August - Back in top gear. 150 blogs.

I am including the last two days of July in this blog because, Paul and I went to Halifax to see Wayne on his Birthday and stopped a few days.... 

July 30th

Happy Birthday Wayne. We are traveling to Halifax to see Wayne dropping off at Lindsay's first as Summer is stopping there while we are away. The journey going was better than a lot of previous times. In fact Paul had bean going on his own because it caused me too much pain and discomfort to go. We stopped about half way for a break, continuing on we arrived for dinner. Wayne is well, he undid his presents and cards he was pleased with them all. We are getting him a table and chair set for his garden when it is finished being sorted out. His garden has become a bit, well a lot over grown. Too much for him to cope with on his own. So Paul and I are helping him.


Rain over night and still quite dull. Paul said my legs and body were jumping in the night and he thought I was going to have a seizure. No I am good and feeling ready to start this garden today there is a lot of ivy wrapped round the trees and shrubs, it's hard to remove.

 Pictures before we started, Wayne did some work last week.

 Getting some where I think, a path has appeared.

Paul jet washed the patio as well. Beginning to look like a garden again.We all worked hard and got quite a bit done but there is a lot more left to do. We uncovered three planters that Wayne did not know were there. I think Paul took over twenty bags of rubbish to the dump. I love doing the garden especially when you can see a big improvement. We have made a good start to it.

We are going out to a Chinese buffet place tonight for a meal. We have bean before and its very good.
After stuffing ourselves and taking a few pictures we set off back to Wayne's. We had a few words with Andrew on Skype he is doing well.We just sat and talked for a while and watched television.

Happy Birthday Wayne.
Wayne, Paul and of course me.
I think I deserved this.

Timmy in the tent Wayne made for him.

1st August

A lot of rain over night. the garden looks even better this morning. Hopefully when it is all done it will look better still.
We are heading into Halifax today for a few things. The shopping tired me out and made me hurt. After a good rest and some tablets we were ready to head back to Lincoln. The journey was good the tablets taken before hand helped. We called for chips on the way home and a sausage for Summer. She had bean dropped off by Lindsay and Tracy. They are going to Brighton for the weekend with Selina and Tracy's sister Janet. Hope they have a good time. Very tired later I had a bath this tends to help. We got Summer a toy, a raccoon, as its her Birthday on Saturday. This squeaked a lot and she loved it. The rest of the night sat with Summer.


Happy Birthday Summer 4 today I can hardly believe she is 4 years old. She is still very much a pup.
At night time I think she must have had a party because things were moved around and my Teddy's were on the floor.

Just chilling on my Birthday.

4th August

Doctor Mehta today to get blood results. They are good, the first time for ages my red blood count is in double figures, only just though, eleven. Everything else is good too. He said I look a lot better than last time when he saw me, just after coming home from hospital. I asked him about stopping DULUXATINE he said it would be better if I kept that, and reduced the GABERPENTIN slowly.

He asked if I had started running yet (he knows me too well). Not yet I said, he has no problems with me running either. I would love to be able too but as Wietse used to say- BABY STEPS GILL, BABY STEPS. I can still dream, even though most people say I am mad to even think about it at all. Well I am totally insane then. I am feeling a lot better I don't know if its the weather, its the DULUXATINE or the Acupuncture, or because I'm sleeping better now, or just the RSD playing with me, lulling me in to false pretences, I don't know. I do know I like it and I will make the best of it while it lasts.

Paul and I are out for the day as we are going to see Bev at Beeston. We got her flowers and a cream cake to eat with our cup of tea. We sat in the garden as it was warm and sunny. After we were refreshed, two teas and a piece of cake each we set off to Attenborough, a nature reserve its a very peaceful place close by with wildlife a plenty.  A lot of walking by us all, we had dinner in the cafe a hot Cornish pastie each plus a pot of tea. A most enjoyable day Paul enjoyed it too. A bit of back and hip pain but nothing tablets did not help with.

 A few of the residents.
 Bev and I.
Thank you very much for a lovely day.


A fair sleep very tired last night. Today I am reducing the GABERPENTIN down again I have already bean doing this. In the hospital I took six a day then four, now down to three. One morning and two at night. I do hope the DULUXATINE will work for me instead. Less tablets the better.

I am helping out with next doors garden as it has become overgrown as well, it seems to be gardeners world at the moment. I love it though, working outside is loads better than being in the  house.


I have had a bad head for the last two days. I think the stormy weather has a lot to do with it. Going to see Lindsay at her house today. Nice to see Suey as well. Lindsay walked down with all the family to meet me. They were all shouting when they saw me. Jamie-Lee the loudest. I had a nice day there Tracy hurt her back at Brighton so is off work.


Open Day at the local football ground and fire station. Mostly charity stalls. Lots of things to see and do. Jay-Jay sat in a Audi sports car and said this is the car I am going to have when I get older. I said you will need a good job then. Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay had a go at scoring a goal and Jay-Jay managed it but Tommy-Lee just missed. They both got a prize though. We came back and I cooked burgers and sausages for dinner. They were very good. A good day. I ached a lot but it was worth it. I hope they raised a lot of money.


