October 1st

Lindsay and Ben arrived back later this morning. The children were pleased to see her and Ben of course. They stopped for a while then headed off home. Children now back with their owners. Lindsay had not bean the best while away. Headaches again. Her 3rd scan is later this week so hopefully that will help the Doctors decide what to do next.

The rest of the day changing beds and washing and ironing. More knitting this time little cots for 5" dolls for Christmas presents.


Tommy-Lee playing football today. Full time 3-3 Tommy had scored a goal. In extra time with seconds to go he scored another with his head 4-3 . Well done Tommy-Lee and all the Hykeham Tigers.
Tommy-Lee front right. 

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are going to Spain with their Dad for a few days. Hope you all have a good time.


A lot of nerve pain from my right shoulder and arm.  B12 also today this was not too painful this time. I am to keep having them every two months now. I think this helps I don't feel as exhausted as I use to do. Well not as much any way.

My friend John came round for a chat and cup of tea. He is doing well.

Knitting and machining  later. When Tommy-Lee stopped  here I washed his Barcelona football top and the stitching came undone. All fixed now, he is very much into the team.

When I went to bed pain shot down my leg from left hip into my toes on left side. Very very painful.
So with that and the normal pain I hardly got any sleep.


Hip pain has improved quite a bit, I think a nerve had got trapped somewhere near my thigh.

Pilates-- going on the bus today, joined Joy who go on at the station. Paul usually takes us but was busy today. I hope soon I will be able to go on my bike. When I have less pain my balance is not too good, so not safe. This gets to me a lot, its like I am cursed or something. Russ always said I was.
The same with running, after holiday, (August) start gently again. Dam seizures started up again. I am then too weak, too battered, too infected, too sore, and too much extra pain to do much at all let alone start running again..

Met Angela in town for a pictures visit, to see "Mrs Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children" Brilliant film and I really enjoyed it. Angela did too but not as much as me. She said she found it a bit strange.
I have watched lots of horror films so to me it was mild.
Very cold when we came out the pictures I was shaking, came home by bus first time in ages for me. Lincoln is so mixed up with road works, rebuilding and road changes, its a lot quicker to walk if you can.


Lindsay at Sheffield today for her scan. I do hope they will be able to get a better picture of what is going on and start treatment soon. She is suffering a lot and with the children to care for it's not good.

Article in the paper today about a girl with RSD--she begged them to cut off her leg as it was no good and turning black after just a toe nail removal in 2012. She was very active before RSD. They would not, so she went private and had it done. The leg was removed in July 18th. All is well with her and the pain has gone.  I wish her all the very best luck. She has a blog-- http://mycrpslife.blogspot.co.uk Look her up.
This was me in the early days of RSD wanting my foot gone. Wietse gently explained it would spread the RSD. Slowly slowly it did improve.


Age UK. Calum and Nills said it had bean dead there all week and more so today. I said they are all coming in soon as they followed me along the High Street. Sure enough a bit later we were very busy.
Quite a busy day in the end. A few short tempered old uns too. Hands have not bean too good dropping things and tingling.


Summer had a bath today, she is all white and fluffy.

The boys are back from Spain today hope they have had a good time.

I know the weather has made my pain worse, joints are like on fire, swollen and sore. Numb in places too. How can something be numb and still hurt so much. RSD that's how.


Doing the garden I have not touched this for a while, so quite over grown. Just about got it all done and it poured down, after me watering and washing the soil off the plants. A lot of rain fell so at the least the plants got settled in.


With the weather getting colder the leaves are falling off the trees and the conkers. I said last month they were a lot this year. The squirrels are out collecting food for the winter as well. When Jamie-Lee was here, we saw one and she got very excited.


Summer is having a cut today by Maxine, Summer knows as soon as she comes through the door its for her. She likes having her hair cut and is so relaxed with Maxine. She often falls asleep too. We say to her stay awake till after your cut. She is the only dog that Maxine does not use the hold lead for. She just about managed to stay awake. She looks very pretty now.

 Be for..
...and after.
Pilates as well today, Paul is taking Joy and me. A good session quite hard as well.

Home again and dinner as at physio later. I would like them to do the same as last time because I think it helped quite a bit. Sliding cupping on my back, shoulders and knees. This was back in July.

I saw Cameron who I have seen before. He treated me today on his own. Doing the cupping on back and shoulders and back of my knees, and a massage. This is painful as it goes deep in to the muscles. Some he did not do on my RSD worst side. This will be painful for a few days then relaxes them all. If this goes the same as last time it helped a lot.

A long walk on the common with Summer, rained just as we went on, but was dry after that. Knees painful to day. Shoulders and back just sore, but manageable. Coming down hill the worst.


Still a lot of pain from physio session. Hopefully this will ease soon.

