May 1st

All go in the kitchen, tiles are all gone. Just about ready for the plasterer to start.
Not too bad joints are very tender though. The new cooker hood has arrived but is damaged so will have to go back . Not good when things were going well.


Pilates, not a bad session a few spasms though. I seem to be getting a lot more of them just lately. They are not just at Pilates either, a lot at night time just when I would like to rest.

We have a leak in the roof - a man came to look and will send us a quote.


Acupuncture. This is going well and helping. But I only have another three sessions left, then I will have to be referred again. Something I know helps and not as expensive as other treatments but is harder to get. This does not make sence but when did the NHS just lately. Hopefully Dr Metta can get me some long term. Another man to look at the roof same as be for sending a quote.

Bed 5am not really tired whole body aches.


The kitchen is being plastered today a lot of mess. He did finish it and it looks a lot better. When we took off the tiles there was big chunks of plaster that came off as well. A bit more than polyfilla could handle. It's raining as well which does not help. A cold day today, when will Summer start. I think we have had enough rain , but still a drought warning.

Paul picked up the new car. He is very pleased with it.


Lindsay is here with the boys and of course Suey dog. Summer and her have bean chasing each other and running in and out the rooms. Great fun for them. I feel really tired head and face pain, still got quite a cough as well, it does not seem to want to go. When I went to bed about 5am there was a sharp frost very cold.


We have ordered the wall paper for the kitchen, a pale tile effect I think it will look very nice. Not a good day joints are bad whole body aches. Spasms as well. I feel very cold as well. Cleaned up a little bit after the plaster dust had settled. The sun came out today but not for long. Rain again.


A very bad night one of the worst for a while very bad spasms. It started in my right hip I stretched to try to get rid of it and quickly spread down both legs. The pain was bad then my right leg started violently shaking on the bed with so much force that it woke Paul up and he is no light sleeper. After what seemed a long time my body relaxed and the spasm went or at least lessened. I think I am getting more of these because of the colder weather lately, doing extra in the kitchen and not taking muscle relaxants.

We are out for the day, a rest from the kitchen. Looking for a fridge. We need one a certain size so the microwave will still fit on the top under the new high cupboards. We have seen one on the Internet and a shop at Gainsborough has them. I found it very hard to walk as my legs were so stiff and tight and both ice cold. The rest of my body was coming out in sympathy as well. I even said I wished I had my scooter with me.

As it was the shop did not stock the fridge and could only order it the same as us from the Internet. We had some dinner a a very nice little place that just about every thing they served was home made. I had lasagna very nice. Paul had a big all day breakfast also very nice.
A long day I was pleased to get home. The car journey still causes me more pain.


Pilates-Not a good session spasms and pain . Did what I could. I think RSD must get the prize for the most changing day to day symptoms. I feel drained and cold . Legs are heavy and painful.


Acupuncture - This is the last one till June 14th. This has bean going well and I have not learnt too much from the talks but it nice when I can pass on things that help others. This is a fibomyalgia clinic so no one has got RSD no surprise there. I had a nose bleed while I was there. These still have not cleared up from when I was in hospital from over two years ago.

I feel quite sick still bad head. Had a lay down when I got home. I was lucky as I got a lift home. I took extra MORPHINE for the extra pain. This helps, but makes me itch a lot.


Lindsay is here again with the boys. I took them to the park as we had a very rare warm day. This is the first time I have taken them on my own it was nice. I sat on the grass while they played. The sun was very hot. I could feel it burning though my jumper. A good day, still in a lot of pain more than usual. Extra MORPHINE again I have a lot of scratches all over my body .


Guess what another nice sunny day may be a little colder. The common is drying out but still very wet in places which Summer seems to love rolling about in . She is a mucky pup. My foot keeps going into spasms painful. When this happens I try to walk it off . Sometimes it works sometimes not. RSD does not follow any pattern at all. We are wallpapering the kitchen today.


Spoke to Dr Metta he thinks I have a sinus infection that would explain a lot. Antibiotics DOXYCYLINE two to start with then one a day. I hope this works I am fed up with the bad heads and under water feeling I am getting. He also thinks I should try BACLOFEN again as this should help with the spasms and pain . I am to take one tablet at night. I said I would give it a try. I came off them after the hospital upped the dose and paralysed me for a day. I was scared of taking them again.

Found out today that one of my older friends has died. Bad enough yes, but this happened over three weeks ago. He went in to hospital and died the next day. He lived in warden controlled place and I noticed that the curtains were not up also his things were not on the windowsill. I went to ask and was told he had gone. I said I thought I was down as a contact but was not according to them. The funeral had bean held probably with no one there and all his things had gone. I was too upset to ask any more. They said they did not put it in the paper because he had no family or friends . He had a lot of friends. Friends, like me, that would have wanted to say good bye to him. Poor John I feel that I have let him down. I last saw him in March about Easter time. I will go back soon and ask more details .


I still feel shocked and drained after yesterdays news.

Paul, my brother and nephew are starting the kitchen cupboards fitting. Everything is going well so far. I took my first BACLOFEN last night no problems .


Pilates - No major problems .

Paul and I went look for a fridge to go under the work top, Paul thought it would look better and let us have a longer work top.. I said it would be too small. They were too small.


The kitchen is getting there. I have no water no sink and the cooker is in the bathroom. Apart from that things are going very well most of the fitting should be done today. We have had a few takeaways this week as it bean hard to do any thing in the kitchen. Paul is not complaining either.


I have got Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee for some of the day. They have just got back from Spain again. A short break. I decided to take them into town. This is some I don't normally do but they are getting bigger now so its easier but more expensive. They had a new lunchbox each and a few other bits. An ice cream that there mum gave them money for. Not too bad pain wise but very tired after it all.


