Trails and Trials

20th July

Today I am at a run that Lincoln and District have put on for the first time with the help of LA fttness club. Trails of the river bank, a run along the river to Bardney, traffic free. A choice of either nine mile or eighteen mile, I did the longer one two years ago on my bike for the MS center to raise funds for them. I suggested it to Martyn and he put it on this year. Even though it was my idea I could not take part as ribs have not yet healed enough yet. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to it. I would have done it on my bike, but thers always next year.
The day started off quite cold but soon warmed up. The runners certainly looked hot but the ones I talked to seamed to enjoy it very much. I was on the drinks station at the end,which I just about managed to do.

I enjoyed the day very much but would have enjoyed it more if I had bean taking part
in the race.


Today is my youngest son Andrews birthday he is twenty two years old, where have all the years gone. I am sure the happier time were when my children were little, things seam to be more fun and easier then.


I am cleaning up for the first time my self since I hurt my ribs I can use the vacuum one handed but its still quite sore. I stood in front of the bathroom and looked at my chest when I breathe in my bad side drops down and goes in, when I breathe in and out deeply it clicks and jumps back again.


Today Andrew goes to Amsterdam for a few days I shall miss him. His flight was delayed. He rang and said he was there and the hotel was basic but nice and it was very hot the same sort of weather as we are having at the moment.

One of my friends called unexpectedly with her little granddaughter of nine months.
We went to the park. We just sat and talked of what had bean going on, it was lovely to see them both as we don't get to see each other much for various reasons.


Wietse physio he did usual needles we talked about Sandy I said I am not copping with her gone. He said he knew how I felt as he also had lost a pet. I am to try to remain strong it will get easier as time goes by I hope.


Wayne my other son is here for a few days, to transfer the data from one computer to another as we have a new one. Paul and I would not know where to start. Andrew could have done it but Wayne volunteered, also we got to see him again, which is very good.


Today my ribs hurt when I move my arms, my joints hurt, also temperature is up and down I feel quite tired. My foot is swollen and painful I think the heat has a lot to do with this. I have realised that RSD does not like heat from the sun it has the same affect as ice I had the misfortune to get sunburn on my RSD foot it was very bad for quite a few days. Wayne is going home today Paul and I are taking him to the train station at Newark as getting a train from there instead of Lincoln as it gives him a longer time here. Andrew arrived back about midnight so he was very tired. He still has work tomorrow.


Today I feel very down I spend a lot of time on my own that's not always good. I feel lost with out Sandy I keep thinking I hear her walking along her name tag used to make a noise. I miss her so much. So many places I go remind me of her, people ask me where she is and are up set when I tell them, as a lot of people knew her right back to Andrews junior school days. We did have her for sixteen years. If I was able to run it might have helped.Michelle phoned today and said Wietse is ill so no physio this week that's a shame as Wietse would have done me a lot of good with his talking.

As you can see it has bean quite a hard time but things can only get better can't they?

Take care Love Gill

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