It's my brother David's birthday today so we are going to see him and his wife Bev. He is very busy at the moment, he has a landscape gardening business. Only three people work there, David doing most of it himself.  


Cleaning up downstairs today. this is the first time I have done it all on my own I usually help Paul.
I managed well. I am, I think back to my normal self now. I just hope it stops that way. I have spent too much time in Hospital this year. With RSD you never know, good one minute bad the next.


Lindsay came round with everyone. I gave Jamie-Lee the little pram I got her last year from a car boot sale. She loved it, I put a baby doll in and she pushed it up and down for ages taking out baby and talking to her. Jamie-Lee kept looking at me saying thank you Nanny. The boys wanted sausages and burgers again so that's what we had. They have very healthy appetites so does Jamie-Lee. Another good day. Quite a bit more pain though, the weather is not as warm as it was so I think this might be a major factor to the pain. Shoulders and head very tender. Later on at night my legs hurt like someone was sitting on them, I could not get comfortable at all no matter how I placed my legs. This happens a lot, I think it could be part of the complicated RSD curse.


The weather has turned a little cooler especially at night. This year has bean a good summer though I have missed quite a lot of it. I am going into town today, I have a few things to get. I have missed doing this just looking around, no rush. Walking in and probably bus back. My body aches today all the joints and still the headache. FIBROMYALGIA and possibly CHRONIC FATIGUE I think. As you know there is no pain relief from sitting, just the opposite for me.


I had a lay in today, gone nine when I got up. A day in doing the bedrooms they don't take too much doing. Paul is out so just me and Pup. Night time started knitting a scarf for a present. Bed a bit later tonight I have bean trying to stick to a 2-00am bed time as my sleep is quite good at the moment.


What did I say last night, did I upset someone  BAD-- PAIN, legs burning and sweating, joints would not calm down despite extra tablets. A headache from hell. Just the RSD saying you have not got rid of me yet!


This is Tabby cat he comes to see us a lot. Brother of Ginge- he would not let Summer in side and when she tried to get in, he chased her. Poor Summer, Tabby is a big cat and will be nice to Summer, then strike out with his paw. Later Summer was a bit dubious when she went for a wee looking all around as if to say has he gone?

Carol my friend from the running club came to see me. She was quite amazed at what had bean happening to me. She said I look well now so does she.
Later on in the day Paul's Mum and Dad came to see us. They have bean on holiday and brought us a gift, a solar powered owl that you put in the window and it moves from side to side. This sounds like a ticking clock, not to every ones taste but I like them.  Bit more knitting later. Still painful joints.
Before I went to bed I took BECLOFEN and IBRUES.


A better night but I was fairly drugged up. Its a bit colder here, not RSD friendly. Pain wise more than usual, joints again and dropping things as well. This could be a bit to do the BECLOFEN as its a muscle relaxant.


Today is the day I have bean looking forward to for ages. Paul and I are going to Sally's house. She has horses. She is a very good rider and won load of medals and rosettes. Hopefully I am going to ride one. The last time I was on a horse, never as far as I know, unless a cart horse counts. I was about nine. The horse is called Pepper quite a large horse too. I got on and looked down, its a long way to the floor. Sally said look between the ears and then its not as high looking. I did this and it works. Sally and her mum said how to sit and hold on. Quite important I think. Sally took the reins and led me round. This felt very good I was quite relaxed.


Introducing me to Pepper.
Already to go.

Sally showing me how its done.
Getting on is not that easy. Sally's Mum (Mo) helping me.

I am on, looks a long way down.
And we're off.
 No jumps today.

 Look no hands good balance Sally said.

Sally asked if I wanted to trot and of course I said yes. Again Sally showed me how to lift my bum off the saddle and lean forward on to Pepper. Its oh so good I didn't really want to get off. They both said I was a natural rider. I was so pleased, another thing I could take up and look forward to. I felt so relaxed, something I have not felt for a long time. Thank you Sally, Mo, and of course Pepper who without him this would not be possible.

 Sally, Pepper and me

After tea and toasted home made bread, we set off home. A most enjoyable day. I hope there will be plenty more too. I was told I might ache tomorrow, I don't care if I do it will have bean worth it. 


Good no extra pain so far, I do hope I can go horse riding around here as Sally lives a hour away. I will go to see Sally again and one day soon go for a proper ride with her.
Running will be my first love and soon I hope to start or at least try again but horse riding is no impact on my legs so better for me. Impact on my bum maybe though. My RSD foot hurts but whether that's anything to do with the riding is any body's guess.


Still no extra aches and pains.  I am back at Pilates today, the chair one, Jo thought it would before the best. I still hope to get back to my class though at a later date. Pilates went very well I manged good a few new moves as well. I stood to do a lot of the moves as I find it better.
John my friend came round in afternoon, He is doing well always nice to see him. Later a bit of knitting and writing this blog.


