HBO Treatment

I was greeted by Maureen and shown the tank, it is a diving bell the same as divers use under the sea complete with portholes which the operator looks through to check up on you, all so there is a 2 way intercom system should you need to talk to them, or them to you, also a radio through head phones which you can put on or leave hanging on the wall. I sat down, in the tank, a mask was put on me and I was explained about the dive [as it called]
The door was shut, like a cell door. The noise was very loud like a engine, the pressure began to build up my ears were going crazy and in a lot of pain much worse than a plane I kept holding my nose and blowing this helped a bit. The depth to day would be 16 foot [The dives stop at this for a few weeks, till the body climates then will go to the next depth this part is called saturation and goes on for a month or in my case a lot longer, every day Monday-Friday]
The tank reached depth the noise stopped, you sit there for one hour with the mask on, breathing oxygen then you are told time & are brought back to level. The noise is the same going back up but it gets so VERY COLD. I have lots of blankets.My ears popped liked mad.Maureen asked how I got on I said it was different she said see you to morrow.

I sat and had a cup of tea made by Dawn who works mainly in the kitchen but all so, drives and is a tank operator. I all met a few others, Paul chairman of MS and Hattie a tank operatorand few people you have treatment there.Back, to morrow for another dive. After a few dives my feet felt warm for the first time in ages could this be doing some good?

The dives continued but are very tiring the only day of the week I did not go is when I went to physio on a Tuesday. Two weeks later I collapsed after being in the tank and was taken to hospital kept in for the day and was told I was exhausted and told to rest the tanks came to a holt for now after a week off I went back to try again.

The same, as before, every day.The tank still made my ears hurt and a lot of the time gave me a head ache but I felt the advantages out weighed the disadvantages [warm feet and well being] I continued with the tank still having problems with ears & head [doctor said because this properly happens because of ear drum problems and or congestion]
.Maureen suggested trying the ear phones on my ears going up and down in the dive as to mask the noise a bit as it bothers my RSD it helped a fair bit.

Physio carried on mostly with accuepunchre and massage.My foot went through days of pain different colours and sizes the pain being controlled or some of it by morphine and other tablets.

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