1st November

I am at the doctors today to renew tablets and bring him up to date what has bean happening this last month. Tablets are to stop the same, because of increased pain levels. I asked him about my collapse on Saturday and he thinks its a virus of some type. My sore throat and blocked up feeling is down to my sinus, I am to keep up with the steaming. We talked about having the flu jab he thinks if I get flu I will end up in hospital but having it might all so make me ill if my immune system is not up to it. Its a decision I will have to make I think I will ask Wietse about what he thinks.I feel a lot better than I did if not a little weak.
I have bean apply the hot and cold compresses to my knee it helps but only for a short while.

Summer has now had her injections so she can go out in a few days. As we were getting ready to go to the vets I bumped my head on the door handle holder a very big bump came up instantly very sore it made me feel quite dizzy.


I am getting a lot of pain in my knee like some one hammering nail straight in to it also shooting pains from my foot. My knee is very tender, swollen and sensitive to touch.


I had a word with Weitse about vitamin B12 as I have found out , my B12 levels have bean low for a long time maybe going back to my teens. I just wondered if that's why RSD set in when it did as my body was at a all time low time. He thinks I might have some thing and is going to look into it for me.

Poor little Tommy- Lee fell off a chair and has badly broken his arm in two places he is in hospital and in a lot of pain. He will go to theatre tomorrow to have it pulled back into place hopefully this will work if not he will have to have it pinned and plated He is very brave and more worried about his food than any thing else.


Tommy has had his arm fixed he got away without pins but it was a close thing he needs to go back next week to see if it has set right. He had not eaten or drank any thing since early afternoon on the 5th. The nurses asked him how he felt he said I am hungry and thirsty and my bloody arm hurts how do you think I feel. The joys of a four year old.
He was able to have food and drink later in the day. One happy Tommy-Lee.
In the afternoon I went to see him in Hospital his arm is in plaster from his shoulder to the wrist with a neck sling. We played with all the good things in the play room. He needs to be very careful he does not fall on it. That is going to be hard as he is a typical boy always running every wear and jumping off things hence the broken arm. I am quite surprised that he has got to four years old without breaking any thing.

We (Paul and I) went to a fire work display and bonfire at village one of my friends lives in. The night was not too cold and the fireworks were very good. After we went back to her house for food and drink. A very nice night. There was a lot of standing and walking on rough ground and by the end of the night I was in a lot of pain.


I have got Jay-Jay for the day older brother (6) of Tommy-Lee. We played with Lego and made all sorts of things, he enjoyed him self a lot he has bean worried about his brother a lot. Later on in the day Tommy-Lee came home from hospital he looked very pale but sounded much as normal. They all stopped for tea Tommy-Lee ate just the same as always, a lot.
I feel very light headed my knee is very painful and sensitive.
Jay-Jay accidentally knocked my ramp for my scooter on my foot. I tried to not show how much it hurt, as it would upset him but it made me feel very sick for a long time. He said you can swear if you want.


A better day with my knee pain, a lot of the swelling has gone down, but now my shoulders are really bad. Pilate's I did quite well considering the pain, my joints kept clicking out of place. My whole body aches and I feel very tired. This is where a good nights sleep would help.
Later on in the day tea time I had pain in my stomach. I think all the extra tablets I have taken causes this.


A rough night with spasms. A lot of pain in my left foot as well as right (RSD foot). When I looked at my left one it was swollen and a lot of red blood vessels very raised, so that why it hurt so much. One foot is enough with out the other one joining in.
Later in the day I went for a run with Pete. The difference my knee made was remarkable Pete noticed that I ran a lot easier. I still had pain in my shoulders but it was a lot easier and more enjoyable.


Summer has bean for her second walk this one she enjoyed more, She went up to everyone she met and said hello, looked and barked at the ducks. She looks so small out the house but not timmed at all.
I have had a back ground head ache for a few days now, on and off since 30th Oct. Pain levels are fair but not as good as they were very sensitive most of right side. My left foot has gone down a bit so not as pain full.


I am at pilates today my right hip joint is very loose and had to hold it to stop it from popping out. Shoulder also very loose. All my joints are painful and sore. My left ankle is black now with bruising but not as painful.


Little Tommy-Lee has to go back in hospital, his arm is not healing right. He will go to theatre to morrow morning to have it pinned, and possibly platted the surgeon will try to avoid this if possible. Tommy-Lee is more worried about his food and how long he will be without it, than the operation its self bless him. His mum explained to him that his arm is not better and he said its no good broken, so they will have to mend it again. That's four year old logic for you.
I made my first Christmas cake. I am not too sure how many I am making this year as people ask for them. It did not finish cooking till 4am. I slipped with the Brandy so it will be very strong no driving after it.


