1st August

Well still all go, Jay-Jay and Andrew here. I must say the last few weeks have bean quite hard for me.
Joy keeps telling me to slow down a bit but how can I when there is much to do.

Got all the washing that was in the big case dried and ironed now, a lot of it this time mostly shirts. I think now, everything Andrew owns has bean washed. Unless there is more I don't know about, I hope not. My poor washing machine needs a rest now and so do I..


My little Pups Birthday- Summer is seven to day- Happy Birthday Summer. Two presents as well for her.

 Summer with her new Birthday toy.
 A collar Andrew made for her.
 She loves this, as it squeaks and she can carry it around.
 What's this?
She soon realised there were treats inside. Going in with her tongue and shaking it.

No Pilate's today Jo is not well, she had a tooth out and it will not stop bleeding. Recover soon Jo and all the best to you.

A lot of pain today maybe the damp air or just RSD decided to cause trouble again. At least my head is a bit better today. Moving from eye sockets to top of head now.


Age UK again, it soon comes round. Working with Jenny again she said I am so pleased you came. She was working earlier in the week here and said she did not not enjoy it at all. Fridays are the best here she said. She is getting to know the customers as well pointing out the rude ones.

I took Jay-Jays phone to be repaired as he dropped it a few days ago. £35 to have a new screen on it.
This will be ready tomorrow. When I spoke to Wayne later he said that was cheap price.
I got Andrew a cappuccino cup and saucer in red so he can enjoy his coffee more.

I have finished off the Doctor Who puzzle I started, this did not take long as very easy compared to the other two. The Roses one I  finished with Andrews help last month,  I did not get a picture of. This was not as hard as the Jelly baby one I first did though.

Dr Who's. 

Jay-Jay and I picked up his phone looks like a good job done.
Later at night the space station came over and you could see the lights. Just looked like a very fast moving big star. Andrew lit the fire outside so it was a good night just watching the flames and feeling the warmth of the fire.

Jay-Jay has two friends staying as well in the garden in a tent. They were well behaved but a bit noisy.


Changed all the beds, three now instead of just one. Got them all dried and ironed as well plus other washing.

Andrew has now sorted out all his stuff that was in the dining room so that's good, the room is a lot bigger now and we are able to move more freely now. There were a lot of boxes..


In town with Jay-Jay trying to get him skinny jeans. The rain is pouring now and we are having problems getting him any some jeans. The problem is that he is now 13 and coming to the end of children clothes but young adults are too big. We did finally get him a pair that were near enough right. His Mum will have to take him too Asda or somewhere else.


Pilate's back on again, I went on my bike again. Cold and windy today my hands were very cold, gloves needed in August? I thought we were supposed to be having a heat wave!!! Pilate's went well I ached a bit afterwards going home but I have not bean for 3 weeks so a bit of shock to the system. I have bean doing moves at home on my mat to keep me going but its not the same as a class with Jo. Hopefully very soon I will be able to go for a run. Unfortunately Andrew dropped his cup I got him
on Friday. Smashed to bits.

Finished off another puzzle- Escape From Alcatraz.

My Brother David, and Sister in Law Bev, called round as David was working this way. His Birthday is tomorrow, I got him a jumper. Most years this is what I get him or a shirt. He is still suffering pain from his car accident so is Bev. Not bean able still do as much as he used to. Hopefully in time this will improve.


Joy is here in the morning then ACUE in the afternoon. Went into town with Joy, then onto my ACUE appointment. The treatment was done by George (the tutor) this time 18 needles in all legs, arms, stomach, head, and shoulders. Some of them, not much reaction some plenty, like floating, pins and needles and some pain, more so right side though. I managed to get Andrew another cup in fact four, from charity shops. So hopefully he will be OK for a while. Also I got myself a Abbs trainer also a charity shop find. I tried this later and I can feel the burn in my stomach.


Age UK very busy some very impatient customers today including one staff member, they are the worst, wanting to be served first.  She said she was in a meeting, I told her I will get to her when it's her turn. Quite a few more were impatient as well some tutting while they waited. We are mostly all volunteers working here, not getting any money, and they want first class treatment for second class money. Go else where if your not satisfied.

I feel a bit looser after yesterdays treatment but shoulders are still painful.


Yesterday Jay-Jay broke his phone again this time he did not drop it. A stray BB pellet from his gun hit it. So another trip sometime to get it fixed. He needs to get money first though. Might be a bit more this time as its not working at all.

Andrew and Paul have gone to pick up a chair for Andrews room, a leather office one. Very nice too- the man we bought it off said it cost £160 new. We paid £20, at one time he would not have even looked at a leather chair or anything related to animals. He was very strict about that, a vegetarian    
with food still, but he has relaxed a bit about other things. Hopefully this will make things more comfortable and he will get more work done!

Summer got treated for worms and fleas, she has neither but prevention is a lot better than trying to get rid of the little pests. 

Looking after Tabby cat for a neighbour I know Tabby well and he is a very vocal. I say hello Tabby and it sounds like he says hello back.
 Tabby cat.

They have recently had a new back door fitted, this time with no cat flap. I will go round and sit with him and fuss him a bit so he is not lonely.


Jay-Jay out with his family, it's his other Grandads 90th birthday so they have all gone there. He lost his wife last year so this will be the first one with out her.  Paul and I sent him a card.

Tabby cat was very pleased to see me and was very vocal not shutting up till he had his food I sat with him for a while then left him in to sleep. He likes to go in Emmie's play house sleeping for hours.I went back later and he was still asleep.


