October 3rd
A cold start but not as windy today. Less than a month ago it was 30C now barely in double figures.
Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and stopped for tea. Andrew used the new fryer for the first time, all good.  

Another cold day I think winter is here now. A good walk on the common with Debbie and Kipling one of her dogs. We saw Mary and Rory, Summer got her usual treats and was happy. I have now finished off knitting Big Ears, Noddy's friend. All I need to do is sew him up, this can take as long as knitting him as fingers are not good a lot of the time. Posted off Paddington to Arlo for his Birthday so he should get it in plenty of time for his Birthday on the 11th.

Blood test and B12 were cancelled so the next date is October 18th
Picked a lot of tomatoes and the last I think of the cucumbers. There will be some more toms for a while yet.

Not bad.


Went to Mary's house with Summer and Andrew he is doing her laptop and a few other things technical for her. Summer was tired when we got there but so pleased to see Rory as he was very pleased to see her. Later looked after Emmie a  Neighbours  Girl. Her Mum and Dad were out for a change together. Ness is a nurse so she often works at the weekend. Emmie and I played board games of draughts, buckaroo, frustration, and connect four. Emmie is getting very good at draughts and mostly beats me now. Before I used to tell her to look around the board but not now. When Ness and Squidgy got home, Squidgy went to bed and I stopped a while talking to Ness, then home.

Bedding change all dried well. Tea roast pork plus all the trimmings. Lindsay has got a new cooker, as hers had seen better days. This one is smaller and it gets hotter at the bottom how weird. She put pies in the top and after the time they were not ready. She read the instructions (this does help) and the top was the coolest place and the bottom of the oven the hottest. She is in a rented place so the choice is not hers to make. I think she will get used to it in time.  

Happy Birthday, Arlo one today hope you have fun. Russ has got the parcel with Paddington in it but has not opened it yet as waiting for Arlo's Mum to finish work. Hopefully, he will send me a picture of him with Paddington. I feel very tired today and Summer does too. We saw no one on the common on our walk My pain has settled a bit but is never very far away. 

Noddy is happy now he has his friend with him.

Cleaning upstairs today. Now Big Ears is finished I have started Kermit frog for a Christmas present. This has not got too many bits so should be quite straightforward to do. Coming back from Summers walk Paul noticed she had something in her mouth. I told her to drop and she did, it was a piece of French bread or garlic bread. She was not too happy to have it taken off her. Finders keepers  I think she was saying. Just about every time we go out she finds something to eat. I usually see her but not this time. She had a treat so was happy again. 

Paul has an early start, as he is having his cataracts done on the right eye. Day job then he is out for his dinner. He was back early afternoon all good, drops to put in, two lots and a clear patch to wear. for a while. His eye looked a bit red but not that bad. I have to have mine done at some point but they are not urgent as yet.  Finished off cleaning upstairs, this takes longer now but I stick with it and usually get it done over two days. Angela came round things are fair with her.

Chilly day but dry.  Doing this blog and a few other bits. Tommy-Lee has got Covid 19 Lindsay says he is not too bad more like a very bad cold but with a killer headache. Russ has sent me a picture of Arlo with Paddington Bear.

Arlo with Paddington Russ said he was not too sure about him.

 Head bad today all around the eyes and down one side of the face and under the left ear. Flue jab at my doctor I spoke to him about my B12, he said it should not be stopped once started as they are usually for life. See what the blood test says on Monday and we will take it from there.
I feel like I need the B12 injection and are probably anaemic as well. 

I was awake many times in the night, too hot too cold and just pain everywhere. Not a good night nor a good day either, very dizzy well it's weird not really dizzy but light-headed. I ache all over and still the bad head same place. I have taken far too many tablets over the last few days. Arm from flue jab a little sore but not too bad I am brave.

Today was the day I thought I was getting my B12 and blood test no just the blood test. The nurse made an appointment to see my own doctor next week to discuss the results. 

Warm weather now barmy 16C in October rising to 19C later. My friend John is here tonight. I have not seen him in a while so it will be good. Paul is at football so just me and John. Good talk with him had tea and cake, not homemade as he pointed out to me.
Tommy-Lee my Grandson has tested positive for Covid19, Lindsay says he is not too bad. Headache and heavy cold-like symptoms. 

Up around eight-thirty with a nose bleed to start with, not good as it always makes my head hurt. One-sided headache was later the same as l7th. Set off for Summer's walk but it poured down so we headed back. Summer did not seem to mind much though. In the afternoon I finished off the puzzle. Andy from across the road has covid 19 so we will not be seeing him for a few days. He is sufferings a lot like double flue he said when Paul sent him a message. I will ring Andy later in the week. Finished off the puzzle, this time only a small one, just 500 pieces.

