September 1st

Wow in September. Leaves are beginning to fall getting dark a lot earlier and its getting colder at night and early morning. In between weather has bean quite nice.

ANTIBIOTICS are doing their job, and the redness and swelling is calming down. So is the pain.
As with most ANTIBIOTICS they have affected my stomach. Taking MINTEC- I find that for me it's better than stomach remedies.


Went to see Lindsay after her pain block treatment. She is not doing too bad spent the last few days in bed mostly asleep. The children have bean good and Tracy has bean coming in to help where she can. The children's Dad has also bean a big help.

Hip is a pain at the moment I think with being on crutch's a lot longer than I thought my body has got used to them. Now complaining one has gone. Hopefully by the middle of this month I will be free of them for good. Still the thought of them and a wheel chair, still scares me. I know the crutch's were after my knee operation but your mind and body can get very used to them. When I was on them at the very beginning of RSD (2004) for over three years. I got so used to them, when Wietse told me they had to go --- my legs could hardly take the weight, and I struggled to start with. I was taken off them because the RSD had spread to my shoulders causing me great pain. I can still remember the day when Wietse took them away. I said how will I walk without them????? He said you will learn, and learn I did--but very painfully. He explained at a later session that the RSD would have gone on to spread its evil so bitter sweet. Worked out in the end though-- I  am still here. Thanks to you Wieste.  

Chinese for tea very good this time I think Chinese can be a bit hit and miss- even from the same place. This is just across the road so very handy. "The New Taste."


Scraped my face on the shed wall yesterday, sort of walked into it-- my face is a bit sore and red not too much pain. Funny as one thing gets better I start on another problem.

Was hoping to go into town today but rain is meant to be here all day so another day I think. I would have gone on my scooter. Not able to walk that far yet, soon though. Hoping to be back at Age UK next month. I have missed it. I know quite a lot of people there and they are mostly all friendly. Apart from Summer walk and in side the house stuff there is little else I can do.

Coming back from mine and Summers walk we saw "Eight swans a swimming" . There are not usually that many so I think they must have come from the Brayford. Building work or something going on there. Lovely to see them so graceful and bright white.


Walked around with a friend and her dog called Milo. Summer and him had great fun running around.

In to town at last on my scooter. Quite a few changes as well, a lot of the town is being renovated big time. This is the first time since 26th of April I have seen it all.. Got most of what I wanted did not look in the new shops but there is always another time. I did enjoy my trip- very tired after. A lot of people asked me what happened to my face. Usual story, walked into a wall I said-- a few funny looks as well but it's the the truth.


Well today- did the whole of the walk without any crutch's at all this time. I did not even take one like I have bean doing. Knee not too bad, hip not liking it or shoulders. You would think they would be pleased. I was happy at last walking as I was before the knee operation, bit better or it would have not bean worth it. Felt quite strange without it, I have got both hands free now.

Leg has improved very well and hardly any redness left as you can see, last ANTIBIOTICS to day.

Healed very well as it was a bit of a mess.


Paul is at Wayne's for a week looking after his cat Timmy. This will be like a holiday as I'm not intending to do much cooking. Andrew mostly gets his own food so just me to think about and Summer of course- she will not let you forget her. Andrew and I had a small Chinese for tea/supper.


Happy Birthday to Tommy-Lee 13 today and Jamie-Lee 7 today hope you both have a great day.
Jamie-Lee has a party tomorrow at Play Zone I said I would go, if only for a little while. Not bean to that one but others have bean too noisy for me.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and she had her presents here. I got her Sylvians house plus furniture and little people. We sat and played for at least two hours. She loved them. Got Tommy-Lee shower stuff sweets and money.

OUCH!! as Wayne said.

Got a bit worse but I do not think it's infected. Just the RSD not helping it. Knee quite sore today probably not liking no crutch to lean on.


Well Wayne and a friend from his office are off to Florida for two weeks. Paul took them to the Airport they got stuck in traffic, but still got there in plenty of time. A long flight around 12 hours, no vapping either Wayne

Cleaned all down stairs. In the afternoon went to Play zone. Not too bad the tables away from the play area, so a lot quieter and not too hot either. Tommy-Lee came after he had bean shopping with his Birthday money. He got some very nice Nike trainers. Well they are the best. Stayed for a while then, Tracy brought me home when they were going to have their tea. Pleased you had good time Jamie-Lee.


