November Finally escaped.



Well first full day back, tired and weak, but very pleased to be home. Most of my bruises have gone also all the grazes. Just resting, not much else I can do. Using a frame to walk, as I said still very weak, you would think after nearly six weeks mostly in bed I would be raring to go. Quite the opposite but I have bean in this position before, too many times since the end of last year. So I know I will get strong again I have to I have plans in my head.


Two seizures in the early morning, a lot of pain in my legs two lots OXINORM was needed to stem the pain twenty mls in all. Finely got back to sleep but by now it was morning.

The rest of the day I watched two films and two Doctor Who's. I record things to watch after Paul has gone to bed. Just lately I have bean going to bed a lot earlier, not sleeping all night though awake a lot. I think the extra drugs have a lot to do with this. I do feel more tired than I used to.


I am feeling a bit stronger and not using the frame as much now. Spoke to one of the ladies, Barbara, I met in hospital and she is doing well.
Had a phone appointment with Doctor Mehta he said I am ANAEMIC again and need to start Iron tablets again, but B12 is good. Why was this not picked up in hospital? Andrew has now got a new tooth to replace the gap he has had for a while, it looks good. He has trouble now with another tooth and again has a red cheek.

My legs were very jumpy after going to bed. This scares me as this is how the seizures start.


Not a good night a lot of pain throughout my whole body. Paul thought I was going to have seizures, so did I, but I managed to breathe through them somehow. Wietse breathe.
All Lindsay's little ones are ill with some sort of stomach virus. Jay-Jay also has an ear infection and bad head and is in a lot of pain.


A seizure early morning but only one. Everytime I have these seizures I feel drained and very tired, the more I have at a time the worst I feel.

Jamie-Lee is looking after her brothers as she had the virus first and is feeling a little better but still a leaky bum as Lindsay calls it. She is giving them pretend medicine but she made Tommy-Lee pay for his with her play money. He asked if she was a nurse she said NO a Doctor. I am sure with Jamie-Lee looking after them they will recover very fast.


Much the same as the last few days I will be pleased when I can get on the South common again with Summer. I got dressed for the time since I went in hospital so that must be some improvement.

A big surprise later Wayne turned up after tea. He has come to stay till Monday, so good to see him and he looks well. He saw Summer looking very smart as she had a trim yesterday.


Wayne was woken by the solar powered little figures that were on his window sill, 4 of them so quite a noise. (Little men that move and dance, click clack when its light) I had forgot about them.
                                                     Wayne's little friends or not??

Paul cooked dinner, turkey with everything very good too. As usual Wayne had a few things to do on the computer and we both spoke to Andrew later.


Saw Doctor Mehta he is keeping me on the energy drinks to get a bit of weight back on as I am not eating a lot yet. I weigh 7 stone 10 pounds so not as much weight loss as other times. The drinks I am on are Fresbin juicy  300 kcals each and I am meant to have 2 a day plus another called Fresubin Shots 120ml a day about 600 kcals tastes like melted ice cream 3 of them a day. He is reducing the tablets slowly, 1 DIAZAPAM knocked off today. He has heard from Doctor Solanus and the Professor he spoke of earlier is going to see me, but when I don't know. Maybe he saw something on the DVD that the others did not or he is interested in my case. Either way its a step forward.

By tea time Wayne was back in Halifax and back with Timmy cat. Timmy was happy to see him home safe again.


A quite day caught up with a bit of television. My arm I badly hurt in hospital is slowly getting better but still painful at times.
The peace did not last long Lindsay and family came round, the boys were pleased to see me as I was away from them a long time. Big hugs all round. I asked Jamie-Lee if she had missed me, she thought a bit then said lots. 


Not a good night 4 seizures, while I was having one I fell out of bed, this Paul thinks, it was a good 3 minutes long. 4 more shorter ones followed. I have carpet burns on my arm, head, finger, leg, and foot is quite sore.

Just as most of my sores and bruises had healed as well. I felt very tired and had a bad head, I had 10mls of OXINORM. Finally I went to sleep, waking up very stiff and sore.
I was hoping these things had finished as the last one was the 6th November. I was wrong.


Paul is at an IA meeting today so Lindsay is here with me plus the family. Lindsay had brought a big stew with her for dinner tomorrow. I am looking forward to that and so is Paul. A good day a bit noisy especially Jamie-Lee.
Jamie had brought her Doctors coat and was looking after me. Tommy-Lee said he had broke his leg and needed some medicine. Jamie-Lee said it was bed time, he would have to wait till morning. She laid in Summers basket and covered herself up with Summers blanket and pretended to go to sleep. She then said get up, Tommy-Lee for some reason only she knows had bean told to lay under the table. He said can I have some medicine now please for my broken leg No she said I am still tired and going back to bed. Later she told him his leg was better and did not need anything and was to go home.


Last night when I went to bed I was in a lot of pain "HOW" ?? with everything I am on? A very unsettled night which resulted in 5 seizures 1 was 3 minutes plus long, the others about a minute long each. A horrible headache. I had 20 mls of OXINORM and 400mg IBRUES before I felt anything like better.
Paul said they are not as violent as they used to be. So maybe they will wear themselves out.
Yesterday I was a bit snuffly so I thought I was getting a cold so I took ECHINACEA herbal tablets. I think they help if you feel like you're getting something like a cold or a virus etc.

In the afternoon my friend Lyn came to see me and brought me some lovely roses thank you Lyn.
I have know Lyn since 1979 when Wayne was born, her son David was born a few days later. Very nice to see her we caught up on all the family stuff.


