October 1st

Physio Wietse is back to his usual mad self and feeling a lot better. He put needles in difference places this time. Side of my neck and centre of my head. I asked him about what the dentist mentioned about my teeth and gums hurting and was there a link to RSD. He said he had not heard of any facts but he would look into it.Wietse removed the needles. I showed him pictures of Summer he loved her.

Lindsay and the boys have a colds so I have the weekend to my self.


A lot of pain and spasms in the night my legs and right my right knee is hot and swollen my foot burnt like fire. I also have a lot of pain in my RSD foot. I am putting the bed cradle back on tonight to see if that helps. As you can imagine I'm getting a lot less sleep.


The bed cradle helped a little. My knee does not hurt as much as it did. At Pilates I did a lot of difference moves, a few on the roller which I quite like. This session went very well. I am pleased. I feel that my balance has improved also I think I am beginning to tone up a bit, but as some days its too painful to do much exercise.


I had a bit of a fall, Summer got under my feet, I have hurt my ankle its very swollen and bruised. I think I might have sprained it. The pain is bad, its physio tomorrow so I will ask Wietse to have a look at it unless it gets worse then I will go to the hospital to have it checked out.


I have bean waking up very cold with pain from my knees down.
Physio -Wietse had to put in longer needles, its all he had, they hurt a lot more especially the ones in my neck he tweaked them a bit so they calmed down. He looked at my ankle he said its a sprain but only a slight one after a gentle massage it felt a lot better. As I was leaving Michelle spotted a needle Wietse had missed she said it looked like an aerial. They both laughed.


Today is the running clubs Ducks and Drakes run a ten mile one well all most and a five mile race. I went with Paul to marshal, I was going to do the drinks but my hands were not too good I did not know if I could do it without dropping the cups, so I told them which way to run. A lot of people would have said that was not a good idea but no one went the wrong way. When I was a committed runner I used to get lost a lot. The race went very well but the numbers were down on last years figures. The ones that did take part seemed to enjoy it. The chairman had a small stroke a few weeks ago, so Roz took over his job and did it very well with help of course from the other members. Well done to everyone.


Paul and I are going into town to get some posh clothes for a British Gas awards dinner for forty years service. Paul got a dress suit plus shirt and tie. I got a dress and shoes , shoes with a heel these will not be on very long I usually where trainers or wedge heels as these do not hurt me. I can walk in them and so long as my foot does not swell up I will be fine.
Today I am very tired with a lot of pain . My daughter Lindsay and her boys are coming for tea she will help me though. Tea went very well and the boys were very good. They played a lot with Summer as they did not see her last week, they all thought she had grown a lot.
At the end of the day I was exhausted. You think I would sleep better but no.


B12 injection today this one was not too bad, my arm is a little sore.
Helen my hair dresser is cutting and colouring my hair so I will be able to catch up on all her news. I feel very worn out and in a bit of pain. For a few days I have had a sore gunky throat at times very dry and raspy. My temperature changes are still erratic and uncontrollable. No run this week as Pete has hurt his toe, I will probably go on my own at the end of the week if I feel able.


Physio-Much the same as last week with the needles. Wietse massaged my sprained foot and said it felt a lot better, I agreed with him it did to me. Not as much pain, he told me I had still to be very careful when I run on it as I could easily go over on it as its still unstable. He went on to massage my RSD foot which surprisingly was very painful around the ankle I think because my knee has bean so bad that it went unnoticed, but it did quite well about five minutes before it went into spasm. Wietse said when I want I can add a further run, the same as I do now about thirty minutes. That's good news. My knee is not really any better very swollen.
On the way home on the bus I had a sort of a black out, one minute I was at a certain point on the route then I had missed my stop I could not remember any thing from that point. I could have fallen asleep but it did not feel like that.


Today Paul and I are going to a place near Windsor called Thatcham we are staying at the Regency Park Hotel, its a very long way so I do not know how I will cope with the traveling. We are heading there for Paul's award dinner as mentioned earlier. The journey was not good a lot of pain and discomfort. By the time we arrived I was in a lot of pain even though we had two stops.
The hotel was very nice and we got a very large room. There was a box of chocolates on the table, very nice. After a lay down I felt a bit better but still in pain. I had taken IBRUPROFEN and DIHYDROCODEINE to help but it had not done much good. I decided to take OROMORPH this usually works. Time went and it was time to go down for the meal, and to meet the others, about sixty all getting twenty five years service awards or like Paul forty years.

All the award receivers got a bottle of good champagne and the ladies got a flower arrangement. The night was very good we had our picture drawn by a very nice man who was asking me about what condition I had got as he could see I was in pain. That night I took a lot of tablets and OROMORPH. The pain did not want to go. The RSD had got upset. Paul played on the roulette table he used my money as well as his own. I was very high by now. We had bean given some play money. Not before time, for me anyway, it was over and time to go back to the room, a shame as RSD spoilt a good night but I did enjoy most of it.

