Went out with Andrew and Summer for a walk. My body felt very heavy and I was out of breath a lot, but it was so good to be on the common once more, even if it was just for a short time. Summer was pleased I was there as well. She has enjoyed Andrew talking her, as he played ball with her a lot more than I do. She came back puffing and panting, but very happy. I am still having to rest a lot, so a bit more knitting  


Out with Summer on my own today; we did not go too far and she played with her ball first. I kick it so no bending down to pick it up. Summer will either play for ages or just a few kicks. Today it was a short time. Home again and a sit-down, my throat is sore today, and coughing a lot more. I ache a lot too, is this COVID, RSD, or FIBO? I am still not able to go up the stairs walking, instead on my hands and knees. A least I am improving slowly but does not seem like it some days.  


A painful lump has come up on my left leg in my vein. On that leg, there are bad varicose veins. The lump is very hot and red. The leg keeps going into spasms which is very painful. I will try to get an appointment to see a Doctor or Nurse on Monday. I think it could be PHLEBITUS or THROMBOSIS. 


Paul rang up for me as he was up first up, as with most Doctors you have to ring up just after eight. A voice tells you how many are in the queue ahead of you. There were thirty-five and after half an hour it only went down from five people to twenty-five. Paul just hung up. Monday is a very busy day so try again tomorrow. Saw Debbie with one of her dogs, Kippling on our walk. She said it was good to see me out again, as it was to see her. I have not seen her since 19 October. Same with Mary and Rory, Pat and Milo. Resting today as I hurt my leg is more painful today. So a bit more of the blanket I am now on the decreasing rows so each row is one stitch less. Cheryl's gloves are now finished. She is very pleased with them and says they keep her fingers warm when on her bike.

Cheryl's gloves.


Paul got me an appointment for eleven am today. Thank you, Paul. So I will soon find out what it is. Saw Mary and Pat on the common with their dogs. Rory was very pleased to see Summer. Summer was more pleased to see Mary as that means treats. She did give Rory kisses. Milo never makes much fuss but did sniff her as usual. Mary said I looked very pale. The Doctor said I have PHLEBITUS  I have bean given a tube of gel, more for the pain than the lump, to use three times a day.  The Doctor said it should go down over the next two weeks or so. I am to go back if no improvement. I am to raise my legs when I can, but this makes them go into very painful spasms. Walking back home was painful and I was pleased to get there.


A very windy day, very blustery on the common. Summers fur was very fluffed up, and she looked a lot more Puplike. She does not mind the wind in fact she goes a bit crazy and runs around a lot more. Paul is cleaning the downstairs carpets today. We have a very good carpet cleaner, 'A Bissel pro-heat 2x revolution deep cleaner.' This works very well and the carpets are touch dry within a couple of hours. They do look a lot cleaner too. I am now back on the straight needles for the knitted blanket. So it will not be long now before it's finished. 

The old garage at the back of us is changing all the time, all the buildings have gone and the workmen have started on the foundations. The front part of the old people's home has bean passed for work to begin. The part that is nearer to us is still waiting for approval.

Big piles of soil or crunched-up brick and concrete. They look like bunkers that the soldiers used in the war.


Paul doing a bit more of the carpets this time the stairs and landing. I have bad backache today making me feel a bit sick. Hopefully, this will go off later in the day. It did not and started to spasm up. I think it's with the extra sitting I have bean doing over the last few weeks. Summer is a bit off it today and even looks unhappy in her face and eyes. She could be tired, as not sleeping much during the day.


Paul cleaned my chair and it looks good. We swapped the chairs over, the front room chair is a lot narrower so it was not really big enough for both of us to sit in comfortably. Summer spread out and left me very little room. Even then she was pushing me with her feet. The chair should be dry tomorrow or the next day. My back is still tight and spasming at times. My leg lump seems a bit better and less painful.  


A very foggy start, quite thick on the common. Summer had a good walk. We saw Mary as we were going home through the park gate, Summer still got her treats, and she gave Rory a kiss, he looked a bit sad that we were not going with them today for our walk. I said to him he will able to have a good roam, but not too far away from Mary. We said our goodbyes and went home. My back is no better still spasms and pain. My friend Lyn's Birthday is today, I was going to see her but she said to come another day as her family is there today. I was quite pleased as would not have stopped very long. Have a good day Lyn, Happy Birthday to you.


