Happy 2011 I can hardly believe its here, this is the seventh year of my RSD.

Let me bring you up to date with what's bean happening since the last blog.

January 4th

We had another inch of snow the last lot had just about gone but I don't think this lot will last nearly as long. Andrew and I walked down to Argos to get a Vax cleaner there was quite a long wait as they were so busy even though it was about five o'clock.

While waiting a large mobility scooter just about knocked me off my feet hitting my good leg. Even so it was very painful she had tried to get through a gap that was not wide enough fair enough we all make mistakes but she never even said sorry . I said to her I have a scooter I know whats its like, but you must be more careful. It was met with blank looks I know she can talk and communicate as I have heard her. Another man who saw what happened said she was always like that. People like that give disabled people a bad name.

After all that they would not take the two twenty pound notes as they were out of circulation as I had no other money with me it was a bit of a waste. I can get them exchanged at the bank but that would be closed now. One sore leg later and no cleaner.

I still am getting pain and discomfort from my IBS attack on Christmas day. My stomach hurts and makes me feel very sick half of it is from not eating enough but when I do it hurts more I feel shaky a lot of he time. I am getting a lot of pain in my joints taken a lot of IBRUES and DIHYDROCODEINE.


Pilates was canceled because of the snow. I cleaned upstairs.

Summer played with next doors little dog that comes to vist, they both go crazy running around. Later on two very tired little dogs. Later on in the day Andrew and I got the cleaner no problems this time.


I am at the dentist having a filling quite a big one to replace the one that fell out over Christmas. As soon as she started drilling the pain shot up into my head the pain was most unpleasant. When she had finished it felt good not to  have a hole in my tooth any more. I told her about the pain she said it would pass very soon. Took extra pain killers IBRUES.
I ate my first proper meal today and actually enjoyed it sausage and mash with vegetables. I still have the head pain.



Told Wietse about what had bean going on. He put in a needle just where my head pain was. This actually made it worse but Wietse assured me it would improve. The pain did not improve I went to bed in pain I did not sleep all night.


Head pain is much improved like Wietse said it would. Pain else where is about the same. Hopefully tonight I will sleep.


Up early could not sleep or get comfortable, pain, pain every where. Went shopping with Paul.


B12 injection this did not hurt as much as before. Met up with Andrew as he needs to get a few things as he is going to Amsterdam on Monday to live. While in bed my neck went into a severe spasum and my arm was paralysed for a while. This has happened be for but not as bad.


Pilates at last I could do with some light exercise I have bean doing a few at home but a group all together is I think a lot better We did some more new moves. After my joints felt a lot better. Still I am getting a lot of extra pain though out my body. Bed not until 4.30, then sleep did not come. A very restless night.


Pain has not eased despite taking OROMORPH. I think the weather has got a lot to do with it all so taking Summer out for walks as she pulls a little bit, putting pressure on my shoulders.


Wietse has put in a few extra needles, some were hard to get in my muscles are tight I think its all the extra things with Andrew. I hope that will help I have had enough of this extra pain. I had enough pain be for with out any extra. The needle he put in my forehead bled a lot when it was taken out he said it would leave a bruise. It did.


Today I am looking after Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee while Lindsay goes out. Still a lot of pain. My left hip came out of joint - very painful. Each day the pain seems to be getting more and more - this month the RSD is winning. What wouldn't I give to be back as I was before RSD...
I am hoping to go for a run as I have not had one this year, hopefully this will help.


Helped Andrew sort out his case for his new life in Holland. He has already got a place to live there paid up for for a month. His case we think is over the weight it should be. This is a hard time for us all. I know he will miss Summer as he has come very attached to her, but she is so loving to every body she meets so its not hard to fall in love with her.


Andrew got off alright, it was hard to say good bye, he had bean saying he was going for ages but it still hit me hard. He had to pay for the overweight case. The flight was delayed.
The wheels came off the case making it very hard to move. When he arrived in Amsterdam he could not find the place. As it was late he decided to book into a hotel and look in the morning.
We were a little concerned as alarms bell were ringing in our heads...


After looking into more we realised he had bean a part of a very clever scam. I feel for him for what should have bean a celebration time was not. We are hoping to get back the money we paid as it was through Halifax. I feel very drained and tired. My hands are jumping and I keep dropping things. My whole body aches.