Face not quite as raw today I think the swelling is going down now.

My friend Jenny came to see me. Always nice to see her. Good chat and catch up from Age UK Jenny goes there as well, she volunteers the same as me, or will be soon again I hope. Missed it a lot, can be a lot of fun. A lot of things go wrong, or that might be just while I am there.

Jenny bought me some Celebrations chocolates for doing some sewing for her. Thank you Jenny- a good day, and now some treats to eat.


Nice walk but my right knee is giving me some pain, not the operation one.

Bean watching Wentworth, a Lady's prison-- on series six. Bean very good, edge of seat stuff, recorded it ages ago and saved it to watch in one go. Well three nights for me as have to move after so long or pain and discomfort gets too bad.


Looking after Ben and Emmie tonight. Squidge came round yesterday and asked me. I thought it was that day. Some how between us I got it wrong- its tonight.
The children were very good as aways Emmie was dancing and singing. Watched young girls doing dancing on TV. She likes movement and does gymnastics and is very bendy like most children, also very skinny.


Paul's at football, first game since their Managers Danny and Nicky Cowley left so will this dishearten the players and watchers?

Normal day for me doing this Blog, washing out blowing well. Warmed up a bit, as chilly this morning on the common.

Finished off the Doctor Who puzzle I started and there was no fires this time.

Went into the garden and saw this lovely scene for the end of the day.

Beautiful sunset.


Up a bit later than normal. I have bean so tired just lately. Even if I am in bed for more than four hours its still broken sleep. I can not even remember the last time I slept a whole night. Probably when sedated in hospital. I think this is my CHRONIC FATIGUE/ME causing this. Makes you feel like you have FLU the whole time, a dull ache for days at a time. I also think because I have not bean to Pilate's since last November my muscles are slacker and weaker.


Fair lot of pain today back and hips plus right side, Knee locking up too operation side.

Angela called round for a chat and coffee, tea for me.

My friend John also came round and brought me a present a Crystal Angel.

This is for doing all the mending/sewing for him. I must have saved him a lot of money, as where he used to take his mending to the market they charged quite a bit. Probably a bit neater and better job but I do my best. If I do not think I can do anything he brings or anyone elses mending. I just say that is beyond me. I don't do zips either.

I asked John if he wanted to stay for tea and he said yes. Beef in buns, fried potatoes rings and onion rings. John had sausage as well as not much beef. Very nice it was too I enjoyed it very much.

I suppose a lot of you readers of this blog are the same as me loose their appetite when in more pain than usual. Mine goes down hill very quickly, but up again when feeling less pain.

Checked my emails and I had nearly 3000 yes-- three thousand plus 300 junk emails. I usually get about 30 over 2-3 days. Looks like someone had hacked into my account. Also my Pay-pal account had bean got at. Sorted that out and no money had bean spent or taken out.
The emails Andrew is sorting out later today. Nothing is safe these days.

Had a nice bath later that helped with my pain, spent the rest of the night knitting and TV. A lot of the time I can't do my knitting or sewing because my hands loose their grip. Also this BRAIN FOG that most of us get. Very annoying counting my stitches and I get say 30 not right as only 20 on the needle try again get another number. Same when doing cooking or anything that needs my brain it just goes to mush.Not able to hold my knife or fork like I used too or cut things the same. Hitting the wrong keys while doing this blog. But I struggle on-- and I am still walking so that really good but a lot of time it hard.
People look at you and see a very different view to the real struggle that's really going on.


Paul is cleaning the carpets downstairs today, as they are a bit grubby. We bought a carpet cleaner last year and its really good, a BISSELL one- cleans very well. I think they will dry too as warm and windy today.
All carpets were about dry at night time. I will vacuum over them tomorrow and put the stuff back in place.


Upstairs carpets turn today, I am like I said vacuuming downstairs. They all look a lot better upstairs too. They will be vacuumed tomorrow if dry.

Tidied up the greenhouse and watered it. Sorted out the flower boxes by removing the dead flowers  and any weeds. Picked quite a few red tomatoes, cucumbers are ready too so everything is looking good outside.