A lot of back pain today, and my lower back and the top of my hips are quite sore. My leg lump hurts as well very tight. I have bean rubbing the gel in, this helps a little but till it goes down it will continue to hurt. I also used some on my back and hips its only IBRU gel just quite a bit stronger. I will use anything that will help with the pain.


Back a little better not as tight. Clean up so I think that will get the muscles moving. I cleaned out the deep fryer as well. I put a bit of soapy water in the bowl and leave it for a while. Cup of tea while it does its job. Back to the fryer, I decided to wipe the bottom of it.... yes while the water was in there. Water all over the clean cooker top and on the floor. Not a good move, a half-hour job turned into over an hour or more after doing the cooker and floor. 

Later finished off Debbie's blanket I am pleased with it and bigger than I thought it would be. 

My friend John came round to see Paul and me, He is well and enjoyed his tea and cake.


Rain again we have had quite a lot of it and the common is very muddy. Very tired today so having a rest day doing a bit more of the gloves for Roberto.

The gloves I made for Roberto are not good for him as he is allergic to wool. Never mind, Binaca can have two pairs, and I will make him two more. One pair with fingers one without. The wool is some that Andy across the road gave to me last week and is knitting up nicely. 


My friend Angela and her Brother who is here for a few days from Wales came to see us. We have not seen her for quite a while so it was very nice. Went out to his car, as he had left his dog in there. He did not know how he would be with Summer. He is a cute dog, again another rescue. 


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came around and we played Monopoly, I won. This did not go down very well with Jamie-Lee she does not like losing. I said to her this is the first time I have ever won while playing with them. She soon got over it, especially when Lindsay said they were staying for tea Chinese tonight. 


Rain again Summer decided we were going down Sincil Bank today. Really it's not much cleaner than the common, as the holes that lead into the river get blocked and the water just stands on the road. I have a good tread on my wellies, but it only takes two seconds to be on your back like I was on the cobbles once, sliding down on my bum. This hurts and leaves bruises. I have finished off the first pair of gloves for Roberto 


B12 injection today, this did not hurt too much this time. Blood test as well.  Going to see my friend Lyn with her Birthday present. Paul took me and I am coming back by bus. A nice day just chatting and catching up with each other's life..Very cold waiting at the stop and yes, it was raining again.   


In town today not bean for a while, last time was when my Covid was just starting to come out. I am meeting Joy. Took her presents for Christmas and Birthday as probably not see her again this year. She is still keeping well. got a few bits as presents too. Felt a long way coming home as I've still not got all my strength back yet, or my sense of smell or taste. I can feel things like curry or ginger on my tongue but not taste or smell them. I suppose it will soon be back. Wayne said his went as well when he had covid. Very tired later and had quite a bit of pain in my back and hips, my legs are OK.


Sunny today, and yes not raining. Washed the bedding and it dried as well. Did a bit in the garden just tidying and trimming a few plants and the roses. I always trim back Karol's rose bush as he likes the roses and shows them to his Mum in Poland. Looking after them for him helps me as well. If they get green fly so do mine so it works both ways, and I cut a few of the roses as well. Finished off Roberto's second pair of gloves so now they have two pairs each. I  made Emmie a cardigan for her Christmas present a while ago, so a picture of them both.


Gloves for Roberto and Bianca.

Cardigan for Emmie.


Did all the ironing it took roughly an hour and a half. Now the gloves are done Andrew would like me to make him a hoodie. This will be the first time in ages I will be making adult-sized clothing. I mostly make children's things and toys. Hopefully, it will go well. There is no pressure to get it done so I can take my time with it.


Not as cold today but got damp and got colder as the day went on. Met on the common another rescue dog from Romania. Mary was talking to the lady that was with him. Rory was playing with him and later Summer did too. I squatted down to stroke him and he climbed on my knee. I think he was cold, as only a little dog something like a Chihuahua. One thing with Summer; she is not jealous at all. 

Well, nearly Christmas and the end of another year. I suppose it's not bean too bad for me, I have had worse years. The covid is about gone, just a froggy throat and a bit of a cough. I still have no proper taste.  Summer is well and still enjoying her walk and sleeping on my chair if she can. Hope things are going as well as they can be, all the best love Gill and Summer.

Here are things that I have made through the year to sell now:

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