Tommy -Lee is having his arm operated on today. Lindsay my daughter his mum asked me to go to Jay-Jays school as they were doing a tea party for Children In Need. As I do not finish physio till about 12.30 getting into town about 1. I said it would be a rush as I would have to go home first to feed Summer, but Andrew fed Summer for me so it was all right. The tea was very good with cakes they had made though out the week themselves, and sandwiches and tea. Jay-Jay looked so proud. He showed me what he had bean doing on the computer.

Physio went well I was introduced to another physio also from Holland like Wietse. He was very interested in my RSD as he had not seen it be for or really heard of it. I went on to tell him how it all began and the weird symptoms, Wietse filled in any medical gaps. Later on in the day Lindsay phoned and said Tommy-Lee was out of theatre his arm was pined both sides of the broken bones. He is in a lot of pain. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow night.


I had Jay-Jay to stay we played all day with Lego and the car track. Summer loves children and played racing up and down with him. When bed time came he and Summer were very tired.
He had a good nights sleep I did not, spasms and pain hot and cold. Lindsay called round with Tommy-Lee home again from hospital, he said his arm was mended now. Hopefully it will be. but Tommy-Lee heals slowly he has strange blood. He might need another operation if the pins do not work. It was a very bad break the surgeon told her he was very lucky that the bones did not come through the skin. Poor Tommy-Lee.


Another rough night so much pain spasms and ice cold legs but burning hot at the same time. I some times wonder if its worth going to bed at all. I went to the crematorium to see my parents and brother. Six years today since Mum passed a way just a bit less time than I have had RSD.


Today I am out with my next door neighbour Cilla she is a member of a breathing group, she has emphysema and it was there meeting. There was a talk about homemade chocolates with samples - my heaven. So many different flavours like Cherry, Chili, Rum and Raisin plus the usual ones. The chocolates were good so much different to the shop bought ones. They told us all about how its made and the history of chocolate. A very good day I also bought some chocolate to give to Paul and Andrew.

I missed Pilate's because I looked at the clock wrong. I went for a run on my own Petes back is still bad it felt good I ran very easy no problems. A cold day snow is coming. I did the run in just under 26minutes, when I first started the same route took 32 minutes. I wish I could be like this all the time but with RSD its very much up and mostly down. But saying that I think my good times are here for a while I am still in pain but I am coping better may be my body is more used to it now.


I feel very unsteady on my feet I feel tired and my joints hurt not too sure if I am getting something or just doing too much. Time will tell. I have bean getting a lot of nose bleeds my nose is still not right from the time I spent in hospital earlier in the year.

2.30am I thought I would just go on the computer to order summer some food, a special offer on line buy one get one free as her food is £15 a bag its a good saving. A five minute job lasted two hours as things went wrong as the site was playing up. Bed at 4.30.


Physio - Wietse did his usual magic I told him about my run he was very pleased and told me to push through the pain to make the RSD realise that the limbs are still there. Wietse laid down the rules I am not to run in snow or ice or on rough ground or hills. I ran without my ACTIVE ANKLE support, I just forgot to put it on. It helps to keeps my foot in the right place so I do not go over on it. My foot reacted to start with, but then was fine the next day. The more normal things I do the better my body hopefully will become. I will fight this RSD to the end.


First snow of the winter at just gone midnight. Summer was not too sure what had happened but she rolled in it and jumped around she loved it and did not mind the cold one bit in fact I had a job to get her to come inside. There is a lot of snow still to come so its a good job she likes it.
My joints hurt more than they did specially when I am sat.


We have had a lot more snow its looks very white and clean it lights up the garden at night very pretty. Summer is still running round like a mad dog and prefers to be out side but she does get very mucky. She looks cream coloured against the snow. Last nights sleep was in very short bursts.


I am at the Doctors again to update tablets and speak about any problems I have. I told him about my nose bleeds. I am to use some antibiotic cream. My nose inside is very sore and bleeds a lot. I have had a few problems after forgetting to take my tablets at night, very very cold shaking sick feeling,bad head and seeing things. I have bean taking a lot of other tablets so I am not in as much pain, and my body did not ask for them. The Doctor said its addiction to the morphine. There might be a problem with withdrawal when I come off it. I am not too worried as I have done it be for but had to restart them because of the extra pain.
Tommy-Lee arm is set in the right place he has had a new lighter weight plaster put on his arm now it is straight. with no sling. He is a very brave boy.

The snow is now very deep and a lot of the town is shutting down. School are closing. Britain can not cope with snow at all. Its a good job we do not get as much as some other countries.

Well that about it I will finish with some pictures of Summer.

Hello its me

My new Tshirt.

The back view- very smart.

I love my food.

Can I have a lick?

Her teeth are very sharp.

Could I get a job as a secretary?

Toilet training going well.

I am not called Summer Snow for no reason - I love the snow.

If it gets any deeper I will be in trouble.

She has grown a lot and is a hand full at times. She is just about house trained and does a few commands like sit and drop. She does high fives. Andrew taught her to do that

All the best I hope every one is as good as they can be.
Love Gill.

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