I did not go to bed till 3.30am as I did not feel tired at all, but my body hurts so much. I have an almost lay flat recliner chair so if I do fall asleep I am in a better position than an upright chair.


Awake at 6.30am no sleep after that, so I got up just before 8-00am.

Quite a busy day, vacuumed all the upstairs carpets and put thing back as downstairs. Just Andrews room to do another day as it was only cleaned today. He will do that-- maybe.

Watered the greenhouse with Summer almost attached to the hosepipe. She loves water and I let her play with the hose after. She gets very wet as she gets hold of the hose and sprays herself. Must be nice on a warm day.

Bean looking after Tabby cat for the weekend- so went and fed him. He has bean left some cat treat sticks and he loves them. I go round a least 3 times a day. They will be back on Sunday (22nd) so not long Tabby. He sat on my knee for a while purring away and did not want to get off. I will come back later to see you Tabby.


A lot of people out on the common today a heavy almost stormy day.

Pain has eased quite a bit so that's good. I am able to type this blog without so many mistakes, apart from spelling that is. Spell checker takes care of that later. Other wise you probably wont be able to understand it- not too good at spelling. I can tell if it is spelt wrong and a lot of time put it right myself.


My son Wayne just came back from his holiday in Florida. On the very LAST Thomas Cook flight. He said it was awful as the staff found out mid flight that the company had gone bust. Wayne said they were very brave but you could see that the pressure was getting to them. Some were in tears the rest very close. When they landed the passengers gave them a round of applause. Wayne said there were loads of Thomas Cook planes on the tarmac-- something you never see.

A very tired Wayne headed home to see Timmy his cat who fussed round him.

Paul put a bit on facebook and it was seen by the Lincolnshire Echo group. They contacted Wayne the next day. He was asked to give his view. He said he was very tired (12 hour flight.) but he would do his best. The write up got in the local paper complete with a picture of him not looking his best. What a journey for all the staff a big Airline like that, who would expect it?

I thought the article was very well written--Very well done under a lot of pressure and less brain power too from jet lag. Another note he was on page 3 !!- never thought he would ever be on page 3.

        Wayne's story.


Last night I was in bed around four hours, not asleep all the time though.

My friend Joy came round for a visit, she is not bad. We had a good chat so that's always nice I think plus tea of course. I have not seen her for a while.

 Face a lot better now just very dry skin hopefully I won't do that again- (Scraped on the Wall)

 Loads better.


Happy 65th Birthday Paul. He was out all morning so had his presents and cards later.
We are out for a meal later at MaCh Indian Restaurant not far away. Six are going Andrew, Lindsay, Ben, Tracy, and of course Paul and I. A good meal it was too. Not too noisy, so a lot better for me very relaxed atmosphere.

 All looking good.


B12 today also I hope I can get some ANTIBIOTICS I have CYSTITIS/ WATER INFECTION so the earlier the better. 
The Nurse sorted out a prescription- MacroBID 100MG  NITROFURANTOIN 2 a day for a week,   for me via the Nurse Practitioner so I was pleased. I thanked them both. My arm after the injection did not hurt too much either.


Went to bed earlier than usual, felt a bit off it. CYSTITIS always hits me bad, back and over bladder area. So not unusual at all. Very unsettled night, awake most of it hot- cold- pain just very uncomfortable.

I got up, felt a bit wobbly still nothing unusual. Half way down the stairs I felt very sick wrenched but was not sick, shouted Paul and he got a bowl I think, in case I was. Helped to my chair and just sort of collapsed. Violent head pain, back, in fact pain everywhere- head was the worst. Light hurt my eyes I had trouble walking. I laid on my recliner all day in the dark and quiet, barely with it at all. Was it a virus or reaction to the ANTIBIOTICS. I had these before though. Time will tell.


I feel a bit more with it today still weak as I've not eaten a lot over the last few days. Paul took Summer for her walk. When he came back I had a bath. I thought I smelt as I had bean very hot and sweating. This was nice but tired me out for quite a while.

A nice day, so washing out and hopefully drying too.

I have a rash on most of my body now. I think it must be reaction to the ANTIBIOTICS so not worried, would have bean if a few days ago.

Well not a good end to the Month- If fact not really a good one at all, hope you are doing better.
All the best Love Gill.

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