, you was suppose to buy them but I just took a few pieces from the plants. They sold a lot of organic foods we bought some flour and Paul bought some cider and beer.

We also went in to Kings Lynn a shopping town near by. We walked round a lot of the shops, too many - I was hurting and my body was getting very tight. We decided to call it a day and went back to the bed and breakfast. After a rest we went for a meal which was very good and a walk along the beach then back to the room .

The only rain we had was during the night or late evening. The few days we had were very good and I enjoyed them. Soon it was time for home with a stop and sandwiches on the way. I can not travel for long distances with out pain so we have to stop a lot. We arrived home but I was in a lot of pain from the extra walking and traveling but nevermind Wietse will sort me out tomorrow.


Physio I think I need it. Wietse put in the usual needles we talked then after the needles came out he massaged my very tight neck and shoulders. He said there were very tight and stiff as he pulled and pressed the pain was quite bad then suddenly something sort of jumped and I felt instantly a lot better, if not still very sore. He continued to massage more I could feel them getting less tight. After he had finished he looked me straight in the eye and said how does that feel, or do I need to ask I said no my face said it all. I know I will feel the benefit over the next few days.


Today I am up early 7am a very short night, bed at 4am as Paul and I decided to do a car boot at the local foot ball club Lincoln City. When we were there last there were loads of stalls so we though it would be a good place. WRONG there was only one more stall there as we got there early we thought there would be more people turning up we were very wrong just the two of us and they went at ten o'clock. We picked the wrong venue, next time we are going else where but we still made ten pounds about and did not pay for the stall. The man we spoke too at the grounds said it was though lack of adverting and another one opening up quite close bye. Next time we are going to that one.


Today my right hand RSD side is dropping things like the kettle lucky for me the water was cold. My fingers are turning white, this usually happens in the winter when my hands get very cold caused by RAYNARD'S but its very warm at the moment so I am unsure what is going on. I think maybe its the RSD spreading, as I am getting some signs of this, burning pain, tingling and some times hyper-sensitive. I am getting a lot of spasms in my right leg and sometimes left leg mostly at night.

My bite that got infected has now improved a lot and is no longer infected but another bite I got is. I am not going to the Doctors at this time as its not as bad as the last bite. RSD must taste good. My right eye is very red and sore that seems to be infected also. I think my body is giving up or going bad. My throat is also sore and red. This could be from overdoing things from the Hunstanton trip


Another car boot this time lots of stalls we made about fifty pounds this time and some things we cold have sold more than once like a little monkey/micro bike. A lot better day but very tired I was up about six o'clock but it was worth it. Had a lay down and a little sleep in the afternoon.


First go on the strider since I broke my ribs. It felt alright, even though I only did ten minutes, its a start. My ribs were alright. I am still having problems with my fingers. They are reacting to hot and cold things as well as pressure from holding things like knives or bags. Still getting lots of spasms. My eye has improved and is not as red also the bite has gone down. I have now got a cough but not too bad. My knee has bean giving me trouble as well it feels like its on back to front and keeps swelling up.


Today I am going for a run with Pete. It is the first since I did my ribs so I am expecting it to be hard. Both because of my knee and because of lack of exercise over the last few weeks. You may think I am crazy going for a run but I get a lot of pain if I do nothing and not a lot more if I do things so I might as well be happy and do things. The run went well not many stops or too much pain. On the way back it rained very hard but I did not mind as I like running in the rain so did Pete. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Pete.


Physio again today. Wietse did the usual. I asked him about my knee he said there is something not right it could be the way I walk or walking more, and running. He gave it a massage. I am to mention it to the Doctors next time I go. He said he thinks my fingers are a classic case of RAYNARDS even though its not cold it can happen.


My temperature changes are still very much up and down with not a lot of control over them.
I had a bath with Epsom salts as I have bean told it can help with pain. I did not put much in as Wietse told me it can upset the RSD. I don't want that.


At the Doctors today. I asked him about my knee he thinks it may be bone pain from my osteoporosis as I told him what it felt like. He thinks the same as Wietse about the the way I walk that could be causing it or at the least not helping it. All my tablets are to stay the same for now till I get over the extra pain. He said considering what I have bean though the last six years I am doing very well. Sometimes it does not feel like it though.


I am having my hair cut and coloured. My hair dresser comes to the house and has bean for about five years. So it makes it a lot easier and nicer for me. The finished result looks very good.
My right hand over the last few days has bean quite strange its bean very cold and I keep letting go of things. I have dropped a lot cutlery and plates just seem to slip through my fingers. My fingers on my right hand have bean turning white and purple and are very painful.
But when did my body act normal?


Physio much the same. I am heading off to Halifax for a few days to my oldest son house, to look after his cat while he is on holiday in Disneyland Florida. Wietse has told me not to over do it and to be very careful on the many hills as not to make my knee any worse.

Timmy cat.


Did I see a spider? He loves spiders.

The first night I slept fairly well considering its a different bed but it is very quiet here. Timmy cat was very pleased to see me. A neighbour close by has bean looking after him up to now but, nobody was stopping there. I have bean doing lots of walking maybe too much, getting totally lost one day.
A cat that made friends on the day I got lost.

He has got a very unusual face.

My knee is swollen and sore at the moment. The pain does not seam to get any worse when I use it in fact its worse when I put it up on my foot stool. I am doing a few bits for Wayne as its a long day to be doing nothing but not too much as I am meant to be having a rest.

When you get up high you can see for miles the views are very soothing. Just about everywhere there are big hills. I saw quite a few squirrels but could not get a picture of one as they were too fast for me. Well its time to say good bye to Timmy and Halifax for now. While I have bean away Paul ,has just about finished the bedroom decorating off, its looks very nice.

Love Gill.

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