Electric Bike arrival

The pain has gone down a bit now, but still is bad but not as bad as August /September have now started to take normal amount of tablets plus bio freeze and ibru gell.Maybe I will have a few good days?

Still have virus thing can now smell ammonia, given a mouth wash to gargle with Difflam Oral Rinse, see if it works, chest is clear but a lot of pain in face and forehead.

Have now been on my bike for a short ride as still not feeling too good, its very fast and smooth, the bike can be peddled as a normal bike, electric assisted, or electric only you just seat back, and let the bike do all the work, great when foot really plays up, the bike will do about 30 + miles on 1 charge with out peddling a lot more if you peddle.

When flat just plug in 3to4 hours and; off you go again.Obviously if you run out of power you can peddle,[ not like my scooter] which is a lot better as you are never stranded. Hopefully I will enjoy it.

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