Eye test today the optician said my eyes were good and have improved since the last test. They were damaged when I had the seizures in and by the pool on holiday August 2016. Left eye the worst as it was scraped. My eyes took a long time to recover needing two new stronger lots of glasses. So its good news all round no test for two years.


Sorting out the garden which has bean neglected this year. Got all the dead plants and weeds into the green bin. I took a lot of cuttings of fuchsias and put them in the greenhouse, hopefully some will take root. Some will be for Wayne's garden as there is a lot.


Summer had her haircut today looks like a little pup again. So soft and white.

  So pretty.


Spoke to Doctor Metha about my knee (this was a phone call not a visit) he said it will need surgery, whether keyhole or more major he does not know. I asked him about muscle relaxants and he said for me BACLOFEN is the best. I still have some from last time so I have started taking them, only one a day to see if this helps as only a little help needed.

I like Doctor Who and have bean watching this, I am not sure about the new one- Jodie Whittaker.    A lady this time but, we will see, this weeks was good.


No Pilate's today knee quite sore. I can not get it to stop hurting at all.

Played Scrabble later with Andrew and Hannah. A good game I won by one point. I kept getting vowels, seven at one point. Andrew had none.

A lot of pain in my legs when I went to bed.


Met a lady on the South Common that rescues Westies and she had a new one. This dog lost his lady owner, she went into Hospital and never came home, then was mistreated by her partner, not being fed and was hit. Poor dog first he looses his Mum then gets mistreated. If he did not want the dog why did he not bring it in sooner had it not suffered enough ?
Anyway it's doing well now he came right up to me and was getting some fuss. All her rescue dogs have come to me for a fuss but not to anyone else. Maybe they sense kindness.


AGE UK very busy today every table taken up all the time. Even when Jenny and I left at 2-00pm there were still 4 tables in use. Bit of shopping then home. I got myself some new pyjamas soft and fleecy so should be warm, might help my legs keep warm too.

Very tired, more exhaustion I hurt just about everywhere, RSD is having a field day with my knee. Even the right one now hurts a lot. Just leave me alone a bit will you. I have forgotten whats it like
to have no pain.


Got a letter from the knee consultant cancelling the appointment-- what this time booked into bum surgeon or something. The next letter I got on the same day gave me a new appointment for the next week. When will I see someone hopefully then, unless.!!!!.

Went to the crematorium to see Mum, Dad and Phillip- I put on some flowers. Stopped a while then Summer and I headed off home. On the way back Summer got tired and I decided to carry her a bit. A fair walk for her and her little legs I picked her up, and she jumped and slipped to the floor. She seems alright but later on limped and was hardly walking. I thought she may be broken her leg.
I pressed it but it seemed alright. I decided to hang on going to the vets and see how she went on.
She did improve but was in a bit of pain.


Summer's leg I think is a bit better she is still limping but is using it more. Gave her a rest no walking on the common today.

Shopping today with Paul. Got a few presents for Christmas.


More improvement with Summer's leg. I am so pleased no vets trip needed this time. I think she had pulled a muscle.

Making bread today, I could not make out the quantity needed-- it might as well have bean in Chinese. Put in too much salt.  My mind could not work it out at all. I am told this is BRAIN FOG common in RSD. I know this is happening more now than it used too. Also staring black out seizures. I hurt everywhere, standing, sitting or laying.


Hell of a lot of pain in my joints never letting up at all. PLEASE STOP I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

My face to face with Doctor Metha has bean changed again. When I see him it will be now on 11th December and the next day for my knee unless it's changed again. I was hoping to see the knee consultant first but at this rate I will be lucky to see anyone.


Took Summer on the Fairground Common as its flatter. I have bean going down Sincil Bank the last few days and not very far either, better for her at the moment. Her leg is good, hardly a limp now but I can see its not quite right yet.

My knee is very tight and sore today even when sitting down the pain will not stop..


Age Uk very steady almost quiet but it was nice not to be rushed off our feet.
The volunteers coordinator has left suddenly, she will not be missed by us the volunteers as she was not a peoples person and hardly spoke to us..

Squidge came round and asked me to look after Ben and Emmie (two doors away) for a few hours while they went out, I said I would. Another knock on the door a bit later, and Ben's (from next door) carer was stood there. She was worried about Ben as he was unresponsive. One of Bens relations came later and we both stopped with Ben. I held his hand and talked to him giving him the occasional kiss on his head. We ended up calling an Ambulance as we could not get any of his close family on the phone. He was not good, but they did not take him to hospital. He is coming to the end of his life. I got to look after the children Ben and Emmie a lot later than expected.

 I went back round to next door later, and Ben's son was there. I said if you need me I will sit with him. His other son arrived later so I was not needed. I went to bed around 5am but could not sleep for a long while.

December 1st

Ben slipped away around dinner time. His same carer came round very upset as she thought he had gone.  I gave him a kiss and held his hand to say good bye. We phoned 999 and they came to sort him out and confirm what we had thought.


November (1)

November 1st

B12 and Health check with nurse, both went well. 9% chance of getting any old age things like blood pressure and heart problems. This is good as both parents suffered with both of these. Plus weight and life style type 2 Diabetus. My waist was good 27.5 " or 70cm as this it what they go by for ahead problems. So all OK I did not think there would be any problems. I have never bean a heavy weight even when pregnant. I weigh now 8stone eleven pounds with shoes and clothes on..