In town today, met Paul and Andrew after doing a bit of shopping and meeting a friend for a cup of tea. We had a subway dinner which was very nice. On the way home we passed a shop that sell limited hand made things. At Christmas there were sheep made from wire and wood. This time there was a Tin Man, yes made from tin, like the Tin Man from Follow The Yellow Brick Road.. I happened to say I liked him, Andrew stopped and went back and bought him for me. I was shocked I thought he had got it for himself after agreeing with me he also liked him. He said-- Happy Past Birthday and Mothers Day. Thank you Andrew a very nice thought.
I have called him Tank after someone I know.



Sorting out the garden, its got a bit weedy. Also in the greenhouse taking off the leaves and shoots from the tomatoes. Sawn up some wood for the fire pit. We have got loads now, but it soon goes down.
My stomach has bean a bit strange just lately, bloated and sore. I have bean taking MINTEC this helps quite a bit. I take one in the morning and more later if needed.  My knees are very sore around kneecap area deep down inside. EMU OIL has helped a bit but short affect. TIGER BALM helps also and I tend to us both. The pain overall has bean less than past months but this is usually the case in the Summer.


Age UK busy again working with Jenny. Bit of shopping then on to pick up Lindsay's tablets. Went around to feed and cuddle Tabby cat. He is doing alright I think, he is missing his family they should be back tomorrow but seems happy enough. Sat with him for a while then he went out.

Bad head later bent forward and it felt like it had fallen off.


Gave Summer a bath, so she looks very white and glows now. Her coat is very soft as well. I did not have dog conditioner, so I used my Pantene she smells very nice too.
Tabby's family are not back till Tuesday now, so a few more days to wait Tabby.


Tabby is happy his family are back now, He did enjoy himself while they were away though.

Ben his young owner has missed him a lot. He said he went in the garden and called him and he came straight away. Very heavy air today I feel like I have someone sat on my shoulders and head. Knee and hip pain bad today. I also have a lot of Gnat bites. These are sore and I am trying not to scratch them. Hot and cold a lot and very clammy. The air is still very heavy we need a good storm to clear it.


Pilate's-- At one point I did not think I would be able to go. About twenty minutes before I usually set off, we had a violent storm, thunder, lightening and a down pour. This did not last long but I was not sure if it was coming back. Anyway I set off and apart from a bit of drizzle it remained fine, even the sun came out later.

A good session but I found it quite hard, I hurt a lot in most of my body. I blame the heavy air we have had for the last few day. At least my head has got a bit better. Later it did cool down a bit  and I felt better all round.


Cleaning up downstairs and usual washing.
Jay-Jay is going away for a few days tomorrow with his Mum, Tommy-Lee, Jamie-Lee and Ben's and his 3 kids. Six kids I would not want it, its too much for Lindsay as well, but she would never admit it. She already has bean bad this week as it is. Anyway I hope they all have a good time. Jay-Jay is staying at his Dads tonight.


Age UK today changes are not always for the best especially when it works the way it is. Not a good day for me.


Cleaning upstairs today. a good clean in our bedroom moved the bed and cupboards. Did the other two rooms. Andrew will do his later I hope. I like things tidy him not so much.

Looking after Ben and Emmie tonight so their Dad can go out for a while. Nes is away fr a few days with her Mum. The kids are well behaved, but Emmie keeps me busy. Ben is mostly on his play station coming down for food and the bathroom.  A nice night and Tabby cat came for a cuddle as well.


Today Paul and I are going to the Castle and Cathedral to see the Steam Punk Festival. We have not bean before and decided we would go this year.

Lots of weird outfits. A real eye opener I must say, very good and enjoyable if not a bit strange. It hurt my knees and left hip a bit though, the Cathedral is at the top of a steep hill aptly named. So quite a climb, when I was running we used to do circuits going up and down, around six times. Happy Days. I always think it is easier to run a hill than walk it, or may be that's just me.

 Lots of pictures Paul took. 

This chap only did have one leg.

Steam Punk Summer as well-- if not a bit sleepy.


Went to see my Brother in law Malc and his wife Pam as its her birthday today. They are both well and Malc showed us a tattoo he had got. I never ever thought he would have one done at all. Not even in my wildest dreams.

In the Afternoon I went to see my friend Angela on my bike. A very warm day, nice for biking though. An enjoyable time spent with her and Sarba her cat, who is not that well, so a visit to the vet at some point. I hope she will be alright but she is getting old though.


Pilate's on bike as usual. Worked out that my bike had done around thirty five miles to the one charge, I think that's pretty good going. That is on peddle assisted so not as much power needed.
Pilate's for me was quite painful, my shoulders were very tight and so were my knees. By the time we had finished my whole body was burning.


In town today to get the Grandchildren their school shoes. Jamie-Lee got hers so did Tommy-Lee but none for Jay-Jay. We will try in a few days time. Afterwards I met Joy and we went for a sandwich and a cup of tea. Did a few bits of shopping then home.

Tommy-Lee joined his brother and stayed the night. Andrew lit the fire later, and we all sat out under the stars, looking for the shapes like the big dipper and the plough. Nice and calming, but time moves on, and the boys went to bed. Later than they should have but never mind, last few days of the Summer Holidays. Back to school next week. We stayed out a bit longer, then too went in.

Well here we are at an end of another Blog not too much going on this time still pain of course but that will be here everytime. Nice if I wrote that I was all better, no I just have to make the best of what I have got. Hoping to try a run soon as foot is doing good now- not as swollen at nights either. So may be next Blog I will have bean for a run.

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