Age UK again, quite busy as well. One of my friends who I was in hospital with came in. Good to see her, she is doing well. We have kept in touch my phone, but so nice to see her face to face as we have not met up in a while.   

Late night early morning left shoulder very painful  Spasms and shooting pain down my arm. Right shoulder just feels sore.


On my own until tea time Paul is at Stourbridge for the day. Tommy-Lee is staying tonight so that will be nice. We played cards till it was time for Tom to go to bed. He has a football game tomorrow so needs a good rest.


Tommy-Lee had a good sleep and said he was ready for the match. His team Hykeham Tigers are doing very well. Winning or drawing all this seasons games. He enjoys football and is in the School team as well. After Lindsay and Ben picked him up I changed our bed and washed the sheets. A nice blowy day.

Tommy-Lee's team drew 3-3, at half time they were loosing 3-0 so they did a good job to draw.

Later did all the ironing took over an hour and half. Very sore shoulders now.


A sunny and bright day. I am cleaning the bedroom or I was till the vacuum cleaner went up in smoke. It made a funny noise then stopped. Paul noticed it was smoking so carried it outside.  A new vacuum cleaner now. the printer went wrong a few days ago too..  


A very cold day on the common, winter is getting very close now. Summer prefers the cold and was running around like a little pup. A good walk but like I said cold, at least it was not raining.

Went to see Ben next door he is doing good but also feeling the cold. His heating is on the whole day so its pretty warm in there. Feels even colder when I come out his house.

Shoulders are still painful--the ironing did not help much but it has to be done. I am not one of those people who iron everything like one of my friends. Just the things that need it like shirts and cotton things.

Got Jamie-Lee today as Lindsay is still suffering with her bad heads. She had another scan two weeks ago and still not heard from them despite phone calls from her and her Doctor.
A good day with Jamie playing.

Headache later on, tiredness I think.


Knees are having there say today and are complaining loudly with a lot of pain.

Pilates with Joy, she is getting more flexible each week. She is not a small lady so I think she is doing well. A hard session for me too, quite energetic this week my body complained a lot, I did as I usually do and ignored it. A lot of this extra pain I think is the cold weather. Not a RSD friend the cold but what is friends with RSD?????

After Pilates I went with Joy to her house very nice too, a lot of knickknacks- too many she said but it's the sort of things I like something different. She used to live near the sea and a lot are things that are seaside related. A lovey day, a nice change, I did not leave till gone 6pm. She nearly had to throw me out, she told Paul. Thank you Joy. Afterwards Chinese for tea, a long day but very good.

We now have a new vacuum so back to the cleaning up tomorrow.


Lindsay phone up in tears (violent head pain again) she would like me to have Jamie-Lee so I'm picking her up from nursery. We came home on the bus sitting right at the back, she said its better here as you can not feel the wheels so much. She was right too. Another enjoyable day with Jamie-Lee playing Barbies, Barbie boys, colouring, letters and numbers plus more. I spent a lot of time up and down the stairs. Tracy picked her up around six. Before she went she asked if she could get a rose for mummy.The rose tree is in Karol's garden but he does not mind us having a few. I prune it for him most years. One year him and Peter did it and took so much off that he did not think it would grow again but it was beautiful when it bloomed.


Age UK again-- this soon comes round. No accidents today and the old ones seemed a bit happier. Some of them have no manners though, not even saying thank you when being served. I asked one of the other volunteers at what age do they loose their manners??

Bit of problem with my hands going into spasms though I had to get Calum to sort out the coffee refill because I could not move my fingers. They just locked up RAYNARDS does not help. I have noticed just lately my fingers have being going white and numb more and more. This happens even when in the warm. I looked it up on the web and found it's just a more progressive part of RAYNARDS.

Found out today my friend Angela has got a more stable job, she is on zero hours at the moment so not very secure. Well done Angela.


Lindsay brought round a load of washing as her washing machine has gone wrong and is not being fixed till Thursday. So most of the day I was sorting that out. Rain bought the washing in sun put it out then rain again. After a few times I left it inside. Ironing later.

Later on my stomach went crazy churning, pain and swelling up. I got to the toilet just in time. I was there for over half an hour I dare not move. Explosive diarrhea I went to bed later only to have to get up again. Back to bed around 4am. I lay in bed hardly daring to move.  Hope its alright tomorrow. I have IBS so I think it was a flare up. I have taken a lot tablets over the last few days for extra pain I have bean having this always affects it.


Stomach improved a lot still swollen but pain has gone. Not as many trips to the toilet either. I was a bit worried about the common walk but I was alright. Lindsay is here later to pick up the washing.