Two more seizures early morning one lasted 3 minutes, 1 about a minute. 10mls of OXINORM to get rid of the pain before the seizures and after. Plus IBRU'S the pain was worse in the RSD foot and the left side of neck and head.

Not doing too much, I just want to be out on the common with Summer and getting my life back.
My left arm is about recovered now so I think soon I will be able to carry on knitting. I do enjoy that.


Fair night, took me a while to get to sleep. Paul said I was kicking my legs a lot and making noises like I was in pain. I was awake a few times but better than the last two nights.
Since coming home the pain levels night and day have bean very mixed, you would think what pain stuff I am on I would have none. Sadly it does not seem to work that way.

Paul sister Michelle, and Pete her husband called round late morning to see us. It was her Birthday two days ago but they were in London. They had a good time.

I escaped later in the day, we went to do a bit of shopping in town when I say bit that's what I mean we were out less than a hour but it was so good to be outside and doing normal things for a change. I was tired, yes, but a good tired. Thank you Paul.


Early morning another seizure about three minutes long, Paul said only one this time. I have bean resting quite a lot. I did help Paul a bit with tidying the cupboards. A sleep in the afternoon. I felt more tired after it than before.


Another fair night but not the best I have had a bit of pain and spasms.

Going into town today to do a bit of Christmas shopping, yes I know it might be a bit early for some.
Last year things did not go well and the seizures started on the 12th December, I came home on the 19th December. I can remember being high on MORPHINE at the time and wandering around Lincoln not sure what I was doing, Shopping with Paul who had a bad back. We got it all sorted with the help of Amazon as well.

Later while in the bath I had a seizure but Paul did not hear me until most of it was over. I banged on the bathroom door. I always keep the door open. When I recovered I was alright and had no injuries. Just a wet bath room floor. I had no more later.


In town with Paul again, I've not bean out on my own yet unless going next door counts. We are getting more presents, we have now done most the relatives and friends. Just the children and grandchildren to do. We have got ideas for some.

We bumped into Barbara, who I was in hospital with, and her friend, Barbara is doing well. We had a cup of tea with them so nice to see her and her friend as well. Sonia the lady who was in at the same time was not doing so good last time we spoke. Come on Sonia get better. Well back to the shopping then home. Very tired to the point of exhaustion and after a drink I went to bed for a long sleep about two hours or more, but I felt more tired when I got up.


Helping Paul cleaning up, I am doing the kitchen, and helping him vacuum my porcelain doll collection. I started collecting these about thirty five years ago. Most are Leonardo or Alberon as the name was changed.

 All my dolls.

My friend Nes came round with Emmie her little girl who is just a bit older than Jamie-Lee but a lot different. She is very gentle and quiet not like Jamie-Lee at all. She is Ben's sister who I've mentioned a few times.


Today is a special day its Paul's Birthday two months late. We are going to a local Indian Restaurant later.
Before that Paul is my little cook today, as we are making the Christmas cakes, only three this year. One for us and two for presents. Trouble was we cooked them all today and they took the full time plus an extra bit.

 They look good and smell even better as there is rum in them.

So we are going out late, nearly nine but it was worth it, very good. I am not a Indian fan usually more Chinese one but really enjoyed the meal. I gave Paul a present he thought he was getting at Christmas, a watch so he was over whelmed. I had it engraved as well.

Paul with his watch.
Paul's watch.
Me still looking a bit fragile.
The place we went to was called the Spice House on Lincolns top end of High Street.We can both recommend it.                                                                         


Early morning, about two thirty, I was woken up by pain and my legs kicking and body shaking. I thought I was going to have another seizure. I did Wietse breathe and somehow managed to fight it off. This might not have bean a seizure just a bad spasm what ever it was, I am pleased it went no further
Paul had to give Summer a bath as she got so mucky on the common. She likes to slide on her belly in puddles and mud.

 All clean and so soft now.
 All tired out.

I hope it has come to the time for these things to stop now. The rest of the day there were no more I am pleased to say.
My friend Sally was coming today, but now is coming on Monday instead. Looking forward to seeing her very much.


At last a walk on the small common with Summer and Paul. Brilliant to be out walking with her again. Summer loved it as well. I think she knows her mum is getting better.
For the last few day I have bean getting a lot pain in the back of both calf's. This is just down the back not like when I used to run long distance or a lot of miles over a few days. This is worse after being in bed or sitting, a lot of the time its hard to walk to start with. This eases after walking around and does not hurt as much or some times not at all. Could be tablets- as still on a lot of extras or circulation. Also another weird thing as well the iron tablets I am taking usually make me constipated but this time they have not.


Not a good night, awake most of it and not sure why, not really that much pain or spasms. You would think with all the pills I am on I would be out like a light. I think my body has got used to the extras. 

Doing some gardening as it got a bit untidy and over grown all the nice weather we had while I was in hospital. Not bean quite as good since I came home. Today was a good day so we were both working and got it all done. Pleased to say it looks a lot better now ready and all ready for winter. I was talking to Wayne and he said next weekend is going to be very cold minus temperatures, then snow. That is in Halifax so we might not get the same.

Today Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee attended there first Aikido Tournament.



 All the students that took part.


 Jay-Jay doing his moves.


Tommy-Lee doing his moves.

Big surprise Jay-Jay won his tournament.
A proud Jay-Jay with his sensei and another winner.
All the winners, plus one other.

Tommy-Lee was a little disappointed he did not win but he is younger and there were more entries in his class. His time will come.

Christmas is nearly here and as you see from the blog a better month for me hopefully even better in January. Hope you are all as well as can be. Have a good Christmas Love Gill.


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