September Physio

The pain in my foot did not seam to be getting any better at all it was numb and a strange colour and I had trouble moving it.

I went to the docs he though I had torn a muscle so sent me to a physio [sue] who said I had a grade 3 tear and 2 grade 2 tears, 3 being the worst possible tear you can get , rest physio and  you will be fine. The pain continued to get worse by now my foot was blue/ purple very swollen and  painful, sensitive to touch, hot felt like cold ,cold like hot giving way under me all the time and not sleeping because of pain.Sue gave me a stick to use as my hands wear better by now all so did ultrasound and tens on my foot to help the pain nothing seamed to work I though I was going mad!!!??? - I was put on 8 TRAMDOL a day for the pain.

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