A slight frost, a very nice day on the common. I think there is snow on the way. Just a morning for a run if only but I have not ruled it out yet. Wait and see, it might happen, it has bean so long- I might not enjoy running anymore. But I think I will but, not at the level where I was though. If I could just go out and enjoy a run it would be great for me. Having RSD is not an easy life to have, and most people look at you as if nothing is going on- till the flare-ups and seizures begin. RSD can just hide its self very well to others but not me.

Put washing out and got on with the day's things to do. Tea was late as I was doing January's blog, published that then tea fish chips and peas. 

Early hours of the morning Andrew came down and said when did you last go outside. I said around tea time. Around 2 inches of snow had fallen, so white and crisp. Summer went out and you could see she was very excited, she loves snow. Unlike Snowy he hates anything wet and cold. He was not in the shed so probably at home nice and warm. The walk this morning was a treat for Summer with all the snow quite deep on the common in places I think there had bean a bit of drifting. Some children were sledging and having fun. 


Around 7.30 Summer barked and I came down, Summer shot to the back door and there was Snowy crying and lifting up his front paws. He looked at me as if to say what's this? he was not amused. I put him in the shed drying his feet and he settled down.  I went back to bed as only bean there a short while. When I went outside to see to Snowy. I did not have anything on my feet. When I heard him crying I thought he was hurt so got out there quick. My feet were ice cold. once in bed, I thought should I put them on Paul's back.

Summers walk was a very cold one, the wind was bitter stung my face.

Later in the afternoon I took Summer for a second walk, she does not have this every day but when I can I will. We went behind the Laundry along the river banks, the wind was even colder. As we went further along the bank it got muckier and the puddles deeper so we turned back. I did see a friend who I had not seen in a while, he said it was worse further along the bank so pleased we turned back when we did. 

The rivers a few weeks ago had burst their bank, then with all the snow, the path was not good for a little dog to be on. I was ok as boots on but Summer's little feet must have bean so cold. We headed back for a rub down and biscuits for Summer, Cup of hot tea and biscuits for me.


Just about all the snow has gone now, wet and soggy on the common. Summer heads for the mucky puddles instead, choosing to walk through them and go on her belly as well.


Made my friend John a Birthday cake or I tried to, The first one was not much thicker than a piece of thick toast bread. I think the cocoa powder I added was too fatty and overbalanced the mixture. The second attempt was good in fact it was very good. 


I iced the cake and it looks good. The other cake I put some jam in it was not too bad either a bit heavy more like fudge cake but better than I thought, if it had not bean eatable, (Paul ate nearly all of it) the birds would have got it so not wasted at all.

Went and took the cake and present to John. Very cold snowing a bit, like Siberia coming along Sincil Bank. I was pleased to get home be for it got dark.

Very sad news when I got home one of Lindsay's and my friends Liz, had passed away in her sleep only 40 years old. She leaves 3 children aged 21, 12, 10. What a shock her youngest daughter realized she was not just asleep as they shared a bed that night.  


A lot more snow fell overnight. Summer with having a thick coat picks up the snow like a magnet. So at times, she looked like a snow dog.  I had to put her feet in a bowl of warm water to get rid of the clogged snow.   

               I took some snow pictures as well.

Summer feet clogged with snow she could hardly walk.
My friends dog Bella.

A young girl had made a snowman in the park. Did not last long as someone a few hours later reduced it to a pile of snow. The girl when I saw her later she had brought her sister to see it and it had gone. She got a picture and so did I.

When Summer and I got back from our walk I had to put Summer's feet in warm water to get rid of the snow.

Took some pictures of my Ponsetti plant this is 3 years old and as far as I know they usually only last the year you buy them. This a beautiful one and is very healthy. I just cut it down and it comes back again and again like I said 3 times now. 


Very cold on the common but at least the cold wind has dropped a lot.

The dentist today, the hole now filled. The dentist and assistant had to dress up like I had some contagious disease. Anyway all done now and without pain no needles to numb it either so no numb mouth for the rest of the day. The price stung a bit £60.00 plus. 

Cystitis again, taking stuff from the chemist but the pain is bad and swollen belly as well. Very painful overnight.  

Got in touch with the Doctors picking up a prescription later. Same as I have had before-MacroBid NITROFURANTOIN 100MG 2 a day but if the Cystitis improves I can take 3-4 days instead of 7. 

Making me feel very hot but shaking as well very swollen and sore over the bladder area. 

Got Jamie-Lee later as Lindsay is helping Liz's family.


Jamie-Lee here again- we went to the park, Summer too, she was running after her ball and sniffing everything. as there was no one in there. Nice in the sun but as the sun went down it turned very cold and we headed home just across the road. I had a cup of tea, Jamie-Lee had hot Ribena. Summer had her biscuits and water, then slept as she was tired after all her running around. We were all soon warm again.


Lindsay called in to see us and stopped awhile, I have seen loads of Jamie-Lee this week.

Knitting later finished off the jacket I have bean making for a friend's Birthday. Still needs buttons so picture later.


Happy Birthday to me, 66 today pension age now- not that makes a difference to me. You are as old as you feel. Some days 40-50 others 80-90. My friend Paddy used to say you are as old as you feel or, as old as the one you are feeling.  

A good day, loads of presents everyone was very generous and kind, 19 cards in all. 

Flowers from David and Bev plus chocolates.
I got badedas and chocolates from Jenny.

