I realised that I have often talked about Pilates but not provided any pictures or much information.. The class is weekly and run by Jo. Some of us have various health problems some don't. We are all at certain levels, so do as much as we can. I think most people could be helped by Pilates. The exercises also help tone you up.

Here are some that were taken recently specially for the blog.

Jo often helps to get us in the right position.

Arm openings.
This one is called Table Top,
It requires a lot of balance.
Table top.
The one on the left is me.
Tying your self in a knot,
We do this to stretch out the muscles after doing certain exercises.

Some exercise we use circles, these help to get the right positions or just for an extra stretch.
We use other things as well rollers, which we lay on and do exercises while trying to keep our balance. Often falling off. We also use Pilate balls for some exercises to position our knees or under lower back. Also they are held for warm ups.

Toe tapping
This one is often done on the ball.

Shoulder bridge.
I am on the right. Some of the exercises require a lot of concentration and coordination some thing that is lacking in RSD. I have to concentrate really hard often stopping and restarting. I usually have my eyes shut when laying down this helps a lot. Some of the exercises are done standing up.

Shoulder bridge using arms as well.

A good example of a shoulder bridge.

Before I started taking part in the weekly sessions I had little balance. I often tried to run but most of the time fell over. I was always falling or knocking in to things. A lot of the falls resulted in bruises and cuts. I am pleased to say since Pilates my balance has improved 100%. I am now able to run on a good day.

This a good website explaining a bit more:

I hope you have enjoyed this extra blog as much as I having showing you.
Many thanks to Jo and to all the ladies.


Pilates Exercises said...

Excellent Pilates exercises images. As well With Yoga also you will get healthy body...

Gill Pyrah said...

Thank you for that--Love Gill

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