Win Some - Loose Some

June 22nd

It has now bean nearly 6 weeks since I came off MST Morphine ,the diarrhoea has now gone & has bean replaced with a lot more pain, but as the days go by this gets a bit less.

Have bean very tired as well as still not getting much sleep, average 4/5 hours broken sleep a night. The less I get, the less, I seem to need, but some nights it is worse than other, Maggie Thatcher did it, so can I [she used to seep 4-5 hours a night, cat napping when she could]

The sweating is still on going not so bad during the day but hell at night, started taking pro banthine again as it helps with sweating [ stopped because of with drawl]. the spasm's also are still here, I sneezed one day my head flew back and refused to move it really hurt, after few minutes massaging the neck it eased back, it hurt for the rest of the day.

My doctor has changed my muscle tablets from baclofen to zanflex to see if it is any better, but I need to come off baclofen slowly first [as it can cause fits if too fast] I have a few more days to go hopefully it will be better.

A lot of days it is hard to think straight and things take longer to do. I have had a lot of trouble with bad stomach pain, tight gripping ones, probably from all the strong tablets I take, so I have bean put on omepprazoleone one a day,it seams to be working well.

Physio is much the same, Wietse did some detoxing by putting needles into my scalp he said it made pretty patterns, it hurt when they went in, but after that it was bearable.
Still having needles in hands,neck,ears one in forehead to calm me down, sometimes shoulders and legs.

Wietse has bean working on my RSD foot massaging and bending it, the foot fights back by spasming up as soon as he touches it. The pain is so bad, a lot of time he has to stop and just hold it.
I sweat like mad and feel dizzy and sick.

You may ask why I let him do this, because it helps believe it or not, the next day it usually swells up & can be bruised, but or few days later it feels a bit like a foot again.

The foot still remains ice cold most of the time but can be red hot and burning, some times all at the same time, all so can be very colour full, blue, red, white, depending weather the foot is cold or hot..

I have not bean with the running club much as not felt up to it, but went last week not too sure if I enjoy it, or just crave something that is not RSD related, but biking is not the same thrill as running not even close, it is nice to see some of the older members plus the new ones of course.

The place where I fell has now bean filled in , pity they did not think of it sooner.

I wore my running shoes for the first time since I fell, they had bean put away for when I returned to running.

All the good memories came back in one giant wave, tears and frustration welled up, thinking if only.

If any of you do a sport or something you love make the most of it you never know how long you have it for !!

take care

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