Flowers from Angela Plus book and manicure set.

Moon lamp from Lindsay Tracy and Family.
More presents.
Snowy that Andrew made to go with Summer.
Friends for life.
Paul got me this Swarovski crystal, a piece of cake on a plate, very different.
Joy's planter plus Debbie's glass tray good match.

Joy the planter plus calendar and diary and cholates. Debbie glass plate she also got me a diary and a watch.  I also got money, plus more chocs. A Lynx set from my friends Lyn and Mo plus chocolates. A book Captain Tom, from Andy. From my friend John chocolates, but not just any chocolates Marks and Spencers chocolates. A present still to come off Wayne and Kayleigh.

Later we all had a Chinese for tea. Andrew, Lindsay Paul, Tracy, and Jamie plus me of course. Very good it was too, we got too much, so another Chinese for another day at least. Thank you to everyone for my presents and cards.


Paul cooked tea today steak and potatoes, mushrooms, green beans, baby sweet corn, very nice thank you Paul- nice to have a whole tea cooked for me.


Lindsay phoned up to see if I could have Jamie-Lee for 2 hours !!! this is Lindsay. Jamie-Lee was very good, playing a game on her laptop most of the time. Lindsay arrived here around 7.20 a bit longer than she said. around 7 hours. Jamie-Lee had tea here as well Lindsay had already had some earlier bought by the friend she was helping.  They both went around 9.30 a long day time to relax a bit I think.


Started knitting a Tigger the one from Disney. A lot of little bits to do making up the shape of the head. I will have to see how I get on. The bits are a lot bigger for the body so it will get easier.

Got a letter stating I am now a Pensioner and will start getting money very soon. 

Also, another letter for PIPs, saying I will not be getting any benefit. After more than 3 years they make their decision. Paul worked it out and I stand to lose around £6000. Seems they do not understand RSD or anything about it, or could it be, they are saving money. This was a complete farse from the start to the finish. Other people claims have bean finished within 6 months or less, and they have got what they asked for. Most people I have spoken to are very surprised.  I can start again which I have paperwork on the way but why should I have to. 

One good thing, I have my 1st Crona jab on Thursday 18th.


Jab went well given at my local surgery by the Nurse that gives me my painful B12 injection. My Doctor was also there so it was nice from someone I knew. She said you are used to more painful injections than this one. I did not feel a thing at all. Paperwork given and what to expect over the next few days.


Arm a bit tender like someone has punched it but that's all so far. I do have a bad head on one side with a lot of pain around my eye socket on the left side. I have had this before so its not new but very painful. Usually lasts a few days then goes. I think its something to do with my sinuses or the facial NEURALGIA.


Good walk on the common. Summer got very caked up in mud because she ran through it all as high as her belly. There was a strip where she could keep dry but no- not Summer, she loves getting dirty. I took her through some belly-deep water to get a lot of it off. She made a little gasp when I walked her through it must have bean so cold. The rest of the mud came off with her towel at home. 

Cleaning the upstairs today.  The weather has bean a lot warmer the past few days, and people are talking about Spring already. A bit soon I think a bit of sun and some are getting out the shorts. Only 2 weeks ago we had had snow and was very cold.

Cleaning up today. Got Jamie-Lee later as Lindsay helping out Liz's family again. She said 2 hours sounds familiar?? She said it would be no longer this time. 

Jamie and I played with the Sindy and Barbie dolls. Doing their hair and getting them dressed up to go out. No Cronia virus in Barbie land then!! Soon Tracy was here to pick her up ( under 2 hours) and she did not want to go. I said I will leave the dolls as they are on top of the box for next time. This cheered her up and she went with Tracy home.


Bit of a rest day as bean busy the last few days.  Reading, and finished off the puzzle I was doing. A present from Joy for Christmas. This was a hard one to do but still enjoyable.

A lovely picture.

A nice warmish day, wind a bit cool but good to see the sun shining. Head and eye socket pain now gone so I am pleased about that. 10pm the temperature was 10-11 C.


Another nice day bean tidying up the garden. Nice out there I think it was warmer outside than in. Got done what I wanted then a bit more of Tigger knitting. 


Summer had a bath load of muck, sand and little bits of the common came off her. She will not stay like this for long but at least she will feel better as her fur was sticky. 

Another nice day wind again a bit cool. Ness 2 doors away, is cutting down tree branches, in her garden and a small tree in  Karls garden, with a chain saw. Karol does know about this. 


Lindsay here with Jamie-Lee from 2pm onwards. Lindsay is having another pain block injection into her neck also starting today radiotherapy. Jamie-Lee will stay with me and when Lindsay has finished stay here as well for the rest of the day. At least this time it's only a few miles away as local. Not a few hours like most times. The procedure went quite- well a lot of pain for her but she said it has bean a lot worse. Lindsay just rested well sort of, she kept getting phone calls. I said turn it off and have a proper rest or sleep. 

They both had tea with us, Chinese near us is now open so everyone pleased as its a good one. I think you get used to a certain takeaway and when it's not open, nowhere can be as good. There can be exceptions of course.

Well, again a bit of a mixed month. With things going well with the vaccine, lockdown could soon over. and be a year that most people would like to forget. But as with most things nothing is certain yet. 

 Hope everyone is as well as they can. All the very best till next time- love as always Gill.

If Summer can keep smiling so can we.

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