A lot of joint and muscle pain. I have bean doing more so I think that's why. I also have bean getting a lot more burning in my legs. This is extra to the burning I usually get though out my body. I know a lot of the time I do too much but when things are going well, I like to do as much normal things as possible and pay for it big time like today..

About 2am I was in the bath and Ginge the cat was crying at the door, Summer looked at me as though to say, let him in. I said no I have just got in the bath. After a while he went away after Summer started crying as well, they are great friends.
A bit later on I heard him fighting he does this a lot often, he has bits out his ears and scars around his face.

Around 4am he was pawing the door and crying this time, probably battered and sore after his fighting. I let him in, Summer went straight to him as to check him over. He looked alright though he must have won this fight. I would not mind but he is NOT our cat he lives two doors away but likes to spend a lot of time with us. Curling up in the sun on the decking.

So does his brother Tabby but quite as friendly with Summer. In fact Tabby hits Summer then Ginge hits him. When he gets the chance and not get caught he likes to sleep in Summers basket. She loves him so much that she is willing to lay at the side of it.

Fast asleep in Summers basket not for the first time either.

Ginge and Tabby on the fence where they sit and watch the world go by.
They both have there spots, and if Tabby gets in Ginge's spot he will knock him off even though is a lot bigger. Ginge is the boss.
Ginge in next doors garden. He's hardly ever in his own.

I cut my finger earlier on a tin can lid and it bled a lot. This started again early morning. I also had quite a bad nose bleed. I finally got to bed at 6 Am. A very full night.


Quite a lot of pain the last few days taking extra tablets IBRUES and HYDOCODINE. This has helped a little. Every part of me is very tight and painful.

Went to see my friend who also is my hairdresser, its her birthday today this is the first time I have bean to her flat. I was very surprised how big it was. she had said in the past it was big but I did not realise how big. She has two cats very fluffy and big. A very warm day, hopefully summer is here to stay at last.


Pilates, not too bad. Jo showed me some different moves as some were just impossible for me to do today. Just lately my coordination and balance has bean off. So the moves where my legs and arm go in different directions was not going to happen today. I think I did alright though.

The infection in my sinuses has not fully gone but much improved. The rest I think my body can cope with. My legs have bean very stiff in the mornings so have my neck and shoulders. This improves as the day goes on. I am still taking extra tablets to help with the pain.

I know some of it stems from the work in the kitchen and extra walking in town as I have bean going in to get Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee the Lego toys from the Sun newspaper. But as RSD sufferers know they does not have to be a reason for extra pain.


The kitchen is just about done. Very nice it looks too. The fridge arrived, it looks very smart.

Yesterday I hit my elbow on the door frame and it really hurts its swollen up and very red. I am wondering if I have cracked the bone. BACLOFEN is helping with the night time spasms I still get them but not as bad. I am still just taking the one at bed time. Pain else where down a little bit.

Another very warm day here about 25c. Halifax and Amsterdam, where my sons live, are both warmer than us. So nice to have warm weather for a change. Good to leave the coats at home.


Got the boys here, Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee, for the afternoon. Gave them the Lego toys they were very excited I think it does not matter how old you are most children and a lot of adults like Lego. They had fun building some up. Later on we went to the park and on to the common. They had a good time playing and running around. When they went home they were very tired.


A day out at Ingoldmells, a local seaside town with Paul. Very warm again with a bit of sea breeze which is normal for the east coast. Fair journey going, roads are a bit bumpy and a few of the sea roads have speed bumps, these hurt. Not too bad a day with pain, elbow still very sore but I think is improving still tender to the touch. A very enjoyable day. Tired but happy it was good to have a day out. Also Summer caught up on her sleep while we was away. She was full of life and mischief when we returned.


I gave Summer a bath she looks so sweet and clean, I suspect she will not be clean for very long, As a few days before she had rolled in horse muck, it was very fresh and smelled awful.

Summer - I wont be clean for long.

Paul and I are sorting out the shed and the loft above it very warm work and dusty too. We are getting rid of a few things, the things that you save just in case, then never use.

Pain levels are very much up and down, mostly up. The pain starts in one place and then everywhere hurts. Temperature changes are better on the whole but still all over the place at times. I feel cold a lot of the time which also increases pain levels. At least the night time spasms are better.


Paul and I are in town getting the last few bits for the kitchen.

As you can see not the biggest kitchen but I think it looks really good.

A very warm day and humid I think a change of weather is on the way. Pain wise its not too good. My shoulders are very tight and trying to spasm up. Pain in my right foot. When I get a lot of pain here it seems to start pain everywhere. Strange, this is where the RSD first started in July. 2004 nearly eight years ago.

Also another thing I want to mention. House, the TV program that has bean going for eight years also, has just shown the last ever one. I can't believe there will be no more House. Sad. The first episode was shown on July 13th 2004 the same day I fell.


A change today, its raining but it is still warm. A shame really as I was going to help with next doors garden. I like gardening a lot as I much prefer to be outside.
Not as stiff today so far (1pm) . I have a shooting pain on and off in my hip, like a nerve or something. My knees are a bit swollen and sore. Elbow just about right now still a bit tender.

That's about it for this month. Bean quite a painful one. This month I have had all the pains that RSD and FIBROMYALGIA can think up. I think this proves I need Acupuncture. My Doctor is trying to get me some more. Did you know if I was in prison I would get Acupuncture as a standard treatment and all on the NHS . May be I should do some thing to get in there...

It makes you laugh and cry at the same time I struggle to get any treatment now. I suppose that's what you get when you get a less common condition.

I hope things are good with you all and you have enjoyed some of this lovely weather. Bye till next time. Take care in what ever you do.
Love Gill.

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