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Bean quite a mixed few weeks regarding my rsd,had a lot of bad days and  a few good ones, physio much the same tank not going too good, lots of ear problems and head aches.I am having a word with Maureen at the center soon but as of now having a rest from it.

My oldest son Wayne came down from Halifax for Easter to stop for a few days ,while he was here we up dated the computer, as he works with them, what takes me a hour ,he does in minutes , helps a great deal.

We all went for a meal, husband[Paul] both sons,[Wayne,Andrew, daughter Lindsay & grandsons Jay-Jay & Tommy-Lee it was very nice we all went to the big wok in Lincoln for a very large meal bigger for some than others[Paul]
All too soon it was time to say good bye to Wayne and off he went back to Halifax till next time.

March 30th

Went to watch Lincoln 10km , met Russ [running mate] and his two children there ,all so Crissie from the running club.
Watched the race from Bailgate for a while with Crissie then moved on to Castle square area with Russ.
The day was lovely sun sinning ,blue sky ,not too cold ,saw a lot of my past running mates, made me want to join in if only I could.
After the race we started to walk to the Queen Vic to meet some of the other runners/partners,
but the more we walked the more pain I was in, encouraged by Russ we finely made it I felt really bad, took some morphine and rested in the pub garden for a while, the pain settled down.

Russ had to go so I went in side to the others, running people and partners had a cup of tea & a catch up on every thing that had bean going on at races and training , then Ross gave me a lift home.

The next day I started with another cold probably why I felt so bad at the 10km.

April 3rd

Woke early hours of morning to very pain full leg spasms in my good leg manged to get rid of it , the next day all behind my knee had bruised very badly and gone hard, I though I had burst a vein the doc confirmed this a few days later. a varicose one and gave me cream to help the bruising , very sore hobbling on both legs has taken a week for it to improve at all, but is now much better but still very bruised and spread out more.

Have now received number for race for life it looks like it all on now, so that gives me something to look forward to for a change all so the club are marshaling it so should have some good support. I shall hope to walk a lot of it but my chair is going too

13th April

Hope to come back to club on bike very soon, just waiting for leg to improve a bit more.

hope you all all good and finding this blog interesting if not find another one, if you are, keep coming back thank you.

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Tough Cookie said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am soooo very sorry to hear that your RSD is keeping you from running too. It is awful and frustrating. Stay strong! I will be reading.

<3 Maria

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