Summer just looked like the westie on the left when she was a young pup.


When we got Summer she was very good friends with the cats two doors away called Ginge and Tabby. These were not their real names;  Andrew and I just renamed them. They were called Chubby and Tiger. Ginge would come in, treating this as his home. Going in Summers basket or anywhere he could. He would hide as well so he could stay in the house at night. He was a cute cat and Summer loved him very much.

We used to put hats on them. 

Ginge asleep in Summer basket.
Summer outside the basket Ginge inside, Summer used to let him all the time.

Asleep on my scooter.

Tabby was not around as much but still was Summers friend.

Ginge disappeared a few years back and Tabby passed away last year. Summer missed them both a lot looked every day for them for ages. Snowy is Summer best cat friend now, but he has disappeared too, his owners have not seen him for a while.

Fast asleep in our shed; his second home.

I made some small cakes today turned out well just plain, but tasty.  I have not done any for ages, I say I made I put everything in the mixer then wait, then just spoon in the paper cases. Also, some bread but this was not as good very heavy but tasted better than it looked. Started another puzzle this one a 1000 pieces, not like the last one 500.

Trying to put together Kermit but not going too well. My fingers are not good today well they are not good most days but worse today. Taco Bell for tea, Mexican food, nice but not very hot. I still prefer Chinese takeaway and it's only across the road so always very hot.

Doctors for results of blood tests I had last week. B12 needs to be done as soon as possible. He said if I do not restart, the levels will drop now very quick like they did last time when it was changed from eight weeks to twelve. To start with there are to be twelve weeks apart then another blood test to see how things are going. This will be done on the 9th of November as the nurses are either ill or away. I have waited this long so a few more days will not matter. He listened to my heart as I told him about my heart mummer. This was picked up when I was admitted to Lincoln hospital after my knee operation in 2019 because of seizures. He had no information about any tests or letters from the hospital. I know it was the start of the coronavirus but he should have had something as they were quite concerned back then. I told him I had rung up the hospital and so had the surgery. One phone call to the hospital thought I had properly imagined it, as I was so traumatised with my broken wrist. In the end, I gave up and thought they will get in touch with me at some point. He laughed, he then went on to listen to my heart and was surprised to hear the mummer more than he thought he was going to. He has arranged a scan to be done as soon as possible, and more blood tests on the 9th with the B12. I said at last something has bean sorted.

My friend Tracy's Birthday, she, Lindsay and Jamie-Lee plus Paul are all going to the circus. I would love to go but the noise, lights plus the cold would not be good for me. Just the amount of people would do me no good either. They are all going to the fireworks next week as well, but not me. Makes me very sad to think about what I now miss out on. Knitting and doing puzzles are not as much fun, even them I can not do all the time. At least I can still go on the common with Summer most of the time.
Finished off the puzzle.

I quite enjoyed this one, nice to do.

Something I can do, GeoCaching with Lindsay and Jamie-Lee. A sort of a treasure hunt with clues on your phone well Lindsays phone. We started off on the common so good for me, as I go there nearly every day. No cold- no noise- no flashing lights just right for me. The clues guide you to the right place, not easy as some places are well hidden. One was in a screw hole on a bench. Some have treasure as Jamie has found in the past. After finding the place there is usually a capsule or container that has a piece of paper on which you say who you are and the date. Or you can log it on the Geo website. We found four in total no treasure in any. All were very well hidden I think Lindsay found most of them.  One of the clues took us to the very top of the common. I have not bean up there since be for I fell in July2004. I found a stick which I used as a walking stick to help me up. With Lindsay pushing and Jamie-Lee pulling at times I made it up. I was so pleased. A lovely day and I would do it all again I really enjoyed it, We were out for over three hours. Coming back through the park, we saw a friend who had not seen in ages so an extra bonus. 

A warm windy day got two lots of washing dried be for the rain spoilt the day. I got a letter with the appointment for my heart test on the 19th of November quite quick I think. Knitting another Kermit for a present, but not going too well I think my brain is scrambled. Messed it up so had to start again. 

Bit more of Kermit going a bit better today. Indian take away for tea/super. I do not always have it, as can upset my stomach. I did tonight worth risking it as was so good. 

 Awake early 6AMwith stomach and back pains, was it the Indian? Got up soon after 6.30AM or old-time 7.30 as the clocks went back an hour last night. Everything settled down later so I think it was the takeaway.
I have now finished Kermit the frog. 

Looks good I think now another one to make for a present also.

Well, another month has gone- very nearly Christmas and the end of 2021. A mixed month not a lot going on either apart from the afternoon with Lindsay and Jamie-Lee. Hope everything is good with you all.  Love Gill.

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