Today I did the 5km race with Bev [sister in law] we got there early before the traffic built up, this year it was held at Waddington Camp, as we entered the camp [driven by David my brother, he did not take part as this is all female race] we were stopped and a man looked in the front of the car, but all the bags were in the back !! Standing guard was a girl soldier with a gun David said what type of race is this? (Well it is the Race For Life!)

The day was cold with a threat of rain , the start was delayed by 3/4 of a hour, as usual.
I had begun to turn blue, literally, we did the warm up, well I did the best I could , then we went to the start line.

The horn went, we were off, I was told I could walk about a mile by Wietse, [physio] and the spies would be out checking.
I walked the first 1km slowly, with a lot of shoulder pain, most people were over taking us. Then I rode in the wheelchair, Bev went very fast and caught up with most that had passed us earlier.

Lincoln and District were marshaling, so we had plenty of support and comments, I rode for about 3 + km then walked the rest . We finished in 55 min 30 sec, we thought we did very well.

Thank you Bev.

We were given a medal, a goody bag with various toiletries and other bits, all so the rain held off, so nobody got wet, just cold..

About 4000 ladies/girls took part, all remembering past and present loved ones that have been affected by cancer. I think most of them enjoyed having a chance to do something for such a cause, including me.

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Wayne Pyrah said...

I think someone had a little help with the formatting and spelling on this blog entry :-)

Glad the race for life went well...

Love Wayne

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