I have spoken to Andrew and he has booked in the hotel till Monday, it is costing a lot, expense he could do without. He seams not too bad in him self but is very disappointed at the out come. He is trying to find some where else to live as he can not get a job with out a permanent address. We are trying to sort out things as best we can for him at this end.

I went for a run the first one this year it went alright a bit short as it was getting dark. After wards I felt very dizzy and my ears kept popping. Maybe it was the cold air as it was quite damp.



Wietse did usual needles he said they went in better this time as last week were very tight and some popped out again. My ears are still a bit strange and popping, maybe I went on a plane while I was sleeping, because that what it feels like.

Still a lot of pain through out my body. My wrists are very sore so is my left ankle the veins are quite red and swollen now my knee has decided to get in on the act with a lot of nerve pain around the knee cap . I have had varicose vein problems in the past so may be its that again. I just took some extra IBRUES. That seemed to help. I am trying very hard not to take much OROMORPH as I would like to stop or at least cut down on the MORPHINE I take.


A fair night for me. I think some people have a longer dinner time than I sleep. A lot of sensitive pain especially in shoulders and back. My legs more the right one is burning a lot around the knee area. I am still very tired but as usual the RSD will not let me rest or even relax for long. The pain is not as bad as it has bean, its now more annoying than anything.


Today I have a doctors appointment to bring him up to date on how things have bean. He has increased GABAPENTINE by one he hopes this will help with the burning pain caused by the nerves. He looked at my left ankle and said its PHLEBTIS inflamed veins I have bean given some cream HIRUDODID to apply four times a day this should help with the inflammation and pain. My nose is still bleeding a lot. He had a look and said its a scab on the vein that keep breaking out with pressure, or when I blow my nose. I am to keep using the cream from be for and hope fully it will heal up in time.

Andrew has now got a place to live, its not the Ritz but its a lot cheaper than the hotel. He just needs to buy a few things.


We did a lot more new moves I like different things so it does not become boring doing the same things every week. My ears most weeks are affected popping and at times a little dizzy but this week was a lot worse. I used to have a lot of trouble with TINNITUS in the past, but it looks like its may be come back again. Only time will tell.


Today Paul and I took a lot of things to the local Charity shop, The Heart Foundation we have bean having a good sort out, along with the stuff Andrew left. We then went shopping, My back and hip ached. I am able to walk reasonable well on a good day, at the moment I am having quite a few better days with getting about. I still get a lot of pain but my body is copping well. Standing around always hurts a lot. A few extra IBRUES later the pain was not so bad. I took Summer for a walk she is getting better at walking on the lead but thinks everyone wants to play with her.


Wietse put in the usual needles neck, shoulders and head. I told him about my knee being so painful. He said lets try some needles there then. He continued to put them in. The first one hurt like a hot sharp knife going in so did the second one. After that it was not as bad. He put six needles in my knee. The pain was burning, it made me feel quite sick and hot with a big knot in my stomach. After about fifteen minutes most of the pain moved to my foot, which started to jump and burn. The needles stopped in the whole of the session about an hour. In all it went very well this is the first time he has bean able to do any thing apart from a very gentle massage for about two years at least. We were both pleased.

The bus ride home hurt quite a lot mostly in my back and hips. I did a bit of shopping in town then went home. I was very tired, but pleased also. This hopefully will open up a lot of things Wietse could do with my RSD leg.


Tonight Paul and I are at a hog roast and Ceilidh for the running clubs 20th anniversary. I joined the following year so have bean a member for about 19 years. The food was very good so was the dancing a Irish folk come gig.

I could not really take part but it was very good to watch. Also there was a a group of younger ones doing Irish dancing it needed a lot of concentration, a very good show. The noise and the tapping from the shoes caused me a lot of pain. I ended up taking a lot of extra pain killers. It was still a good night though. After we arrived home my left foot went into a Severe spasm then my right also spasmed up. Very painful.


Today I feel quite stiff but not too much extra pain. My ears are popping. I have cleaned up down stairs, I think that helped a little with the pain by loosening me up.

Well that's about it as you can see, a bit of a mixed month things can only get better.
Hope things are not too bad with you all.
See you next time Love Gill.

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