Wildlife and Falconry Park. A day out.

This an extra blog, Aprils will be along very soon.

8th April

A day out.

Last night I fell backwards hitting my arm on the door frame. I did this so it was not my head. My arm swelled up and was very painful. I did not go to the hospital, because the boys were here and it would have bean awkward. Anyway I did not think it was too bad.

My arm is very painful and fingers swollen we are out today and I don't want to ruin it for the children. Paul took summer for her walk. Just lately I have messed up a few Birthdays and nearly my own Birthday surprise. So this one day out will not get ruined as well. Anyway I have got loads of MORPHINE

We  went to the Falconry Park near Langworth, Lincoln. We have bean before, about half an hour ride from us. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee plus Tracy and her mum Margaret and Dad Alan plus their grandchildren Max and Daisy joined us. Everyone got on well. Also this time the chicken did not escape. I did not go in the bird house, well I did for a few minutes till I realised they were free flying. I have a thing about feathers and birds. I sat outside and rested as I was high on MORPHINE-- flying my self. This helped the pain though and helped me to get through the day..As without it I would be in intense pain.

Paul and Tracy took all the pictures.

Here are a lot of the birds and animals we saw.

This little frog had her baby on her back, Alan spotted it hopping along the road even before we got to the park..

You looking at me?
 Where's the Bat Mobile.
There were some very pretty butterfly's. I did not go in the house as it was very hot.
Wheres my mate?
There was a flying demonstration but Paul and I did not see it. Alan watched it and said it was good.
 This peacock surprised use all later.?????
Lindsay and Jamie-Lee.
 The storks had built a massive nest.

No I am not stuck up-- I always look like this.
 Wheres my next meal?

Not me I hope.!!!

Don't worry-- I am on the look out.
 I don't give two hoots, I am happy. Smile.
 This little raccoon was fast asleep.
 Lindsay keeping her eye on the children.
 Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.
 Lindsay, Jamie-Lee, Max and Tommy-Lee.
 Having a rest, me Tracy, Alan, and Margaret.
 Pucker up.
 My arm was hurting a lot.
Daisy and Lindsay.
 Jay-Jay holding on tight.

 Max and Daisy morphed.
Anything they can do I can do better.
 Tommy-Lee, Max and Daisy
 Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay.
 Tracy and Jamie-Lee. BUT I can't walk along there can I??
 Yes I can-- yeah.
 The three wise monkeys. Tracy, Alan, and Margaret.
 I have bean looking for you.

 I think they look like they are smiling. I think so or may be its the MORPHINE. 

 Everyone was looking tired.

 Cuddle from Jay-Jay.

I am very tired and in pain and no more MORPHINE left.
 Jamie-Lee going to get a monkey.
She was fascinated by her stamp.

These are Tracy's pictures.

 All the young- uns together.


Not sharing with no one


Jamie-Lee did not mind the peacock one bit. I kept my distance.

Where are you Margaret??
Oh there you are, hidding?
Back to Pauls Pictures..  Tommy-Lee in deep thought.
I got my monkey.

All the children got one, or a teddy
 Heading home after a really lovely day.
The peacock surprise, lovely is it not.

 A good day despite the pain, very sunny and warm. Everyone enjoyed themselves

Come back and see us again soon please.

Yes please do.

I hope you enjoyed our day out, I did, this is a nice place to go as the children are not restricted and there is a good play park as you saw for when they get bored of the animals.

Love as always Gill.

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