The journey home was not as bad. We had a stop at a car museum with old cars and famous ones like James Bond Cars, Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds. A Rolls Royce just to mention a few. I enjoyed it a lot I saw lots of old cars that my Dad used to have, he had lots of cars in his time. Another stop later on, then we were home I felt very stiff and in some pain not as much as be for though. I had taken probably four times more tablets I than normally do.


Today I went for a run on my own the same route as be for. I struggled a bit going there it was very cold and windy I think the cold air got to me. Once I got over this I was fine the run back was a lot better. I think I did very well.


A lot of pain in my arms today, the pain in my knee is worse than it was.
I went to the Crematorium. to see my Mum ,Dad and brothers plots. Six years have passed since my parents died they say time heals but at this moment that is not happening I miss them more than I did. Little things like telling them about my day or what the grandchildren have done, silly things a lot of the time, things that made my Mum laugh.I miss Sandy my little dog so much, Summer has helped but she is not Sandy.

Tonight I used a cushion specially for veins in the legs I think it helped or may be I just had a good night.


Pilates went well to a point, my hip and shoulder joints kept coming out there place.
This not a good week regarding pain its out to get me. Everywhere very sensitive,when people touch me I nearly jump out my skin. I have taken a lot of extra tablets and MORPHINE.


Physio- Wietse will have to do magic today I think. Usual needles no massage. He said try cold and hot compresses to my knee to see if that will help. I told him how I had bean feeling very down and negative towards the RSD he said its only natural to feel like this, he said I am doing very well. Try not to let it get to you. I asked him about running keep it up as much as you can beat the RSD in to giving up. The more RSD is reminded that there is a limb there, the more natural the brain will act or that is the theory.


Wayne is here for the weekend, but today I have a violent headache with shooting pain from my neck, I think all the extra tablets etc I have taken have not helped. Its a real killer. My knee is still playing up as well. Lindsay and her boys are also here so there's no chance of much quite time. I have bean using a lot of BIOFREZZE, IBUPROFEN GEL AND DIFFLAM cream. In fact any thing that will help a little and give me a bit of pain relief, still taking a lot of extra tablets.


My head pain is a lot better. I am cooking tea for seven of us tonight. Lindsay will help. Wayne loves my roast dinners. The meal went very good and every body enjoyed it.My knee is very swollen and the typical RSD colour from my foot to the knee. This verifies the RSD has spread, not that I needed much telling. Even Summer touching my knee is painful. The day was good despite the extra pain.


Wayne is going back home to day its bean so nice to have him here a gain. I have bought a laptop off him this is what I am doing my blog on. I can stay down stairs with Summer in stead of using the computer up stairs. I am catching up with some gardening as a lot of things have bean affected by frost.

Summer is doing very well she has settled in like she has always bean here. She has started digging the lawn and is mostly covered in soil. a very white dog is now very black but does she care, not a bit. She prefers to be outside even if its raining. Anything that is at her level becomes hers and you have to chase her to get it back. She has grown a lot and is doing well with her toilet training. She has had her first health check and her first injections. Every thing was fine, another few weeks and she will be able to go out on walks.


Pilates- Today we did a lot of work on the rollers and balls, sitting and rolling, balance and coordination work, it was quite hard to get it all to work but I did. Quite a good session.
A run with Pete that was a good run no problem with breathing a lot of pain in my knee. Pete was worried as I was limping more but I said ignore it and it might go a way.

All in all a better day but still pain. Mark at the running club used to say NO PAIN NO GAIN may be this works with RSD. I certainly have put the work in. I think this is why I am still doing a lot of the things I used to do. I have not let the RSD win. I certainly hope I never will.


Today I have gone with Lindsay, my daughter, to look at a house she is moving into. Andrew my son and Lindsays boys went as well. The house is very nice a lot bigger than her current house. The kitchen it is being done up at the moment but will be ready soon. The boys were very excited as it has got a loft room which may become there play room. The garden backs on to the park they go to as well. I am very pleased for her. All being well they will move in three weeks time.


Physio- I told Wietse what a bad week I had, he asked me about my running I told him Pete was a bit worried as I was limping badly I said I told him not to worry as I was high on MORPHINE plus other tablets which I had taken just to get though the day. Pete was worried to say the least but I told him it was fine as I have taken a lot more in the past. I told Wietse I am convinced that my knee has RSD as all the signs are there such as going purple, shiny, sensitive a lot of the time and did I mention the PAIN. Wietse said keep up the good work and may be it will calm down a little with time.


Not a good day I had bean up a lot of the night with stomach pain and woke to a blinding headache and very dizzy. I was unable to stand so had to go back to bed where I spent most of the day. My head throbed and I had a weird feeling in my stomach, not really sick but strange. Everywhere hurts. Not a good day.

Well thats my month gone again. Quite a mixed up one, some good some not as good but I am still writing so my brain must still work alright - well most of the time.
Hope things are better for you all.
Love Gill.

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