Rubbish night sleep I had bean bitten by mosquitoes during the day on my head and neck so they were playing me up. Before I went to bed my legs and most of my joints hurt. I could not get comfortable at all so I decided to go to bed early, about one. I still could not settle any better. I got hot then started to shake, by now I realised they were withdrawal symptoms. I thought I had taken my tablets just before 10-00pm. I had not these were IBRUES I took for the extra pain. I went back down stairs and sure enough there they were. I took them three and a half hours late. I went back to bed but did not settle for ages going to sleep about four am.  The trouble with Morphine is you have to take it at the right time or else my body starts to panic.

We are going into town later today, I feel very tired but that will wear off soon. I bought a summer dressing gown and a new t shirt.


Fair night, still more pain than I would like. Lindsay is here on her own, the children are at there Dads today. So a quite day, it seemed weird no little voices around.

We are heading off to Wayne's after Paul's finished at the football. Summer is going to Lindsay's
while we are away so she will have fun with Suey as usual. The journey was good going to Wayne's stopping half way for a drink. It was nearly dark when we arrived and just in time for a Chinese I think. After a good feed we watched television for a while. Paul went to bed and Wayne talked for a while.


Good nights sleep. Hopefully doing the garden again today there is much to do, loads of brambles and enough ivy for the whole street, this is wrapped round the trees and shrubs along with the ivy. More like a jungle. I am sure a lot more has grow since we were here last. Made a good start filled up 28 bags of rubbish. Paul took this to the tip. Wayne and I also had a bonfire which would have added another 7-10 more bags.

How the garden looked last time.

Wayne in work Mode.
  Some of the many bags we filled over 80 bags went to the skip.
 View of Wayne's garden from the road.

Wayne's house from the garden.

The bonfire beginning to take hold.
 Going well now, the flames scorched a tree.
 A long hard day.

We all went for a well deserves meal out, a Chinese of course. I was well ready for it as well.


More work on the garden, Wayne had to go to work so just Paul and I. Most of yesterday it rained so no work at all. We both worked very hard and got a lot done. My arms are covered in bites and scrapes plus a lot of bruises. I am surprised where I have got bites too as only my arms were uncovered on the first day. They feel very sore too.

 We did this.
  Wayne was amazed how much more we got done while he was at work.
 Paul and I with more bags.

Pity we did not have time to finish it all. Out for a meal at Grindo's a Mexican place Wayne's treat for doing the garden for him. Thank you Wayne. I enjoyed this very much.

 My food I ate every bit.
 Wayne on cocktails.
Paul on coke.
My pudding- also all eaten not shared, no never!!

  Wayne and and I.

    The tower house near Wayne's.

A long day but so good to look at what we have achieved.
We sat and watched a film, titled Non stop, a thriller set on a plane, then Disney's Frozen film both very enjoyable.


Time to head off home to Lincoln and say goodbye to Timmy cat and Halifax. We also said goodbye to Wayne. The journey was good going home we stopped once. We decided to go to Lindsay to pick up Summer after a dinner of chips for everyone. Summer went crazy so did Suey as well. Jamie-Lee did not want us to take her home. The boys were pleased to see us too. Nearly the end of the school holidays so they are playing out as much as they can, much to Jamie-Lee annoyance. We left Lindsay and went home. Nice to be back, Summer shot out in to the garden to see if anyone had bean out there. She was a bit unsettled later I think she missed the children. I took her for a walk that calmed her down.


Rest day today, after all I don't want too much pain setting off the seizures again and end up in hospital. Oh no-- Nice to be back on the common for Summers walk. Very peaceful.
I am having my hair cut tonight by Helen my usual hairdresser. Looking at my last picture with Wayne at Gringos I think its about time. My hair looked good as usual.


I have bean reducing my GABERPENTIN bit by bit I now take one in the morning and one at night.
This is going quite well I think, more about that at the end of this blog.
We went to see Pam my sister in law as it was her birthday yesterday. After that into town, quite a lot to get today Tommy-Lees and Jamie-Lees birthday very soon, 8th September.
A very painful day with my legs, the left one has bean very swollen because of a bite. I was a bit worried it was the RSD spreading again. The other leg's more affected by RSD, was painful too but only in a way RSD can be. A lot of joint pain again. I took IBRUES and the pain calmed a bit. We got most of the things we wanted so headed off home. Summer was waiting for us.

I have bean on DULOXETINE for a while now 6th of May and I really do think it helps with pain most of the time. Just 30mg in the morning. That is why I am cutting down my GABERPENTIN then stopping all together. I will know then how well DULOXETINE is working. After all one tablet is better than six a day I am sure you will agree. The less the better.

A good month this time with a lot happening. Horse ridding, gardening and meals out. I hope it keeps up I like this sort of good times a lot better. I hope thing are good for you all, and are keeping as well as can be.  Love Gill.

 This is my 150 blog so far,  I think that's pretty good about a nasty thing called RSD, not all bad though- lots of family stuff to soften the hard times. All the best Love Gill.

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