Angela here later too. She is very happy about her new job. She will be working in a retirement home. Not got a start date as yet, but it will be very soon. Very pleased for her. I know some of her ladies will miss her when she leaves. She is a home start worker. That involves going to help with shopping, house work, other every day things around the house.


Cleaning up downstairs today using a new vacuum, not quite as powerful as the old one but alright.
Angela came round to see me to buy me dinner. I said not too sure what is going on as Lindsay was 
on her way with all the gang. She bought all her washing as machine is still out of action, hopefully will be fixed on Thursday. We all had chips from the local chip shop. Very good they were too.
Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee are staying here tomorrow night.

Pilates went well, quite energetic at times. Went to see Joy at her house as she did not go to Pilates today. Went to get the bus from the station, after being dropped off by Paul. I asked others that were waiting how long for a bus, they said there is one due now, good I thought, timed it right. The bus never came despite asking various drivers, know one knew why ?? All the other stands were working as normal. The bus finally came half an hour late, well sort of, like the driver said this was the next one not the 1.45 but the 2.15. Oh well I got there in the end and spent a few hours with Joy.

I was going to walk back, but she said no, you look tired, so I am putting you on a bus. OK-- she is a lot bigger than me so I did not argue. The journey back to the station took half an hour to do what usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes. This just reminded me why I only get buses when I have to. I walked the rest of my journey home.

There is so much work going on in Lincoln, road building and various changes that it is chaos. Hopefully when its all done it will all be better!!!

When I got back Paul went to pick up the children. I cooked tea, sausages and the other bits, they both ate well. Jamie said she did not like peas, (Jay-Jay does not like them so I think she copied him) then minutes later said I love peas my favorite. With tea being later than usual it was soon bedtime for Jamie Lee. I read her a few stories but she has got very crafty and picked a big book. One she chose was Pinocchio, a proper reading book with no pictures. I made up my story as it would have taken a long time. One down one to go Jay-Jay will sort himself out.


The next morning Jamie-Lee was up early and a bit grumpy. Jay-Jay got up later as one of his very upset friends phoned him early morning and needed his help. He was very tired but at least he helped them out.

He walked so far with us when we walked Summer and than went home as he had things to do. A nice walk on the common with Jamie-Lee and Summer. A dog jumped up at Jamie-Lee to see what she had in her hand (a feather) and this scared her a bit.

Back home we played with Barbies and other things. Today its Tracy's Birthday and I asked Jamie if she wanted to make her a card. She said yes even though she already had one. She also made her a picture with hearts on, this involved a lot of glitter.

Jamie-Lee's picture for Tracy.

 Glitter every where table, us, on the carpet even up stairs. Summer looked very pretty too.

 Ready to play.
 Tired after her walk.
 All the glitter on her back.

 I don't mind.

Later we took Jamie home, and gave Tracy her present and card, she was pleased with her gift a charm for her bracelet and fruity bath bomb and shower gel. Jamie-lee could hardly wait to give her the card and picture. She loves it even more, as she had made it herself.

We left and headed off home, I was quite tired.


Age UK busy again, Calum said on Tuesday they took over £600 not bad when the total cost of a three course meal costs £6.50. They also had an inspector there to see if we are still worthy of five stars, we are. Good, the food is great according to all the customers that come regular. Not all older ones either. After I have finished I usually have a meal. Not always a lot of choice as we sell out of most things. Today I had a ham sandwich and three roast potatoes. Nills thought this was strange I said its no different really to chips with it, is it?

Home today no shopping. I ache a lot today, my fingers are playing up and acting strange, no feeling at times and just not doing what they should. Like I said before COLD WEATHER, RSD DOES NOT LIKE IT, RAH.


Paul and I are doing a car boot today at Torksey. This is an afternoon one so no early start. As we were heading there it started to rain. Lucky it stopped and the sun came out but it did wet a few things.
I think we did well, £68.50 profit, I think we could have had more but everyone started to pack up as
the people did not keep flowing. Never mind we hope to have another one on Wednesday if fine at the same place.

Clocks go back an hour tonight so an extra hour in bed. I went about 4am. Had trouble getting to sleep as well. The extra hour did not benefit me at all.


Well nearly the last day of this month mild and wet. Good walk with Summer on the common. Angela is here later after church. Will be nice to have a chat.


Had Jamie-Lee for a few hours today. She was not in the best of moods. Lindsay phoned later to say they had bean in A & E, Jamie-Lee had pushed a sweet up her nose and Lindsay could not get it out. When asked why she did it she said I wanted to eat it a different way. !!! The Doctor  soon got it out. After that they all went out Trick or Treating none the worse for it all.

 Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee.
Jay-Jay and friends.

Another month gone by, not a lot happening this time. I am quite pleased about that though.
Hope things are good with you all. Love Gill.  


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