Rang Age UK as I am not going tomorrow they were not very happy but I feel like I need another week. The  seizures really take the stuffing out of me, and leaves me very week and of course more pain. The bruises and black eyes are a lot better now and beginning to go.


A frosty cold start to the day. Paul's friend  Lynne came round and brought sausage rolls these were very rich and later upset my IBS,

Making Barbie tent or trying to any way. This is out of pink fur and will have sleeping bags. Not going too well at the moment, so starting again. I could not work out how to fold the sleeping bags as they have a liner and are padded. I was told its BRAIN FOG. May be it was or just being a fool. I am going to restart tomorrow.


Tent going a lot better today. What ever it was yesterday causing the problems is going well today.
I got the tent just about all finished and think it looks pretty good.


Machining today- towels, trousers and the sleeping bags. Worked out how to do them. Got them all done the Barbies will be warm now.

 Inside the tent ready for bed.
Husky will look after us- lights out -night night.


Not a good day temperature wise, it's all over the place, mine that is not the weather. It has not bean this bad for a while. Sweating and cold over and over again so many times though out the day. Weather it's my body readjusting after  the seizures or what. I know its a nuisance, and one that RSD suffers have to put up with. Lot of knee pain as well the last few days. The left one with the tear. Hopefully soon it will be sorted out.

Loads of fireworks going off and Summer is not happy. She is not afraid of them but I think she wants to chase them.

Made Christmas cake no 1, a sherry one this time, 3 to go. Not as many this year I am finding it harder each year to do them.

Had a quick few minutes sleep and woke and was not sure where I was or even if it was day or night as 6-20. I thought I had bean asleep downstairs and it was morning. Took me a few minutes to work it out. Paul was at football so I think that's what threw me as we would have bean having tea or washing up normally. I know it was a weird and unsettling feeling.


Not at Pilate's this week next hopefully. IBS playing up big time first I can't go then I can't stop going. Stomach bloated and sore. Not feeling much like eating either. A lot of this is extra tablets I know. Take the tablets plays up the IBS don't take them extra PAIN. You can't win with RSD.


In town today first time since the seizures. Got a lot of Christmas and Birthday presents. I felt tired but it was nice to be out apart from the common. Angela came round for Paul to sort out trains for her to go to York. This was soon done


Phoned up Newark Hospital as instructed from letter to make sure they had my knee scan. A few minutes later they rung back and said I was booked in to a ANKLE AND FOOT SURGEON NOT A KNEE SURGEON. This is bad as know I have to wait for another appointment 5th Dec. Nothing seems to be going right to get to see someone about my knee, 6 weeks for the scan now this. I now need to go to Nottingham and not Newark this time. Lincoln is not taking on till next year as they are in shush a state. Well hopefully this will be going ahead unless they have booked me into a breast Clinic!!!

Age UK went well we were not crazy busy but steady I was pleased as it gave me chance to have a rest and a bit of a sit down. Everyone was pleased to see me back. Even some of the customers missed me.
A good day but tired when I got home.

Andrew got a free sofa bed for his room and him and Hannah plus Scott (Hannah friend) took it up the two flights of stairs. A lot of shoving and pushing, plus taking down all the video shelves they finally got it there. Well done all of you.  I did not think it would go up. The height of the ceiling used to be more, but we added another flight of stairs above, for 4th bedroom, which made the ceiling a lot lower so less room to move things. When we got a divan bed once it had to come in the bedroom window. Not easy when its the second story.


 Made Christmas cake number 2 today with brandy added. The smell was so good.


Cake number 3 done one more to go.

I tripped over the electric chair cable mid morning and pulled my shoulder and bad knee. I hurt for the rest of the day.

I got a phone call to say my Doctors appointment is now 11th of December instead of the 20th of November. First the Scan took six weeks to be sorted, then the wrong Doctor and clinic for my knee. Now my own Doctor messing me around. I am fed up of it all. Seven weeks from when I first made the Doctors appointment.


Sorted out the greenhouse now the cucumbers and tomatoes have finished. Bean a good crop of cucumbers but not so the tomatoes.
Knee not too good today I don't think it will get any better till I get some treatment hopefully very soon.


My friend Lyn here today as it was her Birthday yesterday. She said she would come here instead of me going there. That was very nice of her.

I went to Pilate's, Paul gave me a lift so it did not take too much out of me. I did struggle a bit though as it was. I felt very far away most the time.

Had a good chat with Lyn, I have know her nearly forty years , we met in hospital when having our first sons. She was in the opposite bed and her buzzer did not work so I  pressed mine instead. We have remained friends ever since.


Out today for a change, meeting Jenny and Joy for dinner/lunch. A nice meal and god conversation too. and I enjoyed it. I had soup, home made chicken and veg, very tasty.

Winter is truly here the leaves have nearly all gone making a carpet on the ground. Quite windy today and the leaves were falling like snow. 


 Age UK a  steady day with Polly back, so the kitchen on full force. I am very tired but I do enjoy my time there. Keron was also helping us doing the Cappuccinos and coffee drinks. This meant it did not have to be turned off. No shopping today as I have an eye test tomorrow, so will do it then while in town.

The last few weeks have not bean easy. RSD is like a horror ride with no chance of getting off.

Well I hope things are going better for you all. All the best Love Gill

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