Lincoln and District Support

Lincoln and District have offered to pay for any treatment by giving me the money raised for RSD research, last year by doing Dane law way run which I all so took part in, as I can do the research first hand and also hopefully help others with RSD.Thank you, Lincoln and District.

The days are taken up with dives and physio sessions some days are a lot better than others but most days you have a lot of pain loss of feeling cold/hot foot tiredness loneliness not being able to talk to any body the same as you.The MS centre is very helpful but most of them have MS.

Today I have bean told I most properly have carpel tunnel in both wrists as they are so painful.[caused by over use of crutches].Foot also is playing up. Give me a break please

.Had a weird thing happen early hours of morning fell asleep for a few minutes then woke unable to move, it was very scary.The doctor said it is called Todd’s paralysis it can happen sometimes if it does it again; get in touch with him and not to worry about it. OK

.The dives are still most days some are better than others still problems with ears and cold foot about the same as before more spasms also mouth and nose ulcers not very nice.

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